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  1. Censored by Laurie

    Big time commitment

  2. when I came to campus in 2001, the five best basketball players here at the time were Chris Davis, Leonard Hopkins, Rusty Chiles, @Guaranteed22 and Booger Kennedy.
  3. Censored by Laurie

    E-Brake on the Ticket

    Having traveled extensively, most of it well away from the sweet and loving embrace of the Sports Radio 1310AM and 96.7FM radio signal, I tend to listen to a lot of the UnTicket to catch up on great bits and important Top 5/Bottom 5 lists. One segment that is consistently posted to the UnTicket is the weekly e-Brake...a celebration of humility through humor that really, all of us need in our lives. The e-Brake is one of the few Ticket segments that takes calls from the dirty P1s to vote on a winner and I have noticed over the last year or so a new repeat caller into the segment...this caller starts off most of his calls with the question "hey Georgie...do you believe in the Mean Green?" and follows that up with un-witty banter and an overly-familiar and conversational tone that drags on for a good 10-15 seconds longer that it ought to. If that person also happens to be a poster here...think of this as a PSA: just stop. the Musers (rightly) think you have an absolute bag of nothing as you should likely have picked up on by Craig "accidentally" hanging up the moment you spoke last week...you're embarrassing yourself and the whole of the Mean Green fanbase
  4. just because someone asks for an explanation of another's opinion doesn't mean that they are clearly taking the opposite track. but. I guess I'll step things out for you again: GG: "A no border solution just will not work in the best interest of any nation in the long term." this is an absolute statement, but one with zero actual foundation. it's the logical (I know...you're sick of seeing this word) equivalent of this statement: "this thing, that we've never before seen or experienced, 100% definitely could not work" I asked GG for an explanation for his absolute statement. I didn't advocate for a no-borders world. I've never read of anyone doing so. I never even thought of a zero border world until someone with passionate conviction opined that it was impossible. have fun, sport
  5. This is a run down of the three posts from Page 3, July 17th moving forward: - UNTLifer: "Here's a political article (op-ed) that supports my world viewpoint" - SWB: "I vehemently disagree with the article (op-ed) YOU, UNTLIFER, just posted and here are my reasons why" - UNTLifer: "yo, calm down bro...this is a sports site...why are you getting all political?" you don't get to, LOGICALLY, post something political, have it argued and then rather than arguing the argument...take umbrage with the argument being political. had you posted an article about UNT Football and SWB responded with a diatribe about immigration, anchor babies and the class struggle...then you'd have a leg to stand on, LOGICALLY. but you didn't. so you don't. as to the rest of your little rant...I'm lost. I haven't quoted Vox or any C-List liberal. I haven't quoted anyone. by my count I've made a half dozen posts in this thread...all satirical and condescending, sure...but none actually expressing a political opinion, but rather hoping, nay, yearning for some people to actually maintain and opine with something resembling intellectual consistency. CBL Post 1: I'm pro-family, pro-children and pro-life vs. Unless you're a post-womb'd, illegal immigrant. Then, here's your cage. CBL Post 2: The USA is over...we should just split up vs. But GD you stand for the flag and anthem CBL Post 3: apparently ignoring the WHY an American presidential candidate was forced into providing a birth certificate, 807 days vs. now 552 days CBL Post 4: I'm actually both a humanitarian and a conservationist vs. both stop if it's not the brown people we're talking about CBL Post 5: here, politics! vs. dude, no politics! CBL Post 6: wait...you serious? now...before you just go back to the bag and think the trusty 7-iron of "liberal", "bias", "agenda", "C-List celeb with an opinion" is going to be the right play, step back a moment... - step out the yardage - re-check the lie - up-hill? down-hill? - what is the wind doing? - where is the pin...front? back? - have the greens been holding or should I go a club down and chase it on?
  6. Show me where I said that. I responded to the absolute statement it wouldn't...that doesn't mean I took the contrarian stance.
  7. Soros' last two checks came back, so nah...I'm gonna work on stealing some Medicare benefits for the parents of anchor babies instead this weekend. You really see no logical disconnect between posting a political column and then making a stetemenr like you did?
  8. Not that I've seen this advocated...but...why, theoretically, would that not work?
  9. Well...then stop posting political op-eds. Stick to sports, Kaepernick.
  10. you know what else is a major drain on our natural resources? far, far more than illegal-immigrant children? not-illegal-immigrant children. if we're really concerned for our natural resources, I'm assuming those are also advocating strongly for pro-choice legislation, or at the least funding for strong contraception education and distribution.
  11. conspiracy theories borne from nothing but his skin color and funny name, not a history of bankruptcies, failed businesses and a penchant for inflating considerably his personal wealth. not to mention it has been a, usually as little more than placating window-dressing, a concession made by all presidential candidates for 50 years. but ok. I found an article dated 4/27/2011 entitled "Obama releases long-form birth certificate"...assuming that is the correct date, by my math that is 807 days into his presidency. it is day 537 of the Trump presidency, so he has 270 days to square things and you get to maintain intellectual consistency. I'll be sure to set an alert
  12. but also respect the flag and support our troops, right? I would love to see these borders...
  13. if nothing else, the easing in the absolute "pro-life" stance being taken here by many once staunch supporters is encouraging.
  14. surely there's a half dozen or so bible verses that support their actions