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  1. Feels like our D could (COULD) be designed to have some success against him. If he's not hitting receivers and our corners can hold up...our linebacker speed can be the difference.
  2. I want to walk out of Apogee feeling better about the team.That's all. I want Mason to look like Mason, our D to build off the last 3 quarters from last week, the OC to call a good game, Siggers to continue in beast mode and for us to minimize the mental mistakes. Is that too much to ask? It's all still in front of us. If we look like we know we can Saturday...it makes the game vs Houston SOO much more interesting....I'll feel like we have a chance. GO MEAN GREEN!
  3. UH was gassed. I think the announcers said they've played 4 games in 19 days?
  4. Joking about and taunting them seems mean. Like picking on a less fortunate kid.
  5. My only problem with calling them a rival is it's a bad look for UNT if our rival has only been around for 8 years. Rivalries should have some history. This is as forced as the fake "silver boot" between the Rangers and Astros. I understand rivalries are important but they should happen organically...not because a beat writer insists on it.
  6. I think it's rude that we're doing throwbacks from the 60s against UTSA. Let's wear throwbacks that represent their storied history as well. We should dig deep in the vault to 2011 and bring these all the way back: They have history too....
  7. Those are so awesome Hopefully we can turn around our luck in them....
  8. I was out there close to their campus a few months ago for work....The Midland/Odessa area is really busy right now.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/BarstoolUNT/status/1174078414543839235
  10. I guess I was a little unrealistic in my expectations for getting out of the gate this year. I had visions of Mason’s ability in that Eastern Washington offense. Then we come out in the first 2 plays of the season and do what we did. Maybe a little premature? I was critical of GH’s play calling but Mason REALLY trusted him and I think he owes a lot of his development to him. Maybe the first few weeks they’re feeling each other out.... I would love to see them start clicking and Mason getting more comfortable.
  11. Just curious where Mean Green Nation stands...
  12. The problem with this argument is that we've never had in our history (this history that for some reason applies to 2019) what we have now: Facilities AD leadership support donations coaching salaries Our history has NOTHING to do with what we have now because we've never had what we have. If we're going to use our past to justify our present then we have to compare apples to apples. So yes....given what we have TODAY...8-4 is a disappointment. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT WE'VE AVERAGED SINCE 1967. IT DOES NOT APPLY TO WHAT I EXPECT OUT OF SETH LITTRELL. The highest paid coach in CUSA, top 10 in G5, who gets whatever he wants from the administration and has the most to work with of any coach in our history. Go win the damn conference: period. Especially THIS conference. The worst in FBS. 9 wins a season is a reasonable expectation for him. If it's not then quit paying him like it is.
  13. I have no idea what to think about UTSA. They beat a decent FCS team handily. Then they get destroyed by Baylor and then they play Army and it's hard to judge that (however Army's D is not all that) But I'm not worried about them...I'm worried about us. And as for us...after the first quarter vs Cal...it looked to me like the players started to come together the rest of that game. Littrell said it after the game and the players looked PISSED in the locker room after. I know Cal's offense is really bad but maybe it's something our D can get some confidence from. I think they're angry and I think we curb stomp UTSA on Saturday UNT 54 UTSA 24
  14. eh... I'm as pissed as anyone about not just the loss but how we lost. But if we went 11-2 then I'll say the SMU game was a fluke (because it will be obvious that it was) My problem with SMU is that I saw it as a 50/50 game and at this point...it can show "we are what we are" If we win out.....then it would not show "we are what we are"
  15. Did I misunderstand the question? If we win out (go 11-2) this season....would we view this season as a disappointment? Isn't the obvious answer "NO" Why would we view 11-2 a disappointment?
  16. If Seth Littrell's team loses to Frank Wilson's team at home....
  17. Lost by 6 I can’t help but think about the end of the 1st half. Stopped them on 3rd down with over 1:00 to play and 3 timeouts and we didn’t call one.
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