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  1. Aune has freaking 4 passing TD’s. Color me impressed. Is this a record for him??
  2. Ha. Touché. but not the context I was referring to. And you know it, punk!
  3. How many colleges are there really that aren’t ‘accepting’. It is like a burger joint advertising ‘we have fries’. So does everyone else. It was amusing to see the difference between smu’s commercial and our own. If I am going to go to college, I want it to be that I am bettering my future. Not that I need to know I got lots of food options at a dining hall I would likely use for only my first year.
  4. Unt commercials have to be the absolute worst. We boast that we want all the wierdos and that our dining halls make good food. Like that’s our hook.
  5. No no. Don’t even think about it. Some on the board refuse to think TSU has a Qb worth a damn. Despite looking better than what we had.
  6. agreed. This thread is a little ridiculous to me.
  7. Perhaps... but still looked more caliber than what we had. AND, it didn't take the rest of the season for me to know what Zappe had. I saw it first hand when he torched us.
  8. He was also listed as the top 50 Texas college athletes. I think the only one mentioned in his division. So others have noticed him too.
  9. This is all so disappointing to read this. I hate us going backward. Who is responsible for these things?!
  10. Again I say, let’s recruit it the Texas southern Qb for next year. Please.
  11. I want their QB. Please don’t let another Zappe moment happen where he kills it at another like school.
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