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  1. I thought it was USA Today. Maybe both?
  2. In the last podcast we heard the approach was to be a little more stealthy. This appears not to be the case...or is it? I see multiple kids in the State top 100 not signed, are we in on any of them? How many are we signing this year? As we appear to be building depth (correct me if I’m wrong) how will we approach JUCOs this year? How did we go from missing on so many JUCOs to hitting on them?
  3. JJ did this after year 2 or 3. It was unfortunate and crappy but it had to be done to become competitive.
  4. Just wow. There is a total of 8 teams in FBS that have more wins than the Mean Green this season.
  5. Punting was not a strength last year - at all. I would hope there is a serious upgrade plan in place.
  6. I’m still in Nawlins and I’m still having a blast. It was much better than sitting home. The only thing missing was Tony’s balls!
  7. Yeah but bids can go away and you can sit at home. Just ask La Tech. You do make a great point about the iBowl and the N.O. Bowl picking the wrong teams. If it’s attendance you are after that’s a real head scratcher.
  8. “Good for another Mean Green touchdown“ instead of “first down” was the worst. Anybody else hear that?
  9. I don't think there are any. Just don't be all upity like La Tech a few years ago. They thought they deserved a better opponent for a bowl that was courting them. The bowl got sick of it and didn't invite them. La Tech sat home with more than 6 wins.
  10. So Wren has arranged two home and homes, one with Texas Tech and one with Liberty. Both series have the first game at their place. I hope that Wren knows what RV learned after a few of these "deals" - that the return game is not reciprocated unless it is very expensive to do so.
  11. There is no such thing as a sure win for us. Should wins: Lamar, UAB 50/50 chance to win: Southern Miss, UTSA, FAU, Old Diminion, UTEP, Army, and Rice A little steeper climb to win: SMU and La. Tech. Need 7 turnovers to win: Iowa I think we finish 6-6 and go to a bowl.
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