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  1. Yes Craig would be great, however, Hank and Dave work really good together and Hank has so much knowledge about the history of NT sports I think it would be a mistake for him not to be in the booth. Lets keep a good thing going!!!!!!
  2. You are incorrect. The collective is loooking for ALL donors!! $25 or 1,000 on an annual basis. Need all the help available no matter the amount.
  3. As usual false statements. North Texas did not hire RV. He is working as a volunteer like all the others are. Yes he did raise a lot of money for the Stadium plus the other facilities. Try to get your facts straight if you must try to degrade someone!!!
  4. Good fact check and I agree 100%.
  5. I assume you know this as fact???? I think you are wrong in your statement. Just another false statement that comes out from time to time. Todd Dodge is a wonderful person and has been a role model to thousands of young men not only in football but also in life after football. Yes he made a mistake by bringing his High School Coaches with him, but that was his decision ALONE.
  6. No not new, just concerned when i see a statement like yours, not fact based, and leaves the reader with false impressions of a person. However we all have freedom of speech!! Lets Beat UTSA Saturday.
  7. Not sure where your Historical perspective comes from, but it is apparent your inside knowledge must come from "hear say" and not direct knowledge!!!!
  8. I have a complete History Of SPIRIKI, where it came from, who was responsibile for it being at Apogee, where the money came from etc. if you will send me your email I will get all that information to you and then I think you will understand why Spiriki is so important to UNT Athletics and to the GEEZLE Fraternity. C. Dan Smith - dan@cdsresources.com
  9. I would suggest you do something worthwhile with your time. This is not it !!!!!
  11. I agree 100%. We are fortunate that we had someone in charge that would not take NO for an answer or we would not have this Stadium today!!!!
  12. Can understand this if it is strictly a personal budget decision, but if not the Athletic Department and entire program depends on season ticket sales for long term stability. Would hope everyone would buy and keep season tickets. We need long term fans even in bad years.
  13. dan@cdsresources.com - 214-244-6316 - C Dan Smith - just in case you would like to discuss further!!!
  14. Well one more time you made a mistake. No Not RV, just someone that knows a little more about the facts than you do. Our programs are in great shape. Why don't we just leave it at that.
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