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  1. Did you sell the club tickets for UTSA?

  2. Sling Orange plus sports package will get it, there is a free trial availabe.
  3. I really wanted to yell as loud as I could during any quiet period in the game-"We are sick and tired of this". "This" being the long term lack of follow through on any success and just the huge let down in general that is felt by the long-term fan. The fans showed up and it felt like we were trying to will our team to victory, just won't ever be enough. Did anyone else feel this way? Would you have joined in? Feeling drained.
  4. Nobody has mentioned noticing, the Iowa QB is on that list. Hope our defense has a plan or we get torched again.
  5. Worse than high school facilities, I disagree. Have you seen La Techs facilities and campus? They have no problem getting quality, but they do win and seem to field a good team year after year going way back.
  6. Because there is something about to break??????????
  7. I have problem with the coach calling out his player in this- coach outing him when he claims to be a gamer and, in addition, then de-nuts him by saying it is BS. Not sure if that is much of a good team effort there coach.
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