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  1. I’m a fan of the Luxor. I really like South Pointe as well but it is a ways down the strip. But still nice. if I could, give me the billagio, aria, or venician above all.
  2. Did the transfer of Reese or Ryan help them? I get Drez can do whatever he wants. But I would think excelling where he was was gonna give him the notoriety I imagine he is looking for. i hate seeing him go. But I wish him well. It does make me respect Bell that much more though. He could have easily went somewhere else and instead helped lead a team to one of its best years.
  3. I still remember sitting with him one random day before class in our masters program. Already one year removed from when he played at UNT. He said, my agent called and they want a tryout with the Browns. I am going to do it but this is my last one I am sure. It is so nice to see what he made of that tryout. He was a good guy and kudos to him for a good career.
  4. These announcers are killing me.
  5. The trap game was last Saturday. Which we barely squeaked out of it because of its trapness nature. USM has our complete attention.
  6. So his only miss was his first attempt at la tech when he followed it up with the thunda!!!! Amazing.
  7. Grant passed him by with the Purdue win last year.
  8. I do love the story of our top players on this roster. So there is some truth to it… whether Grant is targeting those kind or not I don’t know. But whatever it is, his formula works.
  9. Give the man eleventy billion dollars already!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh crap. All ten fans are really into it. Our guys can’t work well this rattled.
  11. Damn you are right. Even I get caught up in #olddenton thinking.
  12. If we can’t afford a $30 billion dollar buyout then we should just drop from FBS altogether. That’s old Denton thinking right there.
  13. Loss to SMU and Memphis. Is Houston losing their mojo?
  14. At what point do we consider a raise and an extension for GM? Already he has far exceeded our expectations this season. What he has done this year after losing 3/5 of the starting line up is truly exceptional. i say we give him a 5 year, 30 billion dollar extension today!
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