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  1. This right here. Supporting the athletic programs is a must. Idk about $1000, but giving any extra cash would be great if we want to continue and eventually ascend to the next level
  2. Ruder will be here for summer camp ball. It will be between Aune and Ruder for the starting role unless Martin catches fire during camp. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aune and Ruder split the first game of the season since Ruder arrives so late.
  3. I’m not going to lie, when Coach Mac said we weren’t a basketball school that certainly stung. It felt like a poke or jab at the fanbase and I understand why.
  4. No way Javion stays. He needs to go and take his shot at the league. Selfishly I would love for him to stay, but he put himself on the radar and has a chance to be a good player. I think Simmons will leave for international ball. Not sure about Reese and Bell. I hope they stay another year.
  5. I just read Brune’s breakdown on our game. The more I read about Nova, the more nervous I get. This will be a tough challenge for sure.
  6. Welcome to the board and thanks for the insight, it was definitely a fun read. Here is a run down of the team from my perspective. Starters: Javion Hamlet- 6’4” 193 ilbs starting guard and our best player. He is the engine that makes our offense run. He averaged something like 19/7/7 in the conference tourney and averaged 15/4/3 in the regular season. He also has range and can shoot pretty well from 3 at 36.2%. You will see a lot high screens so Javion can get in the paint and either create an open opportunity (he is an excellent passer and has great vision) or finish at the r
  7. When watching Eden play, he is really really slow. We might need to push the pace when he is in the game. This will be a tough game, but the one thing they don’t have that we do is Coach Mac. Let’s go!!
  8. They looked incredibly slow last year. Not just the secondary, but also the linebackers too.
  9. Good. Now they need to go get someone with legitimate experience and results. Just to play devils advocate, I wonder if changing to a 3rd defensive coordinator in as many years is something that we should think more about. I guess it couldn’t get much worse though.
  10. Jesus. Really?? Can we please get some damn transfers in here. So in year 3 of his program, Dykes has recruited two stud Qb’s from big time programs. This sucks.
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