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  1. According to 247, we have lost ten players to the transfer portal and gained three giving us a net loss of 7. Interestingly enough, the 247rating for the lowest of the three gains is higher than the highest rating for the 10 losses.
  2. Addaway carried the ball an average of 14 per game. I would like to see his stats if he carried more.
  3. If I wanted to be a DC, UNT would be an okay choice. If I had any self-confidence in my coaching, I think I could improve on a ranking of 125 on points per game and 127 on yards per game. If things went south for SL, I could point out how much I had improved the defense.
  4. On a run, you can have a loss, a no gain, a fumble, or a gain. That is four things and tree are bad.
  5. A good defense would make the offense even better. A good defense means more positive turnovers. It means better field position on possessions. Both of these items means more points.
  6. What happens when players start opting out durin the regular season?
  7. BillySee is right about the double standard. Both coaches and players are in breach of contract in termination of the agreement unilaterally. If I were a player, I would not want either a player or a coach on the sideline.
  8. Today was his second 100 yard game. He has both of the 49’ers 100 yard games for the season. The San Fran radio team was very positive about his performance. They mentioned that they didn’t believe he was at 100% today.
  9. Merry Christmas, and remember the 2021 football team is undefeated thus far.
  10. Another thing we often forget is there was a time when college freshmen could not play varsity ball. In fact, I believe Ron Shanklin only had three years to establish his stats as did Mean Joe. They both played on the freshman team their first year.
  11. UNT18grad has a good point. This would be a chance to play on TV before a national audience. It would have been the biggest exposure he would have had all year.
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