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  1. We have had it happen here before…
  2. I don’t know man… I think we can trace this back to Trilli.
  3. Just because we don’t care for the body of work that Dickey did doesn’t mean we want SL. We can dislike both. We don’t have to get caught up in dualism here.
  4. I mean winning next to no out of conference games. Only beating teams that should have been in D-1AA and getting out coached repeatedly. Yeah. That one. But hey we can ignore context all day long and give us our gold stars for beating the Idahos and New Mexico States of the world. And having a coach that absolutely no one else wanted and was forced to completely change his own offensive philosophy if he ever wanted a coordinator type role in the college game. That Dickey.
  5. That holding call should have been called twice in the first half that was missed.
  6. And some like to be a little bitch and complain and critique everything that hardly anyone else with football sense would say. You are only saying it because you don’t like SL. But most anyone who plays to win would make those correct calls. You would love old Dickey then. Thank god we aren’t there anymore.
  7. I want SL gone as much as any… but what you are suggesting is just crazy. You are suggesting we don’t even give us a chance and I just can’t get on board with that. If we are gonna bitch, let’s make sure it is about the right things. Your philosophy of just laying down is ludicrous.
  8. Does it seem odd that Aune is throwing most balls side arm? I haven’t seen that much all year but until now. Odd time to change things up. the play calling is highly suspect too. Besides some of the obvious, what the hell was up with that option play before our field goal??
  9. Seems like Jared Mosely will be the replacement most likely. many of which wanted him as our AD back in 2016 before Wren came along.
  10. SL better thank his lucky stars for the conference rule change this year. Otherwise we would be sitting home this Friday and he would be without a pretty nice pay bump.
  11. I’m pretty sure they are from our Big West days honestly.
  12. We really haven’t done much to make CUSA football look all that good. We have probably hurt it more than we have helped. Facts.
  13. He probably owns a Texas tie too. Which for some weird reason people think is necessary around here.
  14. I am not impressed with SL making it to the championship game (if he even does that). It took a big rule change to even make this possible. If this was any other year he wouldn't even be going because UTSA would be our division rep. Furthermore, this is a down year for the league. Lastly, I still can't get over the body of work or the lack of fan interest due to mediocrity of our program or the wildly inconsistent teams he consistently puts out there or that the direction of this program has just been stagnant. Even if we beat rice, the championship game and the bowl game.... I don't care much for holding on to him.
  15. What part of SL gives anyone the confidence to count our chickens before they hatch?
  16. Can’t find it streaming anywhere
  17. But we are sooo grateful to have SL. 😒
  18. I thought we have been playing Earl as the QB 2
  19. Not sure your point. Could it be worse? Sure I guess. But that isn’t what we are disputing. You act as if it couldn’t be better. And without a doubt it could be and others have proven it so.
  20. Seeing as how other schools have been more successful without spending as much on a coach like we have tends to tell me we could have.
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