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  1. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    Well, guess I am wrong again. In 2017/2018 CUSA grossed $18.5 million from bowl payouts with institutional expenses of $5 million, for gross payout of $13.5 million. I must tell you I am having a hard time believing the numbers, but there they are. Think I will log out next yea.as my Christmas gift.Happy holidays to all.
  2. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    I may be wrong, as I am on a loosing streak, but I think it is $525,000 ,which really surprised me. I guess each team gets that amount, which is in line with your number.
  3. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    Is there enough to cover costs?
  4. wardly

    Demeco Roland Did Not Sign

    Help an old man out. What are the new rules for red shirts, and what is difference between gray shirt, blue shirt, and sweat shirt?
  5. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    My bad. I just assumed that both teams would be required to buy a total of 9,000 tickers, which is half the capacity, similar to the requirement of New Mexico Bowl. I just couldn't believe that the Frisco Bowl couldn't sell another 3-4,000, so assumed the announced attendance of 11,000 was butts in the seat. One again, to assume is to make an ass out of me. For that I apologize.The only reason I ever broached the subject of attendance in Albuquerque is my concern as to how can UNT continue to lose money by participating in these second tier bowls. We had to eat the cost of 8,500 tickets, plus cost of team,band,dancers, cheerleaders,etc. To me the big picture is football for 2nd tier programs is a failing business model. Overall, attendance is down for college football, and t,v, revenues for UNT are basically non existent. Coaching and administrative costs are skyrocketing, travel costs increasing, and for us football is becoming a gate revenue sport.In the real world when expenses continue to rise and revenues decline you have a business that is on life support at best.While I realize that collegiate sports seen to be exempt from normal business practices, at what point do you pay the piper?
  6. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    New Mexico Bowl holds 36,000, announced attendance 25,000, actual number between 1 and 25,000. Frisco Bowl said they had 11,000, which if true would be about my estimate of New Mexico Bowl. Since Frisco Bowl only holds 18,000, I just assumed that the announced number might be correct. My mistake.Either way, not much support with butts in the seats for either one.
  7. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    There weren't 10,000 t0 12,000 fans in stadium at New Mexico, and while we may disagree on head count I find your response to my estimate juvenile.
  8. Sagarin has NDSU ranked #24 in nation,Utah State #34, and Toledo #74, highest ranked MAC team.UNT ranked # 80.
  9. wardly

    Frisco Bowl

    Larger crowd than the New Mexico Bowl.
  10. I agree. With all fans singing it was really a moving rendition of our National Anthem. Best ever.
  11. wardly

    Final Thought On The New Mexico Bowl

    That had to tickets sold.Butts in seats were about half that.
  12. wardly

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Sargin rates CUSA West as worst division in D-1 football,behind the Belt and Missouri Valley Conference.
  13. Yes, and we never sold all of our allotment of tickets thru the UNT ticket office at either HOD Bowl.Again, fans evidently purchased tickets elsewhere but those don't count against out allocation, which means we must eat the cost of those left over.
  14. Utah State showed us what a top 25 team program looks like. They were bigger, faster, stronger, and our defense had no answer against the Aggies.I was at the game, and guess there were about 10,000 or so fans in a 35,000 seat stadium. UNT had to buy 9,000 tickets, and only sold 500 thru our ticket office. Ticket sales from other venues don't count against our required allocation.This bowl game was a big loss financially as well as on the field.