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  1. I would suggest you do something worthwhile with your time. This is not it !!!!!
  3. I agree 100%. We are fortunate that we had someone in charge that would not take NO for an answer or we would not have this Stadium today!!!!
  4. Can understand this if it is strictly a personal budget decision, but if not the Athletic Department and entire program depends on season ticket sales for long term stability. Would hope everyone would buy and keep season tickets. We need long term fans even in bad years.
  5. dan@cdsresources.com - 214-244-6316 - C Dan Smith - just in case you would like to discuss further!!!
  6. Well one more time you made a mistake. No Not RV, just someone that knows a little more about the facts than you do. Our programs are in great shape. Why don't we just leave it at that.
  7. I agree the overall state of the program is doing well and it is in the best shape it has been in for many years. That being said, your first statement about RV being cut out of the hiring process is incorrect. He was involved from beginning to end!!!
  8. I thought RV was gone from the Athletic Department but for some reason some people cannot seem to understand that fact. We keep bringing his name up for some unknown reason and it serves no purpose other than revisiting history which is over and done. Also these statements are always negative toward RV. Never any positive things that RV accomplished such as, getting the Mean Green Village concept going, getting the original Athletic Building constructed, getting the current Women's softball field completed, plus getting Apogee constructed just to name a few. All this was accomplished with very little Financial Help from the University other than the Athletic Fee which he helped to get passed along with some great student help. He had to fight for every dollar he was able to get, and pushed the Administration for help at every step. He helped us to build the foundation for where we are today. Let us remember these good things and thank him for his effort and be thankful for the good things and be glad he is still Mean Green through and through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree or disagree with this facts, but these are the facts.
  9. This is great news and things at Athletics are going great in many areas. Not sure however why we can't let RV stay out of these conversations. He did many good things over his time at UNT and some that some disagreed with. That being said there is no need to continue to bash someone over disagreements we had in the past. RV moved on but is still active and supporting and a real fan of UNT. Move on Guys!!!!!
  10. Great for Sebastian and also Carlos Ortiz came in at -3 and made the cut!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. MeanGreenTexan your facts are absolutely correct but it seems some that do not know the facts only speak from rumors.
  12. Perhaps the banner made some on this board feel really good. The truth is it had nothing to do with change of leadership in the athletic department so don't try to take credit for a non event!!! That was not a good time for the University and it is probably time for ALL of us to move on to a positive future and be thankful for the good things that have happened over the years. PLEASE !!!
  13. You know that is all BS, stated as fact. Would be nice to stay on current events since we have a lot to be proud of.
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