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  1. Even scarier is the triple threat qb. Can you imagine him being able throw, sing and dance?!
  2. The time would be about right for SL to pull a TD and swing Fine out to slot reciever.... WWTDD
  3. Oh man. I could only do five minutes of that... it was painful and I have no idea how to actually comprehend what he said. Wow.
  4. We are going to have the same problems next year as we did this year.
  5. I can’t believe I bought a plane ticket back to watch us. 😕
  6. I understand the public good argument. But who gets to determine what is the public good? In this case, it is the state determining what is good for the state. I still question its fairness and always will. Again, I am a huge proponent of property rights and individual rights. This only goes to show you that, in a sense, we really don't own anything at all.
  7. Can't they just find a new location (after getting a hefty sum of cash from the univeristy - i assume)?? They don't have to be gone if they get good enough business... I am trying to have to understand why relocating isn't an option. Also, I am really against emminent domain. I think it sucks and I am a huge proponent of property and individuals rights. But I still struggle to understand how this will be the end of New York Subway when they simply need to find a new place.
  8. The wheels are freaking off
  9. I don't see us pulling out of this one at all.
  10. Well he wouldnt have beat out Fine here.
  11. I am pretty sure I could make a better difference offensively than Smart. Put me in coach!
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