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  1. Bye week ??? Oh no ! I had planned to buy every GO MEAN GREEN.com poster a steak dinner ! Too bad. I’ll just have to plan better and do something else next year. Dog gone it.
  2. To avoid confusion I’ll edit my question. Kickoff at UTSA is at 2:30 October 22. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. I’ve heard that, too. I think that’s “canned.” Speaking of which, when I hear the KNTU official signature on the hour, they say, “ McKinney, Dallas, Ft. Worth.” Do they no longer broadcast from Denton ?
  4. Have any of you listened to 88.1 lately ? I have yet to hear what I believe to be a real human being broadcasting in real time. And I too think an on-campus radio station should be broadcasting all NT football and man’s BB games.
  5. I just looked it up. We’re in sole possession of first place in the conference. Sure, it’s only been 2 conference games, but we’re driving the (school) bus. I say, let’s end the season right now and skip right to the conference championship game. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. So we’re following a look made popular by FAU and UTSA. Two collegiate trend setters. We have a unique opportunity to use something no other school has, the Battle Flag. And we settle for a tired old Texas outline on one side and a number (how original) on the other. Glory to the green. Glory to the white. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. Of course, you’re right Texan. But recall some years ago, under the Dickey era, we played Texas at Austin and left the same day via bus. One if the buses broke down on the way to Austin and we were very late getting to Memorial Stadium. Hence, leave at least a day before the game. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. I spoke with the Athletic Department and they thought they (FAU) might come in a day early.
  9. Is Jason Bean still at Kansas ?
  10. I hate to admit it. I don’t see the relevance of the countdown clock to the Southern Nazarene “game.” What game ? What sport ? I know we had one counting down to the UTEP game but I’m stumped here. Please help. GO MEAN GREEN
  11. In El Paso, they say, “Si-USA.”
  12. An article about this said they will keep the “Houston Baptist” uniforms the rest of this season.
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