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  1. GMG24

    More blue lot woes

    Email Wren he will get it fixed.
  2. I'd rock with the dudes who wanted to be here and if he's visited campus I believe one or both of those are no longer options.
  3. GMG24

    Injury status

    Easly is done for the season.
  4. GMG24

    Strange feeling

  5. GMG24

    Strange feeling

    Fine has never been a running threat. He may get 2/3 called runs a game MAX. The hamstring did not hamper his ability imo. If it did you would have seen another qb.
  6. GMG24

    Strange feeling

    Ummm he completed close to 70% of his balls... had 7 drops that I can remember and over threw JG 1 time....Fine did enough to help us win. Early on he had 0 protection
  7. It’s an hour and 40 minute flight. What’s wrong with that?
  8. GMG24

    Unis for Saturday

    Thats Nate Brooks.
  9. I’m without direct TV, anyone know where I could stream the game?
  10. GMG24

    Official UTEP Game Score Prediction Thread

    Umm both pro style run game offenses. Just saying.
  11. GMG24

    Secondary Vs La Tech

    Not that Arkansas is a top 25 team, but we held them to 17 (on the road)..... the same number of points A&M did (at aggieland) our defense is fine... everyone needs to have a cold one and relax. We had a bad game most teams do.
  12. GMG24

    DRC: UNT evaluating injured players

    nope, you or I don't need to know. Good for him. He is protecting his kids from a ton of questions they are probably not prepared to answer anyway. I have no problem with him keeping that information private as it is not a need to know for anyone outside of the athletic training staff and coaches.
  13. GMG24

    Opening Line Vs UTEP

    no he isn't you can play in any 4 games and still RS.