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North Texas lands Kobe Savage, JD Head and Ja'Mori Maclin all through the transfer portal


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45 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

I hope some on here understand that we won 6 games this year and 8 combined in the past 2 other seasons. I love comparing us to SMU in things, but we aren’t that successful of a program.

Why are the expectations so high?!


This is a loser take . This is why people treat north Texas the way they do. Just be satisfied with mediocre . Got it. 

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5 minutes ago, denton_days said:

Wait are we just replacing Aune in the QB room? Is anyone else moving on? Do we have more room for QB’s? Lots of backup-quality QBs in there right now… hoping we see some growth over the off-season. 

Can’t imagine this move was made with the intent that we are now done at QB.

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1 hour ago, MGNation92 said:

Because they should be.

If expectations aren't high, then you get stuck with a coach who's still "building his program" in YEAR SIX.


1 hour ago, GreenGang45 said:

This is a loser take . This is why people treat north Texas the way they do. Just be satisfied with mediocre . Got it. 

I would have quoted @wardly also but it seem like his comment was just another great detailed echo of the two  I have quoted here.  (Thank you @wardlyfor all your years of support of the program )

Now for transfers.  I can’t get too excited over any transfers of positions we don’t have a critical need at especially with QB being such a weakness.  I want to see defensive linemen and bigger versatile DB that could start at Safety fill the ‘joker’ position on occasion.  And while the WR they picked up seem impressive. He probably isn’t going to be better than Darden was here.  And a great WR without an efficient QB a devalued asset.

Now for QB.  I considered open a topic on our QB transfer portal efforts.  My question is the staff pursuing the best QB’s in the portal independent of whether they think we have a shot or not.  I am not familiar with the rules.  But North Texas is in a unique position with a gapping hole at QB with a roster that appears to be playing better at all the other positions in a week conference.  It just seems to me the best QB’s in the portal with Texas ties need to be pursued aggressively.  Even the OSU defector from Southlake.  Make these guys say no.   The QB that is here when the program turns the corner would be legendary for 50 years+ here.  No offense to Mean Joe but we need someone on the offensive side of the ball comparable to him. Not necessarily an NFL all time great and in the discussion for best DT of all time but at least an All American multiple years here and really good starter in the NFL.  I think that can be sold to right guy with that competitive edge.

What do you guys think?  Are these high 4 star QB transfers worth the wasted time if you don’t get them?  Is the confidence an aggression you use in recruiting them helpful in getting other recruits to have a 2nd thought about before dismissing?  My thought is that if you are always batting for singles you will never get a home run.  I think the staff here needs to make some big swings to come back after 2022.  A 8-4 or worse season without having the QB position fixed for 2023 and beyond is not a scenario I want to see.

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31 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

We signed Ruder last year.  He had listed offers out of HS from 17 universities.  Of these 17, ten were from P5 schools.  I haven't given up on Ruder, but I also know kids get overlooked all the time, or develop later in their college careers.  This is no reason to dismiss the Head transfer.  Give the young man a chance.

This long into his career I think we are more than justified believing he can’t play.  At two school over 4 years he hasn’t shown much.  And if Seth thought he would be good in 2022 he would be encouraging Aune to come back as a graduate assistant only.  From what I heard so far Seth wants him to be available in 2022 in case he can’t find someone better.

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1 hour ago, SilverEagle said:

You know, just as long as they get here for the spring. I'm going to save my assessment (+ or -) for how they did then. I think that Ruder not arriving until fall was a mistake.

I agree 100%

our offense has the potential            -POTENTIAL- to be very good next year. If it is Ruder and he lives up to his dual threat background while completing some passes….with the changes we made this year, I don’t see how defenses plan for us. We could go back to throwing it if Ruder with our all our receivers coming back make plays. Or are we going to run it? Do both?

add in the second year of Bennet’s defense. I hate to do it but my expectations are starting to really grow

really curious to see what happens. 

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