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  1. Gonna have to disagree there. We are in a win next year mode ourselves. The days of “let him get his recruits in here” are long gone.
  2. New staff? It would be his third. Lol
  3. Southern Miss and Mt Vernon says “hold my beer”
  4. I'm taking the under. I think we can run on them therefore reducing possessions and shortening the game. We'll get our share of points, but I don't think they will.
  5. Some of you aren’t paying close enough attention. The commitment has been there for the past two decades. This doesn’t happen overnight. Our HFC is one of the highest paid in G5. Our athletic director is top 25 compensated in the entire country. We are top dog in revenue in CUSA. We are easily top 10 in facilities at the G5 level. Just stop with the self deprecating bullshit. You say it and people believe it even though it’s far from the truth. We have so much to be thankful for as fans yet we perpetuate the negative perception. Why? Yes I know the fan base has given up on the HFC. This will sort out because of an absolute commitment from the regents and the real power of high dollar donors.
  6. How does Seth even have a job after losing at home to Texas Southern last week? Keep up the good work Sports Reference!
  7. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic sir. That would be Florida International.
  8. Bennet past his prime Old ass quarterback throw dime Dime more than nickel
  9. Aune old as eff Precision is not his game Black Oak Arkansas
  10. Why is everyone in denial about what they really want? Bring back Darrell Dickey and we will be whole as a program again. You know you MFers want him.
  11. That’s a good point 80. I just don’t know if it’s worth the extra dollars. We need money more than fan hope but it can’t become hopeless and lose fans forever.
  12. If the loses start pilling up it’s just a bad deal for everyone. Recruiting suffers, the coaches don’t care as much, etc. It’s not like you can fire the whole staff. I feel for the kids in this situation. I don’t think you even get a head start in the search for the next coach. As long as he acts professionally he will be here till the end of the season.
  13. What did the NCAA do? They didn't cause this. As far as killing the G5...App State, Air Force, UCF, Old Dominion, Marshall, and Ga. Southern would like a word. It works both ways.
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