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  1. No disrespect to Zach, but Abou’s ceiling is much higher. He is much much more improved from last season. I wouldn’t worry about him jumping ship. I have a feeling he’ll be here a while, especially if he continues to improve at this rate.
  2. Just keep winning and the respect will be there. This is Grant’s best team that he has had since he’s been at UNT. He’s built a heck of a program by utilizing JUCO players and high school recruits. Our team is still relatively young with core players like: Rubin Jones, Aaron Scott, and Abou Ousmane. McBride could come back next year too if he desires. This team has me really excited this year and for the future.
  3. How many spots do we have left with the guys we have committed today?
  4. Let’s keep it going. I haven’t seen a Mean Green team this hungry in a while!!
  5. I like Patterson, Fuente,McGuire, and Harrell as top candidates. Here are the questions I have with those four: 1. Patterson - does he have the drive and energy to rebuild this program? 2. Justin Fuente- Does he have the Texas ties to recruit Texas, especially against Traylor? 3. Joey McGuire- Does he have the ability to lead a program with no FBS coordinator experience? 4. Graham Harrell - Can he bring in quality assistant coaches and not be a Littrell 2.0? Either way, I trust Wren will hire the best guy. There’s still a lot of season left until a decision with Littrell has to be made
  6. Gary is a legend and will be able to pick his next job. He’s a jerk, but man does he win. I’m all for UNT hiring him if he’s up to the task.
  7. Meanwhile, UNT men’s basketball is playing Arkansas in an exhibition game. Their last update that I saw says they were winning 13-12. God, I can’t wait for basketball season
  8. @TheReal_jayDDo you have any inside news for us? Like when the pain will end?
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