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  1. Anyone have any idea what attendance will be for next game or have a guess? I’m going to guess around 23k but I’m hoping for around 25k
  2. It’s definitely a must win. This is a regional game that we play every year, with an opponent that we recruit against quite often. This isn’t a must win in terms of having a successful season, but it’s s must win in terms of keeping our momentum as a program and to keep progressing. If we lose it’ll only be disappointing because we know we can beat SMU, we have the talent this year (unlike 2015-2017) to beat them and hang with Houston/ Cal
  3. The overall record is definitely a misrepresentation. Since 1990 we are 4-5 against SMU, in this century we are 3-4 against SMU.
  4. We shouldn’t be playing any blue chip out of state programs. No Ohio State, Georgia, Alabama, Clemson etc. If we play a P5 they need to either be in state or a middle of the pack P5 (UNC, Pitt, Iowa etc) Personally I would love a yearly matchup with TCU while continuing the SMU series. But I know that’s very unlikely.
  5. I don’t have any intel on the ticket sales, but if I had to guess attendance I would say at least 25k.
  6. So is this MWC just talk or are their discussions with UNT if the AAC poaches a MWC team? Can anyone verify?
  7. https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-ceo/2012/january-february/why-tcu-bet-big-on-football/ Found how much they spent 10 years ago. Went from 21 million to 51 million a year. I believe we spend 36 million a year. So that is approximately an increase of 150%. That would bring us to around 90 million. Don’t know how that compared to the rest of the MWC at that time though.
  8. Generally curious about how much TCU spent compared to the rest of the conference.....
  9. I don’t think that matters as much as people think it will. Even if we go to the MWC, that would still be a no brainer. Especially if we replaced Air Force, we would compete with teams like Colorado State and Boise. Money goes from 450,000 or whatever it is to a $1 million per year. Also on a a side note, Wren and the administration staff at Memphis are close. Memphis >>>> SMU. SMU has had one winning season since realignment in 2013, their coach left immediately for Arkansas right after, and we have better attendance than they do in 3 out of the last 6 years. He was also seen with UCF’s AD at an AD event earlier this summer. Will be interesting to see what happens whether we move out of CUSA or not.
  10. I think with UCONN leaving, this just made Houston, SMU, and Cal games even more important next year. If we can win 2 of those three games, then we can hopefully garner more consideration.
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