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  1. Dajon Williams reference, obligatory: EDIT: damn, I need to do one of these for Mason.
  2. Selfless Tough Discipline, for the uninitiated.
  3. Ran by the stadium tonight to observe some of the good ol' indoctrination of the new students from the band, cheerleaders, Talons, and football team. I noticed during playing of the fight song that at the usual "U... N... T... {motherf'in} Eagles!", the Green Brigade members were yelling "{super awesome} Eagles!" I giggled.
  4. You'd be seriously leaving out some amazing content in overlooking Podcast Ain't Played Nobody (or PAPN) from SB Nation/Banner Society hosted by Steven Godfrey. They're a couple weeks into the "2.0" version of the show now that stats wizard, "author and pro-pri-et-or" of S&P+ Analytics, Bill Connelly is no longer with them having moved to ESPN. However the revamp is still excellent and features more personal coaches interviews and leverages Godfrey's deep connections on background with nearly every FBS team in America. Yes, even ours.
  5. I always find it out that Cal puts their team bench on the opposite side of most fields.
  6. Having fought previous-year claimed custody before, I won't fight you on this one. A'ight, fine!
  7. I’m going to switch it up this year and go with hometown hero Tyreke Davis at LB. Let’s say 32 solo tackles and another two dozen assisted.
  8. I think custody should go to the one who spells Loren’s name correctly, imho.
  9. This is still Joe Greene Hall, but the corner of it facing the intersection of Ave A and Eagle Dr. There is also a new Welcome center right behind this hall along Maple St.
  10. Two North Texas-related articles on The Athletic today: The Preseason Athletic 130 60 North Texas Only opponents they have ranked ahead of us are Houston (47) and Cal (51). All others: UAB (78) SMU (81) Southern Miss (86) LaTech (90) Middle Tennessee (106) Charlotte (108) UTSA (114) UTEP (121) Rice (127) Blurb: ---- On the Bruce Feldman 40 college football assistant coaches to watch in 2019 article:
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