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  1. Like it or not, realignment is coming when TV contracts expire in the next few years, and it will effect major conferences as well. For example,no one wants to watch Rutgers , so will they be cut out of Big 10 TV contract? If so,does that mean Big 10 gives them a share of the revenue earned., or drops them from the conference? Goals need to be realistic and obtainable with a little pie in the sky. In my opinion its unrealistic to think that any G5 program can compete at a P5 level playing a P5 schedule. The CUSA West was the worst division in the worst conference in the nation , and La. Tech and UAB were basically the top of the crud .La. Monroe has an athletic budget of about $15 million, while UT's is about $100 million more. Do you really think they belong in the same division?
  2. In 1995 we played Missouri, LSU,Kansas, Oregon State, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Louisville, going 2&9.1996,Arizona State,Army,Vanderbilt,& Texas A&M.1997,Vanderbilt,Oregon State,Texas A&M, Texas Tech, & Army.!998,Oklahoma,Texas Tech,Arizona State,Texas A&M,Houston, and Kansas. 1999, LSU,Texas Tech, Baylor,& TCU. Beginning in 2000 we played only 2 or 3 money games a year. Because of lack of financial support from administration, and pocket change from alumni money games were the only way we could field a team.
  3. Regarding dropping to 1aa or dropping football, those were in fact our options. No one really fought to stay at 1a, we fought to save football. We had no money, and were lucky to even have a program. UTA dropped football about this time after building a new 9,000 seat stadium, which I believe we opened and I attended. Al Hurley was our President ,and while he did a lot for UNT athletics was not on his radar. The end zone seats were added to increase seating to 30,000 so we could move back up to 1a. A graduated donated $1 million to accomplish that. While its getting much better, our problem has always been graduates that are all mouth and no money. I believe I saw a graphic recently that listed us last in Texas in giving to athletics. At 77 my specific dates may be a little fuzzy but still close enough for government work.
  4. It was either drop down or drop the football program. The reality is that as a member of the Group of 5 we are in are in fact in a lower level of football.
  5. I am not suggesting that UNT drop back to 1aa, but to a new division above it and below 1a. In my opinion we have no business being in the same classification as programs like Texas. Instead pf trying to set your average home attendance as a benchmark how about using athletic budgets, which is a true indicator as to what level of football you can afford to play. When the new conference t.v. contracts are revised in the next few years the haves will get more and have nots less. In athletics, just like business, the big fish eat the little fish.
  6. D1 schools could only schedule D1a schools out of conference, D1aa schools could only schedule D1a schools, but D1a programs could schedule both. This would eliminate schools like LSU playing SE Louisiana. However North Texas could play both up and down, scheduling both ACC and Texas A&M. Of course this will never happen, but separation of P5 and G5 programs into different classifications might.
  7. We need to split off into another division like high school football . P5 would be D1, G5 would be D1a, and D1aa would remain the same.
  8. All I have posted is that in my opinion it would be hard for a P5 program to overlook last year's disaster . I don't recall any mention of wanting UNT to be stuck with him.Perhaps that's wishful thinking on your part.
  9. Again, how can any AD over look last season's 4&8 season when picked to at least win division. Really going out on a limb, which AD's are reluctant to do. GH would be a better hire.
  10. Don't think Baylor AD could justify hiring a G5 coach who finished 4&8 after being picked to win its Division in one of the weakest D1 conferences.
  11. So which would be the better job? Since both are looking, O.C. at SMU or UNT.
  12. Well it wouldn't hurt for us to drink some of their cool aid because they seem to get results.
  13. FAU can say same about recruiting in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama but they lead CUSA both in budget and results.
  14. My 8th grade son and I were on the same team flight. The night before our tournament we saw Mavericks play Utah Jazz. In addition, the 2nd tournament game was between Wyoming and L.M. coached by Paul Westhead which was the best college basketball game I have ever attended. There must have been over 225 points scored.
  15. That's when we were in the Missouri Valley with Bradley, Drake, Wichita, Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis ,and played in the Pitt, which was packed every game.
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