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  1. That's how NIL works. There will eventually be $100 (or more) tshirts etc depicting star players and eventually recruits at the Elite programs.
  2. Rain now looking earlier around mid-day. Upper low trending farther northward and faster.
  3. You did this just because you know I'm on vacation, even though I will be wearing green and cheering from the beach 🏝️. I did give my Blue parking pass to Marshall though.
  4. Rain will likely hold off until evening. just cloudy and cool (50's)
  5. ps The name of the march is "National Emblem". The part they play is the trio (3rd stanza). The 1st and 2nd stanzas are just equally famous.
  6. That's what the 210 on their helmets means...Traylor is letting potential recruits know what SAT score is required to get admitted to UTSA.
  7. Yep, looks like off-and-on showers all day and this evening. Hoping that heavier activity stays a little south over the Keys and we don't have lightning delays. https://www.local10.com/weather/
  8. SBC going to football-mandatory. UTA and UALR need new homes. I think both would be a fit in MVC
  9. Sadly, antiquities thieves and souvenir hunters have reduced the Fouts Archeological Site to barren grass. The nearby monolithic site atop the hill to the east is intact, however. It was known to the aboriginal peoples as the "Stupendous Pit" or "Colossal Pit". It was believed to have replaced a nearby "Snake Pit" where wanderers would come by to challenge the local tribe to contests involving a hoop and a ball not unlike the Mayan Games. Anthropologists have identified the architecture as relating to the Disco Era. Other nearby Disco Era ancient buildings are the "GAB Site" and something known only as the "English" building (despite there being no trace of either Norman or Saxon or even Gaelic influences).
  10. You're starting to sound like the Randy Quaid character in Major League
  11. Paranoia strikes deep. Into your mind it will creep.
  12. FAU. They will continue to be a transfer haven, and now even moreso with the upgraded conference.
  13. Forward/backward pass is relative to the field, not the passer's body position. Also, underhand toss, overhand throw, sidearm sling are all the same. It's either a forward or backward pass. As goofy looking as it was, it was a legal forward pass and allowable grounding. In retrospect, I gotta give the QB credit for that one.
  14. I wonder if it was Caleb Johnson switching jerseys to play DB? (there's already a #19 on defense) Whoever it was, he held his own out there. Made 2 good plays on the ball, and they stopped looking his way.
  15. I still like the "Caddyshack" bit to NT/SMU.
  16. That Memphis series should probably be canceled and redone by both parties ASAP. Otherwise, we could end up like what happened with Tulsa when we joined CUSA.
  17. Just a hunch, but I don't think the crowd this Saturday will be as small as you think. I think we get over 15K which would be great for a 1-5 team.
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