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  1. Hopefully live. Not die. And I'm saying this having recently re-upped our season tickets with eyes wide open.
  2. Yep, drove by the other day and ground is moving.
  3. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-lgbt/u-s-supreme-court-endorses-gay-transgender-worker-protections-idUSKBN23M20N HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, YA'LL. 🙂
  4. It's actually been pretty well documented and reported that Fisher left the place in complete disarray.
  5. Fees were refunded a prorated amount this past term if requested.
  6. Okay, but we forget that the NCAA is *us*, the Royal We. Yeah, Emmert and the investigations side of things is truly incompetent, but if we were to enact change, you'd have to petition our own leadership as its the ADs and university presidents that ultimately make decisions collectively. Hell, Smatresk has even rejoined the NCAA governing board this year.
  7. Yeah, she actually uses her box seats at games. Her son was a scholarship player for Virginia Tech. She’s known to tout the value of sports.
  8. This just calls for us establishing some mutual fan clubs, in my opinion.
  9. Our history says we teeter from end to end fairly wildly, but all indications since the Wren™ tenure have us on the up overall.
  10. July 6 is going to be the big deciding day for UNT per the academic units meeting we had today. Smatresk, Cowley, and McClellan gave a really informative briefing that detailed the initial steps to re-open including lab and soft clinical practices over the next two months. Summer instruction is still fully-online until the SUM II term at which point we'll know by gating protocol to what degree the Fall will look like. The campus leadership was really pleased with the response readiness of the university personnel and now know we can all convert to fully-online instruction within two-weeks notice. We got $14.5M in Cares Act stimulus the vast majority of which has been directly applied to student assistance with matching funds raised for international and undocumented cohorts. We've also been amongst the speediest at getting this money in the hands of recipients, totaling more than 6,000 applicants, while there are still major university systems across the country that have not yet made distributions to even a 10th of those figures. A lot of our funding was prioritized by the federal government because we're an MMI and HSI - majority-minority and Hispanic-serving institution. Because of that aid, our retention numbers are not as dire as peer institutions; we're currently up year-over-AY for Summer enrollment and nearly even for Fall. However, international enrollment is a chief concern as those students' tuition payments are substantial. Through M&O and hiring freezes, the university was largely able to halt any massive shortages we would have otherwise faced in this pandemic. Only looking at 5% cuts to budgets for AY21. Right now, all planning for mass gatherings are still suspended for the Fall. This could still have large impacts on performance-oriented curriculum such as music, dance, theater, and of course athletics. We also learned on this call that Smatresk has rejoined the roster for the NCAA board of governors and is abiding by their collective decision making and guidelines for Fall sports. He's confident we'll have a football season, but made one line of comment that it could be abridged. He also gave other details about plans for athletics staffing to start re-meeting and eventually seeing students, again starting in July.
  11. Sad I missed this the week-of. Has shades of Fine-to-Bussey to cap off UTSA in 2017.
  12. Aha. The Hennessy connect strikes once more.
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