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  1. Here is my hot sports opinion: NYSH isn’t all that great. You are basically just buying overpriced way too bready sandwiches. Yes. I said it.
  2. Bees are likely trying to load up their food weight before winter. Odd that you haven’t noticed them before though. If there is a hive near you, it likely has been there since spring if not earlier.
  3. Well what’s the fun in this then if you aren’t going to let me build an argument through reduction fallacy of your own argument?! You say you want me to enjoy the rest of my Sunday but then you also say this. You disappoint me and are a murderer of joy.
  4. Mattykins, I am on point. If you think we have a responsibility to go to games and support the program - whether we want to or not - is exactly the point I am making against. Why would anyone want to waste their time at a bad show? Ain’t no one got time for that! thus, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to put their time or money into this. The onus is on the athletic program and not the fans. Also, you only need to look to this season to programs being poorly attended (both past and present) and see that they can still build a quality product - SMU, App State come to mind immediately. But it is that way almost everywhere. Even here in Boise we see that with BSU. Also, social contract theory is bullshit. And so are flat earthers. Lebron James is a moron. And DD was a terrible coach. And I think the whole Ray (Tune’s dog) bit is entirely overplayed this season.
  5. Then you will be forever frustrated and, by all means, go that way if you choose to. I think that is the sad part. I want you to be happy Matty! But we don’t live in a place where are have to do anything with our leisure - otherwise it wouldn’t be leisure. Since we vote with our time and dollar, if a product is unacceptable, I understand why people will go elsewhere. And if there comes a point where I feel that, I will disappointedly go that way too. I choose to still be at the games (when I am in Texas) or watch them here from Idaho and I don’t miss games. But, I also understand the value of consent and that if a program wants a big followership, they gotta make it worth the peoples while. It appears that most of society sees it that way too for college sports as we dont live in a forced society - unless it involves taxes, drugs, wars, surveilling our own people, protecting bad cops, or having to get the governments permission to marry, drive, fish, collect rain water, run a business, build on your property, have a lemonade stand, what I can smoke or vape, or which kind of straws I can use.
  6. Yes. I used the word that no one should be obligated to go to games to which you said you disagree. We vote with our time and money. If they put a poor performance out there, I can understand why people will use both elsewhere. To suggest otherwise is both humorous and sad. we don’t have a program where people show up regardless.... honestly, every program still has this problem. Look at TCU. The responsibility of this program is on the department alone. It is purely a product for consumption. Again, to suggest we have some sort of responsibility to it is quite amusing to me.
  7. You disagree? So they are obligated to be at a sporting event? Nah. That’s not how this works. Thankfully.
  8. We have to give fans a reason to come out to games. We don’t have the luxury of losing and still having a fan base that will continue to come... yet. Therefore, we gotta show something more. Also, these losses of ours aren’t just losses. They are really beating us badly. if we want butts in the seats, we have to give them a show. The fans aren’t under any obligation to be there.... that’s up to the program for that.
  9. If la tech wins out they could be co champions, yes. But not co champions with us. If la tech wins out there is no way we win the west or share the west. .
  10. At least the west is up for grabs right now. Gives us something to play for.
  11. We have never seen mason so off like this. I do put much of the blame on Reeder. He is in over his head.
  12. But you want our OC to stay?!?
  13. I am hoping we are searching for a new OC next year. With so much we had returning this year... i struggle seeing how we aren't doing more with this O. Reeder is the only difference, IMO.
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