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  1. Who is UNT's football rival ? "Building a large fan base." That doesn't even make sense. " Our rival is building a large fan base. " My freshman English instructor at NT, Dr. Burns would have eaten this guy alive. Wow. GO MEAN GREEN
  2. Maybe a horseshoe could be added with the wings placed above. The wing section is the first thing people notice about Apogee as well as being unique among stadiums. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. When I saw the wrapped cars, I told my wife that somebody on GOMEANGREEN.com would know the answer. Somebody on GOMEANGREEN.com ALWAYS knows the answer. Thank you.
  4. Just drove past Apogee (Sunday 1:00p) and we saw 10-12 cars in the black lot and 2 or 3 in the white lot all wrapped up as if for Christmas gifts. Do the big donors get cars now ? Is this the ultimate in parking lot ding protection ? Are these cars in the witness protection program or are they just being stored so the recruits at Southern Meth will be surprised ?
  5. I hope he takes the “Hey Baby” charts with him.
  6. Who is planning to go to this game ?
  7. And that brings up a question. Do we think Cole will list his school as North Texas or Arkansas ? He took some grad courses here but his degree is from Hawg-land.
  8. I was so pleased that the article made it clear that "all games will be played at UT." UTaA vs UTSA. GO....away !
  9. If during a game, there were to be a lightning delay, would North Texas be permitted to stay loose by going to the IPF ? And if so, would the opponent also have to be given access to the IPF ?
  10. This works every time. Watch. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Watch
  11. How many Mean Green players going to NFL camps now ?
  12. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
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