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  1. I have been bested. Well played, sir.
  2. wait...wait...wait. What happened to Western Kentucky and Charlotte ? This is the first I've heard of these 2 schools wanting to leave. When/what happened ?
  3. Who was the QB at Locust Grove this past year ?
  4. Imagine how much they would make if they could win.
  5. And the Cowboys played the 49ers in the Super Bowl ?
  6. If you were the boss, and you set a sales goal for your sales force, and they goal was unattainable because of something out of everyone's control, like the Corona virus, would you award your sales staff a bonus ? Many people are unable to work their full jobs right now (airlines, hotels, restaurants. etc). I can't imagine everyone gets paid based on what "probably" happens, or "I'm sure they're going to win" assumptions. A base salary of nearly $700,000. is not the end of the world.
  7. On the other hand... If DJ was intent on working on a master's degree, what better way to do it. He would only need to take 6 hours per semester and as sharp as he seems to be, he could probably graduate by this time next year with 2 degrees from North Texas, all while playing basketball at a high level. I wonder if he would still be on scholarship though. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. I was surprised that Draper never started a game. Not even on senior night. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. Speaking of Gonzaga, did they win their conference ?
  10. I do not know DJ except for his performance on the court. But if I were to guess, DJ Draper is anxious to get on with the success that will surely be his in life after basketball. GO MEAN GREEN
  11. Since there is no CUSA Tournament and no NCAA berth waiting as a prize as a reward for the winner of the tournament, what should be done to properly recognize the 2019-2020 North Texas Men's Basketball team ? Rings for sure, but there needs to be something more public. Some sort of ceremony at the Coliseum ? An expanded Basketball Banquet ? A special plaque at the Coliseum or additional banner (additional to the conference banner) in the rafters ? Maybe an event and invite the entire conference for an event in the Indoor Practice Facility ? I hate for BB season to end this way. Start thinking. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. Best response in the history of GMG
  13. Scheduling big name opponents is like the best time to plant a tree—20 years ago. But I also understand the sentiment of those of us that have been watching NT football and basketball for close to 50 years. We want to be present for big games. Present meaning actually in the stadium. GO MEAN GREEN
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