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  1. Christopher Walker

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    Not really, no.
  2. Christopher Walker

    DRC: (updated) Joel Filani leaving for Texas Tech

    Not unexpected. Wait, to Tech, though? Not USC??
  3. Christopher Walker

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Naw, but she did give me a weird look. That counts, right?
  4. Christopher Walker

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    @Jason Howeth
  5. Christopher Walker

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    If you look more thoroughly through the 2013 MP, though, it called for the acquisitions around south Ave C to be primarily joint public-private partnerships. Or, where possible, UNT become the landlords and maintain the current businesses while continuously making facade and landscaping improvements. The aim was to maintain the appropriate college and neighborhood retail and services, but make it more an extension of campus, a gateway into the core academic sectors. I'm betting the razing of Carriage Square reset the plans here. The thinking now may be "rip the bandaid off now". Oh bud, you didn't hear? [ I'll update with a photo here shortly. ]
  6. Christopher Walker

    Bill Connally has UNT FB ranked at #84

    If you listen to his reasoning on PAPN, he explains that he's updated S&P+ to factor more in your conference quality into the equation. This of course has re-organized the G5s and they have been lowered. I get his reasoning, but frustrating nonetheless.
  7. Christopher Walker

    Marshall (2/7/19)

    If you were there last night you likely saw the Legendary Count Basie Orchestra hanging out at the bar after their sold out Murchison performance as well. Fun week in Denton. Heading to the Super Pit in an hour!
  8. Christopher Walker


    I'm hoping the next hire has plenty of video and After Effects work under their belt, because, uh - we're sorely lacking in that field.
  9. Christopher Walker

    Confirmed Harrell to USC

    I trust these folks implicitly.
  10. Christopher Walker

    Confirmed Harrell to USC

    Not so fast, my friend?
  11. Christopher Walker

    Middle Tennessee State (1/26/19)

    Someone last week was commenting on how much they like the lighting improvements in the Super Pit. While I generally agree it has gotten better, this current broadcast is exposing just how uneven the spread is. Mid-court is bloomin', but the goal-posts are in shadows.
  12. Christopher Walker

    Scouting Cal

    Heads up. Flights from DFW>SFO roundtrip on AA are going for around $200 right now for Friday depart and Sunday return. Go go go go go. And for my fellow Millennials, use Airfordable to pace out that purchase.
  13. Christopher Walker

    Patrick Cobbs

    I can live with this bit.
  14. Christopher Walker


    It looked like the Notre Dame guys had clean helmets as well. So perhaps the private schools don't care?
  15. Christopher Walker


    So like, do most schools not allow their likeness allowed outside of regular games? I've seen a ton of SOWs and the Cal script on a lot of helmets in all manner of orientations.
  16. Christopher Walker

    Scouting Cal

    Reno to Berkeley on the other hand...
  17. Christopher Walker

    9/12/20 --- North Texas @ Texas A&M

    2022 is going to be A-MAZ-ING if it holds. 2025, not so much.
  18. I know the nature of these heading coaching jobs is an apples to oranges comparison, but I can't help but feel the constantly failing upward joke should be made.
  19. Christopher Walker

    Holgorson agrees with UH

    Yep - definitely still delusional.
  20. Christopher Walker

    Scouting Cal

    This game has been a ball of absurdity and I love it.
  21. Christopher Walker

    FRB Cancelled ?

    When I first read it in my car ride home, I laughed so hard I freaked the dogs out.
  22. Christopher Walker

    FRB Cancelled ?

  23. Christopher Walker

    I will say it

  24. Christopher Walker

    Briles to FSU

    There is also rumblings that Applewhite is about to be fired. Is there any precedent for that kind of situation?
  25. Christopher Walker

    I will say it

    He's already a fireman. And yes, I know the /s was implied form earlier. I'm just here to dole out facts.