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  1. This makes all of our degrees look even better!
  2. Graddean

    Saints have been screwed

    It will be interesting to see what the league office has to say (how they will defend the noncall).
  3. Graddean

    1965 DCTF North Texas State

    McVea was pretty much a high school legend. One of my high school students from McKinney played against him in the HS All Star game at Amon Carter. He had borrowed the family station wagon. He had signed with Texas. He told me McVea pulled up in a new convertible. He said he and his friends decided they might have signed with the wrong school.
  4. Graddean


    Three of the top ten.
  5. Graddean

    Something I really dislike

    On the other hand, an outstanding performance may increase their draft stock, and so much for the concept of team ball.
  6. Graddean

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    How many on this board would not “shop around” if a position came open with a different employer for which you qualified, if the new position was with a company with greater public recognition and a considerably higher salary.
  7. Graddean

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    Apparently, the call was a flagrant 1 foul. A flagrant foul 2 results in disqualification. According to what was said, he was not immediately disqualified but the double count added to his three previous fouls resulted in him fouling out.
  8. Graddean


    Has anyone heard about Rico’s status. The Dec. 15 date does not leave a lot of time for recovery. This could be our biggest problem.
  9. If he takes the KState job, he is not as smart as I think he is.
  10. Graddean

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Amen, Emmitt.
  11. Graddean

    Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation

    A rather large casino and hotel in Roland OK (just west of Ft. Smith, AR), a smaller one in Sallisaw, West Siloam Springs, several around Tulsa, and a few others.
  12. Graddean

    MTSU President Cancels Classes

    I don’t remember Friday afternoon brasses, but as an undergraduate I had an 8-10 TTS class. As. TA, I taught an 8 TTS General Psychology class.
  13. Graddean

    2019 Commits: Week 9 (10/26) Results

    Addaway is one of three NLR running backs. They are ranked number 1 in their classification. Their opponent last Friday was the number two ranked team.
  14. Graddean

    Rice Game Attendance

    According to the radio guys, a lot of people never left the fraternity tents.
  15. We could go back to the Poll Tax. We should make it easier to register not more difficult. TheNorth Dakota incident is an obvious attempt to disenfranchise Native Americans on reservations. Something is wrong when politicians want to keep those who would be qualified from registering. As someone put on Facebook, if my registration is disallowed, I should not have to pay taxes. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.