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  1. I believe that upgrade is starting soon right?
  2. I’ve got kind of a crazy one. But maybe not too crazy. Bob Stoopes. He is still young. Knows the area. Brings instant credibility. Major HC success. Resurrected OU. Doesn’t need money, still seems to want to compete. Should we call him?
  3. As a bit of a smart ass myself…..I support this. 😂 To stay with this theme my father in law texted me about us going to our new conference. Yeah! Then he asked when I thought a road trip to Clemson would happen. He said he shouldn’t read without his glasses.
  4. If we get the right guy in here next season....hit a few transfers....with the talent we already have. We could have a huge turn around next season. We could win 9-10 games...our last season in CUSA. That's not crazy. And then we hit the AAC with our new HC and build off that? This could be what we've been waiting for. Why couldn't it? The hard work is done. The buildings are built. The fans want to come. If we get the right guy. That's all we need. Wren....get us our guy and we will see this Giant wake up. We need 10 big things to happen to reach our potential....and we have 9 of them. Just need that 1.
  5. Sonny Dykes makes a lot more than that. Private schools are squirrely in how they have to report that stuff. I talked to a fried that's an SMU guy last week and he told me Sonny was making over $3 mil. Take that for what it's worth, but that seems about right. **Edit** and I'll add, again I'm showing a lot of confidence in this post with no actual facts to back it up...dammit
  6. I'll believe it when Wren Baker knocks on my door and shows me the paper work with a hand writing expert to confirm the signatures.
  7. I would say Houston owes their Big 12 invite to several people...and Tom Herman is one of them.
  8. We do. It's called gomeangreen.com
  9. I guess EVERYONE in the program has given up. Even the uniform guy.
  10. I heard it. I didn't think it was harsh or purposely negative at all. They just told the truth. Craig gets a lot of crap on here but he was more than fair to UNT and our football program. He sincerely roots for UNT to do well. It's not his fault we haven't had a coach leave here with a winning record since Hayden Fry. It's just a fact.
  11. If it takes 4-5 years then Wren’s hire will have failed big time
  12. Not my first day on GoMeanGreen 😁
  13. ESPN reporting on it now https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32432496/six-schools-officially-apply-join-american-athletic-conference
  14. The losses that ESPN is going to have to write off from 2023 to 2032. Yikes. Surely there are clauses in that deal. How does ESPN just write checks to a bunch of schools no one is watching. I'm asking because I sincerely don't know. Maybe someone with knowledge of these deals can chime in. How does ESPN pay Tulsa $7 million per year while not having the eyes that Cincy and UCF have brought to them. What is the ROI for ESPN moving forward without Cincy, UCF and Houston?
  15. They have Boise St. That alone puts them above this new AAC as far as branding. The new AAC doesn't have a program any where near that level. They had 3 of them. They just left to go the big 12.
  16. And don't get me wrong....I would rather be in our position than USM or La Tech. They're stuck and may be headed to the Sun Belt...who knows. And I'll add. If this conference stays at the 14 teams they have now....I'm in. I just don't think they will and I don't think it will look like this in a few years. I still say we don't play SMU in a conference game in 2023. Hope I'm wrong.
  17. ***Edit*** this article already posted: Before the AAC news broke, sources told the Action Network that officials at North Texas, Rice, UTSA and UTEP had contacted the Mountain West about joining the conference. North Texas and Rice had the most serious discussions, but ultimately, the Mountain West decided to remain at 12 schools, sources said. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/aac-to-add-six-schools-conference-usa-college-football-realignment-charlotte-fau-north-texas-rice-uab-utsa?utm_source=article&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=brettmcmurphy
  18. I mean....it's certainly better than being in Judy's conference but Aresco isn't gonna look so great when it comes time to get that TV money and they ask: "hey what happened to Cincy and UCF and Houston? The giant killers that made you a "P6" Conference? Easy to look like a good commissioner when you have schools with national level attention. What's he going to say? "We don't have those top 5 teams, and SMU and Memphis left but we do have Charlotte and Rice and UTSA!" That's all I'm saying. Yes I'm glad to be out of CUSA but this isn't a move that's going to seriously move our program forward. It's more of a "table stakes" move. Doing it to survive vs improve. From a national attention standpoint, the AAC will be on CUSA's level...it can't help but be there. There aren't any big name brands left in the AAC. The MWC is the new "P6" AAC will be CUSA 2.0 (or 3.0?) on the field.
  19. Of course that's what's going to happen. I can't believe we all have such short memories. Sorry....this AAC doesn't excite me. I know it's currently better than CUSA but as soon as SMU and Memphis leave, they'll back fill with La Tech and maybe Marshall or USM. Take the current CUSA....change the letters to AAC and that's what we'll be in. If the MWC was an actual option, I hope we jump on it. We've seen this movie before.
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