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  1. Valid points. I think the best counterpoint is that Gunnell has 12 games under his belt. Started as a freshman in the PAC-12. If he’s healthy, it feels like he’s the starter.
  2. 1) I’m joking 2) Here’s the link if you haven’t seen: https://meangreensports.com/news/2022/5/9/general-unt-and-the-brandr-group-launch-group-licensing-for-student-athletes.aspx
  3. UNT announces a NIL program and lands 2 big transfers soon after?
  4. After reading the first sentence of his tweet, I thought it was gonna be an article about how far we have fallen at the QB position. I was not prepared for the turn that occurred lol
  5. Woo damn. Got me nervous with this thread title lol
  6. That team was LOADED with talent. Reese, Gibson, Smart, Hamlet, Geu, Bell, Simmons.. damn.
  7. This board only likes plain green shirts with “UNT” across the chest. Anything else is blasphemy. Many threw a fit about the throwback shirts that Voertmans made. I’m sure it pains them to see the athletic department liked them so much they ordered more and got them out to players and staff.
  8. And none of those games (except maybe Kansas for parts of the game) did we feel out of place. We were beating Miami by 12 at half. This years team was so damn good.
  9. Big loss but not surprising. Said in another thread that Drez could be an impact player for a P5. Hope he gets an extended March Madness run next year.
  10. I imagine SMU arrogantly assuming they could money whip Grant and getting shut down. Brings a tear to my eye.
  11. From your mouth to gods ears. I think Drez could play for a P5 next year and be a difference maker, but I sure hope he’s back.
  12. Baylor has always been the job I’ve circled. I expect Grant to be hired for that job the second it ever comes open.
  13. I need Scott getting thousands of shots up a day. The sky’s the limit if he comes into next season with a reliable jumper. Perry, Jones, Scott, Ousmane is a solid core.
  14. Y’all some weird folks. We lost bc we came out of halftime flat and gave up 3 straight TOs that led to points. That was the difference. Not whether or not the student section used some pool noodles correctly.
  15. I don’t see a pro player right now. He has the potential, absolutely. But he’ll need to be in much better shape in order to make it. There’s too many times where I saw him visibly out of breath after having to work at both ends for a few minutes. Another year of strength and conditioning and he might be a fringe lotto pick. Strong Draymond Green vines
  16. Yeah, and when I say it wouldn’t reach Tech levels of petty, I mean Grant wouldn’t be hated to that level. UNT fans would be upset and angry.. but hate is strong. I would boo to voice my displeasure while still acknowledging and respecting what he did for the program.
  17. Oh he’d get booed for sure. It wouldn’t be Tech levels of petty but he would definitely hear it.
  18. important piece of info
  19. The LSU rumors make infinitely more sense than SMU. And the LSU rumors are coming from credible sources and not Twitter accounts with 100 followers
  20. I’m ready to eat my words but I don’t see a world where Mac goes to SMU. Based on his various interviews and what I’ve heard from people that have personally interacted with him, he’s not the guy to leave for a quick buck. He’s very deliberate with his decisions and him turning down interest from P5s just to go to a wanna-be P5 would go against that. But I’ve been wrong before and ready to eat my words if he does go.
  21. There was a point in the game where I thought he was playing too passive. But when it’s time to turn up, I have 100% confidence in Tylor.
  22. Haha imo, the battle flag paint is too much. Everything else is great. The green also has never looked good on tv for some reason. The coloring looks different game by game. About the game tho, I know nothing about Texas State so if anyone has a cheat sheet, I’d love to see it.
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