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  1. You are insufferable. Someone tell me how to block the insufferables on here please. You are up there with that Houston fan.
  2. I am confident SL will bring in some great guys.
  3. I thought they said recruiting is first priority then the focus will go to coordinators.
  4. What info do we have on him?
  5. Do it UTSA! He will be one hell of a coach for you. Strongly recommend!
  6. Was what made MC a bad OC because he called bad plays or was it because he was a poor recruiter/talent evaluator? For how much he touted his love for coaching QB’s, he had a terrible time bringing in and making a good one.
  7. Unless there were some misconduct that hasn’t come forward, this would be all Peterson’s doing as no way they would have pushed him out there.
  8. A change needed to be made given such a huge drop in production.
  9. History tells us Likely not. 😕 but I don’t think anyone expected us to have the 2013 year we did and that was quite a season.
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