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  1. He is one of the 3 best defensive players on the team, and very tough on the boards for a Guard. We all hope his shot starts coming through, but he does add a lot of non-scoring value.
  2. That was the screwup, sitting too long to step out. The play clock was actually running correctly with the 40. Kickoffs that are fair caught are spotted and the Auto-40 sec clock starts automatically unless the Media rep indicates that TV wants a timeout. (they did not). We got out there a little late also, but should have had about 10 seconds or so to run a play. It is not the crew's job to ensure the defense isn't lollygagging.
  3. Liberty rumored to be losing Freeze to Auburn and are probably considering Holtz also.
  4. The upper low is now looking like it will move off to the northeast a little earlier, rain should be mostly gone by late morning.
  5. Cut-off Low regimes are one of the hardest for weather models to handle. Earlier in the week, both the Euro and GFS were predicting that the system would remain an open wave and progress through in a day or two. with literally each model run afterwards, they were going slower and deeper with the system, eventually settling on a cutoff low a couple of days ago. The problem then becomes how far south does the upper-level low progress and how long will it take to be picked back up by the Jet Stream and kick out to the east. It still looks it will move out Saturday, but it could be earlier in the day (we see rain ending before kickoff and clearing skies) or hang around a few hours later into the afternoon (still some rain during the game and not improving until later in the day).
  6. This game's too important. If we don't win, Johnny Jones has to arm-wrestle Manase Mose 6 times.
  7. Step 1 has indeed come to pass. WKU plays at FAU at 11:00 CST next Saturday, 2 hours before us. If FAU wins (they're at 5 wins and need a 6th, it's also their Senior Day), we're in the Championship game no matter what else happens. If WKU prevails, we're in a must-win situation to get to the Championship Game.
  8. Ummm, the local NFL team has a game late that afternoon also.
  9. Haven't heard who, but logic suggests we'll play the road end of a 2-game set. Hopefully against a P-5 but at this late date probably a G-5.
  10. I almost hate to say it, but there is a lose-to-Rice scenario that still gets us to the Championship game: 1 - Rice loses at home to UTSA and FAU loses @ MTSU this week. 2 - FAU then beats WKU (@ FAU) next week. This would result in a 3-way tie with 3 losses between us, WKU, and FAU, which we would win first tiebreak with wins over both. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but that would be a totally SL thing to have happen.
  11. I'm afraid of this, too. Biggest nightmare is Bahamas vs 6-6 MAC Sweetest dream is Armed Forces vs Air Force. The place would be packed.
  12. Sittin' downtown in a railway station?
  13. Let's hope BK has a whopper of a game
  14. Biggest problem with winning 2 of 3 is if the one that beats us is FIU or Rice and wins out otherwise; they would have a tiebreaker over us at 2 CUSA losses each. JUST WIN, BABY
  15. I'm sure Brett Vito knows a "veteran official" who will say it wasn't targeting.
  16. Battle of the Birds = Eagles and Owls. At least both of those birds actually fly.
  17. Remember, he was practicing against our secondary
  18. 47 points not enough offensive output? Please go buy an Alabama, Ohio State, or Clemson T-shirt.
  19. It's a shame his last name isn't Malone.
  20. Reason #2 why their fans don't attend games.
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