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  1. It's all about the money. The big dogs are trying to fund their players with the creation of 2 or 3 super conferences and probably spin off from the NCAA. The medium sized and little dogs are just trying to put an affordable and within their conference "competitive" product on the field. Bigger dogs always eat smaller dogs. I grew up in the 50's listing to Kern Tips [sic?] and the Humble SWC game of the week with my dad on the radio. Me and my friends went to TCU games and for 50 cents sat in the end zone. At that time college football was a game, not a business, which changed for me when Arkansas bolted for the SEC. Oh well.
  2. I painted a broad brush regarding Notre Dame academics and stand corrected .The BIG 10 prizes membership in the AAU of which all universities in the conference are members except Nebraska, which was when it joined but is no longer. Notre Dame, a private Catholic school, is also not a member. What I meant to convey is that will not prevent the Irish from joining the BIG 10 should they wish but might prevent others. Regarding overall academic rankings, where you stand seems to depend upon what magazine is doing the rankings.Regardless, that doesn't diminish the you tube's monitor guessing that he would expect Stanford to be invited should Notre Dame join the BIG 10 leaving Oregon and Washington out. As with all Conference expansions its a guess and by golly. My biggest surprise was when UNT was invited to join the AAC when the conference already had SMU in the same market getting much more media coverage that we ever have.
  3. Interesting comment from a young man on you tube who put a lot of research into his evaluation of remaining PAC 12 programs, which is that none of them meet BIG 10 academic requirements other than Stanford , whom they will only invite if they can pair with ND, who does not meet those standards but are an exception. The rest of the conference brings nothing to the table regarding markets nor academics. Also, the only PAC programs the BIG 12 are interested in now are Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, and Colorado, while the PAC 12 would take any BIG 12 member they could get. Last year the BIG 12 approached the PAC about a merger of the conferences and were rebuffed. Now the BIG 12 is in the drivers seat and feel 16 schools is the right number. Should any of the four BIG 12 targets take a pass they might be leapfrogged to a PAC member who thinks differently. In summary, when the smoke clears the PAC and ACC both might be toast while the BIG 12 lives on.
  4. Back in the day The Fighting Irish hired a high school football coach to run their program. It was an abject failure. UNLV hired the best high school head coach in Nevada. Ditto. This was our second go at hiring a high school head coach with the same results. Rick was trying to jump start the program. It didn't happen, and I don't know if it would have even if Dodge hadn't handicapped himself with his choice of assistants. He could recruit, but we will never know if he could be a successful college head coach if he had surrounded himself with a staff with college experience.
  5. You have such a way with words. Dodge insisted his high school assistants be allowed to come . The budget had nothing to do with that decision.
  6. It seems like a no brainer but I heard on ESPN news that the BIG 12 has no interest in whats left of the PAC 12. This could change.
  7. I think a lot depends upon if the Big 10 adds Washington and Oregon. If so, and the PAC 12 is down to 8 universities , then a merger with the Big 12 seems like the best move available. If not, then poaching SDSU, Boise State, and one or two others from the MWC might be the way to go. This would be similar to Big 12 reloading after loss of Texas and Oklahoma. However, since we are now looking at the creation of two Super Conferences, the Big 10 and SEC, and the probable destruction of the ACC, the only option to remain one of the BIG BOYS appears to be a merger . The combined PAC 12 with 10 teams and BIG 12 with 12 programs after the departure of Texas and Oklahoma could add two more schools and have 24 teams and two divisions of 12 or 4 six schools PODs. This "UNITED FOOTBALL CONFERENCE" would still be a step behind the BIG 10 and SEC but distance themselves from GROUP of 5 conferences. When the smoke clears we will have divisions similar to high school. The BIG 10, SEC, and United Football Conference would be Division 1, Group of 5 conferences would be 1A, and 1AA would remain the same. Just a very old man's opinion.
  8. You are right about Riley. He had more guts than any player I can remember. If memory serves [at 79 its questionable] Riley finished his career as a back up at a Louisiana school in the Southland Conference. I think it was the Demons. Todd Dodge insisted on bring his high school staff as a requirement for his employment. It was a huge mistake to allow him to do so. Rick took a gamble and it didn't pay off. I remember going to Norman and watch Oklahoma blow us out playing everyone but you and me. They were trying to run out the clock but we kept responding with three passes and a punt. It was a mess. Regarding Dodge's fundraising ability, this is the first that I have heard about it. All I know is that we started trying to raise $36 million for a 35,000 seat stadium. Money was so slow to to come in that by the time we had enough money in hand to be allowed by the state to bond out the balance cost had doubled and size of stadium shrunk to 30,500. It didn't help that China was hosting the Olympics and drove the world price of concrete and rebar through the roof.
  9. Plus, with the exception of UTSA, the teams we beat were the dredges of CUSA.
  10. Not. Football programs better than us that should be in our division are SMU, UTSA, Tulsa,Memphis [ or Navy. Don't know if that has been decided] ,and probably Tulane. That leaves us at the bottom of the Rice bowl with the Owls.
  11. I did my basic training at Ft. Bliss the summer of 1966. Dry heat is a myth, and there is nothing blissful about basic.
  12. Nice promotion. If this season is like the past handful we should put 911 on our helmets.
  13. While I agree that pre-season rankings fluctuate its clear that we are at the bottom of the well. Since Mason Fine graduated Littrell has been unable to recruit a suitable replacement nor have a winning season. I hate to see anyone fired but sports, just like all other endeavors , is based upon results . The long and short of it is that a change is necessary and I assume will occur at years end.
  14. Texas State has 10 items for sale on Last Stand Hats, SFA 7, UTSA 6,SHSU 3. UNT has one.
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