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  1. SL is 27-25 through four seasons.
  2. If he. Has. Not completed his degree, he would not be immediately eligible would he?
  3. He had the second lowest rating of all commits. Our total points total will go down, but our average rating should go yup.
  4. I don’t think we can afford. To tank. We NEED a history of being competitive.
  5. I can’t believe a head coach that took a chance on a 5’10” and 165 pound quarterback from a small school would not offer someone he thought would work.
  6. USA Today has a grade for all bowl division football teams this year. UNT was given a grade of C-. A generous grade, I think.
  7. Kit a has been dropped from the Cowboys. What about him?
  8. So, if we had been first, he would come here?
  9. It is hard to say UA is on the rise before they play a game; unless you think they could be no worse.
  10. Why do we seem to be the only school waiting for the convention? Any kind of statement would be reassuring.
  11. Pittman at Arkansas has completed putting his new staff together.
  12. What about Moorhead from Mississippi State. He had a very good reputation at Penn State?
  13. I hope the delay in naming an OC does not reflect lack of respect for our program.
  14. Western Kentucky wins on an un timed field goal.
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