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  1. It is amazing what they are able to put in mobile homes these days. The UTSA model is a triple wide.
  2. Did he stumble over “Northern/North” ?
  3. Mobile tickets. Mirror placard parking pass available Saturday August 14, 11-1
  4. Happy Birthday Wren. Birthdays are better celebrated in Denton. Good health and many more.
  5. Every conference game with the exception of UTEP is drivable. Leave in the morning, watch the game, sleep in your own bed tonight. That same ease of attendance will translate to travel savings for the member teams. And you’ve still got room for 3 OOC games and a bowl game. Good thinking Texas Monthly.
  6. Did you see where the Buffalo Bills have mentioned moving to Austin among other possible destinations ? The threat of a move is because the Bills are unhappy with their home stadium. The Texas Longhorns have apparently met fire with fire as they have been in discussions contemplating a move to Buffalo, New York in an effort to make the SEC a more regional conference. if Buffalo moves and the Longhorns stay, Austin would be the smallest market in the US with two professional football teams.
  7. I like the wing for all the reasons noted by NTSNetwork. I’d like it better full of fans but it’s a unique feature of Apogee.
  8. Is making the practice squad one step below making the team ? One step above getting cut ? Does this mean he will not be on the field when the RR season starts ?
  9. How about if they lose the name AAC and become the Big XVII or whatever ?
  10. Is it reasonable to say that a transfer this late in the off season had a landing spot already picked out before he declared for the transfer portal ? Has he been practicing with the team all this time ?
  11. How did Torrey’s stats compare to Sigger’s last season ?
  12. Maybe A&M will leave the SEC and join CUSA.
  13. This event sounds like what the Coaches Caravan used to be. “Kickoff” featuring “head coaches.” By the way, I like the lanyards.
  14. With the exception of Tulane and UAB, all the schools in Verde’s conference are drivable. Leave in the morning, attend the game, sleep in my own bed that night. I like that.
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