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  1. Apparently. I am not allowed to use phrases on this day like: we launched a website, mason invades your endzone, Fine will attack your defense and today conference USA, tomorrow the world.
  2. I love the website launch and fitting it is on 6/6 for our #6. Get it son!
  3. I don’t know guys. It kinda looks incomplete. And the cranes look like they will be in the way. Complete waste of money
  4. what is the over/under for him staying there? One full season? That is my guess.
  5. I only point out that there often is at least one or two really weak teams, including us for a few seasons, in this conference. I am not sure out conference will ever really shake that for the foreseeable future.
  6. We have been there. We have been worse.
  7. Even scarier is the triple threat qb. Can you imagine him being able throw, sing and dance?!
  8. The time would be about right for SL to pull a TD and swing Fine out to slot reciever.... WWTDD
  9. Oh man. I could only do five minutes of that... it was painful and I have no idea how to actually comprehend what he said. Wow.
  10. We are going to have the same problems next year as we did this year.
  11. I can’t believe I bought a plane ticket back to watch us. 😕
  12. I understand the public good argument. But who gets to determine what is the public good? In this case, it is the state determining what is good for the state. I still question its fairness and always will. Again, I am a huge proponent of property rights and individual rights. This only goes to show you that, in a sense, we really don't own anything at all.
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