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  1. Tough schedule this year. I would be happy if we were bowl eligible.
  2. Just joined this thread, but I’m taking MWC all day over a regional Sunbelt merger (not a bad idea though). When you get the chance to play Boise, Wyoming, San Diego State, Fresno, and Air Force you take it. It makes our 9-4 seasons seem better and gives us the ability to get ranked when we do have a breakout season. Plus there always seems to be at least one ranked team in the MWC that does well all season long. If MWC doesn’t extend an invitation (which they probably won’t) then the sunbelt merger is a solid idea.
  3. Me too. I’m gonna go drink, hopefully we’ll all hear something pretty soon.
  4. There’s nothing else the department could really do. They ran a freaking Heisman campaign for the guy, it just sucks that we were hot garbage last year. Also the global pandemic didn’t help at all. I still have trust that the Administration can get us back on the right track. In Wren we trust.
  5. I really liked Wilson’s chance a couple of years ago and was a little shocked that he didn’t get taken in the draft ( him getting injured probably costed him). But Novil and Darden, I like as much or even more than Wilson to be drafted next year (but who the hell knows). Hopefully they both go off and stay healthy.
  6. I haven’t seen anything yet, I’m sure we’ll hear pretty quickly though
  7. Another year gone, another year the dreaded streak will continue.
  8. Well, Fine isn’t getting drafted. I haven’t heard anything on Ladarius at all
  9. Saints on the clock now...
  10. The Saints are the best scenario for him IMO
  11. I understand Cole McDonald getting drafted before Fine, but James Morgan?? The man had 58% completion rate along with 14 TDS and 5 interceptions in his FIFTH year. Fine had 28 TDS and 9 INTs 62% completion rate with the absolute most garbage offensive line for four straight years. I understand he’s short and clocking in at the shrine bowl at 5’9 3/4” doesn’t help, but at some point a baller is a baller. Mason Fine can flat out play. My rant is over now.
  12. I feel pretty confident in Austin Aune. Big arm, athletic, and seemed to go through his progressions pretty well during his limited game reps
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