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  1. We need every person we can to turn around this program. I don’t know what I can do but I’m ready to do something to end this garbage
  2. I don’t understand why we run a 3-3-5. Texas State had 4 down lineman on against SMU and was able to generate pressure while also stopping the run. They also had a converted FB at DT and missing other defensive starters as well. Tired of this crap.
  3. Salt in the wound. I was defending Seth up until this point, but I can’t any longer. He has the left the program in a better place but since we lost to La Tech 2 years ago we have gone 10-12. Not only was that a season changing loss, but is was a program changing loss. You can’t crap the bed in literally every big game we have. The team was lifeless and scared before this game even started. Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of Seth because the gamble that Wren took with upping his buyout so we will have to ride with him this year. Hopefully next year, he either does well enough to leav
  4. Looks awesome, not sure why people are upset that it’s not green. I was looking at those throwbacks they did in 2013 and they looked awful
  5. Interesting to see that UNT received 5 votes in the latest coaches poll. In the AP poll there are some questionable teams receiving votes (as usual). If we can win against SMU I would be kind of shocked if we didn’t get at least a couple votes for the AP top 25. This is a big opportunity for us this season with so many teams out. I hope we can take advantage https://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings
  6. Interesting. I think we all knew something was off, they were too talented to go 4-8. They came out flat multiple times and just looked out of it most games. I think this season will be better. Also a side note, HBU is doing pretty well against Tech, so hopefully that calms down some of the questions regarding our defense (news flash Zappe is a stud).
  7. I have heard this from Brett Vito and maybe Matthew Brune (awesome reporter) as well. How bad was the chemistry last year? And why was it so bad? Really curious if anyone has any answers.
  8. I agree, people probably need to chill out a bit. I think if we can stop the run like Texas State did and rush 4 at all time to keep Buechele off balanced, then we should be able to compete and probably win depending on how the offense performs.
  9. Some good thoughts: O-Line had good pass protection and good run blocking In the 2nd half Receivers are the real deal Defense played way better in the 2nd half (until the starters were pulled) Novil was a beast but their scheme countered him pretty well (quick passes) I thought Bean and Aune played relatively well Some bad thoughts: Defense looked like Swiss cheese in the first half QB’s played well but had some questionable throws Defense didn’t generate any turnovers
  10. Can’t tell if the D is horrible or if the QB is just that good. I’m sure it’s a mix of both.
  11. Defense has looked better since halftime, hopefully they can keep that up
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