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  1. The bench looked like it had less players from what I have seen and heard; however stay line shows starters and contributors stayed out on the field most of the game. It is interesting. Didn’t that happen during the Portland state game? Of course McCarny was informed at half then.
  2. That’s the bench plus the 11 on the field and a couple (3-4) off to one side. Trying to count it’s maybe 35-40 players; however I know there were more during the first half. Perhaps a group came out at a later time but that’s the middle of the third quarter.
  3. Picture posted from fan at the game on Facebook showed that less players came out to the field after half. I saw someone else on Facebook with a separate photo making the same claim. I think your friends with one of them on there actually. We left right before half time so didn’t see it personally.
  4. Looks like half the team didn’t join him. I’m surprised nobody commented on that. At least that I could see. Fans at the game noticed very easily.
  5. If we don’t trust Aunne to throw the ball why is he in there?
  6. No no no…. It’s already ridiculous a school in Texas is in the same conference as one in Florida. Why would it make sense a school from Texas goes with west coast teams. NCAA needs to step up and create logical conferences.
  7. We lost Bean and Siggers as well. Plus what’s up with the offensives line? It’s been atrocious.
  8. He was at the first game of the season…
  9. I told my son in the middle of the first if we got down by 34 we would leave…. I hung on as long as I could. Now listening in the car.
  10. Well I sat around trying to edit it…. If only the internet actually worked in the stadium. You would think a stadium named after an internet/wifi company would have better reception…. After that post nothing from the internet haha.
  11. Yeah I thought it was out of the back field but he had someone come out wide open for Atleast 4 seconds he could have dumped it off to…
  12. I miss Jason Bean…. No idea why we let him slip away. Same with with Siggers…
  13. I agree with most of this, but the PA system hasn’t worked in ten years…. Just feels like typical apogee haha. PA announcer will get better, but I’m ok not celebrating every first down. Let’s celebrate some TDs and wins.
  14. So was his father the super bowl XIII champ?
  15. I was thinking it was for Simmons. No clue why he up and left. Super competitive out there if your going to make any kind of money. He would make significantly more staying in school and furthering his engineering degree. Would like to have him fill that last spot.
  16. Excited to see what Abou can do next year! 4 more years for him and he could really shine! The future.
  17. Jeff Hardy, Road Dogg, Scotty Too Hotty, BubbaRay Dudley, CM Punk.
  18. We have Simmons, Jones, and JJ Murray.
  19. That’s where his brother or Italy dreamed of playing football but since he is going to A&M it’s funny Devion is landing in Oregon. it would be really difficult to get top local guys to play at UNT. They need some coaches to come out of UNT to start tk have those chances.
  20. That also will turn a lot of players away sadly. You have to be able to developers your players and keep them. We have had great success with some proven JUCO guys but Ruben Jones seems to be the only player Grant had been to snag as a freshman who had high potential. We also still have to developed and keep him. Then again, mid majors tend to lean on the JUCOs more so maybe that’s Grants plan. I highly doubt if her ever lands a bigger job he recruits like he did here. He would definitely be hitting up the HS recruits more.
  21. Always say them at tailgating events and games as a kid (well younger). Emitt beat me in a FG kicking contest way way back in the day haha.
  22. Hm... that’s a tough one but yes to an extent. Working your way up entails you want to be a leader. Leaders require certain qualities not everyone has. The ones who move up should be few and far between. Back in the day most people got a job, worked and did what they needed to do and retired. Coaches are leaders and again I can understand the movement, but yes at some point it caps out. Celery to many people have a high ego and desire to go up the ladder. That wasn’t always the case. I shouldn’t speak in absolutes; however leadership it’s a calling not many have. Most will find themselves in a menial position where they should simply find contentment and grow there.
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