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  1. Yes MWC is better than CUSA. In MWC's current makeup we are not a fit.
  2. I don't think he is on the field. Just saying his recovery is on schedule.
  3. Anyone want to go in with me to put money on Yale? Guaranteed cash.
  4. They are a legit baskeball league but not P6.
  5. AAC championship with 2 ranked teams and the stadium is not half full.
  6. Football is not like other sports. Basketball and baseball the more you play the better you can improve your skills or work on that one thing that is keeping you from the top level. Every year a football player gets older his value to a team goes down. Why pay to have your incoming products to be damaged goods?
  7. NIT won't invite us and don't waste money on CBI.
  8. A small white guy sending up airballs
  9. The NFL already has AAA and it's called college football.
  10. Teams with decades of continued success while we are just trying to get a couple of years together.
  11. Ding ding ding. Our best 2 players carried us and Miller won some games for us. Our 2 best players are injured and Miller is not a weapon to lean on. We can all agree Coach manufactured 2 20 win season and does not deserve an extension yet. But we have to admit we have improved as a program.
  12. More like envious. That's what 50 plus years of continued success brings. I sat in the middle of red last night and their average age of fan was 60+.
  13. I don't understand the schedule complaining. I would much rather play a weak schedule and win some games. Look no further than MidTenn who had a brutal schedule and lost a lot of games. Their schedule didn't get them ready for conference because they still lost. Duke with a team full of all Americans lost their best player and looked like a shell of themselves. Wooly has one good leg and Duffy has 2 bad hips. If you watched all year or in tbe CBI those 2 guys make our offense go. Gibson, Smart, and Smart are not good at creating offense. Every basketball team from AAU to NBA says we need to get bigger, better, and add more depth. So sayin we need to doesn't make you some basketball genius.
  14. Is the whole schedule moved up a hour?
  15. Sorry admins LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!!!
  16. If sophomore Roosevelt Smart shows up we will win. If Junior Roosevelt Smart shows up we lose by 20.
  17. God old people should not have access to gifs
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