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  1. I wonder if having two redshirt freshmen and two true freshmen tight ends will make it hard to get a good one this class. The guys we have offered this class all have pretty good offer lists and it helps to pull those guys away from P5s when we can pitch early playing time/catches. Also could be a case of the coaches going after really good tight ends who could hop the guys older than them and if we get one, great. If not, maybe they just don’t get a tight end this class instead of settling for one.
  2. Agreed. I think he’ll be our number 1 this year.
  3. Who do you think will be UNT’s best player this year?
  4. Almost all of those guys were walkons. Shilleci in 2013 and Dillman in 2015 are the only players we have signed out of Guyer since they opened in 2005.
  5. One of their assistant coaches, David Hill, played at Arizona under Littrell. That’s the school where 2020 signee Jonathan Pickett is from, and we offered a lot of their 2021 guys shortly after we landed Pickett.
  6. I can never get over how bad the angles UTSA’s defenders took on that Bussey TD. How do you let a guy score with this many defenders in position to at least get in on a tackle? Far from a complaint on my end though.
  7. Because other sites actually have rated him now, and Rivals rated him a 2 Star. No site dropped his rating since he committed.
  8. Averaged 19.5 points/game and made 135 threes in 37 games. Big-time shooter at 6’7”
  9. “If he keeps progressing, he is special,” former Kentucky defensive back Van Hiles told Vaught’s Views in Kentucky. “He is left-handed and has a great arm. He is Terry Wilson almost. He has great straight line speed. He played in a spread offense on a really good team in high school that won the state championship his senior year.” He also had multiple 50+ yard TD runs in his highlights. In the state championship game his senior year he ran the ball 23 times against 17 pass attempts. Also, Rivals classified him as a dual threat.
  10. 2019 will be counted as a redshirt but that does not exempt him from sitting out this season due to transfer rules.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Amani-Gilmore-North-Texas-Mean-GReen-football-land-kentucky-wildcat-football-transfer-quarterback-Seth-Littrell-147133878/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. A theory was mentioned to me that the coaches may have touted Bean as the backup last year even when Aune outplayed him in camp to ensure both would still be here for the 2020 season since Aune already has a house here and is much less likely to transfer. If this theory had merit, you would have them battle it out through fall camp, announce Aune as the starter right before the first game and have Bean be his backup, then probably see Bean transfer after the season with maybe Martin and Kuehne choosing to do the same over backing up Aune for two more years. In that scenario, plus not signing a 2020 HS QB, we’d possibly be down to just Aune and Drummond as our only scholarship QBs heading into the 2021 season. Having Gilmore on the roster after his redshirt would be huge in that scenario. I get that’s a lot of conjecture, but the risk of transfers is pretty similar if Bean wins the job. I think this move is made with this risk very much in mind.
  13. I don’t know. We seem to sign a guy over the summer most years (Eric Jenkins, Kemon Hall, Asher Frow, etc.) and technically there is a spring signing period but those guys have been signed after it ended and there didn’t seem to be an issue timing wise.
  14. 6’3” 290 lb defensive tackle from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. His highlights show 2018 as his freshman season but not sure about what happened in 2019. Not 100% sure this is a 2020 offer but JUCO Frenzy lists him as one and he retweeted it. I believe we still have two spots left for the 2020 class. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6225777/5bb79c71b0232515ac9ffee2
  15. Review our last 3 years in football and basketball. We are 5 games over .500 in football with a division title and have won 20 straight games each of those years in basketball including coming off of a conference championship, which you can’t just gloss over even in your narrative (devil’s advocate?) that we don’t bring enough to the table. Plus we’re coming off signing some of the top recruiting classes in the conference in each. Stats and data ranges can easily be manipulated to fit a narrative, but under the current administration and head coaches for football and basketball, we have made ourselves much more competitive and attractive. We need to get rid of this RV mindset he seemed to plant in our fanbases’ heads that things under him were as good as they could be at UNT and any shortcomings we had from 2001-2015 were just because it’s hard at UNT. We all know that isn’t going to be any sort of deciding factor in this type of decision. We’re discussing a hypothetical in which the California football programs are incapable of fielding football teams this season, and us hopping in on that opportunity to fill those slots in their schedule. Probably not realistic but that wasn’t the point of discussing if we should try and jump on that opportunity like MeanGreenTexan asked. No disagreements on that. But also don’t think being in the MWC precludes us from making those type of moves if that scenario were to transpire.
  16. The Mountain West is one of the most spaced out conferences in the country. Not like the other teams in our conference are driving distance from each other for large numbers of opposing fans to go to each game. University of Nevada is about a 15 hour drive to Albuquerque and Laramie. Denton is closer to University of Wyoming, UNM, Air Force, and Colorado State than those California schools are. We aren’t less appealing geographically than other options, even from a fan travel standpoint. As far as what we offer, we have a football program that should be competitive in this conference on paper and a really strong basketball program to add to a really strong basketball conference. We can be that strong basketball add that NMSU would be, while being a far more appealing option from a football standpoint.
  17. Definitely. Hard to imagine we’d be able to get out of our scheduling commitments for the year.
  18. Has picked up offers from Missouri State, New Mexico, and Air Force since committing to us. Hopefully this is a similar case to Jacobi Johnson where we get him early on then hold onto him if/when bigger schools start snooping around.
  19. Has picked up offers from Tulane, Central Arkansas, and Washington State since committing to us
  20. Sure hope so because SMU was able to get a home and home with them
  21. It’s gonna come down to how ready he is to defend this year, but offensively I think he’s one of our best weapons from day one.
  22. It was when we were talking about Chandler Galban. Galban had about 6 FBS offers then transferred in from the Houston area and Rangel beat him out as a sophomore.
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