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  1. So Seth isn't upgrading his asst. coaches (other than the DC). He said this summer he would not call plays then his OC will do that only. At about the 4th or 5th game Seth is carrying the play sheet on the sidelines. He doesn't get this whole process of his job if he can't fire his "friends" an find a functional coach to replace them. So, we keep him?
  2. Our D-ends should do that (nullify their passing game)!!!
  3. OK , we win on Saturday -check. We are invited to a bowl- check. SL's lack of success in BOWL's, what do you think will happen to us? We then wine about even going to a bowl since we got blown out again! Seems strange to some of us.
  4. Good ball game from SFA-impressive! On CBSSN now!
  5. Lack of coaching on our side- how can a team go over 6 minutes w/o a point being scored with no substitutions being made or time outs being called? Cooley where are you on this please.
  6. I guess you can say the same for the band that played on as the Titanic sunk too!
  7. Well a man came into our house and looked real GOOD at QB. We had a chance to get him but we "don't need another QB" when he was available. B. Zappe passed for 470 yards today (39-49) for WKU a win (52 WKU-17 FAU), with our QB's having problems getting to 100 against most decent ball clubs. It's going to be an interesting recruiting season. Well I guess if there is a toilet bowl this year we might be in it with tu!
  8. I'm thinking a VIDEO FORUM on G5 sports with Ms. Jennifer Aniston and Harry etc. Since it's sports, let's see Ms. Aniston in a bathing suit at a pool. Since some might want to be in the live audience, we could do this at an OLYMPIC pool to handle the crowd!
  9. How about giving everyone a rubber chicken... they don't fly either!!!
  10. Yes I am. Why you ask, the Defense gave up really early in most of the games in September and October with all the 3 & out's the offense threw at them. So look at the defense now. Not great but effective if the offense does anything but 3 & out's... PS yes those teams you mentioned are not great at all.
  11. The only good team we played was SMU. The rest would of been winnable for any average team WITH A QB! Yes, that is including Missouri.
  12. If we signed him to a contract, there would be a hefty buy out clause so lose him and gain $$$.
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