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  1. Wonder if we will see it again next year? Didn't seem to help the conference get more respect.
  2. We need some guys that have an "alpha male" mentality.
  3. Draper was a nice feel good story but shouldn't be part of the plan moving forward. He has graduated and could transfer to a small school for his final year or stay on as a graduate assistant. Smart and Grant's relationship looks like it has gone sour. Maybe his foot injury changed his shot. Might be best for him to get a fresh start somewhere else for his final year. J. Simmons gave us nothing but Grant brought him over so he may feel he has to keep him.
  4. I think you will see two or three on seniors not return next year. Smart, J. Simmons, Draper??? That gives you 5-6 scholarships to rework this roster.
  5. I think the long CBI run, playing in Europe and Hawaii has taken it's toll on this team. Throw in the injuries and it's not hard to see why we look tired. Maybe we can put together enough energy to get past the first round game in Frisco.
  6. Crappy streaming video from conference USA.
  7. I think it is all confidence with Rose. If you notice how many of his 3's are just rimming out. He isn't shooting near as many off balance air ball three's as last year. I think he has to get that confidence and swag back. I think driving to the basket and getting to the FT line would help. Sure need him to get back to where he was last year to have a real shot at making noise in Frisco. Go Mean Green!
  8. At this point we just need to get healthy and hope we can make a run in Frisco like we did in the CBI last year. Winning 4 games in 4 days may be more than we can handle though. No one saw our run last year happening.
  9. Can we have Dealer's scholarship back?
  10. Heard that they already have 6,000 tickets out for Saturday's game. Lot of kids groups. Hopefully the students will make an appearance and The Pit will be rockin! Go Mean Green.
  11. Our defense is horrible so far.
  12. I think San Francisco is proving we beat a pretty good team last year 2 of 3.
  13. Don't think it is the coaching that is losing these games, ya gotta have the horses. Grant can put the players in positions to be successful but he can't shot for them. He IS responsible for the players he recruits and has on the roster. We have gotten beat, in Grant's words, physically, the past two losses. He may need to go get some muscle for next year.
  14. It's always tough to win on the road in college basketball. No conference road game for us is an automatic W. Go Mean Green!
  15. I was looking at the last couple of games and comparing attendance around the conference and it looks like we are not even in the top 5. WKY, OD, Marshall, Charlotte, and UTEP all are 4,000 plus for the last two home conference games. Marshall is over 7,000! Just think how many we could get to our games if we had a really good record or were tied for first in the conference...ohhhhh. Never mind. Show up Thursday and Saturday! Go Mean Green!
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