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  1. Currently the top of the West looks better than the East, LA Tech still undefeated (they play today). We obviously know how good UAB is and we're right there too. Even though we obliterated Rice, they keep winning big games. And UTEP had a nice road win....they'll be a dangerous floater for everyone I think. Charlotte is leading the East as of now, but with all their Covid postponements, we don't yet know how good they really are. We should see in the net week. After that it's a total jumble. You just know WKU will find a way to be there at the end and ODU probably will as well. MTSU seems to be coming back to life after a couple of dreadful seasons, but I'm not ready to say they're gonna compete for their division yet.
  2. How was this a losing program for the last 20 years? It was for about five before Mac got here. Prior to that we had a nice run going too (with much better attendance than now).
  3. That is true, but Oregon's student section was called Pit Crew before ours took that moniker. Of course, it doesn't really matter. Multiple stadiums are called Death Valley, not sure why multiple student sections couldn't call themselves Pit Crew.
  4. As Emmitt and I discussed over the phone, I hope we continue to play WKU in the OOC after we change leagues. They're a great opponent and I'll miss them otherwise.
  5. I remember we had quite a streak at one time. We went from the late 80's, when they instituted the shot, to maybe 2008 or so making a three pointer in every game. It definitely made the KNTU broadcast when it was finally broken.
  6. Charlotte who, because of Covid postponed games, is unbeaten in league play.
  7. Buffalo looked pretty good the other day when I saw them on TV. They might be getting it together - which would also improve our NET.
  8. Our once a decade win in Bowling Green feels good. We're going dancing this year.
  9. NT 57 -------- WKU 45 3:42 to go Toppers seem confused out there. Our defense has really been extraordinary the last eight minutes or so.
  10. NT 53 -------- WKU 42 7:39 to go That segment really went our way in a big way. I'm almost feeling confident now.
  11. NT 46 -------- WKU 40 11:48 to go Toppers making a run. Our offense has been stymied the way we usually do to others.
  12. NT 44 -------- WKU 35 15:51 to go Nice start to the second. Game getting more physical.
  13. NT 29 -------- WKU 24 3:57 to go Our defense is really shutting down the Toppers and giving us some opportunities in transition. This is some really good ball we're playing currently.
  14. NT 21 -------- WKU 20 7:54 to go Pace is slowing down some, which is good for us. I don't wanna play a game in the high 70s against WKU.
  15. NT 16 -------- WKU 16 10:57 to go Sharp is hurting us down low. Thankfully he's now on the bench. Our threes are falling early.
  16. NT 11 -------- WKU 8 15:19 to go Great start. I love playing against the Toppers - even though (except as of late) we usually lose. Games always feel big against them and we play that way.
  17. The only real objection I have to calling CUSA "low mid major" is come NCAA Tournament time, the league almost always wins the first game in an upset going back several years now.
  18. Like these games always are - it'll be a street fight. Usually games against the Toppers come down to the last four minutes and who executes better. I'm sure that'll be the case today as well.
  19. Always a tough matchup against the Toppers. Especially in Diddle.
  20. The Texas Tech game three years later was better than the Oklahoma State game. More fans and more North Texas fans. The OSU game was split about 67% to 33% us versus them. The Tech game was more like 80-20.
  21. NT 69 ------- Marshall 65 Final
  22. NT 59 ------- Marshall 58 3:49 to go Can't get much tighter than this. Need to really clamp down on defense and hopefully hit some free throws (we're only at 40% right now).
  23. NT 52 ------- Marshall 50 7:08 to go Tight game obviously. We couldn't hit anything there for awhile but a couple of big shots have gone in as of late. Defense still strong.
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