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  1. The NCAA unless recently, has never penalized a school for non-compliance with T9. Almost all co-ed schools are in non-compliance with T9. Title 9 mandates that the division of athletic scholarships be given on the ratio prevalent in the student body. Overall, women outnumber men in college by 60% to 40%. There are 17% more women than men in NT undergraduate population.
  2. Horrible place to play, bad lighting, fans right on top of the court, no suites, horrible concessions, almost everybody standing the whole game, etc. Still the greatest college basketball atmosphere I have ever been part of.
  3. Wait, and see how it plays out. SMU has always in modern football had a conference advantage over NT. Soon, unless SMU finds another destination; NT and SMU will meet on equal terms. That big historical advantage were almost all SMU victories were not only against a lower level conference NT, but also a lower division school will be gone. Whether NT wins another game this season is meaningless in terms of what is going to start happening in 2023. SMU is a great program this year, and has a shot at an undefeated season. If SMU can build on that, maybe they can dominate the AAC and perhaps get that look from the P5's.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can assure everything is rational. As far as attendance, winning or losing, and opponent are the major factors. Sure a new facility is going to a create a temporary uptick in attendance but it will quickly fade. You can only go to a new place first once. The SP is far from a dump. I highly doubt the SP effects scheduling at all. The thought that a renovation of the SP is going to cost the same amount as a new arena is IMO ridiculous If it is even close, than a new facility would be better. However, the SP is currently and has operated for a long time; unless you know it is unsafe: I am sure NT has financial analysis that factors in the cost and expected benefits. Obviously, this is a borderline project it is always categorized as construction in the future. If NT can get a large chunk donated than a new arena becomes much more attractive.
  5. Care to elaborate what you don't think is rational.
  6. It is all handled by agents now. There is no way a team can bar a coach from talking to anyone. Agent reaches an agreement in principle, secret meeting with coach, and if agreement is made it is announced. No agreement, no announcement; however it certainly can be leaked like Littrell dalliance with KSU.
  7. NT has a very young football team. I think there is a lot of talent there. However, the move up is going to require much better recruiting. Bring in the right staff and NT should be immediately competitive, not championship level; but much better than now.
  8. SMU and the vast majority of private schools are still non-profit entities. Any surplus wether at UT or SMU is then invested back into the school. Obviously, the more revenues generated; the more to spend on facilities, salarlies, recruiting, research, etc. In reality, there is no significant difference between private or public colleges missions.
  9. No it does not, years ago a girls basketball game was moved to the Pit when the SP was booked for some kind of robotics event. This was used as an example of lack of control by the AD. Never mind the same decision would have been made regardless of what department has title to the building.
  10. You know this makes no sense. The technical ownership has absolutely nothing to do with the scheduling of the SP. The President and AD make those decisions just like almost every college owned athletic facility in the country.
  11. You are guessing and I doubt you are right. Sports is ultimately a business, and at some point; teams are very interested in gate, travel, and publicity. NT/SMU scores very high on all those factors. If you are only talking about fans, than you are right: NT fans want to beat SMU, and a lot of SMU fans think their program is too good to play NT.
  12. I am assuming that the NT plans will be for volleyball courts to be in a separate area than basketball. That would take some advantage away from NT playing with a low ceiling. However, it should be a big boost to volleyball recruiting.
  13. I am not sure Holtz is what NT needs, but I do believe NT could get him. Double the salary, better recruiting location, much better facilities and now a better conference. NT has a lot to offer, probably one of the 5 best G5 jobs in the country. .
  14. Look at the cost of the UTA basketball arena construction and that was a long time ago. It would probably take much more now to build a new basketball arena; much more than the cost of Apogee. I think you could do a lot with the SP with a lot less than a $100m, and end up with a better facility than a brand new UTA like stadium. I don't think UTA arena is better in anyway over the SP other than it can be louder. UTA had an awful arena, and had to build. However, a new facility has not significantly helped ether their record or attendance.
  15. We have no idea if NT would make the cut at 12 or not. It should be obvious that the choices were not made based on the current football situation. Read the crap from some of those fans of CUSA teams that didn't get the offers. Some are measured and reasonable. Others are not so complimentary to UNT. I do agree that gloating is certainly not called for. NT was picked for a reason over other teams. It is mostly because of the substantial investments made by NT in athletics, location and most of all potential.
  16. Good analogy We need Dr. Phil, NT has one of the most beaten down fan bases around. Any good news has got to be wrong.
  17. No, all colleges have basically the same mission: to teach and prepare their students to earn a good living.
  18. I think building a bright new McDonald looking basketball arena ala UTA, is foolish at best. The SP is fine, should be able to renovate it for a fraction of the cost of a new facility, I honestly do not know what the rationale for this level of expenditure could be? I don't think it would help recruiting, if that is the justification just adding more to the recruiting budget would be a lot cheaper. A new facility is not going to significantly improve scheduling or attendance. .
  19. Why does everyone think SMU is out to get NT. They have plenty of issues other than area competition. Competition for the entertainment dollar in the Metromess is vicious. SMU and NT don't make a dent in the DFW sports market. Everyone that goes to NT/SMU games know that SMU needs affiliation with NT a lot more than NT needs SMU.
  20. Whistling in the graveyard. Those left now know there is something worse than the conference noone wanted to be in. Their programs have been badly hurt, I am afraid. Some will survive and maybe even end up in a better position. Most are not going to fare so well.
  21. You are worried about NT's sports image when they are joining a league with SMU in it. You cannot change the past, but the future can quickly change an image.
  22. SMU has at best a delusional fan base. A team that relies heavily on away fan attendance and is only relevant because of apparently an unending supply of money and a very tattered history. A few SMU fans think the new alignment is a good thing, but most believe the end is near. They want a new conference, but who is going to take them that is any better than the AAC?
  23. If CUSU loses additional teams they could be in trouble, but right now I think they could survive and still be viable. It is still too spread out, but so is the AAC. Reorganization along regional lines is still a possibility, but again makes to much sense to happen. If CUSA stays together, they would be better off remaining at 8 teams. I don't know of a single team that would help the cause that would actually join. The teams I fear that lose out are UTEP, the location is just so problematic. La Tech and USM, both with good overall programs that are just in small markets. The remaining Eastern schools could stay together, but would have to pick up at least 2 clubs to get to a 7 member league.
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