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  1. He wasn't happy.... Did Thulen ever correct himself? *edit* I just saw he did....
  2. This could be the toughest D we’ve faced with Fine. Since Florida his freshman year? We can’t be predictable. Gonna have to have a game plan. Catch them off guard. The whole point of an offense like ours is to put the ball where they ain’t. We’re gonna have to put the ball where they ain’t.
  3. Agree to a point. But that defense has been touted for 2-3 years. Last time we went to Hattiesburg, it’s all we heard about and then we put it on them fairly well.
  4. good stuff Brett. Man...Bill Clark is under a LOT of pressure this year. He lost so many players and he's about to come back down to earth and have to follow the rules like everyone else. If he went 6-6 and then next year slid to 5-7 or something....that would be bad and it's certainly possible. He's making loads of money and they're trying to build a new stadium in a state that fights them at every turn and has no use for them. Their rise is a little bit of smoke and mirrors. People got so caught up in the good story of them coming back, they forgot how bad they were before they shut their program down. Big pressure the next couple of years. They have to keep winning and building support. The latter is not easy there.
  5. C-USA Media Members Predicted Order of Finish WEST DIVISION North Texas (20) Southern Miss (4) Louisiana Tech UAB (2) UTSA Rice UTEP EAST DIVISION Marshall (14) FIU (9) Florida Atlantic (3) Middle Tennessee WKU Old Dominion Charlotte Southern Miss is getting a lot of love...but I think it's pretty right on. I think they nailed the east. Tough schedule, we play USM and LaTech on the road....
  6. I've been following the media days on twitter and that is arguably the #1 subject at Big 12 and SEC media days...scheduling more P5s They are going to stop scheduling G5s. I saw another article about some of the bowls' contracts coming up and P5s are wanting to replace G5 teams with P5 teams. It's picking up momentum
  7. Fair enough.... My point...they may be seen as better but it doesn't matter and doesn't mean anything It's like being the best player on the worst team. You're still in last place.
  8. And they'll always be lower than P5 So in the grand scheme of college football....they're on the same level as us. SMU may look at UH and say they're higher than UNT But Alabama, Ohio St, USC, UT, etc doesn't see the difference between UH, SMU and UNT. Despite what the little UH troll thinks.
  9. I've seen a lot of the 16 team super conference scenario thrown out.... We could get there by adding TX St in the West and...maybe South Alabama in the East? Good rivalries, close travel. I think it would actually have local interest UNT/SMU UNT/La Tech UH/Rice UTSA/TX State (or UTEP) Ark St/Memphis UAB/USM MTSU/Memphis La Tech/USM Troy/S Alabama There are some teams there that don't like each other..... SMU, Houston and Memphis would have to give up on their hope of being in the new Div 1 (that will probably have 40-50 teams)
  10. If I'm being honest....I don't care who in the current CUSA/Sun Belt we're with... I want to be in a conference with SMU, Houston and La Tech. From a regional/rival aspect....that's the best scenario. Fill in with Rice and UTEP for a division if you must. Bowl contracts and TV deals are up soon....D1 is going to blow up. I know the topic is just CUSA/Sunbelt but G5 is going to explode....I would put it back together like this: West: UNT, UH, SMU, La Tech, Rice, UTEP, UTSA East: UAB, Troy, Ark St, Memphis, MTSU, USM, ULaLa You know....if it were up to me
  11. I see it as "I want to play for a coach and if he's not there...all that's left is UT San Antonio..." the new coach better be a good recruiter
  12. Transferred to UNT and got to Denton in 1997. First stop: Apartments off McKinney and Loop 288 (I think they're called McKinney Park Apts now...but I don't think that's what they were called then) My roommate at the time only needed 60 hours so he could join DPS. He did (and is a Lt. with them now) Next: Woodhill Apartments Worked at Footaction in Golden Triangle Mall then I got a job in Dallas making more money Then: Westwind Apartments (first apartment by myself...man I was broke) Then: moved into a condo complex on Country Club Rd (off 377). Hobson Ln dead ended right into our complex. One night there was a big boom...someone on Hobson ran through Country Club Drive and hit the railing that was set up in front of our complex. (now I know why the railing was there) We came outside and the driver had fled....fun times.
  13. I thought that was the plan as well.... Fall camp starts in what though...3-4 weeks?
  14. I feel like Torrey unfairly caught some criticism on our short yardage failures (and there were some critical ones that cost us games) last season. I look forward to seeing how Reeder will use him. He likes to run the ball (as does Littrell) The short yardage problems can be fixed with creative play calling....
  15. any update on completion?
  16. Keep studying hard little buddy. You’ll get yours eventually.
  17. If I had my choice between the AAC and MWC. Of course I would take the AAC. But that wasn’t the topic of this thread. The two choices are choosing between MWC (higher profile) and CUSA (easy road trips)
  18. I wonder (and yes.....this is way out there) What if.....Seth Littrell really does love it here to the point that there’s only one job he would leave for. what about this conversation: Littrell: ”Jimmy, I want to stay here but I want to maximize my $ as much as possible while staying here. I only want one job to take me out of Denton” Sexton: “ok....let me show you how to do it. Just so happens KState wants to talk to you. I’ll show you how to use that you just keep recruiting and winning” I know that most coaches want to always move up....but if they find a situation that is good for their family, that can become their priority. It’s not unheard of for people to sacrifice professional advancement for family. (I know from personal experience) People are motivated differently. I know the odds are against it but it’s not impossible.
  19. Boils down to 2 choices: Want easy road trips or want to be in a conference that has a higher national profile?
  20. I sure hope we don’t go 7-5 this year. Which is VERY possible with this schedule. Point being. He needs to win big games this year when something is on the line. And when he does.....it will be his first. (Green tinted glasses removed) Point being: He needs to win the conference championship this year. He’s the highest paid coach in the conference. He’s on a list with a bunch of coaches who have had their teams ranked. I don’t care who his agent is and him using the KState thing as leverage. Littrell has the greatest QB in school history this year. He needs to go win the conference period
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