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  1. Can I just point out that not only was that posted at 1am but it was edited at 7am.
  2. I just want to be there when he meets with the guy running the NIL group....
  3. But seriously I don’t see how we win more than 5
  4. Littrell has been waiting for this moment. The moment to put it all together. He runs the table. 10-2. Wins the conf championship game in front of 32,000 at Apogee to get to 11-2 and then the bowl game vs a 7-5 SEC team to get to 13-2 and finishes the season #20 in the nation. We all owe him an apology and a big fat extension.
  5. True. But I’m trying to think of something that’s lower than that bar. Having difficulty
  6. Point being. If Dallas Baptist can have a program like they have. We can have one here.
  7. Actually I was thinking of DBU. Not HBU. 😂 got my Baptists confused
  8. I would be lying if I said I had intimate knowledge of HBU. I spent 5 seconds googling. Just seems like UNT would be more of a destination than HBU and thus would be a little easier to get talent to Denton
  9. I guess you have to define “few” Houston Baptist became D1 in ‘08. Were in the NCAA tourney 6-7 years later? Seems fairly quick?
  10. So we haven’t been irrelevant in football for 35 years?
  11. College baseball is gaining in popularity. The College World Series is becoming a must see event and ESPN is starting to televise more games. There’s no comparison between TV for college soccer and college baseball. (And I like soccer too)
  12. The difference is the amount of talent that goes Juco and under D1. There is a lot of D1 talent that goes D2, D3 and juco because there aren’t enough spots in D1. (And they want to get drafted) I believe UNT offering another D1 option would fill up pretty quick with D1 talent that would otherwise go non D1.
  13. That game should be sold out every year. And the Sonny Dykes return adds a little something. And there is NO WAY IN HELL only 3,000 tickets were sold to TCU
  14. I’m a big proponent of bringing baseball to UNT. I think we would be competitive fairly quickly. The amount of baseball talent in the area is insane. The AD has said that it will take several million dollars to get a program up and running. I notice you have a goal of $50k. Not being difficult but what exactly does $50k accomplish?
  15. Especially a week after you got torched. Wouldn’t you want to come out and dominate an overmatched team?
  16. I too have pretty much reached the “fire everyone” phase
  17. What was our attendance? How did we ever get that many people to show up?
  18. This is right on ^ We need to get over this fear of coaches leaving for P5 jobs. Use a coach the way a coach might use us and keep climbing. I wonder where we would be if Littrell has really left for KState (assuming that was legit). Would we have had a hot coach come in here and keep the momentum going?
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