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  1. We are probably going to be on Sports Center again for all the wrong reasons... merry Christmas! https://macuathletics.com/news/2019/11/7/womens-basketball-upsets-ncaa-division-i-north-texas-in-exhibition-play.aspx
  2. And the ladies lose 61-59. Don't know what to say?
  3. … and nobody was there to see them win!
  4. Coaching is the answer. lots of us watched when we had far less players & gave the P5 schools all they could handle when we were in the 'belt.
  5. Ms Bowen had a weight problem in HS. We wondered why the 'ship went to her thinking the girls were going with a more slower patterned game when she was in playing! Or she was to keep the BIG Rice lady away from the basket!
  6. Last year we couldn't finish games, so this year we can't start games? Who would of thought...
  7. It looks like one battle flag is upside down?
  8. Flying out the 9th to the"big easy" for some fun prior to Saturday's game.
  9. Gee, he was sent 3 or 4 names. RV was told to pick his choice and if it wasn't Seth he better have an iron clad reason for the choice! Or else...
  10. Since the problem with this type of game is we are playing down to their level in the last year and the second half of ACU too.
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