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  1. Is anybody else thinking this is back to the old Buick offense? Run until they think your going to pass it then run again. But seriously, we run first 2 downs and have 3rd and long and must pass the defense already knows what we are doing on every down. Talent level doesn’t matter much if that is our play calling.
  2. Question, if Texas A&M can't keep Texas and OU from SEC, then how can SMU keep NT out of AAC? Do they have more than one vote or a veto? Getting tired of hearing this argument, the AAC is not the SWC. So, go ahead experts what is the process for AAC adding a team and how is it so different from SEC? Thanks
  3. Not convinced a G5 or lower college football team can win at academics and on the field. Not convinced we need "good kids" anymore either. Not felons (or too many). We seem to complain alot on this board, and over many years, about this or that coach who has no moral compass/scruples and is handing us whipping after whipping until they move up. The good coaches can control the chaos enough to not have it blow up like at UH. Although, this applies more to P5. Those schools also have more resources to deal with problems. Change my mind.
  4. LSU just fired DC Pellini, COVID or not. I agree EXPECTATIONS, I heard the announcer talk about how Appy State is similar to Bama or LSU in that they EXPECT to win, and the pressure is the same to do so, just like at the big/successful schools. Growing up in a LSU household, we started to win much more when the coaches and AD knew they were always on the hotseat and would be removed quickly. If we want to be "bigtime" we have to start acting as if.
  5. 1) Drink 2) Drink 3) Drink Repeat. My alternative plan, might forget this year.
  6. Hey, with all these teams cancelling bowls, should we play another one????
  7. I was wondering when someone was going to bring this up.
  8. I know some like to travel to games and want it to be easy, understandable. But, do you really think LSU or UT cares how many opposing fans show up at the home games? They don't, they sell what the powers that be require, if up to them it would be ZERO. My point is, we should be focused on selling more tickets to our fans first and not if the opposing teams show up, and fill out what should be a shrinking section not growing. Oh and I am aware that LSU travels very well, but they have lots and lots of rabid fans, and they go to Wisconsin you name it, does not really matter. Lets sell out our games by creating demand from our growing fanbase first, it seems weak relying on opposing teams for attendance.
  9. He didn't cut the mustard, on the field.
  10. The Big Easy is New Orleans LOL. That is a little bit of a distance from Ruston
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