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  1. They used to have dances one night a week on the slab during the summer with Fesser Graham and his Aces.
  2. I paid $50 tuition and a $25 student activity fee per semester for a full load. I am sitting here with my used Botany book I bought at Voertman’s for $5.80. I graduated from NTSU with a BSE, MED, Nd an EdD and no debt. I taught college in Arkansas for 45 years. I watched as costs rose every year at a rate greater than inflation. A few years ago, a research group looked at the rising costs and found a majority of the rising costs were not due to academic costs. Most of the increase was due to increased spending in the non-academic area. Contributing to our problem was going from state supported to state assisted. When I started teaching the state contributed about 75% of our budget. When I retired, the state was contributing less than 50%. Unfortunately, I think our mindset has become the benefit of college education is to the individual rather than the state as a whole.
  3. Are we underestimating the quality of those showing up this summer?
  4. Joe Greene Cedric Hardeman. Ron Shanklin John Love Steve Ramsey Carl (Spider) Lockhart Chuck Beatty Bobby Smith Glen Holloway Art Perkins (RB and LB)
  5. I think Kram’s statement about not identifying with the alma mater is right. I think there is a growing tendency to identify more with one’s discipline than the institution as a whole. At the university where I taught. Student athletes did not support athletic teams other than their own.
  6. Apparently, the administration stopped theBriles candidacy and the West recruitment. Both of these were supposedly tried to keep from the administration. If true, does this put Hobson on a short leash. I would think so.
  7. This makes all of our degrees look even better!
  8. It will be interesting to see what the league office has to say (how they will defend the noncall).
  9. McVea was pretty much a high school legend. One of my high school students from McKinney played against him in the HS All Star game at Amon Carter. He had borrowed the family station wagon. He had signed with Texas. He told me McVea pulled up in a new convertible. He said he and his friends decided they might have signed with the wrong school.
  10. Three of the top ten.
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