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  1. Let's tap the brakes and beat Nutsak. They put up 87 vs. La Tech. One game at a time.
  2. I haven't heard anything about this stein giveaway/ More details please.
  3. I believe it is seeded. EX. #1 plays at #5 and #4 and hosts #3 and #2. It may be listed on the conference site.
  4. Blowout conference win on the road. Sweet!
  5. To bad we can't get people out to watch these guys play. 3:00 PM start this Saturday won't help, and this is against a team that is leading the conference.
  6. Sure wish we shot better as a team from the line. Ugly, scrappy road win! Let's go get to .500 with a pair of home wins next week.
  7. We keep thinking THIS will be the year we beat a nationally ranked team and become a top mid major program in football or basketball!
  8. Please don't blame the refs. Giving up 61 second half points was not because of bad officials. There were some bad calls but that wasn't why we lost.
  9. So tired of us having teams with great potential and expectations but nothing to show for it! Sure glad we're great academically. Maybe we should recruit some kids that aren't quite so smart but better players. Sorry, just blowing off steam after another frustrating performance.
  10. I take back what I said about defense traveling. No excuses tonight. Western is a lot better than us, even without Bassey.
  11. We play good defense and that travels but don't know if we will be able to score enough. Go Mean Green!
  12. We brought in 7 new guys this year and will probably continue that trend going forward. We should be REALLY good next year only losing Geu, Smart and Draper. We should be a favorite to win the conference next year.
  13. The Flyers are up next and ranked 13th in the AP Poll and 12th in the Coaches Poll. Another tough road game but good measuring stick on how this time is playing. Gotta be the most ranked teams we have played in a single season in a long time.
  14. Delonte "Peanut" Taylor. If they had the 3 point line back then, he would have averaged 25-30 PPG. Great shooter and an in your face defender that knocked Mark Aguirre into the bench in the DePaul game at the Pit.
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