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  1. https://untstadiumstore.textbooktech.com/merchandise/apparel
  2. Just in time for basketball season:
  3. Not sure an AD that wants out is walking the parking lot on gamedays talking to fans. I don’t doubt he’s taken interviews though bc that’s the nature of athletics.
  4. I think it would be close to the same result. I still see the issues that plagued the team then, just playing lower level competition right now. EDIT: The offense probably moves the ball a tick better but the defense would still get torched.
  5. It’s easier to fire someone quickly when they’ve had no success. It’s much harder when your coach takes you bowling nearly every year. The bill comes due for all.
  6. I was flipping back and forth between bowl winner and conference champion. We have the makings to be in the running to win the conference on an annual basis but bowl winner would be step 1 in getting there
  7. I’m just going to enjoy the win for a minute..
  8. That was an awful throw. Now is where the fun begins. Aune’s mistakes usually compound.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! You were the first to comment on the helmet color. Please claim your prize!
  10. Because I’ve seen good and bad seasons. What I haven’t seen is a bowl win since 2014. So that’s what I’m looking for
  11. The win/loss isnt what I'm looking for. The bowl win is where I'm sitting. 6-6, 8-4.. idc. Get the bowl win and we'll talk (and even then, prob not enough at this point)
  12. Seth is fighting for his job. Seeing if he has something for next season isn’t on the table. I think the time will come he’ll have to make the switch but it’ll be way later than we want.
  13. What in the world was that? Hit the RB for the easy first down.. you have to pull him at this point. His confidence is shot.
  14. WR did what he had to do… found the soft spot in the defense. That’s all Aune.
  15. Aune trying to force a throw that isn’t there finally comes back to bite him. He’s been getting away with that for a couple games now.
  16. That’s pretty much why I think he looks so good in practices to the coaches. No real pressure. When he has ideal circumstances, he throws a good ball. Unfortunately to be a good QB, you gotta be able to make plays in imperfect situations.
  17. Have to make that throw too. Can’t give the DB the time to close the gap that much.
  18. I’d argue controlling the ball is their game plan, but hard to do when you can’t convert 4th and shorts.
  19. I’m completely down to see Ruder again after a full year of practice.
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