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  1. 🤣 "We've done things right and we've always done things right!" Joke of the day!
  2. cough, cough, cough, bullshit! cough!
  3. IDK? I deal with what is! Right now, he's coming to NT. If he leaves in a year or 3, then as I posted earlier, "Bye Felicia". However, we've had plenty of great RBs stay and finish at NT over the years (Cobbs, Thomas, Wilson, Dunbar, etc).
  4. Farrar can play! He fits the NT RB mode over the past 20 years... speed, not tall but good size!
  5. They played last night like they were trying to get the bad taste of Buffalo out of their mouths!
  6. Glad no one got hurt on the floor yesterday! That was a mess!
  7. This sucks! He was there during my playing days. I always enjoyed our conversations. RIH!
  8. Good complete game. I was really happy to see us attack the paint and not sit at the 3pt line and throw up last second shots!
  9. Not one stop the entire second half! They had 5 possessions and scored 5 TDs. A 99 yd drive a 75 yard drive and the length of the field in under a minute!
  10. Should be fired before he gets on the bus headed to the airport!
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