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  1. I've never seen anything suggesting baseball was a requirement for membership. However, we are the second largest school in the AAC. As such, to quote George Costanza, "You're not in the mood ? Well, get in the mood ! " NT is the only new member of the AAC NOT to play baseball. While that is not a good reason to add baseball, I still hate to be the only new school that doesn't play baseball.
  2. According to my visit to the AAC Baseball site, of the schools remaining after considering those that left for the BIG 12, there are only 5. Add in the new AAC schools from CUSA, 5, we get 10. AAC before the split only had 8 baseball teams. NT, if we HAD a baseball team, would bring the total to 11. We would make a big contribution to the AAC Baseball landscape immediately. I'd like to see baseball before any other large project.
  3. The one school that I know of in our new conference that does NOT play baseball is SMU. Adding baseball to our list of sports would provide some separation between us and them. I think we need to demonstrate to the AAC how much we belong in this new league and give as few reasons as possible for someone to bolt. GO MEAN GREEN
  4. More coverage in the DFW area. Perhaps the DMN will notice us now that we are in a conference they have heard of.
  5. “Unanimous” ? My understanding of unanimous is that EVERY school voted FOR expansion.
  6. Very cool. As a new member of the American Athletic conference, I'd like as my first order of business to straighten the star in the "A".
  7. This type hire. Even for 2 or 3 years Congratulations to Wren Baker and company.
  8. Skips new contract pays a base salary of $800,000. per year.
  9. UTSA started their program about 10 years ago with a coach with a National Championship ring, Larry Coker. We have been chasing them ever since.
  10. So far, here he has been a monster.
  11. And please identify yourself when giving out down votes.
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