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  1. greenjoe

    Hogs Fan Regrettable Bet

    Is that you Chad ?
  2. greenjoe

    SEC humor

    Wait, wait, wait. You're telling me that there are some schools that are unhappy with their coach ? And that Razorback wants to buy a hot seat for $50 bucks. Sheesh. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. greenjoe

    CUSA Defensive Player of the Week

    Is there a Special Teams Player of the Week ? I've got a nominee.
  4. If you live in Denton, you know Frenchy. He's the over the top landscaper that is the biggest promoter of anything Denton. French is somewhat famous for his support for professional football in Dallas. However, today, he has dedicated one of his famous vans in green flags and declared today and future Mondays as Mean Green Monday. To kick off this project, Frenchy is asking any and all Mean Green fans that are able to come to his "Van of Fame" on Dallas Drive, wear GREEN and be in the latest Frenchy photo promoting Denton and all that implies. The photo will take place at Frenchy's work shop, not his office at 915 Dallas Drive at 6:00pm TODAY. Short notice but some better that none. GO MEAN GREEN
  5. greenjoe

    Celine makes the punt return even better!

    I never would have thought of Celine Dion but I think it is a good choice. Musical accompaniment to commemorate the sinking of the SS Hog. Is there someone here that could come up with the entire field shot so those of us that missed maybe the greatest win in NT history could see how the play developed ? GO MEAN GREEN
  6. greenjoe

    Check ESPN bowl projections

    Put me down for 2 tickets, please. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. greenjoe

    National News - NBC Nightly News Mean Green Coverage

    I saw it too. GO MEAN GREEN
  8. greenjoe

    Keegan Brewer Punt Return

    They played it during the half time report of TCU vs Ohio State. A star is born. Beat Liberty GO MEAN GREEN
  9. greenjoe

    Welcome party at Apogee?

    I’ll com. When ?
  10. greenjoe

    North Texas Name Game

    Some of you, like me, get frustrated when fans of other teams can't seem to get our name right. However, when Southwest Texas State University changed their name to Texas State, no one seemed to make a name faux pau again. Same thing when Memphis State dropped the "state", no problem. With North Texas it's been more difficult. Now I can almost see that for older fans, like me, old habits die hard. But how old is our name. I did some quick looking and found that it may be time for people to say our name correctly. Our name has been The University of North Texas for 30 years now. Prior to that we were called North Texas State University for 27 years. Before that we were North Texas State College for 12 years. North Texas Teacher's College for 26 years. And finally North Texas Normal College for 22 years. My point is many of the people that can't seem to get our name right have only known us to be UNT for their entire lifetime. I suppose it's because the college football fan tends to be more attuned to the game since the players change at least every 4 years. Those that don't get it, just don't get it. Beat Arkansas. Our new rival. GO MEAN GREEN
  11. greenjoe

    Just for koolaid drinkers

    I’m glad you cleared up what your alma mater is. Beat Arkansas GO MEAN GREEN
  12. greenjoe


    Sooo weee MEAN
  13. greenjoe

    Fun with P5 History

    Unfortunately, "potential" means you haven't done it yet. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. greenjoe

    17-15. War Memorial Stadium 10.26.1968

    Has anyone got a video (film) of that game or especially the denied TD catch ? Make it stick Saturday. GO MEAN GREEN
  15. greenjoe

    Fine Compared to Mccarney QBs

    Thompson was the most successful QB under McCarney. I have thought of what a switch of Mason Fine and Derek Thompson would have looked like. Prior to Fine, I guess I also thought a college QB had to be 6-2 or taller. As stated above, 128 coaches felt the same way. If you haven't watched "Born and Bred" do so. A very interesting look into small town America and what appears to be a fine (!) family. GO MEAN GREEN