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  1. Higher Education... Suburban growth and sprawl... Heightened user choice vs weakening user capacity to pay... Finance sector... Something something something late stage capitalism.
  2. I mean, if we had the right kinds of shots in rapid deployability and coverage right now...
  3. They indicated there was family history or familiarity there between Dinucci and McCarthy, so you know – good ol' boy stuff.
  4. Well that might be difficult when we don't have a Spring Break this year. https://www.unt.edu/catalogs/2020-21/calendar 🙂
  5. You jest, but I think the question is still relevant, and the whole situation can be reframed as such: Our highest of highs feel amazing, but are predicated solely on Offensive success. Even then, the lack of Defensive production will always make these highs seem tenuous at best and we’re essentially still trapped in a violent roller coaster. Seth knows offense through and through (3rd/4ths & short notwithstanding). That’s great. That’s rad. But it really feels like he doesn’t have a firm grasp yet on the other two phases of the game, and those he trusts to lead that which he doe
  6. That Ohio game was the height of misery in retrospect. It wasn't the first UNT game I had ever attended, but it was my first as a student.
  7. Another thing we can thank Sinclair for screwing up.
  8. Looks like I spoke too soon. YouTube TV just put out an email saying Sinclair is pulling out from their coverage effective October 1. So that means all the Fox Sports regionals and Stadium won't be on it anymore. :ugh: Stupid move on Sinclair's part.
  9. From The Athletic's Stewart Mandel: All strictly G5-assigned bowls will be maintained, but I would expect absolutely minimum latitude for there to be P5-G5 pairings of any kind this bowl season.
  10. Y’all, if there are other cord cutters on here, I cannot advocate for YouTube.tv enough. At $60/mo, it may be a little steep, but I only subscribe to it during football season. It has just about every sports channel there is with unlimited lifetime DVR. It’s rad.
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