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  1. I want to see the watch list for watch lists.
  2. Travis

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I call this one Oreo Cookie with Mint Bits.
  3. Travis

    Just for the record

    Do you mean he caught it with one arm or that he had just one arm? Because in my mind it is the latter and I think a little less of MM now.
  4. Travis

    Just for the record

    Mean Green Fan living in Boise here (for the past five years)... Boise isn't that cold. Until it gets into December/late November. Even then, it is a dry cold that nothing that a good jacket, a beanie, gloves, and some hot cocoa won't cure. I go to a BSU game in November every year here. I prefer the cold here than the more-humid cold to Dallas anyday. But, UNT's stadium is far better than BSU's and so is all the amenities. Honestly, their stadium really sucks and I struggle seeing (facility-wise) how they are consistently a top 25 program. And the gameday atmosphere is better at UNT than BSU (except the weather is much better at Boise). And nothing beats Texas food. With that said, BSU football is the only show in town on Saturday nights. They compete with the likes of a Dallas Stars farm system program in the Steelheads, and another low level baseball program called the Hawks. That is it. Attendance has been waning here at BSU - not just because they are only winning 8-9 games a year lately as opposed to their 10-11 before, but most argue that it is because the program caters to television putting them much later at night or on Thursdays (from seasons past). They still fill a stadium for the most part. But, it isn't as full as it used to be. I would love UNT to have the consistent draw that BSU does. Regardless, I love UNT and i look forward to coming back for Homecoming. I have adopted BSU as a secondary school because of my connection to them.
  5. Travis

    A few random notes

    This made me laugh.
  6. Travis

    A few random notes

    I thought we were bowl eligible for the second year... since the context is in regards to wins and losses.
  7. They would make even more with a 16 team playoff.
  8. OR why should the G5 agree to it for that matter??
  9. 16 teams with every conference champion getting in plus a handful of at large. This way theoretically everyone has a chance... just like BB. And then it is no longer a monopoly of the highest awards. Just as no one complains of BB being a monopoly. Those majoritively speaking, the power five conferences tend to still last longer than the non P5 schools in BB.
  10. Travis

    Confession - The hype got me

    You guys crack me up.
  11. Travis

    CUSA Western Division

    I am telling you... la tech isn’t that good. They will have two losses at least and don’t be surprised if they lose to rice. We have to win out and it looks like UAB poses the biggest threat.
  12. WE have to play better moving forward. UAB taking care of business.
  13. Travis

    CUSA Western Division

    UAB up 21-7
  14. I’d like to see quick out there.
  15. I’d like our DB’s to not play so far off the WR. Please.