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  1. Graddean

    History of North Texas Players

    Silver Eagle. I believe Bobby Smith played for Corpus Christi Ray.
  2. Graddean

    History of North Texas Players

    I realize this was before you started, but Art Perkins was drafted in 1962 by the Houston Oilers and the LA Rams. Bobby Smith was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1964. He played on two AFL championship teams I believe, he ran a 9.9 hundred yd dash in high school.
  3. Disappointing, but we will never know if it has hurt us or not. He has not broken up one pass or made a tack,e. I prefer to concentrate on the guys that made it here.
  4. Obviously, Brett never saw Joe Greene play in college.
  5. Is it just me or is SL looking and talking more comfortably in interviews?
  6. The difference between us and SMUUU seems to be Demeco with no rating.
  7. The biggest rigging is to make expenses look as small as possible.
  8. We are parsing words from a 19-20 year old?
  9. Let me think about this. I m going to transfer from Notre Dame and a SEC school to go to SMU.
  10. Can of worms. If you pay, does that make the total grant taxable? The average cost of attendance for a state school is $25,000 and private schools $50,000. Will the athlete be covered by workman's comp? Obviously, if you pay more than cost of attendance, they are employees. If you can't limit to cost of attendance, can you limit how much they are paid.
  11. Graddean

    Baylor Being Baylor

    I think it is a matter of semantics. It, obviously, is a problem at Baylor. It is a problem common to many universities. In that regard, it is not a Baylor problem, but one that is far more widespread.
  12. Graddean

    CUSA refs at their finest

    Didn't see why on the first call. If he said anything while pointing on the second, they probably got him for taunting.
  13. Graddean

    New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    A grad student working on her dissertation identified the top three predictors for D1 recruits. Her prediction success rate was about 70%. Number 1 was making an official visit. The second predictor was distance living from the institution. Nearness to the school was a plus. The third dealt with social media. She found that the more a recruit followed coaches, players, and other recruits for a school, the more likely they were to select that school.
  14. Graddean

    Desoto HC resigns

    He wins a state championship and then talk of firing him. I would do a lot of digging before I hire him.
  15. Graddean

    Frog WR Isaiah Graham transfers to La. Tech

    You know it is a very real possibility this was a done deal before it ent public. I also noticed he did not include the usual I want to thank school X, coaches, and players for the opportunities I had at my former school.