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***Official Southern MIss vs. UNT In-Game Discussion***

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Don't be "that" guy ... Regardless if you are hating him as a coach, he's still a human being. He doesn't need to be shamed within his own stadium with you clearly going out of your way to do so.

So sad tonight to go looking at the current standings to se our beloved UNT alone in last place in the worst division in the worst conference in FBS.  Saw some poor decision making and some poor play

Fitting that SL pushed Walden away like a lap dog... What Walden has... Fire, energy, passion, joy, etc etc. SL has none. And it shows. 

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5 minutes ago, MeanGreen01 said:

Wish they just looked excited to play, Littrell is to blame... this is his team. Last couple of years they look as though they don’t care if they win or lose. 

Probably because they shouldn’t be in D1 to begin with. 

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Wasn't able to attend the game today, but I didn't know the interim USM coach, Scotty, "begged" for a job at North Texas 4 years ago from what the TV announcers just said. Interesting. Bet he will be pretty happy with a W tonight ...

Additional: He is the type of 'hype' that our team needs. We. Look. Dead. We take momentum from great plays and shoot ourselves in the foot. But overall, we look like we have absolutely no discipline and seem to be lacking crucial leadership. 

Additional x2: I have absolutely loved Torrey and JD from the beginning. I have regularly heard their names since the beginning. They have continued to be fun to watch. I get sad thinking they are finally seniors, but I cannot imagine how frustrated they feel this season so far. I hope they get the chance to be a part of turning their season around. 

I'm not sure what is going on this year, but at some point we have got to figure out how to adjust. All around.

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Couldn’t agree more. We have talented players. Great coaches get their players to play beyond even what they think they can do. Always believe they are in the game, have a fire about them. 
i just don’t see it with Littrell, always has a political BS response. “Make mistakes and you’re gonna get beat in a very good conference like confusa.”  Sorry coach, but we aren’t competing for championships every year. 

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24 minutes ago, NorthTexan95 said:

What's weird is the better Littrell's recruiting classes, the worst the on field performance. 

The most experienced guys from those recruiting classes are true sophomores, so I would put the blame more on the upperclassmen than them. 

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Watching USM go on a 12 play 75 yard drive that took 7 minutes off the clock made me long for the Dickey/McCarney days. If you can grind out first downs and play good defense you can win a lot of ball games. If you throw a lot of passes and get a lot of three and outs, you can be Mike Leach.

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1 minute ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

So I’m thinking of bringing some signs next week that may or may not say “Fire Littrell”

Even though I am as disgusted as you are. This is a f’d up year. We were without 4 starters, including our top running back, and we lost our top receiver early in the game. This year is just going to about playing for next year and getting Aune or Bean ready to lead next year. Covid screwed this season in so many ways that it would be premature to fire any coach no matter how bad they are this season.

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