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  1. Yes. Just be good at your job, good OL go all over to G5 schools because of whatever reason. We need to pick it up in this area. Also bball needs to improve as well. That is all
  2. Still shows as Donavan
  3. GMG24

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    If they eff with the Beer Barn other than painting it Green. There will be a serious problem.... 🤣
  4. GMG24

    Visitors this weekend?

    I am guessing they're having a day where anyone they've offered they invited on campus to try and build some excitement within the class and build relationships.
  5. GMG24

    FAU (2/14/19)

    There were some bad no calls, but they made more of an effort to get to the foul line we took a bunch of jump shots
  6. GMG24

    FAU (2/14/19)

    Please call him and have him never do an article on specific players again. We suck again....
  7. GMG24

    FAU (2/14/19)

    TOPE IS GARBAGE how do you want to go big???
  8. GMG24

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    Ummm ??? Nice softball article...
  9. GMG24

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    This guy is electric
  10. Too bad he got sent to the staff last year and we’re just now offering
  11. GMG24

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    Holds Lamar, ULM, Ark St., but most impressive recently added university of Virginia and we held them off.
  12. a Bird has landed!!! Beat ya @TheReal_jayD cell service must be crap in east tx 😉
  13. "A four-year letterwinner (1992-95) as a defensive lineman and special teams standout at North Texas, Jennings was a member of the Mean Green’s 1994 Southland Conference championship team and the school’s first NCAA FBS squad in 1995. He began his coaching career as a student assistant (1996) and then graduate assistant (1997) at North Texas before moving on to Morehouse."
  14. Added Notre Dame last night. Will be tough to land this one