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  1. Censored by Laurie

    Figured it Out - Direct Link

    normally I'm all for an ass fixation, but some how this one feels wrong.
  2. he doesn't seem to realize papers often (always?) endorse candidates in elections. (man, I really hope this delicate flower posts here)
  3. Censored by Laurie

    Figured it Out - Direct Link

  4. Censored by Laurie

    Figured it Out - Direct Link

  5. what's the Fine:Rome talk ratio here? if it's anything less than 75:25, I'm going to ask someone to transcribe the interview, please.
  6. Censored by Laurie

    19' S Offer: Jonathan McGill (Coppell) - 3 star

    have any of these 100%s been right?
  7. Censored by Laurie

    Things we need

    we're about halfway there
  8. I asked for clarification and never put words in your mouth. but english is hard. probably why so many illegals don't try and learn it when they come here, huh? but which original point? this one: "Misleading headline. People that don't follow the rules or don't want to put forth the effort to find out how the system works in advance and looking for someone to blame." because these people of North Dakota did put forth the effort...they're registered voters who run the risk of getting turned away at polling place in a very modern "you don't have property" standard. no if it you original point was this one: "It wasn't the article, it was your comment, "lazy injuns," which smacks of the all too predictable "smart-assery."" I mean, fine...there's only 9,420 other examples of that...but either way, that doesn't really make much sense in the context of your reply here: "And a totally different subject all together. Thanks for playing." to what "subject" are you referring? voter suppression? lazy injuns? or this shrewd concept of smart-assery...which again, in context...it doesn't make any sense. and I don't anticipate an actual answer, don't worry. just punch your keyboard and we'll go onto the next debate...like... thoughts on trading a journalist and American resident's dismembered corpse for an arms deal?
  9. Censored by Laurie

    Green Globe Mailbag

    will you be getting any hard-hitting insight from someone via skype 1600 miles away from Denton with extremely limited access to broadcasts of the games?
  10. so you didn't think the inherent lack of work ethic and personal responsibility of the (remaining...surviving) population of the indigenous peoples of North America was pertinent to the conversation? it's 100% true...just not pertinent, is what you're saying?
  11. Censored by Laurie

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    77-0 we're playing a bunch of sick cancer kids, for goodness sake.
  12. Censored by Laurie

    Just for the record

    and I can confirm Boise is a particularly lovely spot with a surprisingly lovely climate. the Sawtooth Mountains create a bit of a rain shadow...it only gets ~12" of rain and 30" of snow a year...and from what I've heard, usually the bulk of the snow comes from maybe two big storms a winter. this has been your Boise weather minute.
  13. Censored by Laurie

    Just for the record

    https://www.nytimes.com/1994/12/07/sports/college-football-fighter-who-plays-football-born-with-no-left-hand-dawuan-miller.html it's gotta be both inspirational and incredibly deflating to get picked off by this guy. I guess you always have a story at the bar.
  14. and I think that is the point you seem to be missing...that all laws and "improvements", mostly since Shelby Co v Holder, have been made not just with the aim of making more difficult the process but specifically limiting particular voices...as in the article I posted above (that for whatever reason you determined was immaterial to this conversation) that enacted laws aimed directly at North Dakota's Native American population. and this isn't a registration issue...this can adversely affect already registered voters...a law change and ID requirement different even from this year's primary elections: "This week, the Supreme Court declined to overturn North Dakota's controversial voter ID law, which requires residents to show identification with a current street address. A P.O. box does not qualify. Many Native American reservations, however, do not use physical street addresses. Native Americans are also overrepresented in the homeless population, according to the Urban Institute. As a result, Native residents often use P.O. boxes for their mailing addresses and may rely on tribal identification that doesn't list an address. Those IDs used to be accepted at polling places — including in this year's primary election — but will not be valid for the general election. And that decision became final less than a month before Election Day, after years of confusing court battles and alterations to the requirements."
  15. the inherent lack of work ethic and personal responsibility of the (remaining...surviving) population of the indigenous peoples of North America? or purposeful voter suppression?