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  1. With the conference exit fees looming at $3 million, do we then fork over another $3 million to get rid of Seth? I could unfortunately see Wren sticking with him one more year
  2. I’m a the student section right now and about 100 people just left
  3. We are the new UTEP. Teams are going to slaughter us in conference play
  4. I can’t wait for the offense to put up a whopping 6 points again
  5. Exactly. I want the best HC out there and if that’s Briles or baby Briles, I’m fine with that
  6. Fans have the right to criticize play and performance, especially and specifically towards coaches that get paid millions of dollars by the University. When you get beat by 34 points at home in a conference game, and you don’t hear any criticism, then you have fans that don’t care
  7. Wren is the only reason I have hope with the football program
  8. Ehh, coach speak is his typical “We need to play better in all three phases” “One day at a time” “One percent better every day” type stuff. He doesn’t say we need to play really well to have a chance about UTEP, Rice, Charlotte, and etc. Just my take though
  9. Really? My take was the opposite. He said something to the extent of “We’re going to have to play really wel for us to have a chance” (paraphrasing of course) To me, it signals that he doesn’t have much confidence
  10. Wren is fantastic. I’m a newer fan and alumni (graduated in 2019) and have supported the program since 2016. It will be a while before UNT reaps the rewards from this administration, but the growth over the last 5 years has been insane especially with creating new fans. We will eventually get where we need to go, especially if Wren is here. As stated above, we just need to keep showing up as a fanbase regardless.
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