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  1. Here's a more active fan board for Western that has some... interesting ... takes https://247sports.com/college/western-kentucky/board/104580/Contents/wku-vs-north-texas-efficiency-breakdown-180737998/?page=1
  2. Honestly, I'd rather put more of my focus on winning programs like men's basketball with a GOOD coach in Grant McCasland. This is just pathetic from the staff and the fact we have no updates or anything is insane. #basketballschool
  3. I also noticed that. Of course I want to win the division, but a 3 seed in the west is so much easier path to a championship. Basically the same as last year, unless we draw UAB which is something I don’t want until the championship or not at all.
  4. I’ve already rewatched Last night, time to do it again…
  5. I’m just throwing stuff out, not anything to confirm what I’m saying, but I found it weird they changed it. Maybe it was a Johnny Jones/Benford thing and Mac wanted something to change? Not sure, but I couldn’t give a crap about what the name is, as long as we are getting good attendance it doesn’t matter. Bring your friends, their friends, etc. The Charlotte game is on ESPNU (semi national TV) so it needs to look full!!
  6. I have a slight feeling Oregon has something to do with the name change. Their student section is named “Pit Crew” Thats my conspiracy though
  7. Winning on the road always feels good, but winning in Diddle feels fantastic and something that I haven’t felt in a while!! Great win and Bell looks like an All CUSA player.
  8. See we do shoot free throws, but DAMN we aren’t good at it. This reminds me of 2018-19 with Ryan getting fouled 10 times a game and making 4-10 That's why we lost the UAB game
  9. Western has absolutely no depth whatsoever, but it’s in Diddle so it’ll be rough.
  10. Yeah that isn’t allowed on here. And even if it was true, it’s not allowed
  11. They had other colors but it was “trucker” style as well. It’s good and comfortable. The lack of style and inventory of North Texas gear is so awful in general. I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but many people complain and NT does absolutely nothing. The fact they blocked Homefield from throwback/vintage apparel from being sold is ridiculous. It’s quite embarrassing
  12. I wish we would’ve had that Smart the last 2 years of him being here. Dude was unstoppable, mainly in the tournament. Pulling up from almost anywhere and nailing it. The first 3 minutes of that game were so loud, everyone standing. I remember the last 8 minutes or so of the game, they encouraged everyone to stand the rest of the game, and I would say 90% did. Hoping that comes back one day…
  13. Marshall has dropped their last 5 with 2 lopsided CUSA losses to La Tech and FAU (???) Very inconsistent as a team, but horrible on defense. Forcing them to take a lot of shots, as they can be wild from 3, should help us down the stretch of the game. Im intrigued if we can hit over 70, it would be a good thing before we head to Diddle on Saturday.
  14. Western Kentucky for the CUSA championship was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to, minus the 2010 Rangers ALCS win. The craziest, heart stopping, incredible basketball game I’ve ever witnessed. I unfortunately missed the Purdue game, but went to the Nova game on that Sunday and it was unreal. It was sad to lose, but if we could get back to the tournament again but with fans, that would be even better. Also that CBI win was pretty awesome against USF. And yeah I know mine are more recent haha
  15. My pinned tweet on Twitter has this, it’s something every recruit and fan should see.
  16. A lot of students, who I’ve recently interacted with on Twitter, are still blaming COVID and how it’s “too dangerous” and living in fear. Luckily they would never step foot into the Pit unless they are graduating because they hate sports, but it’s a general thought here. That’s how bad they are, for the most part.
  17. I feel like we see a very angry and determined North Texas team. Hopefully a blowout, and something to get us ready for the Marshall/Western road trip next weekend.
  18. He built a legacy in year 1. That team was shredded from Benford and his actions, but they went through a tough schedule and hosted/won a CBI championship on national TV. See with McCasland, he knows how to develop players and get his teams ready from the summer to non conference to conference play. He can develop the Juco recruits into stars, and he got North Texas into the national media for doing something NO NORTH TEXAS PROGRAM HAS DONE.
  19. Should we rush the tower if we win? I think so Line has moved to -3 favorite for UNT, which is also shocking. Hopefully Vegas knows something.
  20. I think football should be the 2nd priority here at North Texas, considering McCasland accomplished more in his first year than Litttell in 6.
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