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  1. Mac should have left the stadium at half time like 75% of the fans did.
  2. And in the big matchups, we nearly always spot the other team 14-24 points before we get two first downs on the same drive.
  3. The photographer should have made this a low-angle shot to get less of those end zone seats...
  4. Since my student-hood began a short time ago in 2014, the CBI tournament run was by far my favorite experience. Had never seen that many people inside the Pit for an athletic event.
  5. Reminds me of the 2015 game. Even if we lose, I'll be happy if we can finish this 28-20 or something.
  6. The defense is going to have to start returning turnovers for touchdowns.
  7. Why the hell are we just letting the clock dwindle down???
  8. The offense needs to reward the defense already...
  9. I wish we had more than 3 points, but what an opening stanza by the Mean Green defense. Now let's finish this drive with a TD.
  10. I would much rather take last night's performance over a 57-31 score like Houston Baptist last year. I think the defense was much improved but I know most if not all of our remaining opponents won't fumble the ball away four times, and will finish all the scoring opportunities that Northwestern State let slip away. Don't remember seeing the defense get as many sacks or force as many turnovers as we did last night. Also happy the defense didn't let the Demons sneak in a buzzer-beater TD at the end. I was OK with not opening up the playbook much and forcing Ruder to make mistakes. The OL played great and let Torrey shine, allowed no sacks and really the only bad play that stands out was the hit that led to Ruder's first interception. Overall, I'm hopeful for a 2-4 record at least over the next six and that we will see a lot of green in Dallas next weekend as the crowd wasn't particularly amped up last night.
  11. Audio and in-game presentation has been the biggest disappointment so far.
  12. I'm sure Thunder scouts will be in attendance as they will have 80,000 draft picks between now and 2029.
  13. Looking forward to a much closer matchup than their only other meeting in 2010.
  14. This was my freshman year. I remember keeping up with the team in 2013 when they made a bowl game for the first time in a decade and couldn't wait to get to campus, and even bought tickets to the UT game the week before and was convinced we'd shock the country. Unfortunately, as Cr1028 mentioned, we'd shock the country with our 15 passing yards. This was an awesome game to make up for it though. Sure wish we could have kept the momentum up against SMU the next season.
  15. If we do go and it's on another graduation weekend, it will be a bigger disappointment.
  16. I have never heard of a preseason/nonconference tournament referred to as a Multi-Team Event before.
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