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  1. greenjoe

    Mean Green Win Big In Rome

    Is this the Italy down by Hillsboro ?
  2. greenjoe

    A Picture of the Endzone

    I think it looks like we tried to match the old carpet with the new carpet. Maybe they're going to checkerboard it like Tennessee's end zone. If we spend a lot of time there, and I don't mean with safeties, I'll learn to like it. Right this minute, not so much. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. " advance my football career with new opportunities." Isn't this a major step backwards ?
  4. greenjoe

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

    Will Bill Mercer be calling the action ?
  5. greenjoe

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    How can we help the Mean Green beat Arkansas ? One way is to show up for the Southern Meth game in seats before the team comes out of the tunnel. Cheer as loud as possible and get these guys as much confidence as we can. They can carry that momentum with them all the way to Fayetteville and bring home a win. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. Ahh...I see what you did there.
  7. It's refreshing having a player make headlines off the field in this manner. I'm going to get one of those t-shirts. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. greenjoe

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Opps....I just found another change order for the pavilion. "Dear construction crew. Please change the signs from "PONY UP" to "COLLARS UP" We're expecting a big crowd. Please have the work completed by November 15, 2018.
  9. Interesting. Is the $300,000. that the City of Dallas reportedly did not pay represent the franchise cost of hosting a game at the Cotton Bowl on whatever day ? And if so, is that all the $300K gets you ? I wonder if ESPN provides any commercial time during the game for that fee. I remember when the RL Carriers New Orleans Bowl was broadcast, I saw RL Carriers ads that I'd never seen before. As if they were produced especially for the bowl game. Maybe we should have a Bowl. We could have a helmet sticker booth and uniform talk booth and hire an airplane to fly around fussing about something.
  10. Dismissed because of violation of team rules ?
  11. greenjoe

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    The least (most ?) they could do is to paint some fans in. Like movie props.
  12. greenjoe

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    Funny...They're reducing the seating in this area from 1,500 to300 and NT is adding new seats (albeit only 27). Better start getting bids for the upper deck on the student side. GO MEAN GREEN
  13. greenjoe

    #1 play in CUSA last season

    I can’t count the number of times I have watched “the drive” during the off season. It always makes me smile. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. greenjoe

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    The Touchdown Terrance seats are only too expensive (priced too high) if they don’t sell. The market will make that decision. GO MEAN GREEN
  15. @PlummMeanGreen would be a better source for this but I'll try. As I recall, Jerry Jones had a meeting with then Mayor Laura Miller The topic was how much money the City of Dallas would pay to build the new stadium at Fair Park. Jerry Jones said he had an offer for a "zillion" dollars from Arlington. Mayor Laura Miller thought he was bluffing and said something like, "If you can get that deal you should go get it." He wasn't and he did and that was the beginning of the end of the Cotton Bowl and the area around Fair Park for that matter. The mayor had a chance to completely rebuild that part of downtown Dallas and got out bluffed. Too bad.