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UAB (3/30/23)


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11 minutes ago, CMJ said:

If we keep UAB under 60, we win.  If they score 60-64...tossup.  If they get over 65, Blazers probably hold up the hardware.  Can't dig a big hole tomorrow.

Yeah.   These guys have seen us enough to not be surprised at our defensive tenacity & pace of play.

If we get down double-digits early again (heaven forbid 22-2 again!), I think Coach Kennedy will be able to scheme a way to keep that lead.

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It wouldn't surprise me to see this game decided by some fortune:

A player lost for 10 minutes to stitches
A regular contributer that has an awful night
A no-namer that comes out of no where and hits 50% from the arc

These two teams know each other so well, I feel like the winner is going to need some luck.

I have wondered if UAB struggled versus FAU because they had to horse race a day after getting into a rock fight with us.
Will be interesting to see if that swing affects them again.  Certainly having a day off between these two games could play into that.

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2 hours ago, Glory to the Green said:

We’re the better team. We just have to go out and show it. If we play UNT basketball, we win. I suspect we play UNT plus on Thursday. 

It’s been a great season and I’ve truly enjoyed watching this team play all year. Grateful for the GMG members to share our celebrations. GMG!

I agree with the bolded.  UAB has some players who have a higher scoring ceiling when they are on, but they can get loose, sloppy, take bad shots and generally allow teams to hang around and outplay them for stretches.  We are perfectly setup to be a foil to this UAB team.

At some point not having Abou is going to hurt us - if for nothing more than numbers.  I really thought that was yesterday while that first half was playing out.  Fortunately, Sissoko was able to stay out of foul trouble and we eventually figured it out physically down low.  I worry about Sissoko getting fouls on him and how we will back him up.  If I'm UAB I'm trying to get him out of the game as quickly as possible and force us to go deeper into our bench early.  The shocker of this tournament, for me, is the play of Sissoko.  He's getting better every day and has gone from someone who was just contributing to someone making plays.  He's got a bright future.

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