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  1. Why doesn't Wren have a state of the UNT athletics press conference?
  2. Looking at empty seats and the smuu disaster which, on its own (would cause people not to come back) would cause a large money loss in addition to sl's salary we are losing our ass. I wonder IF the football was packing the stadium, how much money we would produce to do the building we need to do in our sports? So, if you want NT to be successful lose sl or fill the stadium in spite of him!
  3. The goal for mumbles the rest of this year is to be able to make a simple yard when needed in the red zone.
  4. The problem with the above statement is every game I see the teams we are playing have very good talent taken for the P5's and we can't seem to fill in needs from the portal like those who are beating us or will beat us this year. So, we have no answer for the needs that are needed to be filled immediately. We have to wait years to see the HS player get to be effective on the field while we lose now.
  5. Found this idea interesting - what if we ALL wrote letters to Wren giving our condolences for the death of our football fortunes? What do you think?
  6. I guess the answer to this is "how far away is the coaching".
  7. A body bag game definition for SL- any FBS team under a power ranking of 100.
  8. Never should have happened. If anyone in their job had so many misfires on their biggest job of the year they would be fired. SO do we know who is in charge of the game day experience? Why were the jobbers not told to be prepared for such a big crowd? Why couldn't they have more materials delivered to the stadium during the first half when they knew they were running out of food etc?
  9. Looking at the thoughts on the score before the game, most knew we wouldn't be competitive. GH left and sl's bunch develop a QB to save their JOBS!!!
  10. They have opened up the upper decks for ticket sales. Hope they win with a good crowd!
  11. "UTSA's season opener against Houston is the “Let's Go 210” game with the Cougars coming to the Alamo City." After seeing their record at our game the theme for it is " Let's go 988" game with the Mean Green!
  12. O hell yea- let's put him next to D Dickey and see how much electricity we can generate compared to the BIG FANS!
  13. " Todd Dodge insisted on bring his high school staff as a requirement for his employment. It was a huge mistake to allow him to do so. Rick took a gamble and it didn't pay off." Coach Russell, defense side, told me that rv didn't allow Dodge to retain the defensive coaches after he pleaded with rv to do so. We saw at OU the outcome immediately of rv's decision!
  14. Hay, this Davis blog is the same thing Jerry Springer does with spurned individuals. Let's get him in here too (in case we need to liven this up any MORE)!
  15. Due to Monkeypox the game will be played in Denton! And wal'la we have a sell out! ...could happen, been there before right.
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