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  1. Imagine if he stole players from SMU. Would certainly be a nice change of pace.
  2. Downvotes for Samples? Man, rough crowd tonight
  3. Agreed, but his entire valuation of whether he is a good AD is not tied to an extension to a Head Coach who at the time had the second highest winning percentage since Hayden Fry. It’ll be interesting to see who he hires next year to take this program from below mediocre/mediocre to good/great.
  4. Sure, but there is always risk in hiring someone. If he’s going to be a HC for a P5 or top tier G5 program within the next few years, maybe we can jump on him early. I just have skepticism in whether he would be interested
  5. No, you’ve missed the point entirely. There were mentions about getting rid of Wren because he extended Littrell. My point was everyone, I mean EVERYONE, wanted Littrell extended. In hindsight, which is always 20/20, I think things would have been done differently. Wren was aggressive, it failed, but if his only mistake is something that was lauded by fans, donors, alumni, and fans, then I can live with that. If he doesn’t fix it after this year, then I’m with you. He will deserve more than his fair share of criticism.
  6. I would love to knock on the door for Ra'shaad Samples. He’s very young, but he is tabbed as the next hot young coaching prodigy with his work at UT and SMU, especially with recruiting. I think he could potential elevate us. He may not even consider us since he is working as a RB coach for the Rams. But if he had a desire to go back to College Football and not wait around to be a Head Coach, we might be his spot by jumping on him at the young age of 27. Would be worth it to look into.
  7. We have one of the top AD’s in the country. He’s done it by aggressively hiring Grant, Rodney DeLong, new facilities, new conference, receiving the biggest gift in history from Donors, has a good relationship with Donors, etc. I mean for God sake I don’t get the Wren chatter. The only mistake he’s made is giving Seth an extension, which everyone on this forum celebrated at the time.
  8. Everybody on this thread was clamoring to sign Wren to an extension. He did the exact same thing that was just done recently with Grant. And everyone here wants to Grant to stay and Coach. It’s Seth’s fault for not living up to the contract. If he messes up the next hire it’s on him.
  9. If I read this correctly, it seems Seth’s buyout would be around 900,000 if he is fired at the end of the year. I hope we can afford it when the time comes. Another article says that the buyout would be just under a $1 million https://2michy3wy0l30d34041dt1et-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/football/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/08/Seth-Littrell-Employment-Agreement-with-Amendments-and-Extensions-00345016xC146B.pdf https://sports.betmgm.com/en/blog/college-football-hot-seat-coaches-replacements/
  10. Aune played pretty well today. The problem was we had terrible play calling in key situations and the defense couldn’t stop the run I’m not generally an Aune supporter
  11. Unfortunately, WB won’t fire him mid season.
  12. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter who we put in. Like it’s the coaching or something hmmmm
  13. You’ve got to knock on the doors of Herman, Patterson, Briles, and Fuente. I think Fuente is the most attainable, but I would be extremely happy with any of these guys. What’s the infatuation with Colby Carthel? I don’t really know the guy’s background so just curious.
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