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  1. Once they added the first person that wasn’t a UNT grad interest was lost. I will probably end up watching still because I have watched it in the past (usually since other UNT alum were on a team). It just means I won’t be out there cheering for this put together team like I would have…
  2. Could care less now… there have already been teams with 2-3 UNT guys on them. This isn’t any different now….
  3. Bouncing around overseas/down south. Lot of these guys play in 1-3 leagues to make a living.
  4. Lol I meant Roosevelt smart, but had just been on a different sports page lol. Armani would play I know. Chris might consider if Jordan and Tony play. He didn’t hate UNT. He is just the guy that butted heads with Benford.
  5. Chris Jones, Tony Mitchell, Armani Flash, Javion Hamlet, and Marcus Smart. We set.
  6. They should have an open try out spot for a member of the boards! Let’s get that going!
  7. Yes and yes…. Didnt see this till after I replied.
  8. 🧐 I am married to my first wife with whom I made a commitment at the alter and I still work in the same building that I signed an actual work contract with benefits etc… yes. Maybe I will change jobs but I felt guilty for looking once. Don’t want them to leave them hanging.
  9. Yeah no…. It’s called not being loyal and able to play with the cards your dealt. All these kids transferring around without being able to grow where they were are going to have a hard time in life with a job or family or anything else that requires commitment.
  10. Ironically the other OU player who already left Harmon has now transferred to Tech… I don’t understand how you can now transfer multiple times without sitting out. This whole thing is out of hand….
  11. Yeah. He looked tall every time he was at the back of the huddlE during timeouts.
  12. Perry should remain off the bench I think and if Scott doesn’t start then I’m not sure what we do because he would potentially choose to move on. He is a stud with huge potential.
  13. Morgan should be taller than 6’8. He looked to be the tallest player on the team at every game and I thought they had Wright and Abou listed at taller than 6’8….
  14. Choosing a school that is about to have the hammer brought down on them…. It’s a bold move…..
  15. I said he is going to ride the bench at most of those places posted. Yes I said that. He very well may come off the bench. Not sure where I said he wouldn’t contribute; although he left UNT so if he doesn’t that’s fine. I don’t believe it’s hard to understand. He was successful here and helped us to potentially the best season we have ever had. Now it looks like he is leaving. There isn’t any interest in what he does now. He can start or sit on the bench. It doesn’t affect anyone here because we are fans of North Texas. Hopefully we can find our next McBride who stays and had a long and successful career here.
  16. I’m not sure I considered it rooting against him though I suppose it can be taken that way. Not rooting for him is like rooting against him. I would prefer he doesn’t have the success he had here and the team he chooses doesn’t go dancing (especially over UNT). I don’t tell anyone. Though I hope people hold doors for others. 🙂
  17. Exactly…. And now he wants to leave. Just like Reese. No need to cheer for him or any success. He quit on the team. He can ride the bench. Y’all act like I’m one of those people wishing guys that are disloyal get injured. There are plenty of people out there wishing that. That’s not me, but I also don’t have to cheer him on or wish him success. Jordan Williams stayed Loyal, Josh White stayed loyal, Chris Davis stayed loyal. Plenty of players worth cheering once they move on. No issue with Zach or Javion taking a chance at the next level. Just like Tony Mitchel. I can cheer on guys who were cut by the coach (which I don’t agree with as well). See Jackson. Only player I have ever been up in the air with was Chris Jones because I know he and Benford had some issue and they did try to work it out but it wasn’t happening on either end. Again (since clearly a few people had a issue reading my comment). I don’t have to cheer on McrBride. I have no reason to root for him to start or see the post season again. He isn’t on my team. I am a UNT fan. Not a player fan. I love this game and I love my university.
  18. Isn’t it just the 13 then usually 3 walk ons. I figure there isn’t a limit with it being so low already. I assume all 13 can be signed in the same year.
  19. Perhaps your miss reading the room here… nobody in Cleveland cared what he did when he left. They cursed him and burned his jersey. Now obviously when he returned he attempted and succeeded in setting things straight by winning a championship with them. Either way once he left he was dead to them. People wanted him to tear his ACL and end his career. Nobody is going to go that far here but I like careless what McBride does if he leaves. He can go ride the bench on a losing team. No interesting in applauding anyone for turning their back on a team that gave them success. This is extremely common. Again this is gomeangreen…. I don’t see a single players name up there.
  20. I would reference when athletes leave their respective teams for “greener pastures”. Simply see Lebron leaving Cleveland.
  21. I guess I forgot this this was go(fill in ex player here).com and not gomeangreen.com. Guess I was on the wrong website… 🙃
  22. Going to ride the bench at most of those…. But ok…. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  23. Get Jordan Williams to recruit him.
  24. Seems like a Bell replacement but wonder if he can play the 3. If not it makes the post interesting with Abou, Scott, Chris, and him in now Martinez in there. Going to have to look him up to see if he is more of a wing I guess but looks like he has great size. Maybe he can play with both Scott and Abou.
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