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  1. Small school in Georgia somewhere. COVID got him one more shot. Think this is his last year.
  2. Yes sir, they are getting screwed worse than 2021. Schools/Rosters are maxed out. I am hearing some Universities will be asking kids to move on and seek other options to possibly clear up space. It is going to get messy.
  3. Ive heard a rumor the number could be in the single digits...
  4. NCAA will not be adding scholarships. The burden on schools lower than Most D1 Schools financially would crumble most universities. I imagine you will see schools using the non-renewal of scholarships as each scholarship is a 1 year scholarship now. It will be a slippery slope as you don't renew a kids scholarship and their HS/JUCO coach find out unless there is a reason the student athlete brought upon themselves then you will be having some ticked off coaches.
  5. He just wanted to wait until you posted that he wasn't on the roster to show up 🙂
  6. maintenance is bs excuse IMO. If that is the excuse then turf it and be done. Are you meaning this past seasons bball attendance during COVID? I am talking about the kids we are bringing in on "Scholarship" contributing 2/3 or more to tuition to the school *bringing $$ in that otherwise would not be coming in*
  7. I 10000% agree good programs deserve THE BEST. But, to me there is a way to do that while getting baseball going, then improve as they grow. You get a baseball team going, someone (dad probably) comes in and drops some serious money and you are in business. Just think, Jesuit, Marcus, Flower Mound, Southlake, Keller (all of them) Prosper, Frisco, I can keep going all of those communities have D1 baseball players and families that are not hurting for $$. Just seems really stupid to not jump in, plus you have an easy fan base in the North Texas Area that may not want to go drop 200 bucks at a Rangers game. Now they go buy your 10-20 dollar ticket, and watch some good baseball. I have had more baseball coaches than I can count that are so disappointed that we don't have baseball because they know how good we could be, and quick.
  8. I heard when they get a sack Sean Kingston's song is going to come on (Somebody call 9-11) lol Ok I'll retire to mowing my yard. 🤪
  9. I know FWISD for sure is still in school for another 2 weeks, wonder if he is in the same boat.
  10. Last time I heard anything about it, the plan was to bring the AC all the way up to where the scoreboard is currently, and have some sort of Doubled weight room/Training room, and locker room, where the coaches area on the 3rd floor would be the last to be renovated/expanded but who knows what has changed since then. I had two semi-disappointing takeaways from that conversation. 1 Baseball is no where in the future plans we could be so good so quick with a baseball program. Most baseball scholarships are between 1/4 1/3 unless you are really good like draft pick type good then you may get 60-75% thrown your way. Take a look at the other schools in metroplex, DBU a kid gets a 1/3 they're still paying 25 grand easily, TCU 35 grand. UNT you're well under 20 grand for a 1/3 scholarship and that doesn't include academics. The 2nd I wouldn't say disappointing thing was the plan to renovate and update the softball complex before baseball is even brought up. Edit: 11.7 total Scholarships per team. SO 35/36 of the guys can be on a 1/3 scholarship and you can rock and roll, or you want to do less and you take a higher tier kid on 40% and a lesser tier kid only gets 20% instead. It is a numbers game, but with the schools in the metroplex that you would be recruiting from, that $ isn't totally crazy for college baseball AND their families can come to lots of games which seems to be a bigger deal than cost or location in the baseball world (WS level elite teams excluded)
  11. Well in the past that was probably the case, but those magazines and companies change and adapt with times just like everything else. They now offer digital copies, they had a 1 hour phone call with Littrell last week sometime or maybe the week prior about the team and the upcoming season. Those guys have to change with all the things the Portal (Transfers in and out), JUCO, and late hs signees due to spots opening up. I would be very surprised if this years article on us was too far off.
  12. That is CRAZY to me, SOC should be a place we can go in and get a kid or two every other year if we wanted.
  13. @BillySee58 One thing I've noticed in talking with a lot of the college guys is it doesn't seem to be an issue at UNT only. The Freshman classes at all Universities have backlogged badly. Kids that signed 3 classes ago, RS year, played, COVID year, still RS Soph by eligibility but SR in school this upcoming season. Kids that signed 2 classes ago, Redshirted, COVID year, now they are RS Freshman still but JR in school this upcoming season. Kids that signed last class, COVID Year, still have a RS, and are still a Freshman on the roster but will be Soph in school this upcoming season. Kids that signed this class, Freshman. 3 classes of signees that will be some form of Freshman eligibility and you are looking at a roster nightmare at some point. I believe the NCAA will have to come out and make some kind of amendments to the roster limits and scholarship numbers.
  14. The offense is going to be nasty, need the defense to resemble 11 guys that have a semi desire to stop the other team from Scoring and I think we can be right back at the top of the conference dependent upon QB play.
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