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  1. Saw this on Twitter. I don’t know much about the X’s and O’s, but I thought this was good.
  2. I’ll put it on this weekend. Thanks! I think the largest criticism is short yardage and goal line. I know that was mine prior to the FAU game. Love the Wildcat wrinkle. Our offense is going to be a force in CUSA!
  3. He’s good for at least one. Love his productivity, but want the ball spread out. Bush, Maclin, Burns, Roberts, Gumms, etc. They can’t all score….but what if they did?!?! GMG!
  4. I was in denial, but I’m starting to see this more and more. To that guy:
  5. Just finished it. Great podcast. You had me rolling a couple of times. “Just cut him loose. 40 and 40. Let’s go” 😂😂😂 ”FIU? Terrible. Charlotte? Terrible? Are we going to win the conference? Probably not. I was there in Memphis. I saw us offensive hold the defender that had a pick 6. Yeah, what are you gonna do?”😂😂😂
  6. SL doesn’t misspeak. You misheard. Did you know a cobra once bit SL on the leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. ETA: off week makes way more sense. Good point.
  7. We were on the alumni side and it was hot when the sun was on our back. I was grateful when the shade kicked in. It’s a poor excuse, sure.
  8. He was a machine in the Wildcat! They couldn’t stop it. It was fun to see us dominate on Saturday. 7 minute scoring drive to ice the game was gold.
  9. Cluster F all the way around. Hope he, Trieb, Davis, Carroll, get healed up for LaTech. Did I miss anyone?
  10. Yeah…they have t shirts, but I haven’t seen the polo. I almost offered a guy cash for his shirt on Saturday. I’m desperate, man. I check eBay periodically…I need help!
  11. I still kick myself for not buying the polo during the game. Probably the biggest regret of my life. Probably…
  12. I’m not quite ready to move on from SL. But if WB is going aggressive, then it must be because he has an ace in the hole. If he hires the football version of GMac, of course I’d be okay moving on. But letting SL go with no contingency plan would be silly to me. No, I don’t want a Stockstill. If SL can win 6-8 games in the first year of the AAC, I think that’d be a solid year one in a better conference. What’s your expectation in year one of the AAC?
  13. You may be right. Those were embarrassing losses, man.
  14. I understand this sentiment, but I don’t share it. Obviously, this season needs to go better than most of us expected at the start of the year. Who knows exactly what that means? WB?, hopefully I don’t believe another 6-6 bowl is gonna cut it, though. I’m certain WB already has a list.
  15. Ha! I don’t think I am, but to each their own. If you send me the link, I’ll purchase those bad boys. GMG!
  16. It was a clip. I didn’t listen to the entire postgame. If I can find it, I’ll share it on here.
  17. It was great seeing him! It made even more sense when he ran the ball. I think he’s out for the year, though. SL said as much in the post game.
  18. Ha! Right. Gotta stay consistent! I guess I shouldn’t speak for Vito. It’s just how I view his takes.
  19. Ha! I think when Brett makes references like this, it’s in a historical context. This season compared to the many awful seasons of the past. Three wins away from bowl eligibility. Two bowl wins in 20 years. Etc, etc…
  20. I don’t think you’re alone. I think it’d be tough for WB to fire a 9 win coach. ETA: It’s not likely that 9 wins will happen, but it’s fun to be a fan.
  21. I’m not following. We should have beat Memphis. The other two were flat out embarrassing.
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