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  1. When the firing threads take over your whole screen
  2. I think all of this was said last year too. Then we won 5 straight and somehow the need to get rid of him subsided (not necessarily by the fan base). He rode out his mediocrity last year and the year before. There should have been some movement with this in the off-season regardless. No one wants another mediocre season, repeating the same concerns about our head coach all over again. It’s exhausting not seeing change.
  3. I’d like to think they listen to their fan base when it comes to head coach recommendations/ideas, but I was simply stating that at the end of the day, who we want as a head coach wouldn’t be their top priority and they should already have their “hit list” of who they would want to target. Maybe I’m wrong. But I absolutely agree they need to listen to their fanbase. I share the same sentiments in the amount of time it took to get into the lot today - we experienced it too.
  4. Naming replacement head coaches anywhere in this forum does nothing essentially. That’s not our job and do we really think OUR coaching recommendations would be considered when that time comes to replace SL?
  5. 😩 This does NOT help with the flow of traffic, especially today. They should consider maxing out the amount of game day passes they’re allowing at the gate, in accordance with how many passes they sold online already if they’re going to keep doing this. I don’t know any other solution except to keep track of all the passes they’re selling, which should already be done.
  6. This would not fly with me. We waited in the blue parking line for probably 30 minutes, but I would’ve been pissed had we gotten there and been turned away. We always pre-purchase our blue lot passes. Are they letting people purchase blue lot passes at the game upon arrival? I thought they stopped doing this at one point, but maybe not. That’s not really logical, especially for people who purchase parking ahead of time. I have my pass, so I shouldn’t be turned away. Unless they oversold this lot with people who bought in advance? Which I feel like has never happened.
  7. Ugh - I mean, I'm thankful for a bowl in the area, but if you've ever been to a football game at The Star/Ford Center (some high school teams get to play there in-season), it always feels a lot smaller than it is. I don't mind that venue for basketball games like the conference tournament, but it's not my favorite for football games. Tickets will probably go quick for that one if NT ends up playing there - and should be a sold out game.
  8. My Twitter findings when searching if Jeff Traylor is going anywhere, happened to find this. Regardless of our rivalry with UTSA and the ‘hate’ between our 2 schools, I find Lovelace’s comments in response to this UTSA account to be a bit much; specifically the immigrants comment. Not a good look coming from a man with the last name of supposedly some of the top donors of the UNT athletics program …
  9. But for real - what do you know that we don't? 😊 Spill the tea ...
  10. I don’t see any sort of message getting through to Seth’s team. The amount of penalties we have some games is disastrous - Take Liberty for example. I was going to walk down to the bleachers and rip those players a new one if they got one more freaking sideline penalty. SIDELINE penalty. Never in my life have I seen 3+ sideline penalties in one game. This was kind of the icing on the cake for me with their penalties - they are just really undisciplined. All of their penalties each game should be eye-opening ... They seem to be ongoing and do not get fixed. They have looked this way for at least the past 2 seasons as well. I would love to see some kind of fire lit under their asses at some point that stays lit. 🤞🏼Unfortunately, I just think most on this forum have been saying for a few years now that they feel Seth has lost his team - I tend to agree, but I hope I’m proved wrong.
  11. I wanted him to work out too. My dad (also an Alumni) and I talk often about meeting SL a few years back at the preseason season ticket holder event and ever since then, we had felt like he could be the coach to turn the program around and be one to stay at this university for many years to come for a change. I think our university truly needs that - and not just a coach who will use our program as a stepping stone to a “higher” position. I wanted Seth’s coaching skills to match his personal, family side. As someone already said, his players graduate, he seems to focus on his players’ success, and he builds a family kind of environment (from my perspective). There has just clearly been some kind of disconnect the last 2-3 seasons now. I can’t help but relate it to the K-State debacle, but who knows what his shift has been. His coaching style seems much different now and it’s hard to see that same passion he once had - from a fan’s point of view. Our priorities should always lie with our university and doing what’s best for the program - unfortunately, this is just part of the “business” side of things. I so wish him well and for him to find success elsewhere - it’s just clear we need a change. I feel your post though - I wanted it to work out too!
  12. Ah, I see. I figured as much, but wasn't completely sure. Thanks! (Also not sure how my damn question even got downvoted, but comes with the territory I suppose. 😉)
  13. This may have already been asked and answered (and I did not go through all 10 pages of this thread thus far), but would this just be football going to the AAC conference or all sports? I'm not familiar with how all of that works ...
  14. All I know is I really enjoy seeing an unhappy Sonny. Penalties are costing us. I got tired of our punts last season - can’t even watch those this year. Defense is making plays but this offense is making too many bad plays that outweigh the good ones. Come on boys …
  15. I just wanted to post some of the goods we saw at Rally House in Frisco over the weekend - They seemed to have a LOT more stuff than I remember at that location. We LOVED the Red, White, & Blue North Texas shirt and both got one! Kyle also snagged a super lightweight, comfy, light grey Nike Dri-Fit (The Nike Tee version - not form-fitting) that looks really sharp in person. Of course we got a decal and koozie. I included links for the items we bought in store that are worth buying: Light Grey Nike Dri-Fit Tee: https://www.rallyhouse.com/Nike-North-Texas-Mean-Green-White-Sideline-Velocity-Legend-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-19861879 Grey/RWB Nike Tee: https://www.rallyhouse.com/Nike-North-Texas-Mean-Green-Grey-Americana-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-19861122?location=&quantity=1&custcol1=272 Flying Worm Decal: https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-4x4-Inch-Auto-Decal-Green-57103254?location=&quantity=1&custcol_accessories_sizes=324 Flying Worm Koozie: https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-Vintage-Coolie-57103248?location=&quantity=1&custcol_accessories_sizes=324 Vintage Green Flying Worm Tee (I ordered this online since they didn't have my size in store; not sure if this is new or not, but a pretty color - good option for your ladies!): https://www.rallyhouse.com/North-Texas-Mean-Green-Green-Vintage-Worm-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt-57102256?location=&quantity=1&custcol1=276 Happy shopping! ☺️
  16. Circling back to this post as I’m moseying my way through recent forum topics catching up ... I found it interesting when seeing all of the Twitter announcements of players going to the transfer portal ... So many of them specifically thanked the S&C Program/Womack (some didn’t even include Littrell in their “thanks and see ya” posts, but I guess that might be expected if they weren’t happy). I don’t know why, but the ongoing direct thanks to the S&C Program just caught my attention. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  17. Can’t really say I’m sad about this one after the way he left NT with his attitude towards the program and his teammates his last season. I truly enjoyed watching him play, but character speaks louder than play-making in my opinion. Any athlete should know that.
  18. I have a good friend on staff at UMHB in Athletics (she’s a NT Alumni as well!) - and she is dreading the spring season. She doesn’t know how they’ll get through all of the shuffling around they’ve had to do; including conflicts with other spring sports too. It doesn’t sound like the players are super excited about it either, but obviously they’ll still get to play, so that’s the plus. She says it’s just chaotic. 😅 Also - I think ACU is in an interesting situation. I know someone on staff there as well and he said they were playing some of their games in the fall (I think they were traveling to Army, played UTEP, and a couple others) and are playing some in the spring due to some of these conferences being switched to the spring now. I can’t even imagine the work that goes into all of that, not to mention a really long season for those players. We’ll see if it still plays out that way. After speaking with both of them, it doesn’t seem like a spring season would stick around for good or be beneficial in general for these conferences. It just doesn’t make sense to keep it this way in my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  19. I’ll publicly disagree with you. 😂👏🏼 I hate(d) practically everything about it. 😫
  20. As a systems administrator, I love me a good Internet Exploder joke. Touché.
  21. Is it just me or does Bean have some really ugly throws? 🤨
  22. Agreed Matt. I don't know why we haven't figured this out by now at this point in the season. I will just never understand. Play those who can contribute and make plays ... otherwise pull them. This may prove to them that there can be consequences - with someone else playing instead of them. Just sounds like being disciplined to me ... Sounds like sports to me.
  23. He especially shouldn't need to read an article to know this ... considering that Seth and Sonny are close friends too.
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