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  1. Aside from Mason Fine have we brought in a FBS QB? Survey Says......
  2. I think you'll be ok. I'd avoid the giant overpass from 121 to 35 other than that safe travels.
  3. We go in there regularly, especially after the destruction of Rockin Rodeo. Wife and I went on our first date when it used to be Pourhouse, so it holds some sentimental value as well.
  4. Lesson learned, we eat and drink before hand. Grab popcorn and maybe a water bottle there. 🙂
  5. You’ll make it with time to spare. I’d eat before hand. My experiences haven’t been too hot with the booths that have been open for games. Luke warm hot dogs cold hamburger and sub par pretzel. They’ve only had 2/3 concession booths opened most of the year so I’m assuming predicted numbers drives that for AD
  6. I just made the drive solo to check the roads out, guys I drove from Lewisville to Denton and there isn’t a bad spot 1 not bridges not side roads not highways. There is hardly even water on the ground. Please get out and be safe but no reason to not drive to the game tonight. I’m bringing my family of 4. GMG
  7. You are not lying, but the problem I have is the type of kids we're getting out of the portal. Going down to FCS Level kids when there are plenty of P5 talent in the portal, AND P5 level kids that would typically chose them over UNT are now available bc P5 are full. Tons of talent available for the taking and we are just sitting on our backsides.
  8. I will try to do this without sounding like a whiny baby. It seems like there is a serious lack of THINKING that goes into the fans game day experience. Little to no effort to get the crowd going with some energy and while I agree that the fans should bring that on their own sometimes they need a little help. Things I noticed during the game yesterday that had me seriously scratching my head. 1. They're in a timeout and the video board has the clip where a player gets hype and starts chanting DEFENSE! DURING A TIMEOUT. Then they break the huddle and nothing. 2. Music selection has not changed in years, songs do nothing to move the needle. 3. The environment of the Pit in general is BLAH 4. Majority of the fans there seem to be there to watch a basketball game not cheer or celebrate, just simply watch them run up and down the court and play the game. 5. I wish they'd turn those goofy yellowish lights off and just have the newer lights on. 6. Middle Tennessee section that came to the game was loudest section in the "North" "Texas" chant.
  9. Students don’t start class until the following week
  10. Agreed. We rebounded and played poor interior post defense first half, did much better at both in the 2nd half, then didn't hit many FT's in big situations.
  11. Back to Back Conference Champions, Won Conference Tournament last year, Won NCAA Tournament Game. Yah we do plenty of winning big games. Take that garbage somewhere else.
  12. Similar to Okie State? That would be awesome!
  13. 1 and 2 are the same person minus the title given.
  14. Completely disagree. Baseball (if done right, could possibly be the best program on campus) DBU TCU are offering kids 20-30% scholarships meaning they come up with the other 70-80% and pay their way through school. Imagine coming to UNT where we can offer you 35-40% and you pay the difference. The amount of $ kids families could save would be worth the look. You will have to win but with all the baseball talent in the metroplex every year you should be able to build a program with great success and possibly very early success. Ton of baseball coaches ask all the time why we don't. Lot of them think it would be a dream job because of location/conference/ability to steal recruits from top programs because of cost to attend UNT vs the other schools.
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