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  1. Done.....these groups do amazing work with kids. Side note: I came across this type of organization when I was on a jury one time in an abuse case....let's just say the testimony was awful.....being the father of young children, I didn't sleep for days after this trial hearing what happened to this innocent child. They put this sweet kid back together. They do great work. And the investigation helped put the abuser away for a long time.
  2. Some shady things may be going on? Thank you Nick and Jimbo for bringing this to our attention #bravery
  3. I was fortunate to be part of the beginning of the Logistics program at UNT and got my MBA from there. Dr. Pohlen has built an unbelievable program.
  4. That says more about our abysmal history, not Seth Littrell as a HC. So far he’s just been a very mediocre head coach and if he were at a program with standards he wouldn’t be the HC Just facts Hope he turns it around this season
  5. Seems to be good on the surface. Maybe this will be the one. But honestly, Tom Brady could join the program...it's still difficult for me to get excited as we roll our HC with a 37-38 overall record out for year 7. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  6. I always thought "what aboutism" was something the left usually accused the right of doing... We truly are more alike than not...
  7. yeah but SMU didn't want him anyway....so.....whatevs
  8. I’ve been to the tasting room a couple of times. It’s Pretty nice. Their single malt bourbon is pretty good. It’s pricey and probably not worth the price but I think it’s pretty good bourbon. If you’ve never had it, grab a bottle.
  9. Maybe they figured out the vaccines stop Covid on planes when you’re actively eating
  10. https://www.businessinsider.com/these-are-the-airlines-dropping-mask-mandates-after-judges-ruling-2022-4 I'm flying next week. So happy about this. Hope it sticks! And I think it was President Obama that once said: "if you like your mask, you can keep your mask." win/win Sweet
  11. "We want the guy at North Texas that had success in the Sunbelt" He doesn't want to come "Then let's get someone else that had success in the Sunbelt....that's like the same thing" Good idea....
  12. Jank is the basketball version of June Jones A coach that comes in after the previous big time cheating....starts to have some success....then SMU starts remembering how much they actually won while cheating and say "hey! why can't you win like the guys that were cheating! Our bar is higher than this!" So then they fire that coach. Quite the mindset on the Hilltop...
  13. Didn’t SMU have a good year? Why would they fire their coach?
  14. I would imagine not having JJ next year is the #1 thing that keeps Grant up at night….what a security blanket in your lineup
  15. Not sure how you replace someone like him.
  16. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like for North Texas to have a legit basketball program….take a big sniff….
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