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  1. Go back to 64 teams…. Then only have the NIT and make it 64. That’s it. Winner of both get auto bids to the big dance next season. Final four in NIT get auto NIT bid. Make teams play in it.
  2. Ross has done an excellent job. I really wish he had convinced Scott and Jones to stay where they could start, compete and win. Trying to be Excited for the season but already dreading the end as it just isn’t what it use to be.
  3. I know quite a few people who have not renewed their season tickets. Including some who have emailed the AD to let them know the direction of college sports with the NIL and the portal as the reason. Many feel of the players aren’t loyal why should they be. Especially if they are going to be season ticket holders or donate 10k-50k to the university a year. Losing people who have supported programs for decades and apathetic college students isn’t good for the future.
  4. Put these guys around Jones and Scott who graduate and ride out together into the pros. That was the ending we needed. Still hard to get excited about any of this. Hopefully students show up as season ticket holders are sadly not coming back for sports. Probably the biggest drop off we have had in a while 😕
  5. Most people agree. It’s why people are letting go of season tickets and not giving to athletics. Not just at UNT but at many other universities. I wish this trend would continue to all schools and kill off the NIL!
  6. There is no way he opts to go there 🤣 Of all the players at least Scott and Jones stuck it out without leaving and I truly don’t mind one transfer. No way he choses a worse circumstance. Noland and Edwards already did that. Horrible choices. Jones at least stepped up.
  7. Simple. Bring back Scott…. To my knowledge he hasn’t committed anywhere. Would be better off staying here. Increase his odds of play time and winning.
  8. Maybe Noland, Edwards, and Allen. Buggs is easy. Scott and Jones. No.
  9. This is what it comes to…. College sports is the new AAU. Used and abused. I guess we have a season still….
  10. Nothing will change my mind. They rather be like Lebron than Jordan (granted I hate he went to the wizards) and Kobe. This generation always wants theirs. Selfish and yes run away until they find it. Can’t ever grow where they are planted. That’s a fact for many and evidence by college athletics.
  11. Players these days like to run away. Keeps Blake away. They aren’t mentality prepared to actually compete. It’s easier to run away and try to get cash than be the best player on the court. That’s this generation. Run away and hide behind others while trying to get petty cash where they can.
  12. My man must love losing and running away 🤣 what a jokester.
  13. What a chump. Go kick rocks and lose on another team. At this point we can boo these traitors and boo the new guys. College sports is simply pathetic. Our “new guys” are pulling the same crap. Shut it down. Nothing to cheer for anymore.
  14. I would like they stay where they started. One transfer and make that about one of 3 things. 1. Family 2. Competitive step up 3. location you get one move. Make it count. Better yet stay where you are. Maybe NILs need to be kept in accounts and only guaranteed if you stay in your original location. Paid out at the end unless you leave or go pro in which case that account is forfeited. There are many reasonable solutions. Instead it’s the Wild West. Anarchy…. It’s ridiculous .
  15. I thought I saw it was just long wood for three years. I stand corrected. Just another dude floating around never happy. These kids are going to struggle bouncing around out there in real life. 10 jobs 15 wife’s 20 countries…. I mean I guess whatever. That’s normal… just move move move move because it’s all about you all the time.
  16. ? I would like a 6’6” player like Jordan Williams who has more muscle. I don’t like transfers; however at least this is only his first. That’s why it’s tough but Jones and Scott could get a pass. Noland? Buggs? They are jokes. Bouncing around never happy. Don’t give me that ever. Sadly Walker did the same. That needs to end.
  17. Give me that Jordan Williams frame! Maybe with some extra muscle on top.
  18. To be fair he said without a HC change.
  19. We already have jobs. Don’t make that much but I would stoop to that just for extra cash. The people using these kids and whispering all that nonsense in their ears should be held accountable.
  20. Yes because like the NIL it’s not regulated. AAU ball is a joke…. Parents paying thousands to invest in their kids sports is a joke and pathetic. It should be a practice that’s ended. 20-30 years ago this wasn’t the case yet we still have plenty of athletes at the college and professional levels. The people at the top simply take advantage at the AAU level.
  21. Because I would want to loyal and rely on myself and my team. I would want to prove people wrong. I would t want to be a coward hiding behind money and others. But I guess college athletics isn’t about competition anymore…..
  22. Perhaps the most pathetic statement of the last 5-6 years….
  23. Probably why he is the most hated maverick of all time 🤔
  24. Well somebody can fix those courts…. 😏🤣 I am curious how much those backdoor payments were for them 🤣
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