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  1. It's Mean Joe Green's 74th today. Thanks for all you do for UNT!
  2. It could of been worse,if we had played A&M the week before no one would of been in the stadium!
  3. How about calling them the "Dallas Ford Broncos"?
  4. 5 DB's and they still lit us up with almost 500 yards passing? Something doesn't look right here.
  5. Interesting, nutsack has several that were + when they tested this week. Taylor refused to say how many but he said their game with tsu will be challenging?
  6. Gee, let's see how many TV spots we can pickup for our game programing when the P 5 closes shop and all those game days need to be filled by sports entertainment (football).
  7. Remember, they are coming back in waves, not all at once. So, there are lot's more out there.
  8. That' exactly what the sports insiders are saying in the San Antonio/ south Texas area. The question they have is can he coach them up & be effective in the head coaching area in big time football?
  9. "The cart is in front of the horse" on this talk, as we should be concerned with UNT opening . What will it look like? Consider this; How can you have dorms open and social distance in the fall? Think CLASSES too! When will these decisions be made & who makes them- fed. gov., state gov., university ( we have over 70% of the worlds lawyers too to make matters worst). How many students will now, because of the virus uncertainly, take their classes on line? Do these pay for athletics in the fall? What is the virus do in the fall. How doers the government's react to it this
  10. I'm waiting for info on several things, will the high risk fans (I.e. Older monied, high risk individuals) how they will look at coming to ANY game if pros do it w/o fans in the stands (as it stands now?) big boys even speculated about starting February. They are staring at the same money problem ( just students aren't going to keep the ship afloat w/o higher price ticket packages being sold )! So the problem is keeping everyone safe to enjoy sports! I think the NCAA is going to be told what to do from the beltway ( remember election year- who's going to take chances w lives for a little
  11. Two reason's to consider on this: can we afford FB without more broadcasting funds? can we do without parking fees & stadium game day sales? there will not be available vaccine supply, along with the fall is when viruses crank up & become a problem . We don't know about the CCP virus (China commie party virus) yet, so the thinking is not helping presently on playing FB this fall as WE are used to it.
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