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  1. All I’m saying is be committed or don’t commit.
  2. I got some new friends together Saturday afternoon and night for NT football and then basketball. Without intending to sound cruel, my friend’s wife said, “The Mean Green aren’t so mean, are they ?”
  3. This is what happens when children are put in a position to make adult decisions.
  4. Mason Fine was gifted on the field but also able to speak well behind a microphone. I don’t recall him saying “ahh” and “ya know.” Always a good interview. Some would do well to emulate him in this area.
  5. We’re having trouble getting the game. Any suggestion appreciated.
  6. Profound. Really. Why hadn’t someone thought of this in the past ?
  7. I wonder if the Razorbacks will fall for that fake punt return again ?
  8. His dying gesture was an attempt at a Mean Green hand sign.
  9. T E X A S ( sorry, but I don’t know how to do big colors)
  10. Judging from his tweet, he didn’t waste a lot of time with an English composition tutor.
  11. Like Southside Guy, I saw a lot of white bands. If each band represents a season ticket, we have sold a lot to tickets. The atmosphere is different. No band, no cheerleaders and no dancers. The 2 teams are on the side opposite the press box and they are spaced far apart. There is no halftime entertainment and we are in a different area code from our nearest Mean Green fan. I used to park on Highland St and walk through the tunnel. No more. Now, we park in lot 27 and enter on the east side and walk 180 degrees to our seats. The CUSA Conference banner was hoisted las
  12. Does anyone know the school record for most points scored ? Great season opener. GO MEAN GREEN
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