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  1. Started off with 2s but got some work with 1s
  2. Once on campus he counts against your ship limit. Burned a ship
  3. GMG24

    Practice Schedule

    Lol 😂 yeah.... they do some short videos and stuff on the football Instagram page
  4. Please provide me open or private feedback, I want to get you guys the info you want. That is our goal. GMG
  5. GMG24

    Practice Schedule

    May want to get in contact with Shelby. Not sure how “open”our practices are. Every school is different. Seth seems pretty laid back when it comes to that. Some HC will cuss anyone out who pulls a phone out during practice.
  6. Thanks for having me on. That was a really good time and look forward to more podcasts in the future.
  7. There will be several walk ons added post camp. We also have one from Oklahoma Littrell specifically pointed him out to me and said he was excited that we landed him. I’ll leave names out until They update the roster.
  8. Bookmark it, he'll blow last season out of the water. All his weapons are back except RB. Smith and company will replace that.
  9. What's Army was doing and 95% of coaches across America are teaching the hawk tackle, near hip near foot hit with shoulder wrap and roll player to ground. Takes the head out of the tackle. It sucks that our guys got hurt in process but I saw nothing dirty in regards to tackles that game. If they're rolling and twisting post tackle and whistle that's a completely separate issue.
  10. 🙄. Called a Hawk tackle it’s the safest form of tackling it removes the head from the tackle. Google Pete Carroll Hawk Tackle.
  11. Got me PUMPED for the big game in SEC country fast forward to 6 minute mark if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.
  12. Or that Mario Edwards ever played for Ryan 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. GMG24

    C-USA West Media Day is at 2pm on ESPN3

    Technical difficulties.... so bush league come on!!!