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  1. Benford being known primarily for his recruiting is now working for a coach apparently caught trying to buy players. Not sure congratulations are in order. Winning games with bought players occurs often, but it is not praiseworthy. Winning at NT with no or very limited paying players budget would be much more impressive.
  2. Is that suppose to be an insult? Might as well add in a little ageism to the mix. Again read, this is from the post you are responding to: As far as fans liking the current conference situation, how in the world do you come to that conclusion? You don't need to reference a bunch of stats, nearly every NT fan is very familiar with, to prove a point almost every fan agrees on. Logic or debate are not your strengths. Have a good day.
  3. You know you are at best a hypocrite. You attend games like most NT fans do, and yet degrade other fans for their attendance and support. As far as fans liking the current conference situation, how in the world do you come to that conclusion? Some have a little more touch with reality than you seem to, but that doesn't mean they are happy with the status quo. Back to the basics, I don't believe the MWC is a good fix for NT even if offered. We can and have disagreed on that. That is not a demarkation between old and new Denton or good or bad fans. It is just an opinion.
  4. No La Tech was in the WAC, which was I believe a Western based conference. Again, read; I stated that the MWC is a better conference. I notice you did not attempt to answer the last question. So what is the answer, surely you know if you go to the CUSA games or not.
  5. I guess anyone that doesn't believe in your sports utopia, is just not your kind of fan. You have not countered one point, just more foolishness. Yes, I can drive to San Antonio, Houston, Ruston and Hattiesburg and have done so many times. All are much closer than the closest MWC location. Again, the MWC is not going to allow NT membership; so you can rant and rave all you want; it is not going to happen. So yes you can dream about the MWC or SEC, it makes no difference. You keep bringing up TCU, there are just a few minor details you ignore. The MWC was a better league in those days including BYU and Utah. Also had la Tech, which gave them at least one close game. TCU was a premiere program in the league, so they overcame the altitude. Also they were able to relatively quickly move on. Do you go to those pitiful CUSA games? If you do then, I guess you are one of those fans you like to assail. If you don't go, then your opinion and pontification means little and why do you bother to post on this message board.
  6. Any dish viewers, I am and every NCAA men games not on a local channel is blocked. Time to find something else.
  7. CUSA sucks compared to the MWC, great analysis there. Travel to the East is the same as to the West, yes; but you fail to mention the regional teams in CUSA. The closest team would be in Albuquerque, 640 miles. Yes, the MWC is similar to the Big West in locations although the Big West had closer teams. The games are on late at night, Central time; and that greatly curtails following NT. Yes, fans like me like a conference were you can actually drive to a game, not have to stay up to midnight to listen to a game. Also there is the little issue that you are not just talking about football and basketball. There is also substantial travel expense involved with other teams such as volleyball, softball, swimming, etc. Not to mention the extra time away from classes and the competitive disadvantage of traveling future distances and playing at altitude. There is no one arguing that the MWC is not a better league than CUSA. However, that could change with time. Fans like me get what we deserve, I am not sure what that means. I support the team to the extent practical for me, and would do so whatever conference NT belongs to. This debate is just that, the MWC doesn't want NT and not likely to ever want to move the footprint of their conference East.
  8. It is usual bad news when you see a headline like the title. In this case, the women's golf team is number 12 out of 13 teams.
  9. Well that would mean you disagree with every point. So apparently you think: NT dominates CUSA CUSA is a regional league The MWC would be less travel The Big West days were good for NT NT doesn't offer more to the AAC than some of their current teams NT should base it's future plans on the break-up of the B12 CUSA has a very questionable upside Macleod should remain commissioner of CUSA I really doubt that any NT fan would disagree with many or any of the above points. It is not exactly a controversial view.
  10. I don't get all this complaining about CUSA, it is not like NT dominates. It is too spread out but so are most of the conferences these days. Joining the MWC would sure be a lot worse from a travel standpoint. Unless you dream they are gong to set up a Eastern Division. Some of you remember the Big West days and that was pretty much a disaster. TCU went West and came back quickly, but they were a much more established program than NT is now. As far as the AAC, NT offers more than a lot of teams in that league. Problem is that teams like SMU, Tulsa and Tulane got there first. I do believe that getting offers from any step up conference is a very long shot as is this hope that the Big Twelve is going to somehow explode. May happen, but certainly not something to base any plans on. CUSA is not a bad group of programs and most have a very good upside. I would like to get a new commissioner, not because I know that Maclead is not doing a good job. I just would like to see what fresh leadership not associated with the old Banowsky regime could accomplish.
  11. Not to mention that OU has won something like 45 straight home game and is 25-2 and number two in the nation. It should be a great learning experience but like NT's coach stated, I think the girls were a little too much in awe of OU. Look forward to NT winning CUSA.
  12. NT is losing coaches to the P5's, that is exactly what a successful G5 program does. It is a lot better than having to fire coaches because they are not up to the job or losing them to peer and below programs. NT is very fortunate to retain Littrell, so overall NT is doing fine in the annual coaching carousel.
  13. Technically, it is a post season tournament win, but beating a barely over .500 club on your home court is not that impressive. The women did look good in the victory and hopefully they can continue and win the tournament.
  14. No one location is ever going to satisfy all the schools in the conference. If you want bad, you should have seen when the NT conference tourney was in Shreveport. There is also a financial angle to this, plus the league wants a multiple court location. Complaining is easy, finding something better is apparently not.
  15. There are privacy laws that apply and the ever present danger of defamation lawsuits. There is definitely a limit to what a coach can comment on. Also depending on what the offense is, it may not be something that the school or the coaching staff wants to amplify.
  16. Other than the whole premise of the article was stupid, I guess the writing was first rate. A little research would have revealed that much less successful coaches than Littrell have been hired away for a lot more money. Note, I didn't say a better job, because there are other factors than money.
  17. There are a lot of assumptions in both arguments. You can assume that players don't get better with experience or that better players are not recruited. I am not sure what a filler is. If you mean non-starter than every player begins their career's there. I look at the pending defense and see a lot of potential and a lot of players that were actually good last year. Will there be another Ejiya level player emerge, this year? Probably not, but overall NT is in a lot better shape on defense than thought last year. NT had a middle of CUSA type of defense last year, and I really believe that will be the same this year.
  18. Here what I base my optimism on. The defense last year was also a big question, so why can't this year turn out better than most expect again after another year running the same basic defense. There should be more talent coming in this freshmen class than in ages. I don't get all this talk of unknowns. The secondary has proven players returning as does the linebacker position. The linebacker position will need freshmen to come through early, but that is a strength of the freshmen class. NT returns a couple of players who started at linebacker in King and Ozougwu. NT lost a couple of very good linebackers, but in this defense; linebackers are going to get great tackle stats. All the concern seems to be the defensive line who returns first team all conference Hamilton as well as Novil. NT loses starters Young and Tauaalo both good players but replaceable. Nether had even honorable mention all conference mention. Candidates for the dl line include Colvin, McMillan, English and Saafi as well as redshirts Shaw and Leblanc. Obviously, the rotation is going to have to have at least of couple of these players to substantially up their game. In summary, I believe that the secondary will be equal to the 2018 version. Linebackers may not have the star power, but will be much deeper. Unlike apparently most, I think the dl could be better led by Novel and Hamilton.
  19. I doubt the coaching staff is depending much on a healthy English, why would they? Also how could anyone possible know how the defense will do. A lot were predicting how bad they were going to be this time last year. I am optimistic I think the defense will be as good as or better than last year, by the time league play starts.
  20. I don't think I have ever seen any team that doesn't play to win. The question becomes what is the primary reason to buy the game. To give underclassmen experience seems to me to head the list. That doesn't mean you are going to bench the 3 starting seniors. It does mean NT wants to give it's underclassmen the experience of another post season tournament and play them as much as possible without jeopardizing the win. Look for Bradley to get her usual minutes, but both Goodhart and Smith have backups very close to their level of play.
  21. A quick look and NT has the worse record in the tournament 15-15. A lot of mediocre teams, hopefully NT can have success much like the men's team last year in this (buy your way in tournament). A good move if NT can at least last a couple of games. It will be interesting to see how Mitchell plays it. Three starters are seniors. Do you play for wins or experience or records for Bradley?
  22. Yes, but they would have been no matter who won from CUSA.
  23. Many lamented NT's offensive tackle play last year and now we are worried about replacing them. Also. I would remind those worried about Bramer's size, those numbers have not been changed since he joined the team, so who knows. The offense returns almost every starter, but the OT's; so it obviously a concern. However, NT returns 3 very good offensive line starters. Overall, the ol should be at least as good as last year and there is a good chance of improvement.
  24. NT is going to be quickly playing freshmen linebackers. I would not be surprised with two freshman starters by conference play.
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