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  1. Simmons had the opportunity to leave and didn't. Young players out of HS are usually great scorers and have not been expected to play the type of physically demanding defense McCasland requires. Wise could have left after last year. He knew what Grant's expectations were. It didn't bode well for him that they brought in 2 JC players to play his position. Jones isn't having any problems and Grant raves about his defense. We now have a former walk-on playing because he plays defense. I hope Wise goes somewhere he is a better fit but I don't think the coach needs to change his expectations to bab
  2. Hamlet had a poor shooting game and Simmons was saddled with foul trouble most of the game. The unbeatable Western Kentucky has two conference losses. With this format, it's anybody's to win. Conference tournament is when you need to peak. We are in a one bid conference.
  3. Don't be surprised when Hamlet transfers to a big Div. 1 for his extra season. That's just what they do now.
  4. He left because he wanted to be the point guard and Grant felt Hamlet was a better fit there. He said he needed to play PG to get him ready for the NBA. Is he playing any point at OU? The Harmon kid from Guyer was starting point guard for them.
  5. Loyola Chicago Jan. 2nd. Thank-you Grant and staff!
  6. Great job to Grant and his staff on adapting on the fly. It's to bad we can't add someone at home but we know the local schools don't want any part of us! Go Mean Green!
  7. Please find a game against someone this weekend!
  8. They had their Saturday game at Oral Roberts cancelled. Call the man!
  9. Welcome back Javion! Showed a lot of grit after that rough 8 minute turnover fest! Got to keep fighting on the boards. Giving up a ton of offensive rebounds. I'm sure Tech will start hitting some shots so hang in their boys. Go Mean Green!
  10. Compete and get better each game. Go Mean Green!
  11. I'll take any home game I can get at this point. I just want to see live MEAN GREEN hoops!
  12. Mmaybe he will end the UNT draft drought!
  13. Not a good throw by Aune, but NO effort to fight for the ball by the WR.
  14. Please release the Men's basketball schedule to keep me from jumping off the I-35 overpass!
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