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  1. I had a guy once tell me that his new apartment complex had an Olympic size tennis court.
  2. The sun comes up at DAWN. The best player to DON the green and white.
  3. When they were there the property was privately owned. It has since been purchased by the University. If you recall, in addition to the Texas Pickup, there was a bar and a men's clothing store called the Oxford Shop.
  4. The NT winnings continue. Congratulations Brett
  5. I have a Kiwanis meeting at the Embassy Suites Hotel in DENTON every Wednesday morning at 6:30. Each Wednesday as I drive by Apogee I see the stadium lights on. And I drove by last night about 8:30-lights on. This morning at 7:00, lights. What’s going on ? Am I missing a lot of games I don’t even know about ?
  6. Soooo, if NT beats the #20 team and the #10 team, why aren’t we ranked ?
  7. I like the fact that when they don't need it, it can be deflated and then quickly aired up again when needed. Sort of an "Instant Rice" facility.
  8. This was a game I wish I’d traveled to. I always wondered what the Arkansas faithful thought about the game and “the punt” ?
  9. So you don't think someone at Southern Meth will slip him a play book and invite him to watch practice ?
  10. This just in...The Marshall logo on their jerseys is the same logo as on Marshall (guitar) amps.
  11. They're probably very insignificant.
  12. I was in the Embassy Suites hotel lobby last night when the Marshall BB team checked in. I was surprised how many people it takes to put 5 guys on the court.
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