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  1. It’s good that our baseball seniors will get another year of eligibility. I think it will make the difference next year.
  2. I believe the actual language in his contract is to ‘participate in the NCAA tournament’. That we didn’t do.
  3. No. I would restructure the contract, give them an extension, and increase their price to keep them. UNT and Grant lose with us both not going to the dance. There is no reason that we force the athletic department to lose more just because it didn't work out for either.
  4. Yeah you are right... he doesn't make enough and we should just give him a bonus to a thing we didn't participate in even though that was a stipulation for the very bonus we are discussing. I love the dude.. but he is about to get a much bigger payout than giving him an undeserved bonus because he is about to get a raise and an extension. He will be more than fine.
  5. No. It isn't. Why should this be on UNT to pay an NCAA tournament bonus when there was no tournament?
  6. Why. There was no tournament to grant Grant... Why pay a 'getting us to the NCAA tournament' bonus when he didn't get us into the NCAA tournament.
  7. How about ‘the place where the ref mic hardly works’
  8. Jesus I hate these threads. We think so small time and any hint of success we start talking about them leaving. it took many years for JJ to get his chance for a big school. Even so, I wish we wouldn’t be so quick to go to this type of thinking.
  9. If I were Draper I’d come back. This would be the last hoorah and nothing like this would ever happen again. If a waiver is given... he should totally take it.
  10. We were close with most all the big teams.
  11. Get well buddy! Hurry back to the gmg community!
  12. I have an expectancy for good things. 7-5 at minimum. A better offense and a better defense. Good things will happen!
  13. Man, we can’t even fill up the stands in our own renderings. Damn.
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