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  1. Honest question here. Should he change careers or just retire? No second chances in life?
  2. I hope you enjoy ESPN+ like the rest of the G5. The quality is pretty good.
  3. So you know UofH is playing at Apogee this year. You said we don't have a home game against power conference. Houston is in AAC. You just admitted AAC is not a power conference. Thank you for your honesty!
  4. When I look back at that game I remember the statue, the uniforms, the atmosphere, the close game, and last the kick in the nuts. It was a great day. Days like Rice second butthole ripper, the double FAU pool party, and recent bowl games I wish I could erase.
  5. We are talking about FAU. They don't have to stoop because they are already there. We were talking about conference USA doing something to stop this. I don't want UNT taking these guys but I don't care if other schools do.
  6. No. But is Baylor still a full member of the Big12?
  7. I support CUSA but I ain't watching Rice vs UTEP, CHARLOTE vs ODU, FAU VS FIU. Actually there are a lot of matchups I wouldn't watch. Now imagine a casual sports fan. 10 is enough.
  8. The PAC 12 had a child molester pitching. The BIG 10 has multiple sex offender cover ups. The BIG12 has rapist U. The SEC at one point said they would never let blacks play. The ACC player of the year who won the national champion was a rapist. If you have a problem with CUSA allowing a player in with a bad history then you have a problem with college football.
  9. Solid? God we are getting spoiled.
  10. Even if he got some amazing high school talent they can just transfer anyway. Get whoever can help you win now.
  11. Penny was a sports Icon and is Icon on the AAU circuit.
  12. So we can't win head to head battles very often?
  13. 1. Woody Wilson 2. Casey Fitzgerald 3. Craig Robertson 4. Mason Fine 5. Jamario Thomas 6. Brelan Chancellor 7. Zach Orr 8. Patrick Cobbs 9. Johnny Quinn 10. Andrew Mcnulty- He was so bad that the UNT football program top to bottom was changed.
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