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  1. Remember, they are coming back in waves, not all at once. So, there are lot's more out there.
  2. That' exactly what the sports insiders are saying in the San Antonio/ south Texas area. The question they have is can he coach them up & be effective in the head coaching area in big time football?
  3. "The cart is in front of the horse" on this talk, as we should be concerned with UNT opening . What will it look like? Consider this; How can you have dorms open and social distance in the fall? Think CLASSES too! When will these decisions be made & who makes them- fed. gov., state gov., university ( we have over 70% of the worlds lawyers too to make matters worst). How many students will now, because of the virus uncertainly, take their classes on line? Do these pay for athletics in the fall? What is the virus do in the fall. How doers the government's react to it this fall? What about OLDER professors- do they stay in the classes or just teach on-line? Will Texas limit the size of class size, dorm or dining rooms? What about financial consequences of all this(i.e. students money they paid for the school year refund or_____?, do they now take the rest of their classes on-line (Cornell study said that in an average week the average student shares classes with > 500 other students...)? What about the freshman class. Some university's are looking at the fall ( Cal. Berkeley has already taken a $200 million hit from lost revenue and additional expenses) do they have them in classes or at home on the net? One school is having 7.5 week classes to salvage the campus experience (if possible) to lower the interaction between students. This is serious folks. What about self-quarantining for 14 days at school? There are so much to think about here that isn't being talked about that needs to be considered rather than are we going to have FB or EVEN BB people.
  4. I'm waiting for info on several things, will the high risk fans (I.e. Older monied, high risk individuals) how they will look at coming to ANY game if pros do it w/o fans in the stands (as it stands now?) big boys even speculated about starting February. They are staring at the same money problem ( just students aren't going to keep the ship afloat w/o higher price ticket packages being sold )! So the problem is keeping everyone safe to enjoy sports! I think the NCAA is going to be told what to do from the beltway ( remember election year- who's going to take chances w lives for a little entertainment?).
  5. Two reason's to consider on this: can we afford FB without more broadcasting funds? can we do without parking fees & stadium game day sales? there will not be available vaccine supply, along with the fall is when viruses crank up & become a problem . We don't know about the CCP virus (China commie party virus) yet, so the thinking is not helping presently on playing FB this fall as WE are used to it.
  6. BB game FOR $95K ( it looks like!)
  7. Yes, we always sought him out for a laugh and music info. My friends and I are in shock. Prayers for Cary and his family are in order.
  8. For a minute, I thought you were referring to the TWZoo statue they have of a pioneer woman(?)!
  9. Biology/Chemistry masters here- I have sent this question to the athletic dept. Will let you know the answer- " Does the CUSA Really Know How many PARENTS DJ REALLY HAS?"
  10. Never seen this before, 6th inning two out & two strikes on batter with Katie Clark on second! Coach Delong calls for a bunt (?) the batter squares up and the pitch is well outside the plate...Katie steals third since the coach is calling for a sacrifice, right. Catcher under throws the ball to third so it goes out to left field. Katie scores! When we they finally get the third out Coach Delong comes back he's laughing his head off since he lost count and screwed up the CALL but it worked. He had to hide his face in his hat since he was laughing so much at what he did. Good man! we all had a good laugh. The sad thing is that UIW's SB field was really impressive compared to utsa's dump. It's all syn. OF & IF. utsa's seating made you think that you were in the center seat and an airplane. You had to go outside of the field to use the head. I was told that our team really has a problem with slow pitching ( that's pretty obvious Saturday and early today. Final UNT 11 them 4 (really only two ER's). They are going to redo the SB dugout's (sink them) and enlarge the stands for Coach Delong. He's really happy at UNT he told me prior to the game. So, we can have bigger events at UNT (conf.tournament's ). And... a new scoreboard Too. They asked him about moving the field and he said he's happy with where it's at! I'm really impressed and what the parents told me about him and the ladies. Go see them play. It was lot's of fun.
  11. We had as many as utsa had in the stands. The interesting thing is that UNT crowd was much more vocal than the flightless birds. The ladies after we scored in the dugout said North and the crowd said TX. My friends ,after a rr hr said ut and their crowd juast looked at him and said nothing. So, I tried to help them and told them to say UT which one? My friends never said another word!!! rr= road runner or kill.
  12. SOUTH (Houston) Omaha 1Baylor 16RADFORD 8Illinois 9Arizona St Sacramento 5Michigan 12NC St / 12Providence 4Auburn 13NORTH TEXAS Albany 6Arizona 11Rhode Island 3Villanova 14COLGATE Tampa 7Marquette 10EAST TENNESSEE ST 2FLORIDA ST 15LITTLE ROCK
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