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  1. I know fans would still go to neutral site games, but for schools that are always in the mix they'd be less likely to shell out a thousand bucks a ticket, plus traveling (hotels, plane, etc..) several consecutive weeks. Hence for a first round game at a neutral site, where they expect to win big, they'd be A LOT less likely to go and wait for a later round match up. It would even the playing field. And I think we would travel pretty well in a situation like that. Hell, even Hawaii fans traveled well to the Sugar Bowl the year they made it and that's about as far as they could possibly have to go.
  2. I actually feel like there are very few neutral site games actually. Neutral site games would be much more favorable to underdogs, like the NCAA Tournament is. How many more Final Fours would your North Carolinas of the world have if they didn't play a neutral site game till the Final Four? Say if we ever were lucky enough to get in. I'd rather play in Atlanta on an even playing field than have to go up to say...Happy Valley in December with a foot of snow You say not that many fans would go to all these neutral site games? Maybe not, but I think there's a decent chance our fans would be more likely to travel en masse to a first round game than a school with bigger expectations. Your Alabamas of the world might save their money and wait till it's the semis to shell our the money. Our fans would know it's a one in a lifetime opportunity. Might even have more UNT fans than people supporting the "big boy." Kinda like March.
  3. Honestly, I'd rather all the playoff games be neutral site like the NCAA Tournament.
  4. It was done before then, but that certainly exacerbated it!
  5. I remember way back in the 1990s when the rumblings of a "playoff" were discussed, the idea I most often heard was let the Bowls as they were then constituted be played with all the various tie ins, and then whoever came out of that 1 and 2 would play a week later for it all. The main objection at the time was that it might be unfair if say the Rose Bowl featured 1 vs 2 if say Michigan and USC filled those spots and then a #3 Notre Dame played #17 Nebraska in the Orange Bowl...with the thought that ND would have had a much easier route to a title game. Still though, that could have been pretty good too. I remember as a kid sometimes you'd go into New Years Day with as many as four or five schools thinking they had a chance to be champions depending on who won or lost in the various Bowl games. It was a different kind of fun.
  6. Obviously it's a good thing to give more teams a chance to win, but I do kinda feel sad as the Bowl tradition becomes more and more irrelevant.
  7. I mean Johnny Jones got hired away when he had a good thing going and we were in a really good position with Top 25 type mentions and an NBA level talent (despite his sometimes questionable work ethic Mitchell was unbelievably talented). Then Benford burned it all down in record time and it took a brilliant hire in Coach Mac to rescue it. We were extremely fortunate he was able to save that dumpster fire because Benford really did gut the basketball program at NT.
  8. After nearly a week to recharge our batteries the Mavericks from Nebraska's largest city comes calling.
  9. UNCW 40 -------- NT 38 3:51 to go I think if we can just hit three shots, that may be enough. Neither team can do squat out there right now.
  10. UNCW 38 -------- NT 38 5:52 to go This is a real slugfest. Neither team can put the ball in the basket.
  11. UNCW 37 -------- NT 36 7:44 to go Both teams struggling to score.
  12. NT 36 -------- UNCW 34 9:57 to go Aaron Scott hurt.
  13. NT 36 -------- UNCW 34 11:36 to go It's a struggle, but nosed in front off of a trey.
  14. UNCW 32 -------- NT 30 15:18 to go Just got home and turned it on. Not sure how we played other than the few comments in this thread.
  15. Something came up and I may miss the first half or so. Hopefully will be home to listen in by the end of the game.
  16. Had some bad losses and wins over teams we were expected to beat. If we defeat UTSA on Friday it'll be our first league title in nearly two decades. I won't care how we got there just like I never much cared how we became Sunbelt champs. The important thing is the trophy.
  17. NT 68 ------- LBSU 47 Final
  18. NT 62 ------- LBSU 44 3:51 to go All the people panicking after the first two games were giving up the ship way too early. Once we got our full compliment of players and a few games to work with, we're showing the kind of team we have. I'm not sure what our ceiling is, but we have a lot of pieces and we're beginning to see how they assemble.
  19. NT 56 ------- LBSU 42 6:17 to go Perry has entered the building!
  20. NT 48 ------- LBSU 38 8:28 to go Huntsberry giving us a Perry-like night from behind the arc tonight. Ousmane tearing it up inside.
  21. NT 39 ------- LBSU 36 11:17 to go I think it's a great sign that even with Perry being ice cold we're still winning.
  22. NT 36 ------- LBSU 34 14:18 to go Ousmane carrying us on offense tonight.
  23. NT 34 ------- LBSU 34 15:42 to go The Beach on a 5-0 run just as we got a bit of separation.
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