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  1. If nothing else, no matter the outcome of this game, TCU's 2022 season is a complete and total indictment of how Gary Patterson ended his career in Fort Worth.
  2. Ah buddy, bad news. https://dentonrc.com/education/unt-on-course-to-demolish-college-inn/article_4dbc2c2f-2a08-5413-bd55-6885b28d34ca.html
  3. For the astute observers, the pin above the Diving Eagle is a Mississippi State cowbell with the pirate skull and cross bones on it. I'm assuming this event was pushed as Morris attended Leach's funeral in Starkville, yah?
  4. These numbers are also officially changing within the next 18 months as part or consequence of the NCAA Transformation Committee. I recommend folks listen to the Extra Points podcast.
  5. Because it's a continuation of a process that had its start last year... ---- Not gonna lie, I raised an eyebrow at Mosely's kamikaze metaphor.
  6. I mean, Leach did dub both Morris and Wes Walker as “the Elf” over the years.
  7. Eh, see. I'd rather have an AD that respects women.
  8. This is doubly great as Laina is a fellow UNT alum.
  9. I'm also thrilled and happy for Bean – even more so it gets to come against Sonny.
  10. An adequate word to encompass the exasperation borne of this thread? Uh, yeah.
  11. Goddammit, NO. This whole thread is asinine. Patterson was let go from TCU not only for the on- and off-field issues but because he let the game pass him by and he's resentful of such – loud and publicly so. He couldn't evolve. He tried and failed to maintain the "rule-by-tyranny" kind of head coaching and that doesn't work in this long overdue era of player-empowerment. His decades of success are more than valid, but he actively shot himself in the foot over and again across the last few years. No, thank you. I want we – UNT and the royal we – to stop chasing the past glory of other institutions. I want UNT to actively, creatively, and strategically create its own glory; set for what the game is now and adaptive to what's to come.
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