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  1. Expect the same for the rest of us. Unfortunately.
  2. Not green enough. Currently graded as an incomplete. Please redo and resubmit.
  3. Welcome TJ. I am excited you are with us. I hope you kick names and take ass while here at unt.
  4. She said yes to what?
  5. Some of those requests seem very legitimate. There are a few I am not so sure of.
  6. Well, when a father of worm and a mother of worm fall in love....
  7. Such a fun bowl game. I remember it like it was 6 years ago.
  8. I see the annual posts are right on schedule.
  9. Check out the list from ESPN on the top interior defensive lineman. GMG! It has been since Brandon Kennedy we have probably had something like that. https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/29013318/ranking-college-football-top-10-returning-interior-defensive-linemen-2020
  10. It’s good that our baseball seniors will get another year of eligibility. I think it will make the difference next year.
  11. I believe the actual language in his contract is to ‘participate in the NCAA tournament’. That we didn’t do.
  12. No. I would restructure the contract, give them an extension, and increase their price to keep them. UNT and Grant lose with us both not going to the dance. There is no reason that we force the athletic department to lose more just because it didn't work out for either.
  13. Yeah you are right... he doesn't make enough and we should just give him a bonus to a thing we didn't participate in even though that was a stipulation for the very bonus we are discussing. I love the dude.. but he is about to get a much bigger payout than giving him an undeserved bonus because he is about to get a raise and an extension. He will be more than fine.
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