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  1. As Clint Eastwood told Little Bill in the movie" The Unforgiven" just before he shot him, "Deserves has nothing to do with it."
  2. Well you could start with the 5 G5 programs in Texas and maybe throw in New Mexico State to get to 6 programs. Hopefully Ark. State, La. Tech, and ULL would move West with us, although that could be a coin toss. La. Monroe is out, as La. Tech will never join a conference with them. After that I can't come up with any reason why So. Miss. or any of the 3 Alabama programs would join what is basically a Texas /Louisiana conference .Tulsa and Tulane are wild cards, and I am clueless about SMU and Houston. Bottom line its easier to talk about regional conferences that to actually put one together.
  3. At last year's CUSA basketball tournament I talked to two ODU members of their athletic department. They would move out of CUSA faster than the NFL Colts left Baltimore in the middle of the night for Indianapolis, hopefully to the AAC. In business its what do you want , what do you need, and what are you willing to pay for.Without a 2020 college football season universities who continue with a program are going to be forced to make hard decisions which become easier when there are no other choices. If UNT wants to continue football it will need reduce expenses in line with what it is willing and able to pay. You would think conference realignment with geographic friendly opponents would no longer be an option but an economic necessity, as well as dropping marginal sports programs. If you have less money coming in you must have less going out.
  4. So are we still expected to pay for football season tickets and parking in April without knowing if there will be a season? Just asking.
  5. I am assuming #1[UNT] will be in same bracket as #4[Charlotte], with WK and La Tech in the other bracket as #'s 2 and 3.
  6. I don't see much separation between UNT ,WK, and La. Tech.
  7. I couldn't make Sundays game, so did we Pack the Pitt?
  8. On that note, in 85-86 Judy Nelson's women's basketball team went to a tournament[I think it was NCAA] At any rate the Athletic Department had no money to purchase a banner to hang in the Supper Pit in their honor and asked me for $500, which I gladly gave. I am 77, and just don't think many of you younger alumni realize what a shoestring operation our Athletic Department was for not years, but decades.
  9. Since 1913 we have had 3 coaches with winning records.According to UNT "All Time Results",Fouts was 23-14-2, Mitchell 122-85-9, and Fry 40-23-3.We have not had a coach with a winning record since Fry left for Iowa in 1978.
  10. Everything is relative. You need to note the number of body bag games he was forced to play in order to keep the program above water.
  11. I have been following Eagle football since my freshman year of 1961, and why Riley was certainly not our most gifted QB I have never seen a player with more guts. He was undersized with mediocre arm and played hurt when most players wouldn't.
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