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  1. Are we trying to make up the Houston game?
  2. I'd really love the Chargers to play my Texans so he could put up 250 yards on the Houston defense.
  3. Would love him in Houston. Although it's also great to see DeAndre Hopkins killing it with the now 5-2 (!) Cardinals.
  4. Twittersphere is saying this guy has a Bears contract on the horizon..
  5. But when we finally get to play them, they'll be C-USA East contenders...
  6. Definitely fair. But just the fact we got it done on the road pumps me up, especially considering the 2019 team, with its best QB in school history entering his senior year, couldn't win one game away from Apogee - and that season included road games against Charlotte and Rice. Rice, who finished 3-9 while the Green were still should have been fighting for bowl eligibility (entered game 4-6).
  7. Let's hear it for.... the Meannnn Beannnn! Green Bean?
  8. Is there a chance he breaks the draft curse?
  9. That might be a good indicator of if they're decent or not. Not sure if LA Tech is in an off year or whatever but holding the Bulldogs to a close score of 21-17 is much better than anything I expected from us after the past few weeks.
  10. I agree; by just reading boxscores, giving up 35 isn't impressive... but only 7 in the second half is! Hope they keep it up in a couple of weeks at UTEP!
  11. Give it some time, especially with this ADHD generation. Not saying it'll overtake it any time soon, but the sports are on opposite trajectories. It needs to shed its Brad/Chad image/diversity problem. It would help if the athletic directors would push more to get the sport sanctioned by UIL.
  12. Plus it's not like who brings the most fans will matter this year with restrictions and all. So much for holding our breaths for an invite from the HOD or Frisco Bowl, etc.
  13. Maybe Mason and Rico will meet up again in the XFL in 2022.
  14. Absolutely. I'm tired of lazy writers putting Apogee behind Ford Stadium or the Alamodome when it comes to best college football venues in Texas.
  15. We haven't won a road game since 2018, kinda similar to how the 2014 team didn't win a road game after going to a bowl game the year before. With us sucking this bad, and we still haven't played a road game this year, I'm predicting we get off to one of our patented 0-24 starts!
  16. Thanks for your response. No one here has ever described what any of my posts on here as "smart", so I am very emotional right now. I will always be biased towards lacrosse, but could see a men's soccer team due to the success of the women's team and just how popular the sport is getting in America. I mean, even my hometown 2A high school has a soccer team now. Hockey would be interesting. The Stars' run this year caught everyone's attention. I know there's a club team on campus but I know there's a big gap between club and NCAA. It'd definitely attract some out-of-staters, consideri
  17. Here's my pitch: If we're looking for another men's team sport in the immediate future, let's add lacrosse. You just built a beautiful new facility that has the right capacity (soccer stadium). We'd be the first school in Texas to add a Division I lacrosse program, beating out other schools with good club programs like SMU, UT and A&M. The extra we'd spend in travel would be saved over building another stadium. The only other schools with D-I lacrosse on this side of the Mississippi right now are Denver, Air Force (for you UNT-to-the-MWC folks), and Utah. Plus we could build rela
  18. Speaking of women's soccer, it's a shame they're not playing right now. The tower light is probably collecting cobwebs.
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