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  1. Ever notice that we are always late for the dance with these prospects...
  2. I'd hold out for the NFL!
  3. I believe if the bar is set so low we should go ahead and put ALL HIS UNDERACHIEVING COACH HIRES in with him so we can see all his workings. I mean why not put those HS coaches in to secure our place in promoting HS advancements. Why not put CNN and MSNBC in too for all their good work? I'm sure as big as our university is we have some grad's there too ( ...fake progress with RV). And some think, he was the driving force for the stadium- really!
  4. Let's see how much money we offer Grant and Ross at the end of this season to see where we go in the future!
  5. Bell leaves and Lofton comes on Denton. What we see now is the trouble Bell has backing down to the basket backwards> He weights less than 200 lbs. on the other hand Lofton weights 240ish. I think they would have to double team him and leave a guard open for a 3. Never thought about that switch! Great thinking Jeff. Now if it comes true? That would take pressure off our 5 for a dunk!
  6. We will. They are not playing well as of late!
  7. Several posts seems to be worried about HC Grant leaving. I think the scheme from the Super pit is Ross Hodge has lots to say as well. SO, I am thinking when GH left football there was a real drop in productivity. Do we have a great situation here with both coaches in need of raises & TLC from AD? We really don't want to find out that just as football fell on its face after GH left, basketball will not be as productive if these two coaches are split up! Beat fau & uab
  8. McCasland's style match, why yes he does. Let's look at the Purdue game being there as lot's of us did last March. William's and the monster that came into the paint to control the boards were neutralized by Zach and Abou (in fact Mc said how well Abou did in that regard after the game) letting Ham and our guards control the game because they could drive and rebound. So as far as a pretty good 6'7" 240 lb fitting into Mc's system I think he'd have work to do since fouls are called and the P5 (i.e. B12,B10) have bigs' inside that we don't see too much in our conference! So, I'm saying some more beef coming off the bench would fit Mc's system since he relies so heavily consistent guard play. We want to win in November too looking at our out of the conference chances we might have to travel to & win to be ranked! GMG
  9. Looking at the future... the American AC and the current CUSA. Your one of the top players (BB) in the current conference and being left behind in CUSA with most of the better BB teams moving on to another conference. You are from TX and just showed when UNT beat you at your place that you REALLY LIKE THE UNT COACH for UNT. You want to be able to play highly ranked teams because of your future (i.e. think about what we are going through in the portal in FB). Do you get to the portal after the season. YOU communicate with our coach you want to go to UNT? K Lofton is the player. Do you think Grant sees him in his system Just thinking...
  10. Just hit me that we were not good in football results when we played them in Denton... Now they come to Denton not good at all in BB and we are good... Beat utsa
  11. It really looks like we are no better than we were at the first game of the year at this time!
  12. I was getting out of UNT back in the day because of all the people that put a NUTS STICKER ON THEIR CAR... I told my GF that I got accepted at Southern Meth. Un. of TX and she said your a smut.. so I stayed at NTSU. I must of been nuts back then!
  13. I wish them all the luck in the world. I just wish we had a men's SOCCER TEAM!
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