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  1. I am cool with only meeting Flexa here.
  2. Might even be able to get free tickets as I did for a women's basketball game from Rally House in Denton. Scheels is pretty cool though. Between Scheels and Grandscape, that's gotta be a world record for two ferris wheels in closest proximity to each other.
  3. Not sure how we'll survive, but we have to. I hear there is also a shovel shortage so the cemeteries are waitlisted.
  4. I'm sure you learned this information from his trusty Aunt Credi.
  5. If he moves up to Top 95 by the end of the season, give him a lifetime!
  6. This was a position that Erik Speolstra held before getting promoted to head coach and getting the Miami Heat to five NBA Finals and two championship victories. Look out!
  7. It is true double-elimination so with Oklahoma State being 2-0, the Green would have to beat them twice to advance. Since we're already 2-1, the next loss will send us home.
  8. What's up with all the Sunday games? Didn't more used to be on Saturday? Would be great if some of the home games lined up with football games later in the day.
  9. Fast forward to the next game against Nebraska. Mikayla Smith just gave us a 3-0 lead on an RBI double in the bottom of the 4th. Winner has to beat Oklahoma State twice tomorrow to advance to the Super Regionals.
  10. I wasn't expecting or even asking for a Duke or Kentucky at home, just a recognizable D-I opponent at least in the opener, even someone as upstart as Tarleton. I will continue to go to the games against Delaware State and Mississippi Valley State as long as schedule allows. But yes, would love to see home-and-home's with the likes of Texas Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma, and when we leave CUSA: LA Tech, maybe WKU or MTSU.
  11. November 5th works for me.. Thanks for asking!
  12. Maybe we finally got our wish and UNT is hosting an all-Metroplex tournament with SMU, TCU, and UTA.
  13. I will be at the 2022-23 home opener regardless of opponent. Speaking with one of the leaders of the Pit Crew Maniacs, they said one of their campaigns for their first full season next year is to be part of freshman orientation and get new Eagles to figure out we're a basketball school from the start. That being said, the program needs to at least find a cupcake DI program or a bigger name than Jarvis Christian to be its home opener. I said in another thread a couple of months ago that the men's and women's team need to work together to hold their home openers on the same Saturday. One ticket gets you entry into both games. I guess they don't have to play the same opponent, but schools like Tarleton or Prairie View A&M I think could draw a decent amount of visiting fans as well and create a nice environment.
  14. Would have been nice to not share a bathroom with three other people, but living in a dorm is a fun experience that everyone should get to enjoy. I regret not getting as involved with student organizations as I would have liked. If people want to cry for privacy, then build an all-single bed dorm.
  15. 3-8 coming into the last game, fall down 35-7 at the half to Rice, then their band spells "SETH, YOU'RE FIRED" during the halftime entertainment.
  16. And now announcing the head coach.... Tonyyyyyyyyyyyy Benford!!!
  17. How difficult would it be to schedule a basketball game a few hours after the last graduation and have a ticket presence at each ceremony? Even if it's handing tickets out or a voucher for any game?
  18. Power hitters all proved themselves yesterday. #2-5 in the line-up all hit a homer.
  19. I saw a projection that we would end up in the Norman regional next weekend, which would be an easy travel location. I have no idea how college postseason baseball/softball works though.
  20. Is there any chance LA Tech can win to get into the championship game tomorrow? That is what I would be nervous about.
  21. 11-0 going to the 5th inning. Sucks that the conference likes to make the hosting school's games before people get off of work.
  22. If they finish it off I'll be there tomorrow!!
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