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  1. No but they will be on NFHS website
  2. GMG24

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    I have heard good things.
  3. GMG24


    and hotel is now sold out.
  4. Gas is 2.00 a gallon.... drive. Ill give you round trip plus 250 miles to drive all around Albuquerque. That’s 1,484 miles from Denton and back with some wiggle room. My car can get 500 miles to a tank on hwy let’s say 400 for giggles. That’s 3.71 tanks of gas I’ll need to get there. My tank holds 18 gallons, at $2.20 a gallon which is currently $ .40 above what it is all over DFW is $39.60 a tank. Call it an even 4 tanks, you’ll need $158.40 in gas. Pack a case of water, some Red Bull, and snacks. We will call it 60 bucks. Hotel room, big $$. Found a Sheraton for 120 a night after taxes. Take a friend that’s 60 a piece per night. Now you’re sitting at 338.40. Food? Drinks? Ticket. That’s all ya got left. Point being. If anyone wants to make this work, it’s possible. May not get to be the lavish NO trip I get it, but if one wants to go, you can definitely make it happen. I will be there.
  5. DE Novil/Tuulau Saafi DT English (hopefully)/LeBlanc/Colvin DE Hamilton/McMillan LB King/Ozougwu LB Kevyon Davis will be immediate impact guy/Jordan Hunt LB Tim Faison (similar to the year Ejiya has had)/ Larry Nixon S Davis/Moore S Muhammad/ Makyle Sanders S Robinson/ Alex Morris CB Johnson CB Roberts/Crosby
  6. No sir. Darden is more explosive, but Law Is a baller too.
  7. Now has insurance and I believe life insurance for remainder of his life. Believe NFL really takes care of their dudes when it comes to that
  8. GMG24

    Amazing Stat By Zach Babb.

    Well you see, we are what they call a Spread team. With heavy Air Raid influence. We tried going under center 1 time last year and we fumbled the snap. Do what you rep every day and take 1,000s of reps doing. Plenty of teams can run the ball on 3rd and short out of the gun. If he can’t block down, or block man in front it doesn’t matter. He gets his ass whipped and it doesn’t matter what play you call behind what OL. The play is over.
  9. GMG24

    Amazing Stat By Zach Babb.

    The fact that we struggle constantly with short yardage runs to me is more of a personnel issue than play calling. You can call all the inside runs you want but if the big boys up front can't get guys moved its irrelevant.
  10. GMG24


    Recruits care, and when recruits care and it does get better prospects going to your school which makes your team better. Man some of yall really are some sour puss fans and everything is bad. WE WON 9 GAMES, WE DID IT 2 SEASONS IN A ROW. Sure expectations can be high and I am all for it, but holy cow we are 3 years removed from some of the worst football in the country. ENJOY THIS WHILE IT LASTS!!!
  11. This is assuming everyone comes back and no one declares for NFL. WR Bussey WR Darden LT Brammer/VT Transfer LG Woodworth C Mose RG Mose RT Parish H Smith QB Fine RB Torrey/Ga. Johnson WR Guyton
  12. GMG24

    Amazing Stat By Zach Babb.

    has nothing to do with that. We threw 2 slot fades for TD's vs UAB and another on an out I believe and Darden couldn't be covered and we just couldn't seem to call those plays anymore rest of the game. I am to lazy to do it, but I could find similar issues the other 2 losses.