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  1. Pretty much, but even if we won Saturday we could still have 3 teams finish 13-5, and I’m not sure if there’s a scenario where we could be the odd man out.
  2. We had 8 days off before the UTA game, which we won by 11 on the road. We had 10 days off before the Dayton game and we lost by 13. Which probably had more to do with them being the #5 team in the country. No one in the A-10 has played them closer than 13 at their stadium either. We had 7 days off before beating Texas Wesleyan by 38. Then the Rice loss. Which they had the same layoff, as will La Tech. I think people are making way too big a deal out of the layoff before the Rice game. We had a 4 or 5 point lead in the second half and we blew it. They hardly missed the last 8 minutes or so. Rust makes a little more sense of slow starts, but not as much with blowing leads in the second half.
  3. UNT Men’s Basketball has hit the 18-Win mark in nine straight seasons. Still confused about the five-year hiatus we took from the 12-13 through 16-17 seasons.
  4. Apparently tomorrow is Senior Day as well
  5. In 2020 the better question is who under 40 still has cable?
  6. That was a classic bad beat for those who had Charlotte
  7. That’s good that they have improved their protocol and vetting. I noticed last year they offered Kymani Dunham in basketball, and the information available on him seemed very concerning. Didn’t seem like we pursued him very long if at all, but I have to think the vetting will help eliminate those type of signings and even offers.
  8. Bunch of quality free play arcades at the arena before the game as well.
  9. We need another Desert Pines kid so that Jonathan Pickett is not alone
  10. Love it. Also love reading the thread title in Yoda’s voice.
  11. Maybe 2 depending on the Tiavaasue situation. Either way, if he wants to come here the coaches will make it work.
  12. We’ve been hitting Oklahoma hard this class so far. Keeping an eye on that storyline in this class for sure.
  13. Wonder if there is any chance now that Brendon Lewis requests out of his NLI
  14. Jones and his team are going for the national high school record for consecutive 100-point games. Would break their own record set I believe 9 years ago. Kind of a shame it’s so hard to find individual stats on this team.
  15. Benford was recruiting Gibson before Mccasland was hired
  16. Our three JUCO signees have been playing pretty lights in conference play. Javion Hamlet 16.7/2.9/5.4 averages with shooting splits of 52.7%/32.1%/93% and turning it over just above 2 times per game, with most of those coming in the first 3 conference games. Has also missed 5 straight threes which dropped his percentage by almost 10%, but he has been elite offensively overall, especially late in games. James Reese 10.3/3.4/0.8 averages with shooting splits of 52.9%/45.8%/80% and adding 1.2 steals a game while playing really good perimeter defense. Also making over 2 threes a game, and many of which have been huge. Thomas Bell 7.2/6.3/1.6 averages with shooting splits of 53.6%/52.6%/57.1% and has passed Deng Geu as Mccasland’s most trusted 4 as he’s playing about 5 minutes more per game in conference play. Mccasland and his staff deserve huge credit for these three additions. They were all highly regarded JUCO players who had plenty of options but the staff really zeroed in on these guys and stuck the landing on all 3. There’s a lot of talk about Mccasland’s late season collapses in his brief D1 HC career but these guys have come in and put this roster above any of his previous ones. On the team now to execute when it really matters.
  17. Exactly. How dare any UNT grad ever go anywhere else for their Master’s education.
  18. Yes, we lose a scholarship player No. We get 25 per class, regardless of who leaves.
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