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  1. He may not be the only option, just the best option.
  2. Here’s the inconvenient truth. We lucked out on a few diamonds in the rough on otherwise very #OldDenton recruiting classes since SL has been here. Two solid JUCO’s are now residing in the NFL. We’ve only had one good recruiting class and they are true freshmen. I’m in the camp that thinks SL has done a magnificent job with what he’s had to work with. It’s going to take two more years at CURRENT recruiting performance before this thing is truly competitive. I give SL full credit for making adjustments in the recruiting game instead of literally crying about it like those who shall not be named here did.
  3. Rumble on hilltop Mean Green sail to victory Dyke’s are lesbians
  4. Should I change my handle to "Khari's Pet Raccoon"?
  5. "You can be charged with a felony in Oklahoma if you intentionally or maliciously: torture, mutilate, or kill an animal beat or injure an animal cruelly, or deprive an animal of needed food, water, shelter, or veterinary care to prevent suffering. It’s also a felony to allow, instigate, or promote animal cruelty. (Okla. Rev. Stat., tit. 21, § 1685.) Despite the animal cruelty law, farmers and ranchers are legally allowed to kill certain animals that injure or chase their livestock. (Okla. Rev. Stat., tit. 4, § 41.)" I'm pretty sure they teach coonhounds with the scent of racoon pelts or commercially made racoon scent sticks and not live raccoons. I'm not 100% sure about that. Yes, apparently people used to actively seek their fur and meat!
  6. Uh yeah, Oklahoma does have a law against animal cruelty whether the animal is wild or domesticated. It’s a felony punishable up to $5000 and 7 years in prison. The raccoon still thinks it’s not a hit piece.
  7. You are going to be very happy - as long as there is no rain in the forecast. If the forecast holds up you will see 25K plus. Opening at home draws well. Playing a Texas team draws well. Playing a team 2 1/2 hours away draws well. ACU travels to Denton in good numbers. All of the hype around this team will draw well. A 6:30 start draws well.
  8. If we hit 50% on all of our recruits we would be a perennial top 25 team. That is a great percentage.
  9. I thought it was USA Today. Maybe both?
  10. In the last podcast we heard the approach was to be a little more stealthy. This appears not to be the case...or is it? I see multiple kids in the State top 100 not signed, are we in on any of them? How many are we signing this year? As we appear to be building depth (correct me if I’m wrong) how will we approach JUCOs this year? How did we go from missing on so many JUCOs to hitting on them?
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