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  1. Moderators are you just going to leave this kind of perverted filth on this board?!
  2. That wouldn’t have happened even if we won the tournament.
  3. There are other players besides JD?
  4. I did not like how RV refused to use UNT. Thank god that was reversed when he left.
  5. I know Martin might stay at QB 2 or QB 3 most likely... but I am really rooting for the guy.
  6. Never met the guy but always loved the back and forth with him on here for since as long as I can remember. These things are always so tough.
  7. If last year is any indication, I am pretty sure I can hang about 40 on us.
  8. So are you saying that stoops tried to start up discussions again (but too late)?
  9. Listen guys.... this thread is now 8 pages long and it needs to come to a close. so... democrats suck.
  10. I think you guys are right. It is definitely a safe hire and not one where SL is swinging to the fences. I also agree with the others who say we had to make this kind of hire. I think that just shows where we are at with this program under SL. We are in a very difficult, semi no-win situation that we have to make the most of where we are to get ourselves out of it. I think it is safe to say that both are right on this and it just indicates we are in a pretty cruddy situation.
  11. I expect all quarterbacks to be improved for 21.
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