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  1. The CUSA leadership following bigger people reminds me of Denton and how they usually follow Dallas in everything rule wise
  2. If the TAMU game gets dropped, that would be a huge hit. 1.25 Million is the pay
  3. How are you not surprised? It’s this generation. They “commit” somewhere and then when they see greener lands they leave for them and are usually not heard from again
  4. I guess all of those years paying the recruits really hurt them
  5. You want an old one, or the current ones. I got mine at the UNT Barnes and Noble
  6. If we are behind Rice, SL needs to be on the lookout
  7. La Tech lost a lot, but they had a great recruiting class. Definitely should be below us. And if Western gets picked to win conference again, this will be the 4th straight. 3 choke jobs later, they’ll do it again
  8. With Cade Cunningham most likely playing for OSU, i would bet NBA scouts will be there so you would think we see the best Javion as possible
  9. The location is a good one for sure. Kinda forgettable
  10. I think they have that 1 day split from the basketball for the bowl game
  11. Well considering we have a student population that couldn’t give 2 craps about sports, we might be coming.
  12. We will get to play some very good teams, and hopefully a rematch against OU
  13. I guess that's true, but over the recent years UTEP has been at the bottom of everything. Money wise they are a plus, but then geographically it doesn't
  14. I'm getting more and more excited for this season!!!! Congrats Javion! Much earned
  15. We will get dragged against smu, unless our defense (mainly secondary) shows up to the game
  16. What is UTEP worth? Tulsa makes more sense, and has been competitive in FB and BB for the past few years
  17. If we can't get kids from Denton, what makes you think we could even in the slightest get this kid LOL Of course I can always hope, and he would be a HUGE piece to the defense.
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