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  1. So you rather go back to the sunbelt? Just plant your roots and grow where you are. Theee things take time. We should support our conference mates and try to challenge everyone to schedule a little better and win.
  2. So far Marshall is the only one who has won and they actually have legit guards. It’s funny because everyone wants to complain about our conference and how their team should leave for the MWC, Sunbelt, MAC, or the American yet they can’t even win games against these lower level teams! I legit read read on the CUSA FB page Marshall fans upset they haven’t left for the MAC yet and Western fans saying CUSA caters to the west to much and they want to be back in the sunbelt... Maybe if everybody step their game up the conference would be better, but instead they all want to look for the greener pasture. Make CUSA better first!
  3. Southern lost to Longwood UAB lost to Brown Not a good start to post season play for our conference...
  4. I believe rice should have been a 6 seed and somehow got the 12. ODU I thought was a 13 and they got a 14. Even when we get in we get miss seeded all the time.
  5. I believe it’s 64 for the big dance and 32 for NIT but I could be wrong.
  6. 9 women’s teams in post season play!
  7. Well considering CUSA has 5 women’s teams in the NIT I can’t see how they saw the conference as that bad...
  8. How did a top 24 team in the nation get a 12 seed...
  9. We have Alincot and Mark coming back as sophomores next season. We need a good stretch 4. I am unsure what Mohammed has to offer, but hopefully he and Wise filll some holes.
  10. Their fans are also very knowledgeable about the game. You have to at least respect their fan base. If it wasn’t going to be us I was hoping to see La Tech and Western in the finals. Hopefully Western takes it all.
  11. Miller on crutches. We are too beat up. Sad way to end this season.
  12. Can somebody grab an offensive rebound!
  13. Thank God we won the chicken toss to save a little face...
  14. Down 7-2 5 minutes In. We can’t make a thing!
  15. Yeah so their band is in the stands so that’s part of it. They won’t be here during the game. I was talking to them.
  16. I hope UNT fans show up... I am sitting here surrounded by about 3 dozen WKU fans all up around me near the court.
  17. We are about to get that upset tonight! Even though we didn’t play well last night we at least looked healthy. We got this game!
  18. Yep. I passed her when I was walking on the court and she towered over me haha.
  19. He also does the weather and traffic for KLTY I believe. He is really good at keeping up with the he pace of play.
  20. Because the last game of the season didn’t matter and I wanted to rest Zach because if we are going to win this tournament our starters needed rest and our bench players need a little experience just in case they are needed due to injurie or foul trouble. I wish we had red shirted Alcindor, but since we didn’t we should have got him more experience. What will we do if Zach Simmons goes down early with an injury? Run a 5 guard line up with Woolridge and Jahmiah already injuried? Play Arikawe all game? It’s important that if you have a bench you work to get them some experience throughout the season. If something does happen and Alcindor must play he won’t have hardly any experience and then be tossed into a very important tournament game. Odds are slim Simmons gets injured, but you should always prep for any situation throughout the season.
  21. You truly trust analytics? There are holes in the system and it even says so on the website. There are limitations on all box score stats – if the box score doesn't measure a particular contribution, a box-score-based metric can only approximate that contribution. This is not a great hindrance on the offensive side, as nearly everything of importance on offense is captured by the box score (only missing things like screen-setting), but on defense the box score is quite limited. Blocks, steals, and rebounds, along with minutes and what little information offensive numbers yield about defensive performance are all that is available. Such critical components of defense as positioning, communication, and the other factors that make Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan elite on defense can't be captured, unfortunately. He gets zero credit toward the 6 rebounds that he helped Miller and Gibson acquire and he doesn’t get any for forcing the ball back out onto the perimeter.
  22. I will take him for defense bursts any game. Analytics can only tell you so much. Offensively he is probably our worst player (other than maybe Alcindor), but his hustle is always welcome.
  23. We were just saving Alcindor for Western. We are about to unleash the beast! Side note: Inwas surprised DJ didn’t play tonight. I thought he might get some minutes to help Woolridge and Gibson rest.
  24. Grant got onto him earlier while he was on the bench for not attacking the basket more.
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