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  1. Since the problem with this type of game is we are playing down to their level in the last year and the second half of ACU too.
  2. Their defense kept them in the game against a RUNNING team. Let's see what happens with their handling of the passing game tonight?
  3. I think the moderator got a post grad degree at ACU. ACU keep on testing Nick and completing the passes, but, I'm glad in the end he could tackle them after the completion's!
  4. I'd like to go. I don't have a travel partner from the San Antonio area yet.
  5. All we have to do is WIN to change this ranking!
  6. What former NT football coach coached at Wavo Connally in the '70's?
  7. A Coach Fry paper weight with the Flying Worm on it with my name on it. These were given out to the NTSU MG 100 as a response for our help building the coaches offices at Fouts Field.
  8. SA's was terrible a couple of years ago for a reason. Graduations killed most of us that were happening the same night.They were asked to come down after spring ball was over & do something in association with Fiesta. They would of had over 150 like we had before the FB game here in '16! They could care less.
  9. X4 What about getting a group tour of the North or South wine areas from the Bay Area for all of us going early?
  10. Thank you ladies for an exciting season. Thanks to the SR's for their leadership
  11. NO, really. If yes, shouldn't rv get the credit too? REALLY.
  12. Spurs had a visual presentation prior to the game honoring Dirk. He really got teary- eyed. I don't support pro-sports any more, but he is a class man.
  13. "Judge not, that you be not judged" Matthew 7:1 if this conversation held any truth, you would talk about the athletes he has recruited.
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