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  1. If you hire the right people they will move up the food chain. Baker was a good hire, and has moved on to a P5 program. Thanks to him for what he has done at UNT and best wishes for the future. Also, WVU has a pretty good basketball coach in place, and I think Baker is smart to get the lay of the land before making a decision on Brown. However new A.D,'s prefer to be able to pick their head football coach so I don't know what this means for Littrell other than UNT probably would like to avoid making a decision on him until a new AD is hired.
  2. Their star QB was injured 2 weeks ago and is out for the season, hence the pounding by James Madison, who has a very good team and won their division in SBC. Not bad for a 1AA program that just moved up this year. Given the choice between Albuquerque and New Orleans give me gumbo. I am afraid that our dismal attendance at last years "Frisco Made Up Bowl" will be used against us as regards an invitation to First Responder or Armed Forces Bowl. UTSA,on the other hand, traveled pretty well to Frisco last year.
  3. I didn't say that it might be time for both parties to go their separate ways. But to say " nothing personal" is bull shit. When you terminate an employee you not only affect them and their career you also are impacting their family. In addition, " It's for the greater good" is bull shit also.
  4. Their is nothing more personal than firing an employee. Ask anyone who has fired or been fired.
  5. Jumbo had to fire someone other than his self. You have an O.C. and assistant O.C.put together a game plan but you decide when and what play to call.Whats wrong with this picture? Play selection or play execution?
  6. I don't know what The University of Texas gets out of this but it never does something for nothing. Recently Midwestern State joined the Texas Tech system and in the past West Texas State, East Texas State , and Stephenville moved to the Texas A&M family. Interestingly UTA left the A&M system and moved over to Texas . At one point the state tried to get TWU to join UNT but they said not no, but hell no.
  7. If memory serves we were asked to join the UT system in the early 60's. The faculty was for it, students against. I am not smart enough to know if that was a good move or not, However at that time universities absorbed into the UT system were not allowed access to the Permanent University Fund until UTA sued Texas decades later.
  8. Today's "BOWL POLL" has us in Albuquerque vs. Air Force, and UTSA in Ft. Worth vs SMU. If we beat UTSA the bowls may flip us and the Roadrunners. However no one in TV land wants a rematch of us and the Ponies so it's probably a mute point.
  9. I hate to say this because I rarely agree with " Mcattackin" but a change of scenery might be best for both parties. However, what to do if we beat UTSA and win our bowl game? Or if we win one and lose the other? I think if we lose both a change will be made but if we win both it won't. However a split means Wren will need to make a difficult decision if indeed Seth wants to stay, which is not a given. Littrell might decide to move on regardless of the next two games outcome. Who knows? Not me or anyone on this board , that's for sure.
  10. Against UTSA,UAB, and RICE our defense was on the field about 10 minutes longer that theirs. I don't think we are good enough to continue this trend, and really don't see how we stayed on the field with the Roadrunners a month ago.
  11. They are playing in Bahama Bowl against Miami of Ohio
  12. And all this time I thought we were like "Who's Line Is It Anyway" where nobody wins and the points don't matter .
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