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  1. They looked incredibly slow last year. Not just the secondary, but also the linebackers too.
  2. Good. Now they need to go get someone with legitimate experience and results. Just to play devils advocate, I wonder if changing to a 3rd defensive coordinator in as many years is something that we should think more about. I guess it couldn’t get much worse though.
  3. Jesus. Really?? Can we please get some damn transfers in here. So in year 3 of his program, Dykes has recruited two stud Qb’s from big time programs. This sucks.
  4. It’s 100% due to contact tracing/COVID or transferring out. The other reasons don’t make much sense
  5. When is the big announcement going to happen? Also do you see any of our commits flipping today? What do you think @TheReal_jayD
  6. Why. Why run it three times in a row up the middle when you’re down by 2 scores and your defense is bad. FEED THE BALL TO DARDEN.
  7. For real. These announcers believe we are lucky to to be in the same building
  8. Defense needs to make a stop now if we want any chance at this game.
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