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  1. Christopher Walker

    DRC: Pro wrestling coming to Apogee

    Eh, I wouldn't just assume...
  2. Christopher Walker

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

  3. The institution has much more to work with these days than ever before and the gifts just keep coming. People like being on winning teams, whether that’s politics, athletics, academics, donations, etc. We’re out of the Dark Ages.
  4. Christopher Walker

    Home Opener to be Televised Locally (not just on Stadium)

    Stadium TV via their Facebook Page as a live stream.
  5. Christopher Walker

    8.11.18 -- 1st Scrimmage Update Podcast

    So wait, what happened to the Barbershop Podcast?
  6. Christopher Walker

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    The more I look at it, the more stupid it becomes. Not only will obstruct the view from anyone in the upper bowl behind it, but the side views of the adjacent lower bowl sections as well. Just an all-around dumb design.
  7. Eh... okay. Glad the service personnel are being kept at the fore, though.
  8. Christopher Walker

    Born and Bred is Back

  9. Christopher Walker

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    If you have read carefully you would note that this is the last secure year of it existing, and all the talk as of late is for the 2019 season and beyond.
  10. Christopher Walker

    New UNT "Pump-Up" Music Ideas for 2018 FB season

    To that end, When Hammer Hits Stone by local legends RTB2 should suffice.
  11. Christopher Walker

    DRC: UNT scrimmage notes, with Seth Littrell video interview

    We'll always miss Trevor Moore, but I'll gladly take 6/7.
  12. Christopher Walker

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    This is nearly verbatim my order and same reasoning.
  13. Christopher Walker

    New UNT "Pump-Up" Music Ideas for 2018 FB season And so the cycle continues.