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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay1WP3Hc8cc&t=17s
  2. this is an absolutely painful watch
  3. Right…but did you know that Tylor Perry is Jeffery Simpson’s cousin? like…really know it?
  4. also...interesting note from last night's broadcast...maybe it's common knowledge, but was new to me... Tylor Perry is the kid cousin of former UNT center Jeffery Simpson...who in two years here is like top 3 all time in blocks. broadcast called Perry a "UNT fan" as a kid b/c of Simpson. thought that was pretty cool
  5. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/09/03/former-army-major-gets-life-sentence-killing-court-martial-witness-2-others.html
  6. I actually think he was trying to make the point that scholarships are tax payer money...which, if you stretch it out far enough and squint your eyes, ok...sure. but then so are corporate subsidies and tax breaks. not to mention federally financed infrastructure utilized by all US-based corporations. so we actually still have an apples to apples comparison
  7. if I were a betting man, my guess is his trust issues lie in what these fringe bench players have shown defensively...missed rotations, inconsistent effort, those kinda things. rarely do you see Grant get too bent out of shape over missed shots...but a defensive lapse he loses his poop. that has to be a more difficult thing to recruit for. I'm guessing Browne and Stone and Zephir can knock down shots, but if they're not full up to speed/bought in on the defensive end then they sit.
  8. serious question. should a person receive a salary AND a performance-bonus/incentive?
  9. nope. just free markets, comrade.
  10. ya, but when you said it there were so many typos and misspellings that no one understood it. I guess kudos to you, though!
  11. I like a tight rotation, but the rotation has also gotten a lot tighter this year...it's legit 7 dudes at this point...starters + Perry & Scott. last season Rubin & Abou were the primary bench players, but you got decent minutes from Terrence Lewis, Jalen Jackson, Mykell Robinson...most of the time in how you're describing...like a match-up based 8th man...some nights you need a guard, some nights some fouls from a PF. I do think that speaks to trust...which then in turn speaks to recruiting. it looks like Grant had some swings and misses this year. that said, he's also landed Perry and Scott this year...Hamlett, Reese, Abou, Rubin...it's not like he can't recruit and with the nature of college sports right now, it's not like missing on scholarships is terribly punitive long-term...if kids aren't playing they leave and you get your scholarships right back. I'd love to have one more trusted rotation player, but it's unlikely at this point.
  12. it's amazing to me how quickly some of you turn on Capitalism once it starts negatively affecting your lives.
  13. how about you just let markets do their thing, commie
  14. maybe some of you have just never worked on contracts... 1. making a bowl, no matter the result, would've activated an incentive. 2. I'm assuming there are two incentives...A. making a bowl / B. winning a bowl 3. moot, since Seth doesn't win bowl games...so just cause A legally requires payment all of this would be completely unrelated to whether the AD wants to terminate (and of course, payout/arbitrate any contractually obligated future payments) now, if you, all emotionally frail and out for blood, want the AD to fire Seth AND not fulfill contracts...well, I would love to see the caliber of replacement hire you think you'll attract.
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