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  1. “Do you believe in the Mean Green ?”
  2. We ought to require those yellow shirted ushers to hand every visitor a pamphlet on the origin of Mean Green. Maybe give 'em a test before they can buy a beer. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. What a great idea. Is Pro Day open to us fans ?
  4. Fresno State 24,400 Oklahoma St 25,500 North Texas 40,800
  5. With the win over Marshall last night, the Administration Tower was lit (lighted ? Illuminated ?) in green. I’ve heard that phrase for as long as I’ve been a Mean Green fan. But what does that mean and how does it happen ? Is there a guy at the Administration Building waiting for a call on game day ? Is there really a switch ? Is the Tower lighted for non-revenue sports like volleyball or golf or swimming and diving ? I’m hoping for a green tower after today’s game. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. Notice how very few schools use green in their colors.
  7. I don’t mean to be defensive, but that’s offensive.
  8. I like the idea of an “eagle” flying around Apogee on game days but I’m opposed to using “eagles” as a nickname. There are lots of teams, right here in Denton County using Eagles but nation wide, there is only one Mean Green. We’ve come a long way educating people as to our nickname and it’s origin. Any addition of another nickname or another mascot will certainly confuse people. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. Yawn... Is it August already ???
  10. It likely has to do with how many bridges he burned on his way out the door. Someone posted on GMG that 70% (+-) of athletes that enter the portal don’t get a call. Sometimes the greenest grass is Mean Green.
  11. And then look at the number of athletes that finish their degree and are able to transfer to another school and work on a masters. I realize we’re not talking about that in this example, but with the same opportunity, some excel.
  12. Are you talking a real live eagle ? Many years ago, on the site where now there is the “UNT “ sign on I-35, sat the clubhouse to the North Texas Golf Course, later called Eagle Point Golf Course. When I was in jr high and high school, I went to billions of dances in said clubhouse. Between the parking lot and the Interstate, there was a cage, I’m told, used to house a live Eagle. I don’t recall ever seeing a bird there, but I certainly remember the very large cage. I for one, appreciate Plummeangreen’s frequent and sometime wacky posts. He is a great fan and
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