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  1. Guyton mom said he tore something. 😕
  2. Yeah I think only psychopaths post on those. Not the bigger donors or regular fans.
  3. I feel like it’s more coaching than QB play… however Seth is still middle of he pack. We want more and we should have it with what we are paying him, but I know it could be much worse. I am interested to see what happens next year.
  4. I was told we should not associate ourselves with schools like Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Appalachian state, Liberty university, UTSA etc….
  5. Only one was his fault but I can tell why players might not wana come here… y’all are always on the hunt for the negative. Sure there is some negatives and we have a lot of work, but Aune had a decent game. I wouldn’t want to play QB for the team with fans like you…
  6. Maybe but once it’s there the reviver needs to catch or get it down. He had other throws like that caught during the game. I am fine allowing Aune the season and then re-setting next year to start the American. As for coaches…. Idk
  7. If I remember correctly the first one was bobbled around and bounced to the Memphis player. If I am remembering that correctly it wasn’t on Aune.
  8. Honestly it wasn’t on the QB he has one bad interception. The other wasn’t his fault and neither was the bad snap. Those two don’t happen (which weren’t his fault) and we win.
  9. That “failure” had played professional sports and now has a D1 scholarship while completing degrees and has a wife and son. He is no failure.
  10. Does anyone know if Bennet is yelling at people again? I feel so sorry for these poor players they would have to be yelled at. I hope he didn’t make them cry. #firethemeanguy #yellingdoesntbelonginfootball
  11. It’s mean green Dan. Although you were there? Who were you with. Maybe only one person should have mean green in their name 🙃
  12. Also though I’m in the minority I am ok on holding of the fire Seth decision until we get behind in conference play. Techie can’t we can still win the conference and 8-10 games. Highly unlikely but until that’s more probable I am ok waiting. Say 3-4 more games to decide
  13. Were you at the bowl game? I feel confident haha but now your making me second guess but I could have sworn you posted here during that game and on Twitter and had a guy (maybe your dad) on your left. Y’all left the game early. I really really thought this was true. Again now having to go in my mind to figure it out but I may go to the bowl thread to refresh my memory of what I saw that day as I read it. Sorry but I will dig haha
  14. I could have sworn you had seats near the middle of the field 10ish rows back by the stairs with your dad on your left side.
  15. Hey we got 5-6 that pretty much never miss a game. Don’t count us out.
  16. We are getting beat by a team that has a touchdown slot machine…. 😒
  17. Aren’t you the guy that complained about the seats at the stadium the bowl was in…. Maybe you can find a new sport like golf where you don’t have to sit or worry about coaches 😉
  18. Seems they just wanted a reason to overturn the clear and called fumble…
  19. Agreed. It was called a fumble on the field and there is no way they had enough evidence to overturn! That needs to be lolled at and addressed ASAP.
  20. That ball was 100% out before he was down! Zero chance they even had video evidence for that. . Which the original call was fumble and no way they had enough to over turn it.
  21. Can’t play defensive in football anymore apparently….
  22. Yeah we have a new coach at my work who came from Tech. Somehow knew who Aune was. I am skeptical but he is very well know around the NCCA and coaches seem to like him. However; yes… a surprise.
  23. I did not know Aune was leaving us after this year to give the NFL a shot. Would be nice to have him back another year.
  24. Anybody else audio behind on the MWC app? I heard we got. Touchdown before he crossed our 40…
  25. Posting a public account to a public group… 🧐🤷🏼‍♂️ - granted I don’t use Twitter….
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