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  1. I save my attitude just for people like you. It would be helpful if you responded to the comment rather than your own agenda. I guess you think it would help coverage if the beat writer had limited access to the program and played like he was reporting on the Ukraine war.
  2. I assume you disagree with my point, as you ignored it. His job depends on his having access to the team. Is that so hard to comprehend? I might add, Vito is the only reason I subscribe to the DRC. I don't live close and have no other reason to read the paper other than NT coverage. Frankly, NT is lucky to have outside local coverage of any kind.
  3. What makes you think it is Vito's job to ask the tough questions. That is generally not a function of any team's beat writer. Beat writers are not too successful when they are denied access and no one associated with the team will talk to them. It is Hank's very hard job to promote the team. I bet he is secretly as fed up with the current coaching staff as most of the fans.
  4. Agree with most, but you really think one game after years is going to bolster Aune's confidence. I really don't think Aune is suddenly going to get significantly better based on a losing game. IMO, Memphis was a team that NT should have beat, not a great team that NT should be happy to play close. I do hope NT led by Aune, will compete for the conference title. I don't think CUSA has a team equal to Memphis and nothing close to SMU.
  5. You got it, the problem with NT's football program is there is too many bowl games. Most people (fans) have figured out that over half of the teams get bowl games. I don't think that sways many into thinking they have a good team just because they get a low tier bowl appearance.
  6. You must be the one who counts SMU's attendance. 5000 in line at the concession stands, sure.
  7. Not sure why Vito thinks NT took a step forward, after a loss to a very beatable Memphis team. NT's goal has to be win, not beat the point spread. The oc is over, and it really hardly mattered, Littrell's fortune will be decided in the conference games. There are no powerhouses in the league, it should be wide open with almost every team having a chance. Memphis probably is as good as any league team.
  8. I have very little doubt that Aune will start every game. Why, I have no idea in view of his performance over his NT career. I see a lot of let's get a QB coach at NT. Littrell would pay absolutely no attention to him, so why spend the money. I still don't understand why Littrell signed 3 transfer QB's, I guess were they can study under Aune before they compete for the position next season. It is Littrell career, he is jeopardizing; he surely knows he is gone if he doesn't turn this around in a hurry.
  9. Like I say Aune will bring NT back. Only need 2 tds in 10 minutes, no problem.
  10. We all know what Aune can do, why not try anybody else. Worse case NT loses by more, but they find out if they got anyone else who can play QB. Aune is tough, but at best a mediocre QB. Fumble, let make the score look worse, to make CUSA opponents overconfident. Accomplished
  11. Are you sure of that, I doubt it. I checked the internet and could find no mention of the eagle design's connection with the Australian Air Force. This might be an individual use on one airplane or squadron. Really makes no difference, but why would you think this design was stolen by NT and not copied by the AAF? I have certainly no idea of the date of this picture or the age of this plane. However, it looks to me much newer than NT's use of the "flying worm". There are hundreds of designs for the most used symbol in the world. It is very possible that both were independently developed. .
  12. Yes, I am definitely defending Littrell by stating he needs to recruit were he can sign recruits. Not sure even in a roundabout way that counts as a defense.
  13. I am not going to defend Littrell and staff' recruiting, but they recruit the best players that they have a chance to get. Why settle on Denton recruits just because they come from Denton when your best bang for the buck results come from the DFW and Houston areas.
  14. I don't think NT doesn't get Denton players because of the coaching staff, the players most are referring to are top rated recruits. NT doesn't get any of those from anywhere.
  15. Much faster pace, the 20-21 team averaged 69.8 a game against last year 65.1 The defense of 20-21 held teams to 62.3 a game, a lot I guess compared to last year's 55.7 Your definition of a much faster pace is just different from mine. The stats from Mc's first year were offense 71.1 and defense 63.3, hardy a run and shoot offense As long as NT continues to win I don't care what they score, I just don't see Mc changing a winning formula just to score more points
  16. All that remains to be seen, I have my doubts that Mc is going to significantly change a winning formula. He probably will play more players, but I doubt he speeds up the game much.
  17. Reading into a post a lot that is not there and completely avoiding the question: how do the audience you are obviously trying to reach know that your bagged head is in protest of Littrell and Littrell only? They just know is not an answer, but you have already stated you are not going to the game so my golf claps won't bother you. If you want to do some research you will find I wanted NT to make a coaching move last year. So I am not defending Littrell in the least, I just wonder why some of you want to waste your time advocating an early dismissal which has almost zero chance of happening. There is most of the season to be played, and NT is 1-0 in the conference. I think you and a few others will actually be disappointed if NT does well in conference play.
  18. What is the public message. To me, it is I am ashamed to be at this NT game. Obviously, makes no sense because if you were, you would not attend. There are a lot of things that are not against the law that I think most people would refrain from doing. I hope when you don this bag, that you go around everyone that can see you and explain what you are protesting. Or maybe just write on the bag, I support the team but not the coach, better be big letters.
  19. You go to a game to support the team and hopefully have some fun. Political or coach change agendas should be left at home. Write a hundred more anti-Littrell tirades on this site and any others. What I think of the coaching situation is not going to alter my support for the team. When you wear a bag, I am sure some of you think it is cute and really daring. However, IMO it is an affront to the team and the school.
  20. Still go with 7 wins, even with horrible game against UNLV. Wins over FAU, La Tech, WKU, FIU, and Rice
  21. You realize that just about every program including the perennial top 10 play cupcakes in the oc. It is about economics ( load the schedule for season tickets with a very low cost home game) and a almost guaranteed win.
  22. Why would they or any other team? Sure, teams with big leads with no change of losing, put in subs and try to limit the scoring. That won't change, but if UTSA is in position to run up the score and does so, it is NT's fault not theirs. I am still for NT trying to win games, not limit the magnitude of the loses.
  23. If you can't beat a team like UNLV even on the road, your program is just not good. The thesis that playing and losing big to a name school is better for the program may be true. However, I hope NT is not scheduling based on how bad the loss will look.
  24. New coaching staff and mostly new players, it will take a while to gel. Was not overwhelmed with this coach hire, but she should definitely be given time to develop this program. This team looks to have the talent but not yet the cohesion to be a good team.
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