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  1. A college softball pitcher struck out all 21 opposing batters in a historically perfect pitching performance (msn.com)
  2. In todays WSJ business section is a picture of TOBE NWIGWE! This is in an article named "Apple Backs Firm That Helps Artists Release Music Without Major Labels". FYI
  3. I remember that game because we wanted the Goodyear blimp to highlight it, so they didn't and sent Andre instead!
  4. Moderators 14,487 10,255 posts Posted Wednesday at 11:35 PM Here’s a perspective I’d like to touch on. Does James Reese, or any future departing senior leaving, think NT has gone as far as it ever will in basketball? I would think he understands that 32 teams didn't get a win in the 2021 NCAA BB tournament this year. I would think he would want to be given praise (i.e. as he said after getting off the bus at UNT) for our success in BB this yea
  5. Hires prior to Mc's were likely what he sees (i.e. as to not a basketball school). They were failures that the AD hired and then allowed to fail in MOST NT sports. My roommate from NJ ( late "60s) started taking me to the Snake Pit. If you hadn't seen a game there you would agree with us being a non-basketball school. But, those games were unreal. Some were on TV as the MV game of the week. Packed house and loud and hot. We stayed up with teams like Louisville, Bradley, Memphis etc. national ranked teams. People sitting on top of each other to get to see the game even standing. Our crew s
  6. Watching J Ham over the year I noticed something about our best LEFT handed guard. When he is in the lane pivoting around and goes to his right (sometimes) the person guarding him favors his right because most of the time they are guarding RIGHT handed ball handlers. Leaving his LEFT handed shot open. He really took advantage of this in his time with UNT. He will be remembered by us old MVC ex's with UNT playing the best teams around in the Snake Pit!
  7. I was trying to get Zach's mom to talk about that but... Zach has just so much time left with his KNEEs and he wants to play pro-ball. Probably in Poland they think. He has one of his knees wrapped now. He has problems with his knees and has dreams. Very smart man though as he had considered all his options and but after winning a game in the tournament I'd like to be Grant talking to them after a win at Lucas Oil Stadium!
  8. I was told by their two parents that Zach and J Ham are gone, sadly. I asked about Bell and Reese & I was told that they might stay?
  9. Fun time there. Buy the way, remember the sign welcoming the "MEAN GREEN" at the Marriott. I just asked for it & it's in my man cave hanging proudly over the car!. Just one game because of the CCV outbreak!
  10. By the way, Houston fans said they were pulling for us, at least those that were in our hotel!
  11. Catholic vs Baptist They were good people- 'nova
  12. We had a great crowd Friday night. We all got into talking to the other mid-majors. The mid-majors supported us (and stopped us to tell us good luck in the game) really fun. I have to say as we saw on this blog several Purdue fans told me after the game they hoped we will win the tournament! They were a class act and made our game with them the HIGHEST ATTENDED GAME in the tournament to this point. Beating them was fun, but Grant kept their large fans present pretty subdued throughout the game so that's why you could hear us so well! Saddened, but I understand why, Sundays game wa
  13. Coming home Monday after qualifying for the sweet 16!!!
  14. We are going and at this time have an extra ticket ( don't ask me how please). We are staying at the Springfield INN next to the JW Marriott - teams hotel (on same lot). We will be hanging out with Zack, J and the boys Thursday night and Friday. FYI
  15. Who's going ? I would like to but need a travel partner at this time!
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