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  1. X4 What about getting a group tour of the North or South wine areas from the Bay Area for all of us going early?
  2. Thank you ladies for an exciting season. Thanks to the SR's for their leadership
  3. NO, really. If yes, shouldn't rv get the credit too? REALLY.
  4. Spurs had a visual presentation prior to the game honoring Dirk. He really got teary- eyed. I don't support pro-sports any more, but he is a class man.
  5. "Judge not, that you be not judged" Matthew 7:1 if this conversation held any truth, you would talk about the athletes he has recruited.
  6. Were you at the game? 62-52 Wagner Jackson 18 points
  7. Wagner with Jalen Jackson plays at Paul Taylor field house off HWY 410W today vs Southside at 7 PM.
  8. JJ (Jackson) is playing bi-district game at San Marcus HS tonight at 8. Going to the game in green. Like Emmit said on the FB board I really get sought out from the families of the athletics. Jalen's dad seems to be a great guy.
  9. I'd settle for not totally peaking in September.
  10. "No one wants to come to Denton" guys- quote rv.
  11. If you watched the their game that was on after ours, they killed them and didn't allow their runs to amount to much. The same two guards that lit us up keep the birds only losing by 10! We have to bring out our A game.
  12. Amen. But... We really did play down to their level most of the game. And if you were at the game, Grant let the players know it. Several times they couldn't look him in the face coming out of the game.
  13. Whataburger gave out chicken sandwiches out since they scored 75 points!
  14. Close to SF. I'm going.
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