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  1. yes...this x 100 just copy what North Carolina & Notre Dame do but with GREEN = collegiate & classic. our current SOW eagle resembles the USPS logo or the USAA insurance logo
  2. …G5 getting a Home at Home series with P5 would be nice exposure for us.
  3. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/12/mississippi-state-football-memphis-home-and-home/ along with their 2021-2022 series...they agreed to another home at home in 2028-2029
  4. hello...the USC OC is a "prime time" position.
  5. IMO dissolve the Big12 into the (4) other P5 conferences with 18 teams each...including Notre Damn. Then have 4 conference championships which leads to the Final Four for National Championship. This equals an 8 team playoff system. The G5's do the same for a separate National Championship for G5 schools. No P5 schools should ever play any D2 schools...but P5 & G5 would continue to play each other in D1 play.
  6. best answer...thank you Aldo for a moment of clarity & reason. Rick's post is more about "Rick" than D-Day, Mason Fine or Aldo's sisters birthday.
  7. ...saw this on Instagram. Wish we would break out these great looking uniforms at least once a year! #classic #collegiate
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/best-worst-fanbases-college-football-161958438.html …not sure how we beat Houston but go mean green! #newdenton caw-caw
  9. ...good stuff ScrappyD ”thank you” for sharing
  10. agree...our "star spangled flying leek" looks a little forced. there are better ways to honor the military....fly overs, special thanks over the PA, all military families get FREE-dom seats in the wing-zone, half-time show dedication or time-out recognition for longtime alumni who are veterans.
  11. one of the better signs from today's ESPN Game Day read... Baylor 0 Karma 5
  12. because we are fighting for the same kids to play for us. SMU wins the locker room contest. I was miffed when our old AD decided to update ours recently...and we went from an engineered maple laminate to anouther engineered maple laminate?? very sterile look with zero "wow" factor...needs more color...it reminds me of a doctors office or an IKEA
  13. great combo! mean & green #beatuab #dentontuff
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