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  1. There is no way I was going. If we can’t even make the Big XII cut, why even field a team? Just kidding, I wish I was there.
  2. Mike Canales. He would have #lockedthegate a third time.
  3. Yes, they did. They also #lockedthegate
  4. True for injuries in the secondary, not normal play. You’ll see extremely high snap counts for the secondary even in the NFL. It’s unusual to see much rotation amongst secondary other than rolling out different packages.
  5. From what I’ve read he’s got a fair shot of making the 53 man roster. We will know by tomorrow late afternoon.
  6. Nu-uh. You have no idea about a lot of stuff and it's even more amusing.
  7. I've seen Colorado State thrown out there in several scenarios and I can't figure out why. They have a nice new stadium but everything else about them is mid-tier MWC.
  8. I don't believe anyone is happy. Some in the east have been pretty vocal about it too.
  9. This journalist/writer/whateves was sniffing around about the CAA (FCS conference) and came across a significant tidbit about CUSA East schools. A conference at a crossroads. Where does the CAA go from here? - by Matt Brown - Extra Points with Matt Brown (substack.com)
  10. He left to be head coach at SMU. Then SMU was able to hire Brown. Then came the head coach in waiting thing.
  11. We hosted the Sun Belt tournament in 2005. We bowed out in the first round losing to Arkansas State.
  12. The Ponies should strongly consider Tony Benford if you really want to make an impact with a former UNT coach.
  13. It will actually be #4. Everybody forgets we hosted the Southland tournament in ‘88 and ‘89. We won the regular season both years and back then the conference champion hosted the tournament.
  14. Emmitt is the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Jason Bean Supporters Club.
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