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  1. I'm fine with us flying under the radar. We have some depth problems right now but I think we will be a tough out in the conference tournament. Let the pressure be on the favorites.
  2. I was lucky enough to be at the Purdue game that is a no doubter! Home games, I'd say the DePaul game because of how high they were ranked and just the back and forth nature of the game. A runner up would be the win over Texas at the Super Pit on the half court buzzer beater by Pat Hicks!
  3. I find it hard to believe that every white sign is on a sold seat. I'd like to know how many basketball season tickets have been sold.
  4. Denton has become Austin cool to support sports.
  5. UAB loaded up on grad transfers. That isn't the way to stay good for the long haul. Unfortunately, none of our grad transfers this year are making an impact for us. Perry is a JC transfer. Winning at the grad transfer game is the new way for mid-majors to try to complete with the big boys. We will never get the 5 star guys out of HS. We can only hope to get them to come for a year as a transfer. UAB got some great players this year to build off a strong core from last season. Sure wish we new why Wright can't get off the bench. He looks like a big swing and miss.
  6. Maybe JJ would play us tomorrow. We need a game with the Rice game Saturday in doubt.
  7. Unfortunately, a large majority just don't care.
  8. Seth has had plenty of chances to prove he can lead this program to championships and bowl wins. He has failed to do that as one of the top paid coaches in Conference USA. He isn't going to give any of his salary back. I'm sorry. It's time to make a change.
  9. John Williams at Eastside still has about 35 spots left in his bus, beer, bowl package.
  10. SMU just cancelled their home game tomorrow night because their opponents are dealing with an outbreak. This would be perfect for both schools....To bad they refuse to play us in basketball. That is probably Jankovich decision. They won't have any choice in a couple of years.
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