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  1. Apogee may look like the Alamodome on National TV Thursday night......vacant
  2. and again we can't make a 4 and 1, pitiful. Every game same story with 4 and 1.
  3. We're certainly not near as good as we thought
  4. And that's the game
  5. mgsteve

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    ODU 67 UNT 33 Improvements this week on both sides of the ball.
  6. Do we leave early to inspire the team?
  7. Coming to the Mean Green for the University of Portland.
  8. Looks like we're hiring a new Head Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track Coach Coach - Distance %26 Cross-Country
  9. Wasn't @Cerebus a fan of the Buick?
  10. Track offices are in the old Football offices at Fouts.
  11. mgsteve

    Mattress Mac

    Was Victory Hall named in anticipation of better days ahead for UNT athletics or in honor of the few and far between in FB and BB lately?
  12. mgsteve

    Why Is Rv Immune From The Firing Line?

    Think some were questioning his ability even longer than six years ago, found the below statement (wasn't sure how to quote it) from a thread on Podcast #8 that Harry, Evan and meanrob did 9 years ago. Posted 25 Oct 2006 · Report post To all mean green fans, if you haven't listened, do yourself a favor and listen. An excellent point is made regarding the ability of this AD to make a proper hire, if everyone gets their wish and DD goes. Pretty much sums up the way I feel and I'm sure the way others feel.
  13. I know there has been a lot of talk recently about our Athletic Director so thought this was an interesting read. On a side note, number one on the list was signed to an extension today.
  14. mgsteve

    Cross Country running well

    In Cross Country every school can go to Regionals regardless of how they fare in their respective conference meet, North Texas is in the South Central Region. Traditionally only the top two teams in this region get the automatic bid to Nationals versus say the Mountain Region that put 7 automatic qualifiers in last year. UNT has an excellent chance this year to grab the second spot from UT behind Arkansas. Also we currently sit in a good spot with our victory of UT at getting one of the at large bids if we finish third at regionals. Last year we finished third in the Region but didn't get an at large. Needless to say this is the best chance UNT has ever had to take a team to the National meet.