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  1. I used to love New York Sub growing up... but am i the only one that thought their subs were too bready?
  2. I have never been a fan.... and I am kind of a sailor (if you know what I mean).... Yes, thats right. I am full of STD's.
  3. I think it should have been a massive jumbro tron type thing on constant replay of highlights facing 35.
  4. We would play two games that were good and notable and often two games that weren’t. And I am not just counting the bowl run years, why should I? It seems like you added that simply to bolster your argument and ignored the others that bolstered mine. I am looking at DD’s entire coaching career here. His lackluster recruiting was a complaint even from players - I know, I roomed with one. Outside of one strong recruiting year, he really sat on it. TCU was not that good one year and good the next. The 02 game was one of the rare times we were actually in the game - but only because TCU ran a dumb prevent that allowed our backup Qb to score a touchdown to make it a possible miracle. Neither was Air Force, South Florida, Baylor, and Arizona ‘good’ at all. South Florida rose quickly, but they weren’t when we played them. Didn’t we lose to a non conference Florida Atlantic team too? Tulsa was just embarrassing. What about that mighty Akron team? We rarely ever beat the beatable teams. I can think of one Troy team before we played them in conference and a Baylor team. The rest were a few D-1AA teams if I recall. Am I missing any ‘notable’ wins outside of a really terrible Baylor team? We played winnable games and never had a fighting chance. At least with an SL team, we Know we have a fighting chance with most anyone. Even our money games now have people sweating it at half. Something I only could dream of a DD team doing.
  5. No way. We got beat by tons of mediocre teams too. And often beat badly.
  6. I see that RV must have joined their athletic department.
  7. I miss some of the older gags we used to have on here. From El guapo to @Censored by Laurie‘s weekly round up that made fun of the posters on the board and beyond.
  8. My kids... @Tyler Maryak @Christopher Walker I am so proud of the way you two have grown up from just wee lads. #prouddad
  9. They already think we have gone to the AAC.
  10. I love UNT as much as the next guy and will always identify with the university. But, having my family work at that place (grandfather, grandmother, aunts, sister, spouse, and myself), a father who was one of the Assistant Vice Presidents, I worked there for 5 years, I have two degrees from there, my family has a combined 9 degrees from there... I can say confidently that I will not always root for our Alma Mater because our Alma Mater has done and will do some shady shit. The things they will do for what they think is best for the university is not always right. I will like to go with my conscious and back the things I think are right despite it being a part of my identity. Unfortunately, my inside knowledge of some haven't always made me the happiest. Politics, image, and protectionism can sometimes be too important than doing the right thing.
  11. Did you ever try that sushi place that folded a few years back that was over near the fry area. I loved it. Who doesn’t miss the chicken tendies from State Club?!? Also, did anyone ever go to the food truck the Angry Friar ( the double decker bus) back in 2011?! I was in love with those fish and chips.
  12. I understand fighting for more money from the university... but I don’t see how if they have a successful biz that they can’t move it somewhere close to the university and still imitate their model.
  13. I am not sure conferences care about tv packages as much as they used to. It certainly hasn’t served us that well in CUSA.
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