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  1. Sounds like you’re going to see it your way and that’s fine. I never dogged Bean, unless you consider posting where his stats were inferior is dogging, but in a QB battle those seem like fair game to analyze to me. I’ve never called for him to be pulled during the game and I’ve explicitly stated I hope our focus is on developing him and not having a quick leash so he can grow through any first-year starting QB struggles. People begging for the QB who they don’t prefer to be pulled at every chance is what’s weird to me.
  2. This seems to be a good example of the very thought process I’m referring to. I preferred Aune, gave stats and film explanations on why, so now I’m team Aune, and I’m not allowed to root for any other quarterback of the team I root for? That line of thinking is what’s strange. That and people whining in our game threads about our QB, calling for a change while he’s throwing for almost 400 yards and 3 TDs despite 6 dropped passes, jumping for any chance to pull him instead of actually backing him. But you might be on to something. I was only first pumping with no audible sounds coming out
  3. Sir, I was posting statistics that, to that point, were factual. I root for the Mean Green, regardless of who the QB is.
  4. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Davontae-McCrae-129441/RecruitInterests/ https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Jonathan-Pickett-110510/RecruitInterests/ https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Kortlin-Rausaw-116645/RecruitInterests/ https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Rayvon-Crum-137249/RecruitInterests/ Transferring in https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Jacob-Farrell-105250/RecruitInterests/
  5. We signed 3 defensive line commits last class who all had multiple offers from P5 conference schools. The 4th d-linemen from last class is starting as a true Freshman (Tashoyn Johnson). O-line recruiting hasn’t been impressive but we just landed a transfer from Oklahoma State and got a commit from a high school offensive linemen who had offers from 4 different P5 conference schools. It is coming along on the lines, but even more importantly, I think, is the way our line has looked much improved under Mike Bloesch. He really seems to have the group playing well together and looks like he’s gett
  6. From 2016-2018 we didn’t even have a tight end coach. Mainord was the inside receivers coach and Filani was the outside receivers coach. We also didn’t sign any tight ends in any of those 3 classes. Instead we started 4 receivers, with one inside receiver starting at the A position (Darden) and one inside receiver starting at the Y position (Michael Lawrence), which is now occupied by a tight end. For those first few years the only tight ends on the roster were Kelvin Smith and Caleb Chumley, who were both inherited from Mccarney. But we started to see a philosophical shift in 2018 as the
  7. Yeah we’re not asking him to be a focal part of the offense, but by no means is he playing at a level that can’t be improved on. I’m trying to put it nicely.
  8. Was listed second behind Cam Johnson in the two deep a couple weeks ago.
  9. I think this will be the mindset when Littrell wins a bowl game or conference championship game here. That he “figured things out.” When it reality it will be because the years of top recruiting classes will have given him a better roster than what he had when he was losing those games.
  10. This Team Aune, Team Bean deal is some strange stuff. People seem to literally have been rooting against QBs on the actual team they’re supposedly rooting for.
  11. Yeah only a fraction of our fanbase follows recruiting anywhere near as close as they follow the actual team, so I get it. If you don’t, when you see the struggles it’s like Groundhog Day. Heck, even if you do it kind of feels that way. But this is different. Littrell won those games, he built up the recruiting momentum, and he capitalized by signing better classes than we’ve seen since recruiting has really been tracked online. Firing him before those guys become upperclassmen would be counterproductive. Good chance we’d see a lot of our talent transfer with a one-time sit-out free trans
  12. We saw a taste of the young talent we have and the fruits of our recent recruiting. The talent level is only going to rise as these guys become upperclassmen and the guys from the subpar classes are replaced with more of the same recruiting we have seen from the 2019-2021 classes. Firing Littrell just isn’t happening anytime soon because of his contract, so it’s a pretty pointless conversation in that regard. Then you factor in the health of our roster down the line and our recruiting situation, it would just be counterproductive. If things are still in bad shape come 2022 then it becomes
  13. It’s definitely possible and I’m sure that’s the explanation Littrell would give. But I think, as you pointed out, Pirtle has a reputation of being this experienced veteran player when in reality he only had 22 catches on his career coming into the season and has only been a tight end since spring 2019. Lyles has been a tight end since spring 2020, and I know time was missed because of COVID but I think the experience difference is not so severe that it would prevent the better player from being on the field. Pirtle is averaging just 19 receiving yards per game as the starting tight end i
  14. Correct. Why was Tre Siggers 4th on the depth chart to start last season? Why was Oscar Adaway 3rd at the start of this season? Cole Brown has been pretty good, why was he behind Preston, Plantin, and Parish last season when they were struggling? How many more of these cases have never actually come to light? The Murphy twins are just another example of us sandbagging on getting our most talented guys on the field. Can’t help but wonder if Lyles, who is a far superior athlete to Pirtle, could help give us some playmaking at tight end that we are lacking, with a QB who lives over the midd
  15. Also looks like the NCAA is going to allow for one-time sit-out free transfers. No idea how this is going to look. Are any of our young standouts going to see if they can go P5? Should we be saving some more than a few spots for P5 guys looking for playing time or FCS talent looking to prove themselves at the FBS level? With all this uncertainty I expect us to be very judicious with our spots. Especially since the 2020 class will still be classified as true freshmen next year.
  16. This is a little complicated. By my count we have 75 players on scholarship. This only includes players who signed LOIs with us as well as Austin Aune and Jason Pirtle, so the real number is probably higher since we have likely awarded scholarships to other walkons like Ethan Mooney, Rod Burns, Kyleb Howell, etc. No matter how many spots are available, we can still only sign up to 25 for the class. Ikaika Ragsdale has already taken one of those spots by blueshirting, so I’d think we’re looking at about 24 spots. I’m estimating that we have about 13 scholarship seniors, plus the 7 or so o
  17. Adam of MeanGreenNation has been reporting a broken leg and out 2-3 months. The size of the boot and crutches would seem to corroborate that. No official announcement but I’m just not expecting him back. Wouldn’t be expecting him back just based on the boot and crutches and if he can make it back I would see that more as a bonus than something I’m hoping for
  18. Yeah, defense is gonna get there. Easy to see the path to them getting good with this group of young guys
  19. I wouldn’t expect Shorter to be back this season
  20. The talent on this offense is overwhelming. Then look at our high school skill player commits, we have: - A 6’4” QB with 32 TDs/1 INT through 7 games this year and more arm talent than any QB commit I’ve seen us get, currently being coached up by Mason Fine - Two wide receivers with P5 offers - A running back with multiple SEC offers - A tight end who was offered by Texas and LSU at one point - A 6’5” 325 lb offensive tackle with multiple P5 offers. Defense still has some progress to make but I think the talent is not an issue there. Offense, we’re gonna be tough
  21. Hard to say a team that just put up over 700 yards of offense has more room for improvement, but with Bean taking over there are definitely some new areas that we can exploit. Right now our backs and tight ends have combined for just 14 catches for 135 yards on the season. With Bean and our loaded backfield, teams are going to be forced to sellout on the run. With Darden in the slot on one side, safety help is going to be hedged over his way. This should leave the seems wide open on play action plays going forward. This week we saw the Murphy twins finally get a chance and come throu
  22. I’m not complaining, and I’m not saying it’s questionable who should be the starter. I love the way things transpired, and I’m not saying it didn’t make sense to pull Aune. My point is that our focus should be on developing a QB and playing through some struggles. I love the way the offense looked and I don’t want to see Bean yanked because of one bad game where he’s turning the ball over. We clearly have something with him running the offense and that needs to be developed even when things aren’t going good as yesterday.
  23. Right. It paid off tonight but I didn’t like that precedent. Bean has turned the ball over plenty in his career. Do we yank him if he throws two picks in a half, and go back to Aune where the running game just couldn’t get going consistently? But if the running game is looking like this then the passing lanes will be wide open
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