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  1. Big 12 announces schedule.... PLAY BALL BABY!!
  2. Not always but yes I agree that is the "Knock" but if he has long arms and is high and the other guy is low and uses his hands well that can be negated. I had one last year 6'1 1/4" but had wing span of a 6'4" player
  3. Height is hurting him. Listed at 6'1" could be a hair under, Big Schools rarely pull the trigger on anything under 6'2 they think their reach is less and are thus easier to block for bigger OL. I never understood that logic because in football the low man wins, so why do I want a 6'4" guy...give me the 6'1" or 6'2" guy who is already 2/3 inches lower than the OL across from him. ok rant over.
  4. Love getting out to Lubbock!! Bring all the ballers. Very under recruited area of the state.
  5. Hate to speculate, but that could very well be a grades issue where he did not get enough classes passed to be ready this year.
  6. Those kids seem to be content choosing other places, if you can't get that level talent in state (Shame on you for not recruiting better as SMU UH etc don't have a problem doing so) but the next step is to try and get out of state kids in.
  7. Right. Which he would. Very few times do guys get rated that highly and bust bc of football ability. They typically bust because of things outside of football.
  8. If this kid did chose UNT (no chance he does) He plays immediately Day 1 whenever he is elligible. You don't get single digit Jerseys at LSU if you aren't a FREAK.
  9. I told y'all he's going to stay in Denton πŸ˜‰ lol
  10. That hurts us. Parish Episcopal's old HC is now the Special Teams guy at SMU. And the QB they got is going to SMU. Ouch.
  11. That kid is football fast! He was dynamite on film. Phenomenal effort on every play. He'll be good here, and I got to watch game tape as a coach not just highlights where everyone looks good.
  12. Why not? If local instate guys that are highly recruited don't want to stay because its Little ole UNT, I am all for going out of state to get kids. They may see it as a destination parents can fly into DFW be at the game in 30 minutes. I don't mind it one bit so long as they continue to hammer the streets of Texas. Specifically Houston area.
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