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  1. recruiting for Georgia Tech which is why you saw all the Georgia Tech offers flying out all over DFW yesterday
  2. I'd take him in a heart beat. Especially knowing that P5 HC/DCs wanted him bad enough to extend an offer even though you and I know that doesn't mean much until they get their official offer letter. I'd rather have him than the prep school DL.
  3. Tisdale stayed after they announced who they hired
  4. And he could have been signed sealed and delivered. Coaches need to trust their evaluations... this kid blew up because he locked down every WR he covered. He would have signed with us in December and never received any of this attention (if he chose to sign early) which by the looks of it that’s a theme with this staff. Hmmm.... hard pill to swallow guess I’ll move on.
  5. Said Talented HS DT may not be nearly as talented as a guy from Portal or JUCO. Look at SMU and UH rosters. Littered with P5 kids they never had a chance in hell to land out of HS, now on their roster. I'm not saying it is a guarantee way to work, but I like getting more talented kids than we could normally land and seeing how they do. I agree passing on a guy who could help you for 3/4 years possibly for one that can help for maybe 2 is a big gamble.
  6. It is my understanding we are only getting JUCO/Transfer portal guys with the remaining scholarships.
  7. Rangel beat him out as the starter. I don't know the situation after that. There were a lot of rumors floating around but I don't like messing with those. As for Rangel we should have offered after about 6 weeks. That kid is going to be a big time QB I think.
  8. Commits to SMU at the ALL American Bowl on NBC nationally televised..... Yikes Of Note, Scott Nady was the previous HC at Parish Episcopal School before taking a roll on staff at SMU under Morris. He stayed because he has a lot of big $$ ties in Dallas and is now their Director of Recruiting.
  9. he was told we were full when he called to commit. Also this is believed to be a fake offer posted by this young man.
  10. Heard this kid was ready to commit and was told we were full..... he has added Michigan State, Kansas, UCONN, Miami, and Baylor since the early signing period. This is stuff the staff can't have happen. You have to find a way when a kid of his talent level is ready to pull the trigger to make it work. This one stings...
  11. One thing to think about is the way they are sending out their mailers and what those look like. Typically UNT sends hand written letters to kids, while FAU may be sending some expensive 2/3 dollar printed out mini poster or something like that. Some schools spend a lot of money on stuff like that others don't. Kids typically throw them away or rarely look at them anyway.
  12. Seems to me, it would be much easier to enjoy and attack your senior season knowing you are signed and don't have to worry about the offer getting pulled if you get hurt.
  13. You seeing a trend with this in this recruiting class as a whole not UNT? I wish we tried harder to get our kids to sign and be done so we could move to the next class.
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