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  1. I was wondering when someone was going to bring this up.
  2. I know some like to travel to games and want it to be easy, understandable. But, do you really think LSU or UT cares how many opposing fans show up at the home games? They don't, they sell what the powers that be require, if up to them it would be ZERO. My point is, we should be focused on selling more tickets to our fans first and not if the opposing teams show up, and fill out what should be a shrinking section not growing. Oh and I am aware that LSU travels very well, but they have lots and lots of rabid fans, and they go to Wisconsin you name it, does not really matter. Lets sell out
  3. He didn't cut the mustard, on the field.
  4. The Big Easy is New Orleans LOL. That is a little bit of a distance from Ruston
  5. Did you sell the club tickets for UTSA?

  6. Sling Orange plus sports package will get it, there is a free trial availabe.
  7. I really wanted to yell as loud as I could during any quiet period in the game-"We are sick and tired of this". "This" being the long term lack of follow through on any success and just the huge let down in general that is felt by the long-term fan. The fans showed up and it felt like we were trying to will our team to victory, just won't ever be enough. Did anyone else feel this way? Would you have joined in? Feeling drained.
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