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  1. I truly hate when you mother effers do crap titles like this. You can burn in hell for what you have just done! BURN!
  2. In year 6 of SL we shouldn’t be excited to maybe possibly hit 6 and that it is his best year in the last 3 with it. His body of work simply says he isn’t a good coach worth what he is paid. And if he is retained, the lucky bastard actually gets a raise for this mess.
  3. That’s like getting all 5 sharks on shark tank. I am impressed. Btw, I am with you jimmy.
  4. Oh so that’s what it looks like for a QB to hit a receiver.
  5. I said it early in the season and was down voted a bunch but names on the back are important and I do t know why they went away the past several years. I believe it started the year after Fine left.
  6. Things are looking greener in this pasture
  7. I really wanted Zappe after he played us. I doubt SL even tried, but I would have been all over trying to get him to come to UNT after that.
  8. UTSA made a mistake with this one. It will come back to bite them. Watch.
  9. I hope Wren gets SL an extension. We can’t lose SL.
  10. Not surprised at all. This is the equivalent of Benford coached basketball.
  11. I like La Tech… I do. But I will find it quite amusing that they will end up begging the sun belt and ULM to let la tech join them when all along la tech has SMU’d them up to a week ago.
  12. That sucks. It wasn’t long ago that I would fly in from Boise for this weekend to watch games. But since last year I was done making that investment with an SL coached team. I feel that everyone basically sees the rest of this season as a write off at this point.
  13. I hate that we do have names on the back. And given the NIL era it behooves us to help them get their name out there anyhow.
  14. Please don’t hate or boo the players. Their fragile egos just can’t take it.
  15. They are grown men who play D1. If they can’t handle a boo from a fan, man I don’t know what to say but bye Felicia.
  16. I too think throwing the ball in quadruple coverage is a good strategy.
  17. These days, I don’t care if the players are booed. They are no longer armatures and let’s not pretend that these guys are kids.
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