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  1. It is a TV league. Looking at gate attendance, much of football is becoming tv leagues.
  2. If the cap is still set at 85, teams will not be able to scholarship players just to tie them up. They may indeed run players off to allow them to bring in more than 25 in a given year, but that could be dangerous if the waiver does not go past two years.
  3. I bow to your superior understanding of college football. Still, could you be more specific about the superiority!
  4. If this happens with a hard 85 cap, does anyone have an idea where we stand?
  5. Strange isn’t it. We get a D2 transfer in basketball with no negativity. We get an all-conference D2 football transfer and get plenty of negativity.
  6. I was on a Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit to University of Mary once in February. After Bismarck, he should love Denton.
  7. I was at the game when we played Cincinnati in their NCAA championship year in 1961 at home. Hogue, Thacker, Yates and Bonham were four of the starters. That was in the Missouri Valley Conference days. That was when the MVC was called the Valley of Death. It was also the year after The Big O had finished.
  8. Old-timers will remember Bill Bradley from Palestine, TX. At the time, he was generally considered the outstanding high school QB in Texas. He went to UT. He finished his college career as a D back and was a two time All Proin the NFL. Royal used to scholarship high school QBs with the idea they were generally the best athletes and, if necessary, could be moved to other positions.
  9. Did I miss it? I didn’t see TCU either
  10. This is such an inspirational story. The sad part is there are still people today who have not changed in their attitude.
  11. Thank you Eagle71. I was privileged to be a NTSU graduate three times and to see him play.
  12. There is an issue with the NIL I think has been overlooked. As we all know, the cost of college has increased markedly in recent years. Of 230 Division 1 athletic programs, a student athletic fee is charged by 80% of the schools. With the advent of the NIL not only will players receive the perks of the scholarship but they also will receive additional funds. Will students not involved in athletics begin to revolt against student athletic fees.
  13. Georgia has lost 8 players to the portal with none coming in. Alabama has had 15 players hit the portal while picking up 3. Even top tier teams are not immune to what is happening.
  14. Mack Brown claimed his most important recruit his first year at Texas was getting Ricky Williams to come back for his senior year instead of going to the NFL.
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