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  1. this game will come down to heart... because its the heart that matters more
  2. sentence 1: this guy sucks sentence 2: I wish he were still on our team
  3. purely out of curiosity...what is your process for finding trusted news sources worthy of reposting?
  4. could be too he's more of a THJ kinda streaky player...can get you 25 one night and follow that up with a 14% shooting performance...really not a big enough body of work yet to judge.
  5. It was bad tonight…but imma just leave this here and hope it gives everyone thinking the season is shot at least a bit of perspective
  6. I'm kinda intrigued to see a bit more of Moore too...at least showing a willingness to go try and get his own shot.
  7. I'm not ready to say that after one bad game. he's having one of those games where literally nothing is dropping...he's missed some real bunnies at the bucket that will drop most of the time. he's just not maybe a 12 shot a game player once Perry and Jones are back.
  8. ya. we might need to say that was a swing and a miss. and a miss. and another miss. and an airball.
  9. my brother in christ...which is the more likely scenario: A. SNU coach, going into a meaningless exhibition game he probably anticipated losing, had a game-plan to play 10-12 players for 10-20 minutes to give everyone some burn, see what all his players could do against D1 competition and despite a second half lead he determined there was more value in sticking to that plan for their season big picture. B. Grant slid SNU coach a cool $100 and a Buckee's gift card to throw the game.
  10. just got off the phone with Randy Bennett. guys, we're good...put another W on the board.
  11. let's say you're right. I know I for one would be outraged and never post about UNT basketball again. agreed?
  12. we're not talking about some guy who built the railroad
  13. I see Andrew is already in midseason form.
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