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  1. We also had no time to make adjustments because our offense was without our Team MVP. I think when offense can stay on the field and let some adjustments be made or communicate the mistakes then the game is different. But yes, here is to praying we contain King. Also, King is better than Love. That is all.
  2. I will be shocked when we find out he is paying players in someway to attend WKU. Those guys don't just pick small schools for the fun of it. See massive NCAA Basketball Recruiting (Bribing) Scandal. Burn the whole thing down and start over.
  3. Yeah early in his coaching career but after he was established as a HC at SOC
  4. Emmett Jones strikes. The guy doesn't lose prospects from DFW that he wants. It is pretty impressive.
  5. yes, they will try and wrap the class up on early signing day.
  6. We will take questions throughout the show so feel free to post.
  7. Anyone have questions they would like us to try and answer?? Going to podcast In about 20 minutes, sorry for the short notice!
  8. He will be a defensive Quality Control coach. Pretty good step up, and in the right direction for him!
  9. While I appreciate the compliment I have plenty to learn. Many times the sack or pressure that happen is any combination of the following: QB Squeezing the ball too long and not throwing guys open (Mason early on), The OL missing twist or stunts, The RB not picking up a blitz before running his route, The QB and WR not on the same page for hot route reads and timing is off causing the assumed pressure the time needed to get to the QB, The WR runs the wrong route in general (doesn't happen as often in the Air Raid because it is simplified).
  10. The stat that you should look at in general is pressures and hurries. Those mean Fine was able to avoid a sack and continue with the play, add those numbers up and our OL play was not to the standard that is acceptable in this offense. Some of it was our tempo, run a big play sprint down the field got the DL tired, because they're big too but then we check with sideline and sub two guys in well now they get to sub in, so they run 4 new DL out who are fresh and our big guys are now tired. I think with Bodie Reeder new OC you won't see that as much as you will get to the line and run another play while they're also tired.
  11. Not true, I graduated in 2013 and go to sub hub at least once weekly depending on work schedule. I hope they give them the ability to open up shop somewhere close again. It is always packed during lunch rush.
  12. You ever watch the guy block? He did it to himself by not being very physical at all. Hope he lands on his feet because the guy had the ability to be a guy who played in the league if he figured out the blocking aspect of the game.
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