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  1. Corners were exposed tonight, especially Harvey! Was hard to watch
  2. I just have an one tix I won’t be using. If you still want it and are for sure going let me know and I’ll save it for you. Section 218, row 2, seat 5
  3. Yes, I remember that game. Then came... Derek Thompson which was a stud! He was better than most of us gave him credit. Thanks DT!! #GMG
  4. I love that we are kicking their butt, especially in the area of fan support for our team. Love kicking their butt on, and off, the field! #GMG wear green sat, not white! Ruin that for them too!!
  5. I also approve the trash talk! I like playing them for this reason, trash talking. This will be a fun series if we can continue to kick their butt. Other than this week, I could careless about SMU and their sports!
  6. Okay, thanks. Hopefully will be available next week.
  7. Which is scary to say the least! ACU is far from what we will face this year. Mason took some shots tonight
  8. Was wondering the same, is he hurt? Did he even play?
  9. I think we’ll score on Cal but I’m scared our defense will continue to play like they did last year. Defense tends to relax after we have a lead and putting it all on our offense to outscore the other team. Tonight our defense gave up over 400 yards to a very average ACU offense.
  10. Looks like they “overlooked” Portland State, like they “overlooked North Texas”... haha yeah right! Wake up Arkansas, North Texas whooped your butt with better athletes and coaches!! Period!
  11. agree. Calling running plays for Mason wasn’t smart. Especially in a game that you’re up by 20+ points, in a non-conference game! If the defense plays like they did tonight, SMU will put up 80 on us.
  12. Gosh, I had forgotten just how bad our old uniforms were...hideous! Our current uniforms are money!
  13. I cringe every time I see or hear McCarney or his qb "little Mac". Tough years to watch! Incredible what Wren and Littrell have been able to do in such a short time. #GMG
  14. 17-44 butt kicking and complete domination wasn't the result of "overlooking" the opponent. NT was the better team, and better coached, without a doubt! Just a case of pigs not wanting to face the music or be reminded. Was a great day and can't wait for many more like it in the future! #GMG
  15. Sounds like each of us have our job to do... and that is to get the person sitting on our right and left side to participate in the chant! Cant come soon enough!! GMG
  16. Maybe they could develop a virtual reality punting mat, similar to the ones you find at golf shops while trying out golf clubs 🤔
  17. Just saw the premium season tickets bundle/kit they are sending out and wondering when they are shipping these out to season ticket holders? havent heard anything. Thanks! #GMG
  18. Very nice! Hope they put “Mean Green” along the outside like it’s shown in some pics. Can’t wait to see everything Aug 31st! Well done! #GMG
  19. Absolutely! Much kudos to Seth Littrell and the whole administration! #GMG
  20. Bleacher Report has the Mean Green’s WR Corps ranked # 10 in the nation!! Nice write up! #GMG https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839654-ranking-the-best-receiving-corps-for-2019-college-football-season#slide0
  21. I’ll disagree with some of these statements about bad recruiting. Seth also came in fairly late during his first year of recruiting at NT. In addition, trying to recruit after just going 1-11, with mostly unfavorable relationships with most local HS Head Coaches. As if these aren’t tough to overcome, Seth’s inherited team were players that are running a Dan Mac 30 year old offensive scheme.... talk about a ton to overcome!!! No QB on campus that was worthy of a D1 program!!! Considering all the above, Seth and Graham have done a tremendous job let’s not kid ourselves. It would have been extremely difficult to recruit, especially that first year and they got some studs in no time. Give these guys 3-4 more years with the best AD Wren Baker at the wheel, we have exciting times ahead!! Extremely thankful for our President, AD, Littrell and everyone of our coaches. Special times are closer then we all believe! Go Mean Green! Love the heart and soul of Mason Fine as well. We are blessed to have a tremendous leader. Keep up with the investments in latest swag and facilities to recruit as well. Love what you are doing!! Go Mean Green, Sky is the Limit!! GMG
  22. Couldn’t agree more, wish we would go with this exact helmet more often! Great look
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