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  1. wardly

    Servpro Bowl?

    I hope we get to a decent bowl this year, and the "you name it" at Cotton Bowl is not It. I would much rather go to Armed Forces Bowl in Ft. Worth, but that's just me.
  2. wardly


    Trap Game
  3. wardly

    UNT/ Arkansas

    Game today should be on SEC Alternate at 3:00
  4. wardly


    Since when are we too good for either CUSA or the Sun Belt? We have 2 winning seasons in football since 2004 . What we should do,] in my opinion], is combine the 7 schools in CUSA West with the 5 schools in the Sun Belt West and go on with our lives . There is no more t.v. money in G5 programs, and if football for us becomes a gate revenue sport them we need to look hard at cutting travel expenses so that we can continue to pay our head coach a 7 figure salary.
  5. wardly

    Defensive Rankings Week 1

    I think we will know how strong our team is after the Arkansan game.
  6. wardly

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    My understanding that the top 3 coaches on Tech's list are the head coach at Troy,Seth, and Art Briles, who has surprisingly strong support.Having said that, I plan not to worry about things I have no control over and enjoy having Seth as long as possible.
  7. wardly

    Have to laugh.

    I doubt any of their students have ever ridden on a bus.
  8. wardly

    UNT has record crowd for 2018 SMU win

    Regarding attendance comparisons between this game and opener with Houston, the debate reminds me of two bald men fighting over a comb.Both crowds were big, although I have had club seats since the get-go and was surprised how many seats were empty all night. I think our new administration counts tickets sold, not butts in the seat. Similar to the size of Trump's inaugural crowd vs. that of Obama.
  9. I was on Foundation Board in the early 90's, and our main goal was to get small donors to give to an unrestricted fund, which was to be used by Al Hurley for guest speakers, etc. However we made Hurley jump thru hoops to get any money. When I asked why the Jitter Nolan scenario was explained to me by several board members.
  10. They didn't gang up on Jitter Nolan. He was transferring money from the music department building fund to the athletic department and was lucky he didn't go to jail.
  11. wardly

    Bryce English

    The fact that we have a few starters back from a terrible secondary should be pause for concern. Hopefully they will play better this year and some new faces will step up. I hope I am wrong, but the secondary is still a weak link to me.
  12. wardly

    2018 Sagrin Preseason Ratings

    I have found that over the years he is by far has the best rating system.
  13. wardly

    Bryce English

    secondary is still a problem