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  1. I don’t understand why you’re arguing with me. I don’t think there should be any limit to what players can make. They should have the same opportunity as coaches to make as much money as they can (and they do now. But if they were seen as employees they would have a better chance maybe?) as for professors. Who’s the best professor in the country? Dr SoAndSo? If Dr SoAndSo goes out and says “for $10 million per year, I’ll come work at your university” and schools battle it out to get him for $10 million per year. I’m all about it. why is this so hard? Are you ok with the NCAA getting rid of the rule that an athletic scholarship has to be honored if the player gets cut for performance? Or a new coach comes in? If not. why not?
  2. Not sure I followed that.... But if a coach doesn't perform....they get fired. If a university doesn't want to pay $10 million a year, they don't have to, they just won't get or keep a Nick Saban or Kirby Smart. If the number one recruit in the country is worth $10 million a year...he'll get $10 million a year. He doesn't have to play for "free." How is that a "get off my lawn" mindset? Plus I'm not wagging my fingers....I just think it's naive to think these players aren't employees. Of course they are. Let's just stop with the "student" charade. I say just make them officially employees, get rid of athletic scholarships. Let the kids negotiate that. Not all of them want to go to class anyway and a degree isn't why they're there. Let's just get it over with already. I'm not even sure you and I disagree here. What exactly are you advocating for? Coaches make too much money? Based on what?
  3. "The NCAA believes making athletes into employees could lead to a system where athletes could be fired for poor performance..." That's exactly what it will do. And it should. Cut out athletic scholarships (unless you need it to negotiate), pay them like employees, treat them like employees. "Sorry 2nd string OLineman....you missed too many blocks last week....gotta let you go." Then you get the transfer portal kid in to take his place. Just get it over with. The problem is these kids, a lot of these kids will be shocked when the 3% that are NFL bound get all the money and the breaks, and the 40th man on the roster gets cast aside when someone better comes along. They're gonna want it both ways....can't have it both ways.
  4. Not sure if I've ever seen something make our school look so bad. That would make me RUN from The University of North Texas because we look like an absolute joke.
  5. When I learned that DBU Baseball is in CUSA and UTSA is top 25.
  6. Maybe Wren is trying to go his entire career without ever firing anyone.
  7. Why is it a horrible comparison? The argument seems to be “these kids need to be paid because college football is a billion dollar industry it’s not fair” Agree So treat them as employees. Stop with the “student athlete” charade. Just like the kid that works at Starbucks or Chick-fil-A or the groundskeeper or anyone that works on campus. Not sure what “watching them do their job” has to do with anything. As for professors vs coaches, if the market dictated that professors be paid what coaches do then they would. Also, last time I checked, Coaches don’t have tenure.
  8. I’ve been saying this for years. Stop with the “student” athlete charade. Stop giving athletic scholarships. Give academic only. Don’t want to go to class? Don’t. good enough athlete? Pay them fair market price. Pay their health insurance like an employee. They get hurt? Give them workers comp. 60% of their pay. Put requirements on them. they don’t perform? Fire them. Replace them with someone better. If they were mistreated then another company err program will pick them up. If we’re gonna do this. Let’s do this. Football players work for a “billion dollar industry” the same way the student that works for the campus Starbucks. Treat them the same. If they want an education then negotiate it or get a loan like the kid working for the campus Chick-fil-A (another billion dollar company) Just stop all this already. NCAA can go away then.
  9. 100% CORRECT Kind of hard not to say: “Perform for our school or hit the bricks”
  10. I hate to agree here but he’s right. the P5 back up to G5 should be a no brainer. The G5 starter to P5 doesn’t seem like it works out for the player.
  11. This is how a Tre Siggers goes from being a potential superstar at an FBS school to a school that kicks him to the curb as soon as a better deal comes along to a little FCS school where he’ll eventually never be heard of again. It’s just the truth. Goes both ways. It’s gonna get worse and the players will end up in worse shape long term. Be careful what you ask for. You want to use the system great but the system will eventually use you.
  12. I don’t think we’re going through anything other schools aren’t going through. I have loyalty to NT. Coaches have to navigate this new world and make the best of it. Hopefully they win
  13. Everything is changed. Rooting has changed. Can’t get connected to any player anymore. I loved my boys when they were little saying “Mason Fine is the best QB ever” and I loved Patrick Cobbs and Booger Kennedy and had a connection to them. Those days are gone. I can’t even follow recruiting anymore. What difference does it make. When the first game happens in early September, I’ll root for the 22 out there in our uniform. Who cares who the individuals are. it goes both ways. Shorter, Nixon…..I can’t really care about you as people. I mean I hope you find what you’re looking for. But don’t care about you….anymore than I care for any other college player that plays anywhere but Denton. I root for North Texas. kind of sad but that’s where we are. Gotta adjust what it means to be a fan.
  14. I mean….We have a “score” to assign points to a post based on his lost dog. I don’t what could be more UNT related.
  15. watching Mean Green Football the last few years has aged me...I can't imagine leading it...
  16. Man, you can see what is headed UTSA's way and it could be ugly. They seem to be a house of cards....they seriously have to keep winning 10+ games every year in football to keep what little credibility they have. What happens if they have back to back 6 win seasons? What if Traylor turns out to be a bust? They can't afford to buy him out. If there are 10 possible outcomes for UTSA in the coming years, it seems 8 of them are bad. What a risky situation. UTSA is like a college athletics ponzi scheme....the crash is gonna be painful.
  17. I learned from the Seth Littrell contract extension. UTSA did not. Others won’t either. I will always ALWAYS look through the prism of “who did they beat” from now on when it comes to thinking we should extend a coach or not. Same will go for Morris, Hodge, etc. If a coach can parlay beating up mediocre teams into P5 offers. Good luck to them. Littrell would’ve more than likely already been fired by KState and probably be an offensive analyst at OU by now.
  18. To say "yeah let's do this" we would have to believe that all the "the city of Denton doesn't care about UNT" is BS. If it is.... Then we have to decide if moving the basketball team to play off campus is a good thing or not. If it is.... Then I say sure, go for it.
  19. Well then Jared Mosley needs to figure it out. We’ve been talking about this forever. They gonna start construction or not? And don’t give me the RV “if y’all would just donate, we can do some things” he has the big job….get it done
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