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  1. oh...it was a "cops are racist, so you know exactly what n-word was being referenced" joke. I thought that was pretty on the nose. and nah...I'm Tier One, obviously, but there are lots of funny people here. really, I'm more the arbiter of humor
  2. and I'm quoting myself and making this a separate post so it doesn't get looped in to the above point (and so all of you boring old white men can give me more -1s rather than trying to articulate your thoughts and engage in argument...your -1s are my GMG-life-blood...I'm like a douchebaging vampire for them...feed me) both or economic and educational systems have needed major overall and modernization anyway. covid can be the big reset button if we're smart enough to utilize it (gosh, I know we're not)
  3. society's decision making should've from the beginning and needs to be moving forward reactive to the virus, not our own concept of normalcy. I think all of us should at bare minimum be preparing for the idea that life two years from now still doesn't look the way it did 6 months ago...especially as we continue to send messages that try to lessen or degrade the severity of the virus. the simple fact is that the virus spreads and at a certain point that spread is debilitating to a community. we can control economic mechanism. we can control educational mechanisms. we can't control contagion.
  4. read an article on gocardsgo.com that there's a grass-roots movement to change the town name. could be a major distraction for the players. I think Friday nights in the Colorado River Valley are wide open this year
  5. do you want some fun math? if she's found guilty of all counts and has max sentences applied for each count, there will still be people serving longer for non-violent marijuana possession and trafficking.
  6. any word on how this affects the Yoakum v. Halletsville District 14 3A rivalry game? the Bramhas nicked the Bulldogs 18-7 last year, but talk around Lavaca county is that Yoakum has their number this year.
  7. a bit of confusion there...Ryan Adams was married to Mandy Moore. he only did a full folk cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 album...they, so far as internet knows, were never a couple. also, ya...apparently he's a real douche...but so long as people are still gonna spin Thriller, I'm gonna keep spinning Heartbreaker
  8. I had snark loaded in the chamber until I got here. I'll put the sarcasm gun in the holster for now and just say, well...thank you.
  9. perhaps it was meant as a throw-away line, but it's kinda emblematic of "our" (nation/leadership/individual) failings in dealing with covid...a sort of best case scenario assumption not based on fact. now you can easily say, "well Cuomo is making assumptions not based on fact, too" and you'd basically be right...the difference tho: - assume the worst and be wrong = short term losses and no football - assume the best and be wrong = long term losses as we repeat shut-down cycles and a lot more dead to your question about the numbers...I think you change #1 to read "the numbers a simply incomplete" and I'll answer All of the Above I do think the more measured re-opening and more social-conscious behavior in the Northeast has played a large role in managing the virus, but we're a long ways off from victory laps.
  10. "the virus has run out of new hosts to infect." I mean, to start, I'd love (literally) to see the science and facts that state a person can not be infected twice https://www.vox.com/2020/7/22/21324729/getting-covid-19-twice-immunity-antibodies-vaccine-herd-immunity honestly, I'd say everyone in leadership throughout the world has been operating without a set of known facts. science takes time and mistakes and then more time. I'd say it's considerably more prudent to act with an abundance of caution in absence of fact. The Northeast on the whole right now is doing pretty well. Sports, especially amateur athletics, are a luxury...and I'd say allowing 20,30,40K people to congregate for a luxury is the equivalent of spiking the ball and doing the Icky Shuffle at about the 20 yard line (whereas Texas letting 60K into TMS this weekend is like that A&M kid over-celebrating a 4th quarter sack down 77-0)
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