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  1. greenjoe

    Quinn Shanbore

    Quinn made the most of his time at QB last night. At the press conference he mentioned he had had a loss (death ?) in his family. Does anyone know anything about his family situation ?
  2. greenjoe

    Grad Transfer OL Pickup

    Is Plantin at Va Tech now ?
  3. Congratulations Mason Fine.
  4. greenjoe

    Still humble as ever...

    And it will happen the first NT offensive play of the game. Thanks Mason Fine. GO MEAN GREEN
  5. greenjoe

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    Although a parking lot in the center of the campus would be a good idea. People could park in the center and radiate out like a daisy rather than park on one side and walk to the entire other side of the campus. If we ever build another campus from scratch remind me of this. GO MEAN GREEN
  6. greenjoe

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    We are very fortunate to have Apogee.
  7. greenjoe

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    I've been told that elevated garage parking costs about $10,000. per space. In he short run, I wish the existing artificial turf could be striped over the carpet and people could part on the 30 or 40 or end zone. I also like the notion of a plaque remembering the location of the 50 yard line and /or the goal lines. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. greenjoe

    Fine for Heisman Shirt?

    Photo, please. I’m Fine with a Heisman !
  9. greenjoe

    North Texas Athletics- Welcome Home!

    I remember watching Donor Name play here. He was a guard as I recall. He came off the bench in the second half and hit a home run to win the game. I'll never forget.
  10. greenjoe

    Rice game news

    I'm not sure the photo above is Rice QB Wiley Green.
  11. greenjoe

    Rice game news

    I sent a email to Wren yesterday (M) and he replied that the Rice Band would not make the trip. For what it's worth. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. greenjoe

    DRC: UNT knocks off TCU in closed scrimmage

    I missed where the scrimmage was played.
  13. greenjoe

    Rice game news

    In slightly related news, the Rice band will not make the trip.
  14. greenjoe

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I hate to mention this, but why would a school that calls itself MEAN GREEN want to have a white out ?
  15. greenjoe

    The nicest thing I’ve ever heard

    I'm sorry. BEHIND them. They are glad Ole Miss and Colorado State and North Texas are BEHIND them. I'm going to blame auto-correct.