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  1. That’s such BS. Did you see the stands?
  2. The grays look great up close but look dirty/dingy from a distance.
  3. The program has made huge strides in being a better program. I compare us against our conference mates. How does our HFC salary compare? How does our assistant salary pool compare? How do our facilities compare? How does our nutrition compare? How does our strength and conditioning compare? How does our recruiting budget compare? How does our recruiting personnel compare? The answer to most of those is best in conference. We need to take the next step in recruiting budget and head count. We are close to being best of class in ALL of the previous mentioned areas except for recruiting budget but it’s getting better. We are close to having no excuses. When you have that you have higher expectations (which we are seeing now). I know many don’t want to hear this but we need some more time to catch up. We need two more years We are trending upward as a program. We are setting ourselves up to be the next Boise, UCF, or Houston of CUSA. That doesn’t happen over night after 100 years of neglect. Any success we’ve had in the past was smoke and mirrors. Now we finally have a foundation.
  4. I think that’s more in the past Plumm. Ejiya , Hall, and Torrey are all JUCO’s Seth brought in.
  5. That has been my guess about RV being cut out of the process but are we 100% sure this was the case?
  6. I seen this 35 number thrown around a couple of times. I thought it was 17.
  7. Well done to whoever is doing this.
  8. I hear you! I think our WR Corp is above average but it's just not the same as last year. Come to think of it, Rico was having trouble getting open this year too against teams not named ACU.
  9. This is going to be unpopular but here goes. I brought a guy to the game last night who played OL at OSU under Holgorson. I asked him to give me some X's and O's insight so I can learn more about the game since he not only played but coached at a high level. He was incredulous how poorly coached the OL was. He said very matter of factly our OL is terrible. He was complimentary of Fine, the WR's, and the RB's. He didn't think much of Bodie Reader's play calling either and thought he adjusted too late.
  10. Against La Tech last year, our AD took an opportunity to make some extra cash and sold parking passes. The problem was it became too full and they were turning away people who had parking passes with their season tickets. That didn’t go over too well. As Adler says; get there early.
  11. I was able to watch the replay on Facebook last week.
  12. I remember waaaaaaaay back when we had a JUCO QB from New York (?) coming in that got quite a bit of bandwidth. He never showed up lol.
  13. One thing is for sure Queen still lives in mom’s basement Coug’d it is lifestyle
  14. D’Eriq is done That wide receiver is too Red Bull Holgo sad
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