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  1. GMoney

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    There will be a group of Lettermen going to the Katy Trail Ice House in Plano (off Park) to watch as well (if you're in Plano, Carrollton, etc.).
  2. I think this decision would come down to wife and kids. Not sure how many or how often you want to up and move your family. The money choice is between good and great, but constantly leaving and moving your family can be tough on them.
  3. Appropriate end to game - our OL chasing, their DL, chasing our QB running for his life.
  4. Yeah most of that was aimed at Oline tonight.
  5. Really disappointing 2nd half! Pathetic actually.
  6. Plenty of time but the online needs to step it up now.
  7. This is total BS! This is because North Texas did it against Arkansas and not Arkansas doing it against North Texas! I was a punt returner for 4 years and you take the risk every time you don't fair catch a ball. You've got grown men running 40 yard dashes, coming from every angle, looking for kill shots. You accept the risk as did Brewer on the trick play. If they are REALLY worried about safety then put the 2 yard halo rule back into the rule book.
  8. GMoney

    Kiffin signs 10 year extension

    Means nothing other than a bigger buyout. If a big school wants him, and he wants to leave, then he's gone.
  9. GMoney

    San Diego (12/16/17)

    I love listening to basketball play by play on the radio. Whoever subbed for Dave and Hank (may have been SD feed) was pretty good. Speaking of that, the lady's play by play announcer is really good too. Smart was on fire! This team will get better! Also, this is the first team/coach I've seen actually playing defense, not just giving lip service to it, in a long time.
  10. I'm sorry, but NT really needs to upgrade it's hat game!
  11. GMoney

    Out coached

    FAU is just better than us especially upfront. Their QB had clean pockets most of the day. They ran when they needed to and we could not get pressure. As for being out coached, I've never been sold on our defense even during the winning streak. We have to blitz to get pressure and FAU has the athletes to punish you when we do. Not a good matchup for us. Still a great season, but defensively we have some things to address in the offseason to keep this thing rolling.
  12. Worry about it, if and/or when, it happens. These kids (and fans) should get to enjoy the season without hearing every three days they're going to lose their coach. Write the tougher story about reasons he may stay and continue to be a part of what he's building in Denton.
  13. GMoney

    One more thing

    The Tulane coach is a heck of a coach. He ran the Georgia Southern option attack for years. He was rumored to be in the hunt for the NT job. He definitely runs a style to get more with less (sorta like Army).
  14. Damn, I was hoping we wouldn't do the obvious.