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  1. Glad no one got hurt on the floor yesterday! That was a mess!
  2. This sucks! He was there during my playing days. I always enjoyed our conversations. RIH!
  3. Good complete game. I was really happy to see us attack the paint and not sit at the 3pt line and throw up last second shots!
  4. Not one stop the entire second half! They had 5 possessions and scored 5 TDs. A 99 yd drive a 75 yard drive and the length of the field in under a minute!
  5. Should be fired before he gets on the bus headed to the airport!
  6. Yep, OU diehards will tell you this is what been killing their D the past few years. They don't have those DTs like they use to.
  7. Thought this same thing as we lose in basketball in front of our 4th largest crowd ever!
  8. The box score from this game will make you throw up! 1 for 6 from FT! WE SHOT 6 FTs total for the night! We had 4 more turnovers than FT attempts! https://meangreensports.com/boxscore.aspx?path=mbball&id=3967
  9. There will be a group of Lettermen going to the Katy Trail Ice House in Plano (off Park) to watch as well (if you're in Plano, Carrollton, etc.).
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