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  1. The NCAA pays out more. I'm just talking about accomplishment wise. I roughly equate the NIT champ as one of the top 40-50 teams in a given year as there's very little difference (in my mind) after you get passed the top 20 or so schools. But an NIT title you get a nice trophy. NCAA upsets get you nice press for a day or two, unless you win on a buzzer beater OR if it's a BIG upset. But 12 or 13 seeds win near every year, so unless it's a really memorable win, it's not gonna be remembered at large (by us it will be remembered forever). That said I really wanna make and win an NCAA tournament game once in my lifetime. But I think a NIT title (not a F4 appearance..a title) would be a greater accomplishment.
  2. While this isn't necessarily true for all cases (say the press a 14, 15 or 16 seed gets beating a 1 , 2, or 3 seed in the first round), this is how I generally view it. NIT Final Four > NCAA One and Done NIT Title > NCAA Round 1 win
  3. He was injured at the beginning of last season, was he not?
  4. With shooters, it usually is. I remember a long time ago Donald Williams for UNC. One night he could drop in six or seven treys and looked like a Hoops God. The next game he might not make a shot. He was the Most Outstanding Player of their 1993 Title. Got hot at the Final Four, just in time.
  5. I used to read this site regularly, but fell off completely this season. Anyway, I stopped by for a look see for old time's sake and saw we made their rankings. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2020/2/17/21140994/the-other-top-25-richmond-climbs-back-into-the-top-10-and-onto-the-bubble-dayton-gonzaga-sdsu
  6. It's not really boosting a chance of getting a second team in this year, though it is boosting the potential seeding for whoever wins the league (IMHO).
  7. I really would not be too disappointed with the NIT. Tough as hell to win 3 games in three days, but a regular season title gets as an assured quality post season invite.
  8. Pod play opens hosting a team that often gives us fits.
  9. I'm not gonna complain how we got there...there were 5K+ for the game yesterday, so I'm not disappointed. I would hope that if we play WKU for the 1 seed on the last day of Pod Play, we'd get 6K+. But there's no guarantee yet the game will be held then, or that it'll be for 1/2.
  10. That is correct, we have not won the regular season.
  11. The crowd looked better on TV as the game went on. Late arriving I suppose.
  12. That was an complete a game as we've had all season.
  13. NT 64 --------- ODU 46 Final
  14. NT 57 --------- ODU 40 3:42 to go About ready to put this one in the left hand column.
  15. Monarchs trying to stay in this after we opened the lead up to 20.
  16. NT 45 --------- ODU 27 12:00 to go Both teams have cooled off.
  17. NT 42 --------- ODU 26 15:10 to go Our guards are taking over the game.
  18. NT 28 --------- ODU 17 Halftime Nice way to end the half with a Hamlet three.
  19. NT 23 --------- ODU 17 3:54 to go Starting to get a tiny bit of separation now.
  20. NT 18 --------- ODU 15 7:14 to go Monarchs took the lead, but we went back up on a trey.
  21. NT 11 --------- ODU 9 11:46 to go We've cooled off and have had major turnover issues.
  22. NT 8 --------- ODU 3 Under 16 minute media Great start!
  23. Should we win...we clinch the top seed in Pod play (and avoid having to travel back to WKU). I said it last time, but we should have 5K for this game.
  24. This time of year, any kind of win is a good win. Even better since it came over a quality team that was shooting great from behind the arc.
  25. Looks like I'll be working late tonight, so I probably won't be able to listen in.
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