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  1. Kicker is the position I'm most concerned about. We haven't had to worry about that the past 5 years.
  2. Notre Dame just one time at South Bend please!!! Bucket list trip.
  3. Larry Wise was a top local recruit that was redshirted. Mohamed the 6'7 transfer was injured and redshirted. Hold off evaluating that class. The Russian was a miss and so far so is J. Simmons but Larry Wise had other big school offers so let's see how he turns out. I agree the schedule was way to easy but we would all be complaining if he had pulled a UTA and played tons of big name schools all on the road. I'm not saying Grant is the greatest coach in school history, but he has done a great job of fixing the mess left by Benford. The next two years will determine how great a coach he is. By the way, getting an interview means schools think you are head coaching material or they wouldn't waste their time.
  4. If Grant is "overrated", how come he was scheduled to interview for the TCU job before Dixon decided to stay. He has the program headed in the right direction. I'm sure he and his staff go to a lot of area HS games that no one knows about. Just my opinion.
  5. I heard Ryan had off-season surgery. Don't know if that would effect another school taking him on. Hope he stays but he's taken care of business in the classroom and has earned that right to move on if he wants.
  6. I thought that was the team bus!
  7. Haven't heard anything from Grant since the season ended. Sure hope that means we are busy recruiting! Not much talk or names being through out by Vito or by any other sources. When is the basketball signing day for JC players? Seems like I heard something about one in April.
  8. Wonder if we will see it again next year? Didn't seem to help the conference get more respect.
  9. We need some guys that have an "alpha male" mentality.
  10. Draper was a nice feel good story but shouldn't be part of the plan moving forward. He has graduated and could transfer to a small school for his final year or stay on as a graduate assistant. Smart and Grant's relationship looks like it has gone sour. Maybe his foot injury changed his shot. Might be best for him to get a fresh start somewhere else for his final year. J. Simmons gave us nothing but Grant brought him over so he may feel he has to keep him.
  11. I think you will see two or three on seniors not return next year. Smart, J. Simmons, Draper??? That gives you 5-6 scholarships to rework this roster.
  12. I think the long CBI run, playing in Europe and Hawaii has taken it's toll on this team. Throw in the injuries and it's not hard to see why we look tired. Maybe we can put together enough energy to get past the first round game in Frisco.
  13. Crappy streaming video from conference USA.
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