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  1. I’m so glad everyone is enjoying going through it as much as I do! It’s my favorite thing to read before bed. I sleep well knowing the future of Mean Green Athletics is in good hands with Wren Baker 💪
  2. https://vpaa.unt.edu/sites/default/files/IMCE/inserts/sab0047/athletic_masterplan_book_reduced.pdf Page 45! Keep in mind this was released in 2017, some of this may have changed
  3. As of the me posting this (currently at the 162nd pick), he has not been selected
  4. No, but they had very nice things to say about him and took the time to run through his highlight reel. Overall very positive, as he deserves
  5. Mc agreed earlier in the season to a contract extension. To those of you saying he might leave, I would point to that. UNT has shown they can pay when they want to i.e. Littrell. Let the dust settle and I bet Wren and Co will find the money to keep Mc happy. https://dentonrc.com/rsssports/regents-approve-extension-for-grant-mccasland/article_d2ad387b-884c-54b8-8773-b3b252cbe3d1.html The silver lining here would be even if we do lose him (which I would hate to), at least we would have sufficient funds to go after someone with skins on the wall.
  6. I could see all of them coming back except Hamlet, due to the cases presented in this thread. The next question I have is will we land a big time transfer if a few of these senior opt out? I know little of the bb world but it's been a great few years to start learning to say the least
  7. Our starting goalie was hurt. I imagine that might have played a role depending on our depth at the position. Hopefully she'll be healthy for this weeks matchup with UAB!
  8. We should rest the starters
  9. The second round is Sunday/Monday. If he's out for the first he'll be out for the second. Our best hope would be to have him next weekend for Sweet 16....
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