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  1. No, we desperately need new blood like you! I really don't mean to piss on your campfire and am just adding in a bit of realism with a little history. With our bricks and sticks, financial backing from the administration and a solid fan base we now have no excuses for failure. I am cautiously optimistic that out new head coach will be the Messiah. I have to be.I will be 79 in April with not many seasons left.
  2. Well, first you have to start with one. That was Hayden Fry in the late 70's. He was replaced by Jerry Moore who had a 500 record at UNT and was hired and later fired by Texas Tech. Moore went on to build a great program at App. State, won the 1 AA Football Championship, and laid the foundation for the program they have today. In the past 40 years we had 2 coaches who were, in my opinion, good coaches with zero resources. Corky Nelson and Daryl Dickey. I though Seth might be the one but as we stumble into his third 4 win season I admit that I was very mistaken .He had the bricks and sticks, financial backing from the administration, and a supportive fan base that his predecessors could only dream of.So if we recognize that Hayden Fry was the only "great" coach that worked his magic at North Texas over 40 years ago then we should hope that Moses needs a new gig, as it only took him 30 years to reach the Promise Land.
  3. In any management structure I have been associated the manger is responsible for the performance of his reports, whether he initially hired them or not. In this case Seth hired them and is responsible for the outcome. The buck stops with Seth, and regarding the evaluation of his performance, the buck stops with Wren. Looking at our remaining schedule we probably will be 1&6 when we play Rice,So. Miss, UTEP, and FIU on successive weekends. If we can't beat these 4 pitiful programs then we are really in the toilet. We finish at home November 27th against UTSA as a tuneup for the Roadrunners as they anticipate which bowl game they will be invited too. It seems like yesterday when we kicked Arkansas's ass in their home stadium, and look at were we both are today.
  4. To my knowledge we have never sold out Apogee. The closest we have ever come was against Houston. On Wren hitting a home run,its a crap shoot. Every head coach that has ever been fired was considered a savior when he was hired. This is no reflection on Wren, its just the beast of the business. College athletics is a primarily a buddy system, and chances are Wren will hire someone he has worked with before and trusts. Its not a given, but seems to happen more often that not. Anyone who has ever hired someone for employment should tell you that its not an exact science. You basically use the same guidelines and somehow hire both some of the best and worst employees. Since my freshman year in 1961 only two head football coaches have not been fired, Hayden Fry and Jerry Moore. The rest, and its a rather long list, were home runs until they struck out.
  5. I certainly appreciate both your enthusiasm and optimism, but our new stadium has been open 10 years and the number of 25,000+ fans in attendance can probably be counted on one hand. The hard truth is that our football program is not fine, and with the exception of and occasional burst has never really been fine. My hope is that we hire a coach with a Texas recruiting background that can take advantage of the new bricks and sticks we have constructed the last decade and build a solid program. No more excuses.
  6. Define "great." The players I have seen on the field the past 3 years are not great. In fact based upon their record they really are not very good. That's not to say that a few don't stand out above the rest , but if our recruits are so good how come they play so bad?
  7. I was at NTSU from 1961 to 1966, and saw one of the best Eagle players ever, John Savage. During a home game against SMU one of the Mustangs had a break-a-way down the sidelines when a North Texas fan extended his leg tripping the player who fell face down on the hardwood. As you know, The PITT was a gymnasium , and when the bottom bleachers were pulled out the fans were literally sitting on the sideline. I have really enjoyed North Texas basketball, flew with the team to Utah in 1988 for our sub regional against North Carolina, but I treasure those days in the PITT. The gym was packed, you couldn't hear a thing,but man you saw Cincinnati, Drake, Bradly, Wichita, Louisville, and the rest of the Missouri Valley Conference.
  8. My mother always said that if you can't sing well sing loud.
  9. Define dregs. Utah State kicked our ass in the New Mexico bowl a few years ago, St. Jose St. had a winning season last year and went to a bowl, and who wouldn't want a trip to Hawaii. Since UNT is one of the dregs of CUSA it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.
  10. Thanks for the information. I have watched a couple of games on t.v. and the athletic building behind one of the end zones looks great.
  11. wardly


    Now I don't know whether we have ever cheated or not, but never is a long time. So a man goes into a bar with his dog Spike and brags to the bartender that his dog is so smart he can do anything. The bartender puts a dollar in his mouth and tells him to go fetch a newspaper. Two hours later Spike has not returned and his owner searches the neighborhood finding his dog in an alley having his way with a French poodle . The owner yells "Spike, I didn't know you were that kind of a dog". Spike replies, " I never had any money before." Maybe we "don't and won't " cheat because like Spike we have never had any money before. Who knows, but if we do, based upon results of out football program, we are not playing near enough.
  12. How many cheeks in the seats by year in your home attendance ranking? Just curious. Thanks...
  13. Sorry, I guess some explanation would help. A post was made that Coastal Carolina only drew about 17,500 fans to their home game against Kansas, and I posted that Charlotte only drew 14,500 in home game against Duke. We have proven in Fine's 2 great years at UNT that winning doesn't guarantee cheeks in the seats. A lot depends on who we play. A few years ago Indiana came to town and we beat them before a stadium about 2/3's full. At programs like LSU fans go to games regardless of who the Tigers are playing. At UNT and second tier programs such as ours a large number of fans come because of who the opponent is..
  14. Charlotte beat Duke at home earlier this year to an attendance of less than 15,000.
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