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  1. If last year is any indication, I am pretty sure I can hang about 40 on us.
  2. So are you saying that stoops tried to start up discussions again (but too late)?
  3. Listen guys.... this thread is now 8 pages long and it needs to come to a close. so... democrats suck.
  4. I think you guys are right. It is definitely a safe hire and not one where SL is swinging to the fences. I also agree with the others who say we had to make this kind of hire. I think that just shows where we are at with this program under SL. We are in a very difficult, semi no-win situation that we have to make the most of where we are to get ourselves out of it. I think it is safe to say that both are right on this and it just indicates we are in a pretty cruddy situation.
  5. I expect all quarterbacks to be improved for 21.
  6. The HC? I don’t care about Texas connections with our DC. I hardly care about it from an HC. Plenty of coaches get hired that have Texas ties and it serves them little. I just want a coach that can fit a scheme to players, can make adjustments, and can coach up the kids we do have. There are plenty of coaches that can come in here and do amazing things regardless of connections. Out of a list of things, that would come in dead last for me if at all. Relationships and connections can be established regardless of if you shook hands before or not.
  7. Texas ties is way overrated. I don’t know why we bring that up all the time.
  8. I was so excited when we got him. 😞 sad it didn’t work out
  9. Truth is... I am not sure there is anything to report.
  10. Watch... he is going to end up promoting someone on the current staff because he can’t find anyone.
  11. Dickey had stealth player recruiting and waited till whats left to go after. SL has stealth coach recruiting and waits till whats left to go after. We all have our quirks I suppose. Bold strategy. Let's see how it pays off.
  12. I never ever understood taking teams based on tv. I thought that was horrible when better programs were passed over. Now how is our commissioner held accountable? How can we make such atrocious deals and she still have a job? Who is her watcher?
  13. Hell if money is an issue... SL can donate some of his big ass fat check that he has 'earned' in hopes that this DC will save his job.
  14. They aren't good is what is an embarrassment. But, given what I have seen all year from our team, we don't look good either.
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