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  1. MeanGreenSig

    Mason Fine Tied For Most Long TDs

    Nobody has mentioned noticing, the Iowa QB is on that list. Hope our defense has a plan or we get torched again.
  2. Worse than high school facilities, I disagree. Have you seen La Techs facilities and campus? They have no problem getting quality, but they do win and seem to field a good team year after year going way back.
  3. I heard a couple beeps on stream!!!!!!!!!!! Progress?
  4. Are y'all getting audio ont cusa stream?
  5. Because there is something about to break??????????
  6. MeanGreenSig

    Dan McCarney House is for sale

    Which room is Lil' Mac's?
  7. I have problem with the coach calling out his player in this- coach outing him when he claims to be a gamer and, in addition, then de-nuts him by saying it is BS. Not sure if that is much of a good team effort there coach.
  9. So...... Now we should throw PICKLES onto the field instead of tortillas? Yes!!!!!!!
  10. Why is Demarcus included in this poll?????? Not eligible yet, and we do not know if we will be or ever play a down. and you can prolly count those votes for DW. Until then DW!
  11. MeanGreenSig

    If North Texas Wins Less Then 5 Games Should...

    If we have QB play same as last year then, Chico should and will be gone. UNT 90- I want to know the true story of what RV did to you LOL. Sleep with your wife? Ran over your dog? What is it? Lifer had great points, RV as done a lot for our school, I can understand disagreement on some things that you would like him to do differently, but damn!
  12. MeanGreenSig

    Texas El Paso (1/2/15)

    Wow have not watched a game in a while. I like the D, but what is with the offense? Looks like YMCA ball, they look totally out of control like they might slip or lose the handle at all times and sooooooo many turnovers. Do they practice offense? LOL it is actually stressful to watch.