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  1. I always though we could develop a better rivalry with La. Tech if the game was played in Shreveport instead of Ruston. It's a short drive for Tech, 3rd largest city in La., and with casinos a good road trip for us.
  2. Wonder what UTA was, which might be a good comparison.
  3. Anyone know the average attendance of baseball in Sun Belt or CUSA.
  4. I forgot about softball and didn't know about volleyball. My point is that I just can't get behind a sport such as baseball with start up cost in the millions and fan support in the hundreds. We can't print money like the government, although our A.D. has done an excellent job of landing new major donors.
  5. Thought this was about baseball. Unless we have money to burn, there is no NCAA requirement that we add another men's sport.However, if we did men' soccer would be the cheaper of the two. My fear is that we spread out limited resources too thin. At present we are competitive in CUSA in football and soccer. Softball is getting there, men's basketball about middle of the pack, and women's about bottom 3rd. The only CUSA championship we have won is in soccer, so until we build our other programs up I would not add other programs and never baseball.But that's just an old man's opinion.
  6. No, but we have to have a women's soccer program to comply with NCAA[ Title 9 ]That' why we basically dropped an excellent Men's soccer program on Friday and started a women's program on Monday because we had an imbalance. If we add a men's program such as baseball or soccer we must add another women's, such as bowling.
  7. Gee, maybe financial responsibility . We only have so many beans in the pot, and college baseball programs bleed red, not green.
  8. I don't understand why an historically underfunded athletic program such as UNT would add a financial albatross such as baseball. The capital costs for a stadium are double digit millions, and you are guaranteed seven figure loses.
  9. Well, maybe you are right and they and the Louisiana schools won't want to go east because of their ability to recruit in Texas. You may find out in 2023.[I say you only because I will be 80 then if still above ground. Sorta iffy]
  10. By the by, just checked A-State's roster. I counted 6 players from Texas as well as 5 from Alabama. Looked like they do well in Arkansas.
  11. Saw it in writing a year or so ago. I didn't make it up, just threw it out as a reason Arkansas State would probably prefer to move east if given a choice.However, it sure hurt U of A's recruiting in Texas when they joined SEC.Out of site, out of mind.
  12. Good question. Arkansas State claims that Alabama is their recruiting pasture. I doubt Southern Mississippi or any of the Alabama schools recruit well in Texas. The only schools that probably would be affected are in Louisiana. If you take existing four CUSA Texas programs, throw in Texas State and New Mexico State just to increase numbers, you are still four programs short of a 10 school conference.If given a choice, I just can't see La. Tech,ULL, Arkansas State, and Southern Mississippi moving West. Forget UL Monroe. La. Tech refuses to even play them let alone share the same conference. A few years ago they turned down invitation to Independence Bowl in Shreveport and stayed at home rather than play UL Monroe. AT 76 I hope to make it to 2023 when T.V. contracts expire and realignment occurs on a national basis. The new T.V. contracts will probably be more about individual programs than conferences.Who wants to see Kansas or Kansas State play when you can have Texas and Oklahoma. Stay tuned .
  13. Just an old man's opinion, but UNT might find itself in a bit of a pickle should CUSA implode. I just can't any reason why the Louisiana and Alabama schools, plus Arkansas State and So. Miss., would want to go west and join 4 or 5 Texas programs to form a regional conference. At present they are in the West Division with us, and would probably move eastward in a heartbeat. They are Southeastern programs with little in common with Texas.
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