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  1. They invested millions in a state of the art basketball venue that I would love to have at North Texas. The Sun Belt told them and UALR to fine\d new homes. The Trojans are moving the the Ohio Valley Conference, while the Mavs have applied to the Missouri Valley. If they are accepted I would think the move up in competition would warrant more interest and fan support. The administration just needs to step up to the plate and spend money on the right coach.There is no reason that they should not have a basketball program that is tops in the Metroplex.
  2. My grandson and I had lunch at Kenny's on Legacy today and talked to an older couple from NDSU. They had no tickets but drove from Bismark for the pep rally and before and after game events. I said to myself that they really need to get a life. Then I remember that while living in St. Louis 1968 to 1970 one year my wife and I drove to Lebanon Missouri and rented a motel room to watch North Texas play Tulsa on television in black and white, a distance of about 175 miles one way. We lost the game. She divorced me. I considered that a win.
  3. So back in the day the state of Texas looked around and noticed there were more qualified applicants to UT Austin, A & M, Tech, Houston , and UNT than they had dorm space for. However, Arlington State, East Texas State , West Texas State and Texas Women's University had excess housing. Rather than spend millions on new construction they encouraged these smaller schools to become part of a larger system with the idea that schools with no available housing would increase admission standards to the Mother Ship but admit students who could not meet the new standards to the smaller campuses within their system. West Texas State and East Texas State joined the Texas A&M system, Arlington State changed from the A & M system to the University of Texas System. I don't remember when Texas Western became UTEP but it was probably in this era. However, TWU refused to be buffaloed into joining UNT playing "the only women's university " card. The above is based upon the memory of a 79 year old geezer but should be close enough for government work. Regarding a Ft. Worth Campus , we may be a day late and a dollar short. UTA has a small branch in Cowtown and Tech just opened one on the same block. Assuming both Texas and A & M have a presence I don't know what we bring to the table. Also I would have thought Midwestern State would have been in our domain but them joining the Tech system just shows how little clout we have in Austin.
  4. The Super Pitt is not a dedicated athletic facility , but instead a multi purpose building whose use is controlled by the university, not the athletic department. It will not be demolished. UNT can either pump a few million dollars into it to make it more user friendly for our basketball programs or build a 5 to 6 thousand seat basketball arena at about the same cost as our football stadium cost 10 years ago. It just boils down to what do you want, what do you need, and what are you willing to pay for.
  5. The Dallas campus is a stand alone of which the Dallas Law School is a branch. The Frisco campus is a branch of the main Denton campus.
  6. Is it the small crappy gym that was part of the private school we bought a decade or so ago? I have been in it and if I was a basketball recruit I would bolt after seeing it.
  7. Like all sports, the NCAA limits the number of baseball scholarships you can offer. The cost of a state of the art baseball stadium is probably $10 million. Throw in coaches, equipment, travel expenses and you have a real money pit. I suggest you google the schools who have baseball to see how much money they loose on a baseball program. What we really need is a dedicated basketball practice facility.
  8. I think they can leave early to join Big 12 only if Texas and OU can leave early to join SEC.
  9. Tell that to the powers that be. I believe that some venues such as our basketball and women's softball would best be served if they were located on campus. However Baylor is building their new basketball arena off campus west of 135 so what do I know.
  10. Those interested in baseball need to get over it. The next new athletic venue will be a basketball arena. It will cost more than our 10 year old football stadium and seat 80% fewer fans.
  11. This happens in business everyday if you are contemplating a change of employment within the same industry. One reason you may getting your new job is based upon how much existing business you can bring with you. The new OU head coach put together his staff by poaching coaches from other programs before the season ended and while they were employed by other schools. We may not like it but it is the way of the world we live in today.
  12. Riley owes nothing to Oklahoma. He gave them a days work for a day's wages and they would have fired him with hesitation if he hadn't. His job is to look after his self and his family. The University's job is to look after the football program and athletic department. If UNT fires a coach because of poor performance its just business, but if Hayden Fry goes to Iowa he is being disloyal?
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