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  1. I mean, DCI is a massive industry and summer competitive circuit.
  2. It wasn't just Brune. This had been discussed throughout the year. Littrell even let it be publicly known during and after Reeder's search that he would be calling more of the gameplan. We definitely did not get much of anything that I was looking forward to out of EWU.
  3. This is the one position coach I’ve been concerned with forever... well-
  4. To @Harry original point about new modern staff positions... Everyone knows of the absolute legion within Alabama who are “non-coaching staff” members that are all moneyball and recruiting... what do our peers have going for them in this way? How many “non-coaching staff” are in Highland Park?
  5. Wow- This has to be the classiest exit ever:
  6. Non-starter. He's likely to -rejoin either Les in Kansas or Coach O in Baton Rouge. In each scenario he will A) be paid way more than we can offer and B) be welcomed with open arms
  7. There was an article on the Athletic a couple weeks ago about this very thing. Some coaches keep at least one momento from programs they enjoyed their stops at, but only wear them off-season. Others do a complete purge and typically give away most everything to friends ro folks they know around town.
  8. Ya'll are looking in the wrong direction.
  9. Yeah, sorry. This whole "you can only have one, pick" philosophy between offense and defense is just a ridiculous line of argument.
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