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  1. McCasland does both? Why not find a Football version of him?
  2. I believe the NCAA is going to bypass the 85 scholarship limit.
  3. Hard to have chemistry when 1 player is the voice for the whole team. Different guys take to different leadership styles. Takes more than 1 IMO
  4. LOL I'll eat my crow, I just hate the idea of offering a kid in MS with no HS tape or production. To each their own lol
  5. I'm confused, I would take a solid 5'10-5'11 DT if they were dynamic. I would also take a 6'1-6'2 DT before I would take a 6'4 DT because of leverage (as long as their arm length could help protect them)
  6. I could be wrong but I think FS is Field Safety and BS is Boundary Safety. Typically teams that flip field and boundary rely on their field guy to be much more of a coverage guy where the boundary safety is more of a tackler then coverage guy (has to be able to do both very well). It sounds like the Rush spot is an OLB who will be on the LOS coming off the edge more times than not (typically your bigger LB's who can't cover in space great). It sounds like the Sam is going to be asked to be down around the LOS in the Nickel spot but not a traditional Nickel I think it will be more
  7. Big 12 announces schedule.... PLAY BALL BABY!!
  8. Not always but yes I agree that is the "Knock" but if he has long arms and is high and the other guy is low and uses his hands well that can be negated. I had one last year 6'1 1/4" but had wing span of a 6'4" player
  9. Height is hurting him. Listed at 6'1" could be a hair under, Big Schools rarely pull the trigger on anything under 6'2 they think their reach is less and are thus easier to block for bigger OL. I never understood that logic because in football the low man wins, so why do I want a 6'4" guy...give me the 6'1" or 6'2" guy who is already 2/3 inches lower than the OL across from him. ok rant over.
  10. Love getting out to Lubbock!! Bring all the ballers. Very under recruited area of the state.
  11. Hate to speculate, but that could very well be a grades issue where he did not get enough classes passed to be ready this year.
  12. Those kids seem to be content choosing other places, if you can't get that level talent in state (Shame on you for not recruiting better as SMU UH etc don't have a problem doing so) but the next step is to try and get out of state kids in.
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