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  1. about a 20 minute shorter drive from Weatherford.
  2. do you really want to do a demographic break down on the "shut up and sing", "shut up and act", "shut up and dribble" crowd? because...
  3. 19-year old absolute genius mega-talent displays humility and recognition of racial bias in her industry and three old white dudes want to criticize...why?
  4. I sure hope to see Ivey (at least last night's Ivey) in Mavericks shirt someday
  5. I'm still gonna find a way to bitch. Kevin Harlan just said our name. Shut up
  6. two fantastic examples of how science works. thanks @97and03 and @LongJim
  7. Andy Blount grabbing a rebound off a missed free throw, racing to the other end of the court for a dunk, celebrating...all before realizing the foul shooter was still due another shot.
  8. @Green Lantern catching the extra point from UNT's first touchdown in '16 win at Army.
  9. I hope everyone on page 7 of this thread never publicly expresses another sports opinion in their lives
  10. no...that actually wouldn't be intellectual consistency. there is zero threat...actual or intellectual...to the UT institution. UT itself isn't racist...it had/has racist people/policies/symbols that it has had to address throughout it's history. perhaps 150 years of not changing those racist people/policies/symbols, then maybe its best to just burn the whole thing down, but that hasn't been the case and it's a bad faith argument here. to pull examples from the article...UT isn't whites only anymore, isn't segregated, has an integrated athletics program and (hopefully) no longer hosts min
  11. sorry...help me understand the logic of this argument...because something like a song isn't as racist as other aspects/history of an institution then it should be tolerated?
  12. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/14339816/charles-kirby-langford-death/ oof
  13. speaking of future longitudinal studies...I hope some day we have the ability and technology to do a real thorough contact-tracing throughout the entire arc of the pandemic so we can quantify exactly how many people those exhibiting that sort of irresponsible and selfish behavior actually ended up killing.
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