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  1. Yahoo sports just changed theirs to NOLA vs Southern Miss… weird
  2. Really? Omg this is the most ridiculous thread of all time. I don’t even have enough energy to riddle off an essay on how terrible of a take this is. I guess you can’t make everyone happy
  3. Sure but the mindset is so twisted when this is an opportunity for UNT to actually win a championship under the coach we want fired.
  4. It’s so hard to actually project and accurately nail the bowl projections, but hasn’t it been the past 7 years that the runner up of the championship plays in NOLA? I bet it probably changed, but I’d assume it switched to NM?
  5. New Mexico would prevent because it’s a terrible drive. I don’t want local, NOLA is more fun and if we can win on Friday, I bet we have a good showing for that bowl. Even if it’s a Wednesday, this could be the most important and significant bowl UNT has had in a while.
  6. I agree we are literally in a championship and the threads about firing/Littrell leaving is asinine.
  7. I’m bringing 2, in 135 row 17. Went through UTSA for better views. who else will join? Would love to see a few thousand, although that seems less likely…
  8. Get off the forum Henry, I already muted you on Twitter but I can’t on here…
  9. This will all be a funny memory when we beat Saint Mary’s on Sunday😉 And Andrew, for the love of GOD PLEASE JUST SHUT UP. That is all.
  10. So the question is, who are we rooting for, standings wise? Obviously I’m rooting against UTSA most of the time, but do we want a energized UAB team next week or a beat down UAB team? I hope UTSA smacks them.
  11. If we win the conference championship and bowl game, a lot of problems would be solved. Speaking of 2023, wasn’t UH supposed to be a game we played in Houston, remaking the cancelled game of 2020? It’s not slated anymore, which sucks because I like that Stadium.
  12. Frank Harris doesn’t like rain… hahaha
  13. Wilson took a terrible angle, and run game is not going to be the answer today...
  14. UAB, Saint Mary’s, WKU are the only 3. It is SO hard to schedule good teams when you can definitely go out there and win or make it really close like NT always does. AAC play will help, but Top 25 would need to be, like what Billy said, an almost undefeated record for 15-20 games.
  15. It is also possible the team bus catches fire, we are fine!!
  16. I got mine off of eBay and it’s great
  17. Yeesh that is a horrendous Stadium, everything about it is bad.
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