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  1. of course you would make a heteronormative bet... typical of the patriarchy
  2. Sure there is... What if he is caught in a video knocking his wife out in an elevator? What if he repeatedly drops N bombs in a secretly recorded video? What if it comes out that he locked a player in a dark room because of a concussion and that player's dad killed five hookers?
  3. Aztec, i love the work you put in, but can you turn up the levels on your mic a little for your pod? sometimes your voice dips too low and i can't always hear you. Aldo tends to come in ok.
  4. the timing definitely could have been worse. We could have been involved in negotiations with a major sponsor for the remaining athletic facilities that would have brought in $500,000,000 to the athletic program and then Wren gets hired away and the deal falls through. Or what if there was a 5 star recruit that was Wren's nephew and he had promised his uncle he would play wherever his uncle was and then Wren leaves right before signing day? Or what if Wren had was on the cusp of curing cancer and then he got hired away by West Va, and he decided to stop working on the whole 'cancer thing'?
  5. if he can win 6 games by then, he'd still be a better coach than Dodge
  6. Still my favorite game of all time... never again will kickers have a statline like this:
  7. thanks, i was wondering the same thing too
  8. I think people read these things and get mad at SL, when there is really someone else they should be getting mad at. Of course SL would sign these contracts with a great salary and reasonable bonus structure, wouldn't you? Meanwhile, recruiting is currently in the dump, but if i say, just let him play out his contract others will say that is silly, because then our recruiting will go in the dump if he doesn't have more guaranteed years.
  9. For the record, this is the worst trivia question of all time
  10. Just curious, what do you consider squeaking by and what is not squeaking by?
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