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  1. Mo Green

    Hotel room in San Antonio booked

    SA Christmas river parade Friday night so most hotels will be crowded. Saturday will probably go see you all on the river walk after the game to celebrate.
  2. Mo Green

    Texas A&M Commerce 11/14/18

    Where is A. Mohamed?
  3. Mo Green

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Seth is still a very new head coach. He's learning and the second half flops he will need to work this wrinkles out. All this depressing whining really gets old. what are you going to do next year when the heart of the defense is gone? No one is saying much about the three and out play calling from the OC? Passing is working ,try to run then we lose because we can't make a yard in several games now. Hay look at the good in all this our coaches will be around next fall!
  4. Mo Green

    Littrell post UAB game video

    learning & growth are painful sometimes!
  5. Mo Green

    DRC: The Monday edition of What We Learned

    Complications to come from trying to run on the first two down's that leaves us exposed on 3rd down to pass!
  6. Chief Mean Green, Chief...
  7. Mo Green

    Heads Roll in Norman After Loss to UT

    Why is this topic on our FB blog?
  8. It was built to house the Spurs originally. The box's only sit about 16 watching the game & are about 2/3s the size of our boxes. They now expanded the size of the concourse so I'll see how it flows in Nov. can't tailgate like other college stadiums. Parking downtown . Little room on sidelines . People dressed as Mexican fighters really is strange sight. Mascot is flightless bird which is always fun to wonder out loud which flightless bird is their mascot when talking to a UTSA alum.
  9. Mo Green

    Thoughts on The Punt Returner

    What is frustrating is the line drive soccer style kick's that they don't catch & then to watch the muff at the 5. Frustrating, needs coaching really badly on the thought process of PRs !
  10. Mo Green

    What do you think about...

    Why don't we ask Joe what he thinks guys?
  11. They should let our ladies with big purses sneak in beer like back then. i remember when we all stood up in our section it sounded like an aluminum can crushing machine!
  12. Mo Green

    MGN: Liberty Preview

    I wonder how much being media hog's this week will show up today in the way we start off the game? GMG
  13. Mo Green

    Tulsa Temple game tonite on ESPN

    Those were two sub-average teams guys.