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  1. Would the last player leaving please close the door and turn off the light.
  2. I think that this was a hard job to sell to a young up and comer. If Littrell gets the boot at the end of 2021 season Bennett can go back to rocker.
  3. Bennett said the mistake he made at SMU was honoring scholarships offered by his predecessor to incoming freshmen. The talent was not up to the level that he knew SMU needed.
  4. I personally think that this job will be hard to fill since Seth is under so much pressure to produce this season. Hope I am wrong,
  5. I am going for "working out". We are on our 3rd DC in 3 years, Littrell is in a "make or break " year, and I am afraid that combination will scare the most qualified candidates . As pointed out by another poster, the coaching community operates on a "buddy system" and Seth may be out of friends.
  6. Why would we be interested in a coach fired from his last two jobs? Because like a used car its a good deal? His career is going/has gone south.
  7. In my opinion this is going to be a difficult job to fill. I think its a given that if Seth doesn't turn the program around next year he is gone. Hard to hire a D.C. with the understanding that he may be one and done.
  8. According to what I have read, they would make several million dollars more plus be in a more prestigious conference.
  9. Correct. The Big West is not interested in their other sports, nor is the MVC. That just leaves the Big Sky, which is geographically friendly but considered a step down. In addition, that would put them in the same conference as Idaho and Idaho State which they do not want. However, in business you start out doing what you want to and sometimes end up doing what you have to. Unless Boise swallows their pride and moves other sports to Big Sky it appears they are stuck.
  10. I am assuming that our coaching staff qualifies who they offer scholarship too, and if a player says he has no interest in North Texas then he doesn't get an offer. To say that we should offer a scholarship to every player on the DMN area top 100 seems silly. When I went thru fraternity rush at UNT in the early 60's their was one who made an offer to everyone who signed up for rush sight unseen. We don't want to be those guys.
  11. CUSA went 0 for 5 in bowl games, with todays UTSA/Louisiana contest being the only one that wasn't a blow out.
  12. The money they make in AAC will more that offset travel costs for their football program, but I doubt the MWC will keep their other sports. They made an exception for Hawaii who was able to put their others programs in Big West. However it appears the Big West, made up of California universities with Rainbow Warriors as exception, are not interested in Boise. This leaves the MVC, Big Sky[considered a step down plus Idaho is a member] or possibly WAC, although I that would really be a stretch, especially since the are in process of adding 4 programs from the Southland Conference.
  13. So assuming Boise moves to AAC in football only and finds a conference for all other sports, which seems to be the hang up. Who does the MWC replace them with?
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