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  1. Rubin is a good player for us. He’s been inconsistent at times this season, but when he’s on it adds an entirely different dimension to the offense. Him and Abou are really the X-factors
  2. They usually come back Sunday night
  3. Why are we throwing names out like Keeler and Perry, if Riley, Gillespie, and Fuente are interested? Wouldn’t we hear something about them? From my perspective I don’t think they are interested. If true, then we’re in trouble
  4. Definitely need to do more as fans. I will do my part!
  5. I mentioned him as a riskier candidate. Sad to see him go to ASU. I would have loved to see him at UNT in some capacity. Top tier recruiter, great HS connections, and untapped potential.
  6. Rashaad Samples should also be considered as a more aggressive and riskier candidate
  7. If that was a prerequisite for most college jobs then Kirby Smart and Dabo Swinney would have never been hired
  8. Tweeted about Coach Samples tonight and he liked the tweet. Samples to UNT confirmed lol
  9. Our budget is not a concern any more. It’s not 2003.
  10. Seth is that you? In all seriousness, you’re right the fans need to do more and support the program. However, when this team wins consistently, which is rare, the fans show out. In 2018 when we started off 4-0 we had 30k for a conference opponent that most fair weather fans don’t know. We also had 28k for SMU that season and 25-26k for the UTEP game. If we had the same level of success that UTSA has had over the last two years, support would increase exponentially.
  11. I said this a couple of years ago to some of my friends and got absolutely destroyed. The only concern I have from a football perspective is would Briles be able to adapt to the change that has occurred in the last few years? I think right now there are some better candidates that would be better acclimated to the current landscape of college football
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