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  1. Well, I just googled our stadium parking, and $3000 giving is required for GREEN, WHITE, and BLACK. After the stadium opened I was GREEN for a few years until I was bumped to WHITE. I am not complaining as it means those in GREEN are giving more that the $3000 minimum. Either that or I pissed someone off, which could happen.
  2. Easy. Don't pay them their share of tv monies, which was $51 million last year. Suspend all their programs from BIG 10 competition . Tell them to hit the road Jack, and don't come back no more. Nebraska has brought nothing to the BIG 10. It all boils down to money. What would it cost Nebraska to bolt from the conference vs. how much they would lose by not playing football. Also, its not a given that the BIG 12, ACC, and SEC will play a complete season even it they try. I have a hard time believing that the Virus is not going to impact their efforts. They seem to be taking a wait and see approach as to how returning students will fare. Similar to a canary in a coal mine. For those of you too young to know, back in the day coal miners took a caged canary with them down in the mine to warn them of poison gas. If the bird died, the knew to get out of the mine.
  3. Eighty Billion? That number seems very far fetched.Set aside Warren Buffet and I don't know if there is that much wealth in the whole state of Nebraska. However, the Big 10 is not going to allow Nebraska to play in the fall. If they did, then Penn St.,Iowa,Ohio State, and Michigan would demand to play as well. However, there may be a most improbable scenario where the BIG RED bolt the Big 10 and return to the BIG 12.
  4. Could there be a silver lining in this for UNT? With Big 10 , MWC, and MAC out with PAC 12 probably to follow. there seems to be be a void of "fall ball" games to be televised. Does this open any doors for CUSA,AAC, and SBC to fill that void? I am clueless on this issue but brought it up assuming greater minds might share their knowledge.
  5. The PAC-12 will probably follow the BIG 10 and cancel fall ball. It will be interesting to see if the SEC can convince BIG 12 and ACC to give football a go.
  6. Correct. He would not allow any alumni association, especially one for athletics. I know we hate that we dropped to 1aa, but it was either that or drop football, We had no money. In fact, the only way Nolan kept the football program afloat during the Fry era was to transfer dedicated non athletic donations to the athletic department which got him fired and nearly imprisoned . The majority of funds illegally transferred were from those donated specifically to build a new music building. I became aware of this in the early 1990"s when I served 3 years on The Foundation Board, which was formed not only to generate giving but to clean up what had been donated. We had people giving us small dedicated donations that we tried to transfer to a general fund with the donors approval. Also people were giving us junk just for the write off. If memory serves we turned down the offer of a motor boat. I cannot stress enough what an underfunded athletic depart we have had for decades.
  7. I have been a UNT fan since my freshman year of 1961, and began contributing financially when I could afford too, which was back in the Fry era. I was on the UNT Foundation Board in the early 90's, and learned what a shoestring operation our Athletic Department was. During the Nelson/Dickey eras the amount I donated to athletics was laughable, yet it got me on team flights,sideline passes, and seating in the AD's box. I told Conner Myers that I hoped the amount of money I donated was not worthy of a call from Wren, and achieved my goal.One thing Wren has been able to do is land a few whales who can put a large number of zeros on their checks, as well as keep existing donors. However, he has been unable to expand the number of small donors [bunts and singles] to a meaningful number. Historically UNT does not have a history of alumni giving from the masses. Part of that probably is due to the large number of teachers and musicians who graduate, and with few exceptions have limited disposable income. I don't know what the answer is, but I would think it might start with freshman orientation where students should realize that it is a privilege to attend UNT, and that they owe something back to the University , similar to the AGGIE $100 Club. For my small part I told the Athletic Depart to keep the money I paid for my two club seats, that at my age I would not attend any games if played, and increased my donation by 10%. We all need to do what we can, no more, no less. GO EAGLES !
  8. You are right. I painted the issue with a broad brush based upon the idea that the NCAA brings nothing to the table for P5 programs.They don't have to like each other to work together for a common goal.We will probably get a better idea of the future in 2023 when TV contracts are renewed. At 77 I hope to be alive to see it as well as another round of conference realignment. It should be fun.
  9. OK, but what is to keep the P5 conferences from leaving the NCAA and forming their own organization?. They have most of the money and TV contracts. I don't see what the NCAA does that they couldn't do for themselves under their own banner. It would be like NAIA only much larger.
  10. They get to keep all the money. In addition, they get to run their own basketball tournament, football playoffs, set their own guidelines,etc. What do they need the NCAA for?
  11. It's only year 5, and I am assuming no fall sports in 2020. After that, its anyone's guess as to what will happen in 2021, but if you think everything's going to be wonderful in the neighborhood you might be in for a surprise.
  12. The Power 5 have been looking for a reason to leave NCAA and form their own entity , and the Virus might be the push they need.
  13. I am not a lawyer, but I saw DMN article on SMU's Women's Basketball where players were required to sign a "hold harmless" agreement with the University absolving them of blame should a player catch the Virus while participating this season. In addition, part of the agreement stated that the player assumed all financial responsibility for medical cost over and above coverage provided by SMU's insurance. One player refused to sigh this agreement and I believe was told not to return until she did.[ I have slept since article was published]. Regardless, I don't believe we will have fall sports because of liability issues if nothing else. There is no way football/basketball player can wear a mask or social distance, and as more young Americans contract and die from the Virus it is apparent that while geezers like me are more at risk youth is not a deterrent .
  14. I agree. The separation between have and have not's will really expand with no fall sports.
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