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  1. Retention of existing students and preventing a massive melt of the incoming class is of major concern to campus leadership right now in this pandemic.
  2. Brees seriously making it look easy, though. Don't know if that's just an awkward pull, but Mason sure looks to be wrapping his head around it.
  3. So again, like I said, until the current dynamic changes... Hit me back when that happens.
  4. Here’s the thing, y’all. It’s not just UNT alums; it’s universal. The current Millennial generation (ages 24-40) has access to something like only 2.9% of the nation’s wealth, and Gen Z behind them is projected to continue that trend. Until that dynamic changes, you’ll likely not see a warm enthusiasm towards any entity that helps accrue personal debt.
  5. Closer to home and getting to be part of an interesting upgrade for the whole UNLV program. The stadium and facilities they’re sharing with the Raiders are nutso advanced.
  6. There is such thing as second eight-weeks registration. A student gets their semester's content shortened to half a semester. Tough, but doable.
  7. I didn't catch who it was, but there's a FB on the Houston team that announcers mentioned was one of our own.
  8. Yoooooooooooooo- Emmit, absolute congratulations.
  9. I didn't realize Leblanc is a freshman ..... :internal devious laughter and pity for opponents' offenses ensue:
  10. ESPN seems to agree with you concerning LaTech, but still only quick projects CUSA with two wins this bowl season.
  11. True Miami is in a bit of disarray both in the locker room and in schema, and Skip Holtz presents the most formidable challenge from a coaching-view. I still don't see the Canes losing this one, though.
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