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  1. Graddean

    Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation

    A rather large casino and hotel in Roland OK (just west of Ft. Smith, AR), a smaller one in Sallisaw, West Siloam Springs, several around Tulsa, and a few others.
  2. Graddean

    MTSU President Cancels Classes

    I don’t remember Friday afternoon brasses, but as an undergraduate I had an 8-10 TTS class. As. TA, I taught an 8 TTS General Psychology class.
  3. Graddean

    2019 Commits: Week 9 (10/26) Results

    Addaway is one of three NLR running backs. They are ranked number 1 in their classification. Their opponent last Friday was the number two ranked team.
  4. Graddean

    Rice Game Attendance

    According to the radio guys, a lot of people never left the fraternity tents.
  5. We could go back to the Poll Tax. We should make it easier to register not more difficult. TheNorth Dakota incident is an obvious attempt to disenfranchise Native Americans on reservations. Something is wrong when politicians want to keep those who would be qualified from registering. As someone put on Facebook, if my registration is disallowed, I should not have to pay taxes. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.
  6. Graddean

    2019 Commits: Week 6 (10/5) Results

    Addaway recovered a fumble in the end zone for a TD. Offensive starters were being pulled before halftime.
  7. Graddean

    Defense was OK, but...

    Chico always seemed to come up with someone that he should not.
  8. Graddean

    The Punt Return on Around the Horn

    And the conclusion was?
  9. Graddean

    17-15. War Memorial Stadium 10.26.1968

    Thanks for the program. As a TA, I had Tony Reese in a class.
  10. Graddean

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I am more concerned about North Carolina. Whether because of SL departure, their program has steadily regressed.
  11. Graddean

    Bryce English

    Without a semblance of pressure from the DL, the secondary doesn’t have much of a chance. Look what happens when Fine is given time. Of course, we can also say look what Fine does when he doesn’t have time (UTSA).
  12. Graddean

    Roster Updated

    Has anyone heard anything about newcomers Shaw and LeBlanc?
  13. Graddean

    Predictions: Game by game breakdown

    The sports editor (Wally Hall) for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette picks Ark 31 to NT21. He starts the analysis with “This is not a walkover.”
  14. Graddean

    50th Anniversary

    Silver Eagle, you are absolutely correct. I loved the halftime performances.
  15. Graddean

    50th Anniversary

    This week (8-22) marked the fiftieth anniversary of my third and final degree from North Texas (NTSU). Dr. J. C. Matthews presided, and I was hooded by Dr. Dwayne Kingery. During my time, it was my pleasure to see, among others, Art Perkins, Bobby Smith, Vidal Carlin, John Love, Ron Shanklin, CharlwsBeatty, Cedric Hardeman, and (of course) Joe Greene. Fouts Field held many good memories. I was very fortunate. I was able to see some outstanding football, but more importantly, received an education that was second to none.