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  1. it's rare that they all come together in one day, but it has happened.
  2. financially? ha...oh goodness no. I spend my money on travel, music, drugs, golf, art, fine food & drink and my various charitable pursuits. like an interesting person. as a fan, sure. and I like the rest of you will be right back here supporting in the exact same way you have for 10, 20, 50 years. you'll be saying how ________ is the best PG or PF we've had here in decades, you'll rationalize away your "hate" for the portal with the fact that ________ is on his third school (at least until he transfers out at the end of next year) and you'll go on supporting the laundry because its what you do. the piety is boring so just stop. you never cared about the kids, just how they made you feel about your school...because that's somehow super important in your social circles
  3. if we count Umoja Gibson's first full season as his "true" freshman year (only played 2 games before injury straight out of HS), then it's him. if not, it's Josh White
  4. can't wait to pull all these "I'm done" receipts next February
  5. hi great to be with y'all, this is a real honor...um, I just wanted to tell, uh, I think, OJ...biggest fan in the world, um, here's uh...I have a good reason why...it was, I was about 6 years old, real quick story...1973 season, the magical season...um, 'scuse me I'm a lil nervous...ma, ha ha, my mom and I, err uh, are uh on the sidelines and it's before the game started and y'all are warming up, and she was trying to get my football signed by you and she yelled "Juice!", and, you, and I saw you coming over but I got distracted like little kids do...and I turned around and not only did you signed her football, but you had lanced my mother in the side of the neck with a pitchfork and signed it...
  6. this thread is sad on many levels. mostly marriage. yuck.
  7. why would he Bizjack only be wishful thinking? 3-star...TCU/Wisconsin/Butler were his top offers, but everyone else is a pier program or beneath...contributed as a freshman in the Big East, but 4.2ppg, 27% 3pt shooter, didn't exactly light it up. this looks like the ideal candidate...take a small step down a level in order to come back home
  8. I'm actually in the camp now that we're gonna see a few of these players back next season. it's only good business to test the portal waters and possibly leverage Hodge/UNT for as good a deal as possible. calling it now...Noland and Jones will be back next season. Scott maybe not...he has NBA metrics and upside and a year at a P5 could enhance his overall pro stock.
  9. so settle for what you have and not look to better yourself/family situation? must be a really positive work environment.
  10. this is actually a flawless answer, thank you. I guess I just don't need the external validation of many on here. I wonder how many people go to therapy on a semi-regular basis. one thing I pulled out, though..."Plus we get to know them well...they are one of us"...another poster mentioned something to the effect that they felt I think it was AScott felt like family. if there's actual consideration for the individual, wouldn't you then want them to be able to pursue better or at least the perception of better opportunities? Ryan Woolridge was one of my favorite players here...was stoked that he got the chance to finish his career at Gonzaga. like it or not, the Big XII and SEC (where we've lost players recently) are better conferences and game in/game out better experiences than what UNT/AAC has to offer. I can't fault the player for wanting more. top programs lose players after a year or two on the regular...be it one/two-and-dones who go pro or the same transfer portal issues...and they continue to reload because its a program, not one team/roster. maybe we need a few more years of winning basketball for more to recognize that we have a "program" in place now
  11. who the hell remembers, let alone has strong feelings about Ed O'Bannon's 19 games as a Dallas Maverick?
  12. if Aaron Scott, Rubin Jones and/or Jason Edwards announced that they were leaving UNT before their eligibility expired in order to turn professional...whether that be in the NBA, G-League or Europe...what would y'all's reaction be?
  13. I'm not knocking going the D2 route...more that Wells appears to just be an off-brand Jason Edwards based on those shockingly similar stat lines. at UM, Kai shot almost 50% from the floor, 42% from 3pt and averaged 19.6ppg, 4.7 rpg, 4.3 apg at UNT Kai shot around 40% from the floor, 31% from 3pt and averaged 12.3ppg, 3.1 rpg, 3.2 apg I think that is a pretty reasonable expectation of regression in production stepping up to the D1 level. Kai was also 6'4" and contributed a ton on the defensive end. I guess if Wells is the 6th man Edwards was meant to be, there's value added...I just see another undersized, inefficient volume shooter and get nervous about fit here
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