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  1. Okie St beat Clemson 5-1 for a two game swept.
  2. Saw that interview and was impressed by the new coach, however still don't understand the lack of coverage since that point.
  3. That is a big surprise, she was supposed to be the best player on the team before her injury. Walker started most of the year, but became an offensive liability. Lewis was a starter before injury, but was highly unlikely to win her position again over Simon. Those and the others, I bet were pushed toward the portal to make way for better players. Not pretty, but a consequence of a partial scholarship sport with very limited ships. Good luck to all.
  4. Yeah, you definitely got it figured out. I have no idea what you are trying to convey. I guess you still have hopes, Littrell is going to get fire off-season.
  5. Or mentioning that UTSA is in the the second largest city in Texas and with no pro football competition. Also got beat by NT when it mattered most to them. UTSA has done very well in a short time, but they obviously can be beat. Based on NT's performance the last two years, I can understand the rankings. However, if Littrell or team is afraid of this schedule then NT needs a new staff starting at the top.
  6. Great season, lost to number 6 or 7 team in the nation at their home field against one of the best pitchers around. Congrats to a great effort by maybe the best softball team ever at NT. Next season should be a blast.
  7. Yes, but than she would more likely never transfers, and even more unlikely to NT.
  8. Don't know about this recruit. Played very little at Seton Hall. To me, doesn't seem of a caliber to be your last recruit. Would save ship for better prospect.
  9. They just posted a schedule for next year with two unidentified players. It would be nice if they would post a roster, I don't understand why this seems to be so difficult.
  10. To whoever is skeptical, all you have to do is a little research.
  11. Interesting new rule change, have to see how it works out. In the olden days, scholarships were for four year; but there was lots of turnover. Players were run off routinely, that might not be so easy now because of the litetous nature of sports that now exists.
  12. He has started and I do believe that is because he in the opinion of the coaches is the best for job. That is not rationalization, it is reality.
  13. You never quit,do you? How do you know that the players LIttrell have signed out of the portal are not players that will significantly help? I think thus far that Littrell has played the portal very well. This as usual with the NCAA, will hurt lower tier teams. As the Bigs just grab up more players that would have fallen to G5 level schools. With the max ships staying at 85, what this will do is cause a lot more turnover. As teams jettison players to make room for potentially better transfers. Hopefully, it will accomplish it's real mission, which I believe is to provide more high schoolers with scholarships.
  14. correct, thanks for info. Pegam was fantastic, Pegram, I don't even remember making your point.
  15. I disagree with your premise and many on your list. If someone has the time they could make a list of transfers that made a positive difference at NT. On the current team for example, Aune is a transfer from Arkansas; good enough to start 2 and probably 3 years, Davis a two year starting in the DB from Texas Tech. Add in very promising players like Maclin (Missouri) and Jackson (Arkansas). Pegram at the top of your list, was IMO one of the best RB's ever at NT. Didn't have the numbers, but a fantastic player; remember NT playing at A&M and how much better Pegram was than their All American Williams. Many on your list, played little because of injury or grades not because they were not very talented. English a prime example. Morris was beaten out by arguably the best QB in NT history, Fine. Ferrell had off field issues. Many on this list were very highly recruited out of high school like tops in the nation. I think if I was coach I would give them a second chance, Terrell and Feidt fall into this category.
  16. Weird timing for sure, I certainly knew nothing about that move. However, I think the rather poor results in the last CUSA championship probably tipped the scales. It will be interesting to see, what Baker does. He could hire separate coaches or continue with a post similar to what NT has now.
  17. Also have a potentially very good number of running backs. Don't see many empty backfield formations for NT. The threat of a run and having at least one blocker in the backfield, who can also drift out for the occasionally pass seems a better gameplan.
  18. In the past, players were just ushered out the door and most were never heard of again. Now with the portal, there is at least a better chance that they will catch on with another school. I suspect that turnover has increased, just because it is easier for a coaching staff to move players out. In the past, most teams keep most players through their eligibility, no more.
  19. Getting descent home opening games against name opponents is at best very difficult. Not impossible, but at best you can hope for is a home and away contract with a like school. Why do you think there are so few teams from major basketball conference that ever play a lower tier conference team away? They play big payoff games occasionally, but that not going to happen playing NT. Expect McCasland to schedule oc as normal, tough teams away, poor teams in Denton. Certainly not good for the fans, but it's life for a mid-range conference team. I like your idea for more double headers with the women's team. They play excellent basketball and could use a little boost in the oc attendance. It would also be nice, if NT were in one of those early tournament that don't count against the schedule limits. However, there has been no mention of NT being in any of those tournaments and most have already announced their teams.
  20. Does UNT care about track and field? NT track sports accounts for 6 of the 16 teams necessary to qualify for D1 status. In the just concluded CUSA outdoor track and field championship, NT finished fifth in men and a horrible 11 in women. Track is primarily a partial scholarship sport. Something that should greatly favor lower cost state schools in heavy populated areas. In the last 5 years, only 4 years with a conference meets because of Coronavirus, the best finish for the men was 4 in 2021 and women was 5 in 2018. With an almost new facility built a couple of years ago, there are no excuses for NT not to fare better in track and field.
  21. Talking about all tournament team, not all conference.
  22. Yet, Seth the arrogant did not start Aune in the first game last year. Seth has started both Ruder and Bean over Aune. Aune ended up with the job because he performed better than anyone else at QB. Littrell has now signed 3 transfer QB's, which seems to me to indicate that he is disparity searching for a QB with a higher ceiling than Aune.
  23. Not sure which "kid" you have left out, but NT only has one ship to fill Recruits thus far: Eady, Huntsberry, Sissoko, and Martinec I think NT is in position to just take the best available, but I would like to see a high school signing.
  24. All star teams should be based on performance not talent. My guess is that this team was selected before the championship game. The pitcher Nunn who made the all tournament team gave up 11 earned runs in 15 innings. I am not positive how softball era is computed, but that should be over a 7.00 era. They also had a player (Drinnon) that got 2 hits in 13 at bats. WKU also had players selected with tournament batting averages of two with .400 and one .300 chosen. NT had two hitters that hit over .500 that didn't make the all tournament team. Minor thing perhaps when compared with winning the tournament. However, I can think of no valid rationale for choosing 5 WKU players for the all tournament team. Particularly, when the championship team that run ruled WKU only had three despite having better stats.
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