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  1. Regardless, all you had to say was that you think I am wrong and here's why, instead of your "bullshit" and "clueless " comments, which were uncalled for.
  2. I was eluding to all forms of media coverage. I grew up in Ft. Worth, graduated from NTSU in 1966, and have lived in Dallas since 1970. We have never received the coverage afforded SMU/TCU with the possible exception of Hayden Fry's tenure, and if we truly belong to the region our media coverage doesn't reflect it. As to "fans in the woodwork ", that's unfortunately where most of them reside until once a decade when we put together a few winning seasons . As to SMU and Dallas, you are correct that fans don't care much about the Mustangs , but that doesn't mean they care about UNT. Finally , you are a jerk.
  3. Why is it bullshit? SMU gets coverage from DMN, TCU from Star Telegram, and UNT from DRC. I can only assume by your "freaking clueless " remark that you road the little bus to school . Grow up.
  4. I would think that it is the entire coaching staff's collective responsibility to recruit players in their assigned geographic area regardless of their position. As untjim1995 pointed out, we have not had a level playing field regarding facilities, major financial donations from alumni and friends, and an administration that is willing to step up to the plate and support athletics. I think all the pieces are in place, but it takes time to crawl out of a well.Regarding our D.C., he was hired by Seth with the approval of our A.D., so I view his success or failure as not individual, but hey, that's just me.
  5. I never played organized sports past Jr. High, and, unlike most posters on this site, no nothing about coaching. However, I owned a successful medical device agency for 30 years and learned that you are only as good as the people around. I think our recruiting has been over rated as well as our team. With the exception of Charlotte, our losses were to teams that were much bigger, stronger, and perhaps faster than we were. My point is that our D.C. can only do so much with the players he has and while he is involved in the recruiting process its not his overall responsibility. I don't have the exact numbers at my finger tip, but I think our "points against" dropped by 11 from 2017 last year . While its up by about the same number this year we certainly don't have the caliber of players we had in 2018.Just an old man's opinion.
  6. I'm not throwing punches at anyone. If memory serves we were stating same thing from different positions. An "alternate truth" as it were.
  7. You could of knocked me down with as Eagle feather when I saw that.In addition, if Southern California head coach gets fired, Gram Harrold [sic?] would be available to Seth at Arkansas or as head coach at UNT.
  8. $20 million is still a bitter pill to swallow regardless of their resources, and yes they need to do a better job hiring, which is not an exact science . For example, look at FSU, or better yet out own hiring track record.
  9. Rice nearly beat La. Tech early in season, so I don't think a win is a given considering how we threw up in Charlotte. We just are not very good this season.
  10. They can't afford another hiring mistake. They now owe last two coaches about $20 million or so. It would be impossible to sell a 5&7 coach who is 28 & 25 in 4 years and has our program back with the same regular season record as his 1st season.[ I gave him win against Rice, loss against UAB]. I would think they need a big hire from a big, successful program, preference being SEC. Having said that, I don't have a clue what established head coach with SEC pedigree would be interested. Arkansas is smallest state in terms of population in the SEC. They must get every 4 star player from the state, and even that's not enough. They lost pipeline to Dallas/ Ft. Worth and Houston when they left SWC about 25 years ago. During that time they have won 2 Western Divisions and lost both times in SEC Championship.They are probably a step below Mississippi and Mississippi State, and that's being generous.
  11. Good news & bad news. If Seth and UNT had preformed as per expectations he would be in running for Arkansas job. Bad news because this season is a big flop, good news is that he is not going anywhere. Just an old man's opinion.
  12. Deserves has nothing to do with football or life.
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