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  1. I feel bad, I forgot this one was on until about half an hour after it was over so I didn't listen online. Glad to see the ladies win!
  2. Trash? Or we'd be trashed (like drunk?).
  3. I don't think we'd get anything out of it. MAYBE if we won it all again, but the guys wouldn't be into it, so I really doubt that'd be the case. Anything short of winning it all, and people would make bad comparisons between the two teams and all sorts of other similar things, and get the fan base all divided over it. I just see as very little to gain over the CBI again.
  4. He had a great game last night. Texas Southern and Combs/JJ one game away from the Dance.
  5. I believe he won one in Alzee's Senior campaign.
  6. It might not seem sustainable, but I've seen plenty of teams win close games all season long. It's not like good teams always beat everyone by ten or more. I view the season as a massive disappointment, but still relatively successful. It might seem like a contradiction, but there it is.
  7. What I have said is....if it DIDN'T we never would have started off so well. Instead we started well in league play and faltered at the end. That doesn't indicate the schedule didn't prepare us.
  8. The argument has been our OOC didn't prepare us for league play, and we suffered as a result.
  9. Hey...you were the one pointing out what a good team should be blowing out UTEP and or Charlotte, not I.
  10. Again...if that was the issue we'd never have been in the hunt for first place over halfway into the conference season. I'm not talking about 20 wins or whatever in any of this? The reason we faltered down the stretch was not the easy OOC games, otherwise we would have been destroyed the second we jumped in league play.
  11. You mean like 24-8 Old Dominion blowing out UTEP by two and Charlotte by six?
  12. Then having a weak conference slate hardly "didn't get us ready" - if everyone else was also questionable. It's a circular argument.
  13. No the CONFERENCE slate. I am not talking about overall record, but the league record. In CUSA play we were 6-3 that the halfway mark. ODU was 7-3 and we were tied half a game out with one or two other schools. I'm not talking about overall record, simply among the conference brethren. We were right there in the mix. Then we collapsed. If we had been sooooo unprepared, we couldn't have ever been in contention at all.
  14. And yet, we were still contending for first for half the league slate. So, it wasn't just the schedule. I'm not exactly what is hard to see about that.
  15. Oh, it was definitely weaker, but that was not the reason for the late season collapse.
  16. The scheduling doesn't account for the fact that through half the conference slate we were tied in the loss column for first place. If it were that weak, we would have collapsed from the get go.
  17. WKU has success in their DNA. It gets to be infuriating sometimes.
  18. It obviously wasn't just scheduling - give me a break. I reject that totally. That may have been a contributing factor, but for the first half of league play we were around the top of the standings. like half a game out of first right before the losing streak started. So it wasn't like we collapsed the minute we started playing CUSA squads. This is the second year in a row that going into the back half of CUSA play the team faltered. Several of JJ's early seasons we had a similar result to where before the 2007 run, it was thought we'd struggle yearly down the stretch. I don't think there is a single reason why we went on the late season tailspin. Lots of factors played into it.
  19. WKU 67 ------- NT 51 Final
  20. If Smart had been 75% of what he was last year, we would have won at least 3-4 more games. He was a shell of himself.
  21. It was a decent season, but completely disappointing at the same time.
  22. I guess it was okay that I missed most of this.
  23. I really would love to beat WKU. They ended our season in the Sunbelt Tournament about six times I remember. We can just never seem to beat them when the chips are down. I'd even take a loss in the semis or Final. I just want to beat the Toppers for once when it matters.
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