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  1. You would think that the Million+ we are paying him, that he would have a virtual talk with all us paying his bill. Then, we would not have to be here speculating on "where are we going in the future".
  2. This one has us at #16... Bowl Rankings: How Good Were All 26 Bowl Games? (msn.com)
  3. JAVION sorry for the SP.
  4. Heard from Javon's dad Lewis and Kathy Zack's mom AT THE GAME, we seemed subdued because of the officiating and their intensity it seemed. Their # 24 was all over Zack & then double teamed him very well when Zack got the ball. But we didn't penetrate the lane, as we usually try and kick it out. Three of Zack foul's were really uncalled for. Mc had several ref talks when there were time out's. Nobody seemed to be moving much like Friday night. When Zack got the 4th, well they just started feeding the ball to the #24 to take short shots that somehow went in. Don't know why that fr
  5. Baylor parts ways with Ryan Pugh one day after hiring him By SAM MARSDALE12 hrs 0 One day after Baylor hired former Troy offensive coordinator Ryan Pugh to coach its offensive line, head coach Dave Aranda announced that Pugh would not join the staff. The reason for the decision is unclear. “Since the recent announcement of Ryan Pugh as Baylor’s OL coach, we have decided to move in a different direction,” Aranda said in a statement. “We are currently in the process of filling the resulting vacancy. We wish Ryan the best in his future endeavors.” Pugh came from Troy, whe
  6. The way the defense plays they need the extra...
  7. It's Mean Joe Green's 74th today. Thanks for all you do for UNT!
  8. It could of been worse,if we had played A&M the week before no one would of been in the stadium!
  9. How about calling them the "Dallas Ford Broncos"?
  10. 5 DB's and they still lit us up with almost 500 yards passing? Something doesn't look right here.
  11. Interesting, nutsack has several that were + when they tested this week. Taylor refused to say how many but he said their game with tsu will be challenging?
  12. Gee, let's see how many TV spots we can pickup for our game programing when the P 5 closes shop and all those game days need to be filled by sports entertainment (football).
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