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  1. They actually have a random thing going for jazz and I once upon a time supported a small tour of the Three O’Clock Lab Band to headline their jazz fest and back the legendary vocalist Carmen Bradford. So there you go, a small UNT connection.
  2. Okay, but sidebar– Is it a good or bad omen that Coach Morris has gone with the Dr Phil look?
  3. I actually imagine we’ll see a lot of these OOC-but-long standing rivalry cessation announcements coming as the realignment landscape continues to erupt.
  4. Attitudes are changing rapidly on this as experience does, in seemingly six- to nine-month advances. The next big domino here will be how people take and consume NFL Sunday Ticket being exclusive to YouTube and YouTubeTV.
  5. ALSO! Per the Green Room folks (Dave Campbell’s ROF): code MGREEN for first time (15%) and continuing (10%) customers.
  6. Their whole deal is to dive and offer more rarely used historical designs and not clutter current and readily available offerings. They actually teased that they had designs ready to go back when we beat Purdue in March Madness, and being Indiana grads they were champing at the bit to drop them. From what I understand, the typically insular thinking of UNT’s UBSC stymied them at that time. I’ve always loved the Homefield folks for being steady supporters of the college sports media that I put my faith and trust in. Also, some of the softest apparel you will ever find. I’m going to pick up the 50s war eagle sweater and look forward to when they do a brand refresh likely before the holidays.
  7. Reframe : it always was a professional endeavor. The system is just catching up to that reality in fits and starts.
  8. Ooh, let me be clear. I’m not endorsing a•ny•thing Deion Sanders does. He’s ultimately in the Coach Prime®️ business first and foremost, and that perhaps is the most transparent bit. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/split-zone-duo/id1532830225?i=1000610759994 (Or find on your podcast app of choice) 18:37-47:47 if you want the good stuff and 21:20 for the practice tape stuff in particular. I just want to make the distinction that people have *more* of a problem when it’s flashy Prime doing things very publicly rather than the same things happening per the norm and on background with the guise of “respectability” through amateurism. It’s the underlying hypocrisy of a multi-billion dollar entertainment business that treats its best assets in the same bullsh- way a lot of massive enterprise does, only without appropriate W2 payroll.
  9. Never said it was classy. Did say it was honest and truer to how collegiate sports operates; that of an entertainment business in most every respect except that it clings to a false veneer of something more noble or loyal because College™.
  10. Absolutely, and neither does almost every other coaching staff that does this. I’m just pointing out the slant when it’s “oh look at flashy Prime” doing something that’s absolutely standard practice. Which makes things like what our coaches are doing for that grad transfer DLineman Johnson a pleasant surprise.
  11. Actually, what Prime did is exactly the norm across this entire sport, you just don’t usually have it broadcast with a continuously running camera crew as he does. There were a lot in the coaching and media world that were impressed with the transparency and candor therein.
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