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  1. You got something similar last year and it didn’t (hasn’t?) worked out.
  2. Yeah the link there is bugged or something. GO TO MAIN TICKET SITE
  3. Yes, do this. The “queue” never worked for me but going directly to the ticket office did
  4. Ticket link is live but does not appear to be working correctly. Keeps kicking to an “enable cookies” page when they’re already enabled. Hmm
  5. “Rent free” isn’t responding to a tweet about your team. “Rent free” is going out of your way to find some small “advantage” over another school in the form of ticket sales.
  6. From the moment the tickets when on sale, there were large ticket blocks unavailable to purchase on AXS. That includes midfield seats.
  7. You might lose Aune so getting a QB in the room that has real game experience would be a plus. Obviously landing one of the “big name” transfers would be the best outcome.
  8. I can see where you’re coming from but I still think it would be a bad move.. particularly right as you’re moving into a new, higher level conference. Let’s see how the program reacts.
  9. If you take the bowls for what they are, it’s a much more enjoyable experience. It’s fun for the players, it’s fun for the fans. The issue is when you have a fringe bowl team with fans that don’t travel and put them in a bowl completely across the country. Bowls should be localized much more than they are.
  10. Yeah let’s fire the guy that has a 70% win rate and 16 conference championships. Ask the Longhorns how difficult it is to find the guy to “take the next step”
  11. Yeah, we’ve had some strong OOC play this year. I’m not concerned with the W/L record bc in CUSA, you basically have 1 path to the dance.. win the conference tourney.
  12. Based on the seating map on AXS website, the schools have 90% of the tickets in their inventory.
  13. Wait until the official UNT link comes out. Won’t be cheaper but you would be supporting our athletic program.
  14. That’s really all I ask for. To have a shot. I feel like the last few were not good matchups.
  15. Zappe has 300 yards and only 1 TD? Getting similar vibes to senior year mason fine.. out there having to do everything yourself.
  16. Spent 70m on a Park N Go lot and calling it an “athletic facility”. Couldn’t be UNT.
  17. Purchased. Love that the NIL allows Torrey and others to capture some revenue from things like this.
  18. As with most of these things, the player absolutely wants to keep playing. His family will be pulling him in a different direction.
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