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  1. OT, but no Bell. This will be tough.
  2. Can't wait forever to put Bell in. And can anyone other than McBride TRY to play aggressive offense?
  3. Beautiful ending to a less than beautiful game! Tylor Perry is a dead eye shooter!
  4. Agreed. But Hamlet was a better point guard in terms of distributing the ball. After watching Hamlet and Woolridge the past four years, I wish we had someone who could/would drive the lane more often.
  5. This is working for me!
  6. @ADLER makes a good point about the darkness. I haven't been to a game at the Super Pit since '19, but the last one I went to I noticed how dark it was outside. I was hoping that when they updated the exterior that they might install some additional lighting as well. Another thing that would help is to trim or cut down some of the trees surrounding the building. I know trees on a college campus are usually a plus, but when you can't see the entrances for the trees, it's time for a trim. I don't think it could be done for $5 million, but it would be cool if the DCTA A-Train went up to the campus instead of downtown Denton. Imagine if the train stopped at the parking lot just west of the Super Pit! That would help some of us who live in the Dallas area, but just don't want to mess with the drive up I-35.
  7. My own preferences: White for home. Green for road. Black is okay for the occasional road game. Grey looks...bland.
  8. What is Shorter's injury this year? I know he missed much of last year with a leg injury, but I've never read anywhere that said what this year's injury is.
  9. We are in dire need of a QB, but also someone who can coach a QB and a passing game.
  10. Have you seen the box score from Liberty's loss to ULM? Willis threw three interceptions, and they lost to UL-Monroe! This game isn't even their worst of the year.
  11. I hate going for 2 unless the game is in the 4th quarter. Seems to come back and bite teams too much.
  12. Okay I just tuned into the game and see North Texas actually leading 14-7 in the first half?! I'm confused.
  13. Our defense is starting to remind me of last year's game against App St.
  14. Anyone else notice the stats site at MeanGreenStats.com is stuck? Someone reboot the server!
  15. I don't believe the sight line issues thing. I'd have to see that myself. I've never sat at the very tip top of the building before, but I've sat in the upper level, and I don't see a problem. As for costs, I'm sure Wren would prefer a new facility. Most executive managers like tearing down the previous guy's stuff and "putting his stamp on the place" with "new and improved" stuff. It looks good on their resume.
  16. Wasn't the lighting improved recently? If not, that's a really, really easy thing to fix in a building like this. Seating can also be changed out, as we've seen before. I went to a couple of games two years ago and sat about 4-5 rows up from the floor, and I don't recall feeling any more cramped than I do at most stadiums, and I'm a pretty portly guy. (You want skinny seats? Upper deck in the The Ballpark in Arlington/Globe Life Park. They're 2-3 inches skinnier than lower deck.) As for how the Super Pit looks on the outside, the recent change from the old brown wood up around the top part to the silver shiny stuff looks better, IMO, but it could still be better. I always liked the SP because it kind of reminded me of old Reunion Arena in Dallas. Both were flat on top, with a large square or rectangular "lid" that extends out over the side. Too bad they didn't copy RA more and use a dark glassy finish around the top and then add some green (or multicolor) LED lighting around the periphery of the top to light up on game days. Some other easy improvements. They need better exterior lighting for walking across NT Blvd to the parking lots. Last game I went to I noticed the large mast lights were mostly out. They should cut back the trees around the SP so they don't look so old and block the view. They could also reroute or submerge the power/phone lines along Ave. D just east of the SP. Those old wooden telephone poles and sagging lines don't exactly scream "modern" to anyone. Oh, and lastly, paint the damn top of the roof. Put a bit green "UNT" or SoW on it so when people are looking at Denton in Google Maps or Google Earth, they see it!
  17. Can someone please enumerate what exactly is so bad about the SuperPit as it currently exists? I'll grant you that it has a larger seating capacity than is needed for basketball only, but there are cheaper and more efficient ways of dealing with that than building a new facility. Other than the lack of luxury suites or boxes, I don't see the big deficiencies. And really, how much more $$ would luxury suites bring in anyway?
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