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  1. I would keep his current salary but put in huge incentives that would pay him for accomplishing bigger goals. Round of 32, 16, Elite 8 Final 4, ect.
  2. Didn't seem to fit Coach Mac's system or style. Hope he finds a place he can play regular minutes. Opens up a spot for someone else.
  3. So proud if this team. I'm afraid Western will just wear us down tomorrow night, but if any team can do it...it's this one. Go Mean Green.Highlights and Grant post game is on meangreensports.com
  4. Teams are posted on the conference USA website. Congratulations to Javion for making the first team two years in a row. No one else made 1st, 2nd team or honorable mention. I thought Simmons or Reese might make HM.
  5. They still had a foul to give so he may have tried to rush the shot.
  6. Agreen. My bad. To quick emotional response.
  7. Welcome back Javion!!! He and Bell trying to get us back in it.
  8. I know Murray plays good defense but his turnovers are killing us.
  9. We just need to hang in there and get to the FT line to slow down the game.
  10. Sure hope we can regroup at halftime. Marshall is playing desperate basketball. They are still in the hunt for a bye in the east. Let's go boys! Match their intensity.
  11. Really looking ragged on offense. Lots of careless turnovers. Gonna be an ugly game.
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