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  1. Shark84

    Louisiana Tech (1/3/19)

    Students are a bonus. We need the dfw alumni to buy in as well as the Denton people. The athletic department and team have done their part! 5 dollar tickets, cheap concessions and 13-1 record.
  2. Shark84

    Arkansas Pine Bluff (12/20/18)

    Sure wish they'd redo the steps going up to the Pit. They are crumbling and look horrible. Inside looks great!
  3. Shark84

    New Mexico Bowl - Roll Call

    Flying in Saturday morning. Go Mean Green!
  4. Nothing against a great Troy team last year, but this is probably the best team we have faced in a bowl game since the 1950' s. Definitely the highest ranked since then.
  5. Let's start trying to figure out how to upset Utah State and win a bowl game. Go Mean Green!
  6. Shark84

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    The game is going to be shown at Eastside tonight for any Denton area fans. Thanks again to John Williams for supporting the Mean Green!
  7. Shark84

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    If this happens, wouldn't be surprised to see Fine go there as a grad transfer so he can see how he does against the big boys.
  8. Shark84

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    Stubhub already has us listed as playing TBA in New Mexico Bowl. Remember, SL likes to play bowl games before Christmas to give his coaches and players the holiday off.
  9. Shark84

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    UAB board says they are going to one of the Florida bowls.
  10. Shark84

    Oklahoma (11/27/18)

    I think we have looked tired the past three games and our shooting percentage has shown it. We have played more games than anyone else in the country and throw in the travel to Hawaii. I think this week off and the week for finals will help them get their legs back under them. We haven't missed that many layups and put backs in a game in the past two years combined. We played hard and fought our tails off on the boards. We will be fine.
  11. Shark84

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    They just finished renovating it and adding the soccer hall of fame. The seating is supposed to be up to 30K.
  12. Shark84

    9 Wins and disappointing

    Littrell said after the game that he thought RICO would be ready to go for the bowl game. They are evaluating it again today.
  13. Shark84

    9 Wins and disappointing

    Need better o-line play. No running back would have gotten that first down. Terrible run blocking and worse play call.
  14. Shark84

    Next year's home schedule

    You don't like Houston, Nutsak and possible defending conference champ UAB all at apogee? Those will all be big crowds with decent weather. Make Charlotte homecoming, ACU the home opener and you should have 5 crowds of 26-28 k. UTEP should be better and they usually travel well here. That's not a horrible home schedule.