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  1. If we were even remotely competitive I might keep my mouth shut. But it’s ugly week in and week out. I am here in Boise and they are losing their minds because they are currently like 3-4. But even in those four losses they are in the game until the very end. They have come to expect to just win those here in Boise. But I would keep my mouth shut mostly if that was our results. We look outclassed, our coached and outplayed every game.
  2. The bowl was not deserved. We had a losing record and they had to fill it. Bowls are meaningless these days.
  3. It is far more than that. With the previous year included, you could already tell he had no control of the team. Everyone had to deal with covid so that is a weak excuse. He just sucked. and the best offense is a tired line. Look at it all in context and we were actually a very mediocre offense. Our points came in meaningless minutes in the second half after the game was already out of hand. And the other team called off the dogs. When it mattered, we did nothing. And it has been that way for the past three years (including this one). there is a complete justification for letting him go when he has for several years been at the bottom of the conference while getting paid the most. If you accept the terms, then you accept the expectation of being at the top. furthermore, he already went through several rounds of coaches two years ago so when he tried it yet again the crosshairs are no longer on the assistants. They are on him. It is and was justified if a move was made this past year. He lost control of the team. It was obvious and this year only cements it.
  4. At least McNulty can say every pass in 2013 was caught.
  5. Wow. That does look like a lot less. If true, all the more reason he has lost the team.
  6. I have already accepted 1-11.
  7. Oh please. Andy Mac is no different than what we currently have. This kinda of debate is like saying would you rather have a cow shit sandwich to eat or pig shit sandwich. What a pointless debate. They were all terrible.
  8. if we hire DD back then that will be the nail in the coffin of my fandom. We can do FAR better than that.
  9. If overthrowing WR’s was a sport, our QB’s would be kings.
  10. Maybe. But he has made big mistakes with the biggest program we have. I am watching to see how he responds to this.
  11. Oh good. So glad to see there is no quit in this team. Crisis averted and there will be no criticism of SL for the week.
  12. Don’t worry guys. We will score a couple TD’s at the end to make it look ‘not quite as bad’ and Wren will keep SL longer.
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