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  1. Well they have a law school and D.O. medical school like UNT. Please define "legitimate". Trump University?
  2. Since attendance at bowl games will be very limited t.v. audience appeal will be deciding factor more so this year than in previous. I don't think that is a plus for us, but except for the AAC the same can be said about nearly all G 5 programs.
  3. So if we beat Houston Baptist, MTSU, UTEP,Rice, and UTSA we are not just bowl eligible at 5&5 but bowl WORTHY? Surely you jest.Of course we have gone to two bowl games in the past 20 years with losing records so I guess for UNT 5&5 would not be a stretch no matter who we beat.
  4. Falwell's venture into national politics spooked both the SBC and CUSA. If his replacement avoids this then Liberty should receive conference consideration. They are a very conservative Christian university and plan on being a magnet for like minded students and supporters with deep pockets. They could go the independent route like BYU, but it would take years to develop the same name recognition.
  5. Also when he is financially able too.
  6. I would like to see our coach be from the state of Texas with a strong recruiting background. I also would rather hire an existing head coach, perhaps from Southland Conference, than a coordinator from outside the state. Our next coach should look at UNT as a step up, not a stepping stone.
  7. It was listed in USA TODAY, which may or may not be totally accurate.
  8. His buy out is $4,275,000. Seth isn't going anywhere. Ever.
  9. Six of CUSA's 14 teams are listed in recent bottom 25, with UNT coming in at #4. We play in a horse shit conference and still can't compete. On another note, this is our highest ranking ever in any poll.
  10. The sad thing is that " still .500 at UNT" is considered acceptable by many.
  11. Too late. We have millions tied up in bricks and sticks.
  12. We are not a stepping stone to a better job. We are an albatross with a millstone around our neck. Since my freshman year of 1961 only Fry and Moore moved on to better jobs, and that was 40 years ago. Everyone else got fired. UNT is a career killer, not a builder.
  13. You can't beat bigger, stronger, faster, which why our defense has been terrible the past two years.
  14. They probably are being coached up, which shows how little talent our defensive players had to begin with. Bowden is doing the best he can with what he has to work with.
  15. We were picked to win last two games and blown out in both. We also are favored against MTSU, which is surprising since they just beat FAU. In my opinion we should just right this season off and play younger players so they can gain experience, especially at quarterback and secondary. What difference is it if we win one game or three?
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