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  1. Travis

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    I don't see us pulling out of this one at all.
  2. Travis

    Shane Buechele transfers to SMU

    Well he wouldnt have beat out Fine here.
  3. Travis

    Old Dominion (1/31/19)

    I am pretty sure I could make a better difference offensively than Smart. Put me in coach!
  4. I plan on flying back
  5. Travis

    Men's Basketball Attendance

    I agree. We had momentum during JJ and it was shot to holy hell with what preceded. I wish people would wake up sooner because we have something special, but that just isn't the case with us. Just keep winning. The culture will grow.
  6. Travis

    Rice (1/19/19)

    I didn’t mean this as a slight on you. I am just saying no one should really shoot you down... chances are, that kind of statement will be right many times over for us.
  7. Travis

    Rice (1/19/19)

    It isn’t really a bold prediction. Odds are, you will always be right by saying as much. It’s a safe pick with North Texas (when we say it during midsession with a good record).
  8. Travis


    Unjel Masters. 😂😂 haha. I know a lot of people didn’t care for him, but I liked the dude when he played.
  9. Travis

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    have we ever had 8 home games on our schedule like we do this upcoming year?
  10. I thought I was so good, I declared for the NFL draft before even playing college ball. That didn't work out so well for me. I hope it works out better for him.
  11. Travis

    UTEP (1/10/19)

    Smart looked bad at the early going.
  12. Travis

    Best Start By a CUSA Team Since 2008

    Great job Crouching Mac!!!
  13. Travis

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    In all seriousness... they really should put the cameras in a way that if you stand up you aren’t obstructing it. This shouldn’t be on the fans. They need to move the camera to a better spot.
  14. Travis

    Super Pit thoughts

    Our AD should consider orange seats.
  15. Travis

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    So you were the one ruining it for us all. Thanks man. But no. I wouldn’t complain to the AD about this.