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  1. This used to be the case but there are ways schools can hire coaches to only coach. More prevalent at larger schools.
  2. I’d go after him based on his name alone. Can’t be a bust with a name like that.
  3. You’re right. Definitely should’ve said no to the kid. We’re their first choice or no choice!!!! *hints of sarcasm*
  4. This. If Patrick wanted him that badly, kid would have an offer.
  5. Well.. this should be a fun thread full of thoughtful responses.
  6. Call up Voertmans. They got a ton of them.* Not sure they officially sell them. Might just give you one if you ask nicely. edit: they did have a ton of them as of the end of season. I’m sure they’re not really a hot item in the offseason.
  7. Do you ever stop and think, with close to a million high school players across the country, the staff just may not like every player you come across?
  8. For those that complain about uniform choices, go read number 13. Think hard. Then read it again. The uniforms are more about what the kids want than what you or I want.
  9. Let’s just say he’s out of sight, out of mind. Whatever his next step is, I’ll be rooting for him.
  10. The staff has made the decision that they have more pressing needs this cycle than RB. Maybe they end up not getting the other targets and circle back to this kid. But I think it’s time to let it go. You only get so many scholarships and we desperately need some more size.
  11. These kids are playing some great basketball. Coach McCasland has done a fantastic job digging the program out of the Tony Benford grave.
  12. “I did a quick google search and found these names of candidates I’d like. Seth didn’t hire any of them... must be a terrible hire! Underwhelmed!” -A number of characters on this board.
  13. That’s a bummer. Duffy would have been a great fit for the offense.
  14. I’m sure this, in addition to the SMU news, won’t cause mass overreactions on the board. Nope.
  15. I was at the UNT v Texas Tech basketball game back in 2010 and it was going on then. I’m assuming it’s been around for a while. Just now getting looked at.
  16. Didn’t say it did (even tho I’m on record that I don’t care either way). Just wanted to point out how out there wild it is and that ESPN let it get broadcasted.
  17. UNT trying to stop the “motherf’n” Eagles.. meanwhile, here’s LSU.
  18. It’s not on him. He was denied admissions. It’s not like he changed his mind. I would still take him without thinking twice.
  19. So now Seth has to address every single time his name is wrote in a random article about POSSIBLE candidates?? Seems extreme to me.
  20. People acting like we missed out on prime Deion Sanders. Folks need to chillllll. If in 4 years the kid is first team all defense, then you come come back and bitch.
  21. Imagine getting this upset about a coach y’all know nothing about. Couldn’t be me.
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