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  1. This shows that we expect great things. We the fanbase need to hold this athletic administration accountable so we don’t fall back into Old Denton. I refuse to go back that.
  2. Why do we always get blown out in big/ important games. SMU Houston Southern Miss La Tech At some point it’s on Littrell. We can blame Reffet but we’ve only scored 3 points. For an offensive minded coach that is just laughable.
  3. Really sad to see that one of our fans called Renfro a “Showboat”. His mom came out along with Christian Lee’s dad, rightfully upset. As a fanbase we cannot shoot ourselves in the foot like this. If it take one person to commit someone it can also take one person to decommit them
  4. When you have one of the best college QB’s in the nation and you lose against Charlotte, all criticism against Littrell is warranted. The culture change is great, but this fan base refuses to step back into the deep abyss of shit that we are this year and we were for the past 20 years.
  5. Good head coaches don’t lose to Charlotte. I had one foot off the Seth train after these last 3-4 games. Now I’m completely out. I was thinking we had a realistic possibility of turning this thing around to get to 7-5 and a bowl game. No way we get a bowl game now. Im interested in Seth’s response and I’m interested to see if Wren says anything.
  6. Lol this is just embarrassing. I imagine Seth with his “We need to look ourselves in the mirror” again.
  7. Seth is a good program builder. He knows how to build a good recruiting staff, can develop players really well, and builds a great culture for players. His main downfall seems to be game management and unwillingness to change when something continuously doesn’t work. It seems we get out-coached in-game on a regular basis. UNT has the ability to take that next step, but Seth isn’t leaving (unless the team rebounds magically) anytime soon. We need him to get better at in-game management. If he can do this, then we can take that next step.
  8. Seth should have fired Chuck Langston and Troy Reffert after the 2017 season. O-Line has been underperforming drastically this season, and has been downright bad since he got here. Dont get me started on Reffert. This scheme has.not.worked. We do not have the ability to rush 3 guys, and play man to man on the backend. We rarely ever get a consistent rush and never produce turnovers. This season has been a total letdown. I’m pissed
  9. If we want to reengage the casual fan, I think we need to win the next 2-3 games. I’m more nervous than excited about this team. Today is a must win
  10. We have 17 guys committed and I haven’t seen too many more waves in terms of offers so I do think those remaining 7-8 spots are being saved for transfers
  11. Definitely not. Hopefully Wren is working the back channels to get us the hell out of CUSA in the next realignment.
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