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  1. Austin Aune has no business being out there. They benched Bean way too quickly today.
  2. If they don’t want me to Bobby knight a chair across the court I suggest they not do that to me when I am there.
  3. We have to be one of the dumbest college football teams in America with how many times we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  4. Sounds like maybe some legal trouble. How embarrassing for them. Thank god we have never had legal trouble from one of our coordinators. I am so embarrassed for them.
  5. I don’t get the calls to end the season. Makes no sense to me. This year is a free year for all. They should play as much as possible and cancel when needed. To throw it all away is short sighted.
  6. Much different tone. Can't keep raging when others do the same. Now they know who the common denominator is.
  7. I selfishly want him to stay here next year.
  8. If you asked some of the players, they would say he actually spent very little time recruiting after those 2 big classes.
  9. What’s the point?! really? also, Who is wishing for failure? It’s important to see the kind of coaches SL brings in. It’s also important to follow common denominators and current trends. Jesus, this is a football forum no?
  10. How is it beating a dead horse if it is literally the very first game since leaving us? This just gives more indication thst maybe he isn’t all that great of an OC. Someone’s panties are in a wad. And by someone I mean Rise.
  11. BSU up 35-13 in the late in the fourth. I see Bodie Reeder is kicking ass in game one with a total of 180 total yards
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