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  1. in before the "I just learned this was a country and already know more about the situation than you and can definitively say your opinion is wrong" post.
  2. if one know where to look, you can find a "Ray Was Here" message pawed into the concrete of an I-35 median near a small stain in the passing lane.
  3. four consecutive fumbles from both teams to end the first quarter scoreless
  4. but here's my opinion on a news story. pretty good summation of modern debate.
  5. you buy your cookware from Target?!? how low rent. there’s not a UNT grad I’ve met that doesn’t use at least Williams-Sonoma. my personal chef and staff use All-Clad Copper
  6. hmm...maybe that’s on me and the way I’m communicating. perhaps if I used racist memes to express my views it’d be more to your level?
  7. you're free to read that response as mocking 9/11 rather than mocking your really provocative question of what would a college freshman have done if leader of the free world in wartime. greenminer put it better than I can: "We can compare the emotional and psychological reactions of each event without dishonoring the fallen." to point out the massive gulf and disparity in response to two significant events and loss of lives is hardly denigrating to either.
  8. obviously...but also pointedly. there are people who believe those things I posted...the same way there are people who believe covid is a political hit job perpetrated by the Chinese and spread by 5G towers.
  9. that takes the capacity for non-binary thought...an ability clearly lacking here.
  10. watching youtube videos on CGI? contemplating how jet fuel can't melt steel beams? cashing in on the stocks I shorted on 9/10?
  11. well...A. their 100% lying about the deaths and cases. but also...B. I'm pretty sure that if the Chinese government tells it's populace to quarantine, the Mandarin equivalent of Shelly Luther isn't going on state media TV from her open hair salon.
  12. it isn't even so much correlating the events themselves, just the manner in which many have dismissed the severity of the pandemic and it's loss of life b/c it wasn't a dramatic, acute incident like 9/11. we decided that the loss of 3000 lives was worth 19 years (happy birthday!) of unlimited emotional, financial and human investment...$2-7 trillion, depending on the study...7000-8000 Americans killed in action. but 190k dead? a $1200 check and maybe some bleach. again, save the piety and read the above. especially as you go blame now 900k people around the world for thei
  13. it isn't the person. it's the approach. the "more open approach" means valuing our normal conception of an economy over human lives. we're a wealthy enough nation to do what dozen of other countries have done...shutter large swaths of industry, slow down mechanisms of their economies, provide a basic standard of living all to support a common good.
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