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  1. Just ordered mine. Thanks for putting this together for the fans and for DT. GMG!
  2. What about The Star in Frisco? edit: Ha! Nevermind. It only seats 12K
  3. I think there’s talent in the room. I’m not sure it’s being cultivated to the best of its ability. What do I know, though? I’m just a fan.
  4. Aside from an embarrassing bowl loss, I don’t see how he gets fired. He rallied the troops to win 5 in a row and beat a ranked opponent. I don’t know much about our QB coach, but I would think an upgrade is needed there.
  5. Frisco only seats 20,500. I would think we’d sell it out. Tix start at $107 right now.
  6. Good defense and a strong running game. Late season recipe for winning!
  7. Where do you see that? I’ve only been able to find the Armed Forces vs UH.
  8. Wearing my UNT gear every day this week. Probably buying some more shirts, hats, gloves, etc. GMG!
  9. Aúne has to hit some big plays to try and keep the defense off balance. No threat of a passing game will make the offense too predictable. I don’t think they run all over us. They do have big receivers that can go up and get it. Gaddie has been able to hold his own. Whether it’s Davis or Texada, they’re going to need a big day. The d line need to be our stars in the run and passing game. I don’t want to see a slow first quarter. 0-0 first quarter is okay. Getting down 14-0 is game over. GMG!
  10. I think a video board hype video would be pretty cool. But you’re probably right, it’d need to show a brief bio to give reference to non-WWF/E fans.
  11. 13% chance versus the #3 team in the country? That’s not bad. Let’s do it! GMG!
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