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  1. Emmitt is the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Jason Bean Supporters Club.
  2. I was wrong. There are only six games that Saturday. Six.
  3. There are 9 games that week and one is played Thursday night. So there are a grand total of 8 games that Saturday and we get streaming only. That is a failure of galactic proportions. There are literally more networks that carry college football than there are games...and we get streaming.
  4. La Tech’s AD says they are still playing HBU.
  5. Our first scheduled opponent Houston Babtist is in the SLC
  6. So we get $1M and have to pay someone $600K to backfill. We also lose additional $ from increased ticket sales, concessions, and parking. Wasn’t this game also used to justify cancelling the Army series? This is why you never schedule a P5 at their place first. This was so easy to see when it was scheduled and I said as much. So in the end, we chose to cancel the Army series, got paid less than market to go to Cal, and we replaced all of this for a home and home with Liberty. All the while we probably come out getting paid less. Ouch.
  7. I believe you. I kinda now remember we had some sort of new technology urinals that used less water or something after the wall. Yes, we were bragging about...urinals. My bad! The player was very real though.
  8. The pee wall gone? I believe you. I'm sorry but the only memory I have of those bathrooms has a pee wall and let's just say the memory is not rock solid like it used to be. Why would a player end up there? I don't know but he did. I assumed he walked there from around the end of the stands where I came from as I resided on the deck those days. Now let's add "the deck" as premium seating on the list of things that were jacked during those days.
  9. It was near the bottom. We were only a few years removed from the Southland (FCS). People sure give RV a hard time but he absolutely raised the bar for us. Here is how bad it was when RV got here: Fouts Field was absolutely the worst stadium in FBS football. They had to bring in generators to handle the electrical needs for a game. If you had front row seats on the 50 yard line you were a good 35 yards from the field. Those seats were too bad to sit in of course because they were low and the field had a crown. All you could see was the players asses. People were trying to thin
  10. I would like the MGBPC to discuss what our recruiting expectations should be considering: Highest paid HC in the conference High Asst Coach salary pool in the conference Best facilities in the conference Location The obvious answer is at or near the top every year but how much distance should there be between the rest of the pack? How well should we expect to compete with those at the top of the G5?
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