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  1. Travis

    UTA (12/8/18)

    We are looking really bad. Boo. UTA seems to own us.
  2. Travis

    UTA (12/8/18)

    Cusatv isn’t working. Unless the game is delayed somehow. Also not seeing updates on espn app.
  3. Travis

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Twitter is abuzz that SL has removed himself from the KSU job. Woohoo!!!!
  4. Adler, are you talking about them leaving for another conference when we were in the sun belt? I don’t see that much or a problem and they went to a place that made sense for them.
  5. Travis

    Frisco Bowl

    Most all bowl games are empty. That place would be just fine. Regardless, it ain’t happening.
  6. Travis

    Happy Bowl Selection Day

    Utah State is a tough one. Saw them live against BSU. They are a legit team and are a top 25 program. I like the quality of opponent. Boise State was lucky to get by them at their own house.
  7. Travis

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    If we get Utah State, that is a super tough game. Excited for the quality of opponent, that is for sure.
  8. Travis

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Tech came out on Monday much earlier saying that SL was never on their top list. This was one we never had to sweat.
  9. Travis

    Ashton Preston transferring

    I am sad to see him go. He seems like a really great guy.
  10. Travis

    Goodbye Fouts!

    Fouts will always equal urinal trough. always.
  11. Travis

    Goodbye Fouts!

    Good bye urinal troughs.
  12. Travis

    9 Wins and disappointing

    I am thrilled with this season. I don't forget how bad we were. I love the direction our program is headed.
  13. Travis

    New Head Coaches Hired

    Tech has already came out saying SL is not on their list.
  14. It’s funny seeing how many people get on to the DRC about this potential or not so potential story. I don’t blame Brett for writing what he did. It is his job to. Part of his job is to get people talking about the things he writes... which clearly it worked 7 page thread later.
  15. Travis

    E.J. Ejiya can end UNT's 14-year NFL Draft drought

    I am sorry... but I will not sit idly by when our own fans liken us to the likes of Louisiana Baptist University. How dare you sir!