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  1. I hope we drop the Memphis game and get something better, especially if we don't get the return game due to moving to the AAC in 2023
  2. In 2017 I watched the Astros walk off the Yankees in Minute Maid on a Carlos Correa double (ALCS), then was able to get back to the hotel in time to see Mason Fine engineer the Drive... I know it's not all Mean Green, but that's one of my best sports days of all time.
  3. if you don't want to watch the whole thing, this does a pretty good job of important plays
  4. i know that the win streak is what people are focusing on, but WKU was 11 points away from being 11-1 this year, with their only multiple score loss coming against Mich. St. I know the weather played a factor for UNT, but UTSA didn't show much fight in general, I wonder if the magic has run out for them. I think the final of this game will be something like: WKU 45 UTSA 17
  5. do you think the LSU players are baffled that they have a coach that is understandable and able to speak in complete sentences?
  6. I don't understand why someone like him would even have a twitter. Dude needs to apologize, make a donation, delete twitter and enjoy some football quietly.
  7. maybe Seth COULD be UNT's Gary Patterson... but the real question is... Can Seth be UNT's Seneca Wallace?
  8. agreed, but based on what i saw, no amount of rooting is going to help them.
  9. But since we don't have another game for a couple of weeks I want to take a minute to talk about some of the plays against UTSA. Because I honestly haven't seen an opposing team give up that hard since Ball St. got pounded back in 2013. My favorite play of this weekend was the 3rd and long conversion by Pirtle... he caught the ball almost five yards short of the 1st down and fought through four(i think) defenders to score a touchdown.
  10. Seth needs to be more like the top coaches! Look at all the energy/excitement that Traylor has for these interviews! Press conferences are how you win games!
  11. i think he's locked in, if Wren is waiting to make a decision on Seth based on the bowl game, then Wren is hurting the program. If he wanted to make a change, he should have made it. At this point, it would be more helpful to have a new coach in here hitting the recruiting trail.
  12. damn... i tuned in for a a fun podcast, then halfway in, i'm listening to an existential discussion on what 100 years actually is
  13. If Seth's around next year, he has to decide what he wants to do as a program... i think it's hard to have a great defense with an air raid offense... it's just not seen often. I think even if the offense is at full strength (position player-wise), the defense could still be the strength of this team. If so, i would want a run-based approach, with a QB that can throw when needed. None of this is easy/straightforward, but hopefully we have a clear gameplan headed into next year.
  14. A.) I think this thread is in the wrong forum B.) He didn't do anything wrong. unless there are rules that say a coach can't pitch another university to a recruit. What do you want him to do... sit on his hands?
  15. i've never really been that impressed, but maybe he just needs a fresh start
  16. I'd love to play memphis, UTSA would get smashed by BYU, the weather isn't going to get any nicer a month from now, and they'll have to play outdoors
  17. all while losing 4 of his last 5 in the AAC... that's falling up.
  18. The most impressive part of this run has been the play of our defensive line. I think opposing coordinators are having trouble figuring out how to stop these guys.
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