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  1. I wasn’t aware someone could be in front of the ball in motion during an onside kick. That’s odd.
  2. It’s usually just a bunch of grumpy old men grumbling….. it’s just like sitting at a bar to watch a game 🤣
  3. There was a family that sat net our table where we ate. Before the food came out someone was talking to them and I heard them say they use to live in the area and his brother went to UNT so they came up for the game… so maybe a family member gave them tickets… although I think they had 5-6 people in the group so who knows.
  4. Pretty irritating actually. I know Duffy was “on the team”…. Didn’t know about Jordan Williams, but that makes me want to win the million even more to let them know they can shove it. I wonder why Smart didn’t play. He practiced with the team.
  5. Why are there only 8 guys on the team now? Where is Jordan Duffy? In the box score it also showed Jordan Williams as not playing and never heard he was even on the team. I know when it started they had 10-12 and Duffy was on the roster.
  6. Wish they were all former UNT players Hamlet, Hunstberry, Reese, Bell, Simmons, Jones, Williams, Mitchell, Taylor, and Geu -10 former guys who can still suit up. Win it all.
  7. Absolutely not. Just eliminate other post season tournaments and make the NIT 64 teams…. Then make all play in games the 16 seeds. It’s not that difficult to do.
  8. From? UNT? George King, Chris Davis, and Jordan Williams are near the top/topping my list. Would have been Jermey Combs but we all saw what he did…
  9. Perry showed his true character… he won’t touch the NBA…. He is about him. Not the team. Maybe overseas one day….
  10. What happened to that basketball workout facility that got a ton of money for. This looks like the old snake pit….
  11. A legit center away from competing to win the American.
  12. Honestly overall rating and prospect wise Tony would definitely be a top 5. Who else has been drafted since… or even prior. Hamlet actually brought it while here and didn’t run away like Perry. Perry is nothing. Hamlet is king.
  13. He (Javion) should be top 5 with Lyons, Davis, Hamilton, and in my opinion Jordan Williams simply due to loyalty.
  14. Let him and Mac fight it out for last place in the big 12.
  15. Andrew


    I would assume it swing as how they would be paying taxes on it….
  16. I’m all for it. If they want to get paid and act like they are so important than allow cuts at any time…. Lose scholarships…. Lose NIL…. These players and the parents/coaches that get in their head is getting out of control.
  17. He was the 2018 New Mexico bowl MVP and this is posted under that original thread….
  18. Let him go off and fail. Scared to play here… good riddance.
  19. Let him sit on the bench and be worthless. Portal is a joke and honestly makes me care less about players we bring in as a well….
  20. I would upgrade facilities, staff, make it nice. Idk about the NIL. I don’t agree with it. I would be hard pressed to do it. It’s out of hand and wrong.
  21. Creepy old dudes living their fantasy’s through others by paying them off….
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