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  1. Sorry. 😞 I tried. All my guys were wanting to get out of state.
  2. He'll stay at TE that kind of versatility is a NIGHTMARE!!
  3. I hear that concern. This staff has proven they can take under rated/under recruited skill kids and turn them into solid players. I think this kids recruitment will pick up as schools boards fill up
  4. 1/3 spoke to several people in the industry and they believe he’s a kid that is very unpolished meaning the potential for him to become an elite player for us is very high. A lot of HS kids you get usually have received so much training and work that, what you see is what you get. Not what I’m hearing about this kid.
  5. Sounds like a smart AD/HC to me. If the dad is a coach and wants to work there....why not?
  6. Dad is a coach. Happens sometimes.
  7. 0 chance. Dudes going to Alabama.
  8. I don’t have those kind of pockets. Just your standard rented iPhone lol
  9. How this kid only has 3 offers is baffling. That is an impressive tape. Very destructive with his hands against would be blockers. WOW. Land this kid and you've got yourself a guy who can play early!
  10. Been here since last summer
  11. Funny little ole TCU keeps following our offer trail and offering their pick of guys... hmmm
  12. We also had no time to make adjustments because our offense was without our Team MVP. I think when offense can stay on the field and let some adjustments be made or communicate the mistakes then the game is different. But yes, here is to praying we contain King. Also, King is better than Love. That is all.
  13. I will be shocked when we find out he is paying players in someway to attend WKU. Those guys don't just pick small schools for the fun of it. See massive NCAA Basketball Recruiting (Bribing) Scandal. Burn the whole thing down and start over.
  14. Yeah early in his coaching career but after he was established as a HC at SOC
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