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  1. Just curious who would you consider a good head basketball coach at NT? Blakeley, whose total success was primarily due to an inherited super group of players. Jones who in his first two years went 22-35 and didn't have a winning record till his sixth year. There are excuses and excuses, but the NT injury situation seems like a factor that can't be overlooked. Even with the injuries NT didn't suffer blowout loses like the Benford and Trilli teams did. I am already confident that McCasland is a good coach based on his first two years. Can he get NT championships, that certainly remains to be discovered.
  2. Looks like tremendous pickup. 2019 numbers at E. Central were .407 batting average with 7 hrs and 47 rbis.
  3. Wonder who is not coming back for the ladies? There were no ships to give when taking NT's 6 person freshmen signing class into consideration. These two transfers' numbers certainly don't excite.
  4. Why would NT (Delong) turn down any post season offer? Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe because of Trautwein's injury but can't think of any other reason.
  5. Just curious, would you have put Jamario on your team if he had gained those 1801 yards his senior year? Amazing in that year, Jamario averaged 180 yards rushing a game, but started the year with only 12 total carries against Baylor and Texas in game one and three. Must have been an injury situation, although he had 32 carries and 247 yards in the between those games against Colorado. Glad those days are gone, playing Baylor, UT and Colorado in the first three games. Thomas had hamstring issues that contributed to his less than great, sophomore and junior numbers. He had a decent senior year but was sharing the running back position and only got an average of 10 carries a game.
  6. Joe Greene - The gold standard Cedric Hardman - Underrated player, unbelievable sack machine Steve Ramsey - Had several national NCAA records at the end of his career Ron Shanklin - The best of many great NT receivers Brandon Kennedy - Two times conference MVP, has any other defensive linemen ever done that? Water Chapman - Another great nose guard, a tackle machine; had games with over 20 tackles; unbelievable for a lineman Mason Fine - Another year to go on his legacy Glen Holloway - A great offensive guard, not going to overlook the offensive line in this list Eric Pegram - Most controversial pick, didn't have numbers because he played on really bad NT teams, Better rb than Dunbar or Cobbs Jamario Thomas - Led nation in rushing his freshman year, knocked because he never got close to those numbers again
  7. Overall great year for softball. This is a prime example of coaching makes a difference. I think only one of the team was recruited by Delong. Lots of returnees including all the pitchers and what looks like a stellar recruiting class should spell trouble for the rest of CUSA next year.
  8. I thought this messageboard was for an exchange of ideas. What have I countered that gets you in an uproar? The two recent items, are to do with co-championships and the Marshall versus NT softball game. Fairly harmless debates in my view. You might even go back and see plenty of threads were we are in agreement. Do you really think, I care if you read my posts or not?
  9. Actually it is kind of cloudy. I have no idea how you can get darkness out of the truth, but that is your issue. Go ahead and believe that NT completely annihilated Marshall but lost 0-1. I do wonder why you have taken such a hostile tone in this thread. I guess anyone that disagree with your view has to be suspect or at least dark.
  10. Overrating means giving more value to it than it deserves. It certainly does not mean it is of no value. Like calling a 0-1 loss, a game that NT completely dominated is hyperbole. t would be hard to find any impartial observer that believes that team that loses 0-1 dominated. Leaving 12 players on base is not a sign of domination. Nether is out hitting a team 5 to 4. Any fool including me knows that having a bye is a significant advantage. My point that I didn't think needed explaining, is that it is not as great an advantage as it would be in basketball, baseball or any other number of sports. Softball is not a grueling sport and pitchers can pitch a great number of innings.
  11. Still having a problem understanding co-championships? Better to have a bye than not, but I do think it is overrated in softball.
  12. Well, that was fun. I have never thought having byes helps in softball were a pitcher can throw in every game. It can get a team out of rhythm and that is exactly how NT looked.
  13. What is pro success to do with anything we are debating? Likewise, no QB is going to have big numbers passing if he is not part of a team that passes a lot. Silver is insinuating that Fine's numbers are a product of the system, and a myriad of QB's would have the same success as Fine. I just think it is ridiculous to assume that just any successful NT QB could play on this team and win two OPOY awards in a 14 team conference.
  14. I am not sure we watched the same games by the wide diversion in our perceptions. I really don't know how you can come up with Hall, Maher, Vizza, Case, Stevenson or Maeger having stronger arms. Not an one of them could make the sideline throws like Fine does. Our definition of strong arms might be different. There are a lot of QB's that can throw for distance, but don't have the zip on the ball to get it into a tight spot in a game. I also make the observation partly in jest that Davis was a fullback playing the QB position. He IMO was a much better runner than passer, but a great leader. He also was tremendous in the games against the bigs such as NT's non-declared win against the Longhorns Believing that Fine's numbers are merely a reflection of NT's offensive schemes, and almost any QB could duplicate those numbers if given the opportunity, is very questionable. Fine has been most valuable offensive players twice before his senior year and playing in a much stronger conference, than any of the QB's you mentioned.
  15. Stats at the end of 2018 season. 1. Mason Fine, 2016-present 9,757 2. Mitch Maher, 1991-94 8,519 3. Derek Thompson, 2009-13 7,447 4. Steve Ramsey, 1967-69 7,076 5. Scott Davis, 1987-90 6,923 6. Scott Hall, 2000-04 5,917 7. Giovanni Vizza, 2007-08 5,146 8. Jason Mills, 1994-97 3,981 9. Vidal Carlin, 1965-66 3,233 10. Riley Dodge, 2008-10 3,187 To argue that passing statistics are largely a function ot the type of offense is obviously true. However, I don't see the same issue expressed with all of Dickey's national rushing champions which were just as much a function of the offensive scheme. I have watched all these QB's except Carlin, and I disagree strongly with the assessment that Davis or Maher could have put up Fine numbers in the current offense. That is not a knock on them, but they had neither the arm strength or close to the accuracy of Fine. They as noted also played against a lower level of competition.
  16. That would be more feasible if Benford was head coach. Frankly, I doubt TCU would take a chance on Woolridge, but if they offered it would be a good place for him to land.
  17. As one of the few that has seen Ramsey play, I think he is the only one that comes close to Fine in passing ability. Maher and Davis were definitely stars but they played in the Southland, and in my view didn't face the competition that Fine has. Davis was like a fullback playing QB and Maher had big numbers but neither had the arm that Fine has. Both were like Fine in that they had the great intangibles and were superior leaders.
  18. Maher and Davis were good QB's, but not in the same category as Fine. Both were better runners than Fine, but were not close to as good a thrower. Coaches design offensives around their QB. Maher and Davis were much more dual threat. Steve Ramsey was a great passer, but could not run at all. All were supported by good receivers and schemes that fit their skills. Fine IMO is the best QB to play at NT, it is not the system: it is the talent. I hope that Bain, Mason, etc. can follow and do even better; but that is a big reach at this point.
  19. It was a great day for NT and a mighty accomplishment for the softball team. A silly argument over semantics does nothing to change that.
  20. Apparently it is not too obvious, judging by your post. A co-championship is not the same as an outright conference championship. If five teams had tied for the CUSA title would you insist on calling them all CUSA champions? I have never seen any league that includes the tiebreaker has a component in declaring the league championship. If you have, please provide some examples. I have had more than a few co-championship in my high school athletic career, so I guarantee you there is a big difference. I played way before the everyone gets a trophy stage and my team after finishing tied for first place got to sit home several times by losing a coin toss.
  21. Actually NT did not win the conference championship, they won a co-championship. You want Vito to report something that didn't happen? Earning the tiebreaker for tournament seeding is great and meaningful, but it does not mean NT is any more a champion than La Tech. The conference championship is determined by wins and loses, not by wins and losses plus tiebreaker status.
  22. I don't get your example, Vito is just explaining the situation which any good writer would do.
  23. Even with the loss of their best player from last year, NT should be a lot deeper and better. This club has went from one that was pretty much set, 4 returning starters that averaged double digit points to much more of a mystery. Again, I think Geu is far from a sure thing to start. The knock on him from NDSU fans was too many turnovers and he is going to have to play good defense to start for McCasland. I also think Gibson will be in the starting lineup, but it will be a battle particularly if NT goes to a 3 guard offense. Smart is kind of a wild card, if he is the sophomore version; he will start, the last year version will get few minutes. Also people forget about Wise who was a very sought after recruit.as was Jackson. Muhammed, Alcindor and Tikhononko are big unknowns from a fan's view. Could one of them challenge for a starting position? You also have to factor in McCasland's infatuation with J. Simmons. A player that didn't show much more than toughness last year playing mostly out of position. I actually hope your lineup is correct, but my guess still goes to Gibson starting in a 4 guard lineup with Geu getting about 25 minutes a game but again as a backup.
  24. Brasel has been in the associate head coach position has long as Mitchell has been head coach. It will be interesting to see how she does without him. I hope she hires a great recruiter.
  25. A healthy Woolridge could start for the vast majority of college teams. I think his problem is going to be having to prove that he is completely heathy and likely to stay that way. People overlook what a good defensive player Woolridge is.
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