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  1. Plugged in would be an understatement: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2014/4/10/5594348/college-football-bag-man-interview
  2. Ya'll should listen to Connelly and Godfrey's take on us in podcast-form, then: https://megaphone.link/VMP7250503798 We take up a mix of things but feature prominently in the first thirty minutes of their most recent episode.
  3. A bit of the same. However - this is the first time in a long time that I think the positive effect of our new admin and coaching salaries really shows. It was impressive last year that the entire group held firm and carried into year three. This time around, our first real brush with the "successful G5 paradigm", we can honestly say we may have maintained the quality or upgraded at each position hire. Additionally, it shows that Coach Littrell is not afraid to change up the formula a bit that got him here, evolving with the times and bringing on a slightly different offensive scheme in Reeder/Mayes. The only thing that is truly concerning to me is the line play (always). Coaches Yellock and Langston are now at the point to show whether their development of their first couple recruiting classes will actually play out well, or were the glaring issues we all (and especially Mason) suffered institutionalized. Can't wait to find out, though.
  4. Capital Projects Council - they're a body of Presidential Cabinet members, Facilities planning staff, and the like led by VP for Finance Bob Brown.
  5. Original intent six years ago, yes. But Smatresk publicly has called for and won deviations from the plan since then (its formulation preceded his tenure). Any plans for the Carriage Square lot that UNT has will not come to fruition, as they/we ceded the opportunity and CPC folks are very quick to remind anyone they can that they’re not party to that property. However, the earasing of Carriage Square likely changed the calculus for the west side of the street. It is my strong bet that CPC and the board decided to make moves while the band aid was already ripped off across the street.
  6. Easy - sounds like you just need to keep buying vehicles for the continued stream of license plate covers.
  7. Naw, but she did give me a weird look. That counts, right?
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