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  1. It's the start of the off-season, threads will become much weirder 😂
  2. While I think he is talented enough to go in the 4th as of today, I hypothesize that if the draft is defensively focused like it is projected to be then Darden will be relegated to the 5th or 6th round.
  3. It will probably depend on his combine results
  4. I think you hit on some key points and I agree 100%. As an organization, we can not hand out these large contracts with absolutely no contingency plans to find the money somewhere in the event the wheels completely fall off. Yes Littrell has recruited better and the state of our program is light years ahead of where it was, and now we can thank SL while we open the door for him on the way out. Funny thing about improving facilities and recruitment is that it starts chipping away at the excuses SL can use.
  5. The same play has been called 3 times and each has been a gain over 60 yards 🤡
  6. 2 minutes into the half and we call a timeout on 3rd and 7.............I have no words
  7. We have a Karen calling this game and the color of the field makes my eyes hurt
  8. WHAT is going on with these refs what the hell else is Stout supposed to do?!??
  9. you'll probably get downvoted into oblivion but I thought that was hilarious. We are a very emotional bunch during games 😂
  10. You're right! I meant more big picture - as in how the University is perceived and our commitment to improving athletics, with football obv being the most competitive and arguably the biggest priority. Seth and Walerius 100% deserve part of the credit, as the ball is now in Seth's court given that Walerius has held up his end.
  11. What's amazing to me is how quickly our recruiting has picked up. Of the top 10 all-time recruits to ever commit to the University of North Texas, 6 of them have been in the past five years. That is absolutely incredible and speaks volumes on the potential we are blessed with here. Our perception is slowly but surely shifting and I can't think of anyone who I want to thank more for their hard work and dedication than Wren Baker and Neal Smatresk!
  12. I can't wait to see Johnson and Drummond develop into a lethal QB WR duo! With several scholarships still left, so many signings on the defensive side of the ball in much needed positions, and how young our team was to begin with, I am suddenly feeling much better about our future.
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