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  1. I just can’t believe it’s gotten this bad. And I mean you can’t lie, the defense has taken a massive step forward, but there are limitations to what they can do when the offense can barely move the ball. I just didn’t think losing Darden would make this offense really slow and extremely inconsistent
  2. I was there and 95% of the UNT fans were parents. Luckily it wasn’t a blowout, but still pissed beyond belief that we are so bad.
  3. Mac usually releases his schedule almost last Don’t understand why, but I don’t ask questions because this is the most successful program
  4. The line continues to go down, as it’s now at +11 when it started at 12.5. I hope our DBs are ready because La Tech is gonna air it out
  5. La Tech wins and I sit in section K with a paper bag 😞
  6. That’s BS, no way they are out. I looked on the La Tech site, and section K has a lot of tickets left.
  7. I can’t remember the last time UNT football won a game in Florida. It’s been a hot minute
  8. That would also mean, we have our 4th set of new coordinators in 2022. That’s insanely bad because the majority would’ve been labeled as fired…
  9. It was full the entire game. Can’t say I’ve seen a crowd like it in my life that stayed the full game, including students. A lot of TShirt fans and students never came back…
  10. I don’t mind the later night kickoffs, but Hawaii is a major turnoff
  11. I think Torrey fumbled in the first half that let La Tech score, I’m pretty sure.
  12. I’m sorry but I have to dislike the video, sounds auto generated
  13. Copy and paste, and the usual smoke screen of having injured players on it like it’ll change the outcome lol
  14. The fact that multiple players shook him off and walked right by him says a LOT. Losing control, and apparently players aren’t happy. I don’t blame them because it’s a shit show
  15. Seth has never had any sort of emotion on the sidelines, and last week it was clear. Only thing Seth has done is recruit well
  16. Unfortunately, this is how many conversations go with my friends and other people, unless we are doing good. Basketball wise, it’s a different story because they do a thing called winning.
  17. I don’t know man, we only have 2 WRs from the 2 deep depth chart from week 1 meaning 4 are out. That room has been the most injured group of guys for a while now.
  18. He most likely backed out of it. I try to be very positive and such, but I am completely shocked we still have Paige.
  19. Seth definitely lost some players. I saw that all night where they would ignore or blow past him. Somethings up
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