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  1. Anyone else wish we still had Army on the schedule? They have played CUSA teams on national television and look beatable. I’m already missing that series.
  2. And maybe that’s why we aren’t throwing deep....
  3. We already lost Guyton who didn’t even make a practice squad and now Bussy. This is going to be rough for Mason Fine.
  4. Losing Graham was a huge lose for us! When Seth leaves we won’t have an up and comer who knows this team to take his place anymore.
  5. I could have sworn when the season started that this game was shown to be on espn plus, but now I don’t see it listed anymore. 😕
  6. Of all the sports men’s basketball concerned me the most. I figured football would get around 10 wins, but the basketball team would struggle with their lackluster recruiting and losing our best player. I’m really hoping I had it backwards now. We need some hope!
  7. This could easily be 21-21 if we didn’t catch a few bad calls and stopped them on that 3rd and 20. Maybe there is a little hope!
  8. Our offense is pretty bad! What happened since last year?
  9. Well between SMU being better and these horrible refs I don’t see how we could possibly succeed.
  10. Not like these refs are going to cost us the game (our bad play will do that), but holy crap could they be worse?
  11. 5 yard penalty? How is that not more?
  12. SMU d-backs seem to be not giving us an inch.
  13. I wouldn’t ever say misinformed. They are just fans of other universities. (Mostly UT, OSU, OU, and Tech). I am hoping he was wrong though.
  14. A coach at work said ACU would be our biggest win if the year. God I hope he is wrong, but this start isn’t helping. 😞
  15. Aren’t they looking to remove the big board in the end zone and add seats there by the athletic buildings? I think the wings stay as they add on to the field.
  16. ACU doing us a favor by just running out the clock instead of pushing it there at the end
  17. I was thinking this game would be 60-7 give or take a field goal. If it ends now and we give up 31 and win by 20 that’s concerning. I also thought Fine would have had 500 yards passing with 5-6 TDS and be resting mid 4th quarter.
  18. Are we saving our starting defense for SMU?
  19. Today the conference looked horrible sadly. I enjoy being in CUSA and want it grow and be competitive, but that’s difficult when the big boys hold all the cards and are able to hold you down. Maybe one day the ncaa will step in and fix the system.... he 😕
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