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  1. Wow another 3 star commit. Luke Walerius is killing it since he got here!!! What are the odds this class is better than 2019’s?? Seems like they’re off to an amazing start.
  2. No but you could get a commissioner that knows what they’re doing. That would be a start. Wren was an assistant AD for Memphis for a little bit, I’m sure he’s talked to the AAC commissioner while he was there. He could keep that relationship open until maybe the time is right to advocate for a spot (I know it’s unlikely) or something like that. No harm in trying to work the back channels and test the waters for better conferences to see if there is any mutual interests.
  3. Wren has got to have a plan to get us either a new commissioner or a better conference right?? Or am I just dreaming
  4. My hope is that the Mose brothers get a year better and stronger, along with Woolworth on the interior. If they can get even a little better that would help dramatically. Also hopefully Plantin is solid and Brammer adds some size. He was solid in the run gain, but when he went back to pass protect he was just getting bullied left and right. I honestly think we have the potential for a better situation up front than we did last year, but that may be me just being overly optimistic.
  5. 24-8 WKU, all we need is for Fine to throw two TDs and convert on the two point conversions and we’re good
  6. Couldn’t make the game today, how is the crowd looking?
  7. Anyone know when Seth is going to announce the DB’s and RB’s coach? Probably after he finds an OC right?
  8. Yeah I agree with that, but if we could schedule some area opponents that would be great. Idk if Wren has tried to schedule TCU or SMU, but that would be amazing if we could land some series like that in the future.
  9. I’m a senior here finishing up my last semester and I’ve been a religious follower of football and basketball since I stepped on campus. The one problem that I’ve heard from students is they say “We don’t play anyone good, so why would I go?” Don’t shoot the messenger, just what I’ve heard first hand from students that I’ve asked to go to games. Also on a side note, just because teams post attendance saying 4,000 doesn’t mean that is the actual attendance.
  10. I think we have a good chance at winning the division and maybe the conference. But like multiple people have said it depends on our O-line and D- line. Also I think UAB takes a step back, UTSA sucks as usual, along with the bottom dwellers of UTEP and Rice it sets us up with two games that will define our fate within the conference. Southern Miss and La Tech will define our season.
  11. I watched the video, it was pretty bad. He needs to know that he represents our university and can’t be pulling that crap. I don’t think this warrants him getting kicked off the team at all, but he definitely needs to be punished in some way.
  12. How many scholarship players are we projected for this fall? (I know some guys will transfer/leave during camp but I’m just curious)
  13. Good, I never liked him based off his comments about Fine while we were playing Troy.
  14. Great to see, no way Ejiya doesn’t get drafted I’d say he’s a 4th-6th round pick depending on the combine. I’m very intrigued with Kemon Hall and Nate Brooks. Think that those guys will get a look as an undrafted FA.
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