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  1. My 7 year old had an absolute blast last night! He’s a scrappy squad member and the pregame festivities were great for him. The march, the on field, bounce houses, etc. The in game experience was really good, too. The fan cam, the shirt toss, the pyrotechnics, etc. He said to me, “Man, North Texas has really stepped up its game.” 😂 Drone show was fantastic! Just a good night. I believe any first time attendees last night will be coming back for second game. Maclin also gave him a high 5, but I couldn’t pull my phone out fast enough for that pic.
  2. Good points. I feel pretty good about the offense, but the defense has some concerns. Inconsistency is the biggest concern for me.
  3. Brune said recently that the Morris hire was not necessarily to ge great in year one…it was to be better than 6-6 in years 2, 3, and beyond. I want to see improvements. The team is lacking consistency, but there are improvements. Conference play is going to be interesting. Can we make enough plays on defense to keep us in the games? Are we able to sustain drives to keep the defense rested? We’ll see.
  4. I don’t mind the look. I like our green tops/white pants better. Did anyone see the Iowa State uniforms this past weekend? Black and white only. At least our black unis have some green in them. I couldn’t tell who was playing….the player has a red mouthpiece
  5. 11/6 has UNT Dallas WBB playing our WBB in Denton. Double Header?
  6. I think Aberding gets playing time at Cal. Roberts gets a lot of snaps at Baylor, too.
  7. I used to work with a former UNT cheerleader that referred to us as “50 Shades of Green”. 😢😢😢
  8. Thanks. I just turned it on and saw him. I’m rooting for him.
  9. 150K for Shorter or Nixon. Wish they had stayed, but understand it. I still have my four years of eligibility left…how much for a 40 year old former HS Linebacker? 😂🤣😂
  10. That’s the trip I was remembering. Thank you!
  11. That’s right. I do remember hearing that. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. I’ve noticed a few schools play/played games in July or August. Didn’t we do it in the early years of GMac? Seems like a good way to get some work in.
  13. I thought it was busy, but not uncomfortable. It’s nice when there’s standing room only. It gives an excitement/energy. ETA: I think the OP has some great ideas! More forward thinking than my original response. Good stuff.
  14. Sustained offensive drives and reducing turnovers helps the defense stay fresh. Caponi makes adjustments to help stop the run. Much more is asked of Texada and Davis…they deliver! UNT wins.
  15. Hope he picks up where he left off and has a great game! GMG!
  16. I think we win on Saturday and avoid the bottom ten. Man, I hope we can win. We’ve been through some lean times fellow GMGers.
  17. Of course it would take some of pressure off. What’s the alternative? 3 losses?
  18. At this point, I want to see improvements. Tackling for sure. Pressuring the QB. Consistent running of the ball. I’m also leaning towards Rogers starting on Saturday. He played too well for him to not get a shot. Does a consistent offense lead to better defense?
  19. I’m thinking 51-48 UNT, but it’ll probably be 51-21 UNT. GMG!
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