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  1. I’m so glad he is imprisoned and I really hope that we can critical consider police reforms to prevent this from continuing to happen. I do not know what a ‘president’ is, and I don’t plan on finding out in this thread.
  2. Is Reece going to be a grad transfer? I could have sworn he just walked by me in a cap and gown at the UNT graduation revisting this an hour later - it was him! He did graduate, per his Instagram.
  3. I know the odds of us knowing what went down are slim to none, but I am DYING to know. What a weird story.
  4. Exactly what I'm thinking. Who the hell would go through a multi-year process of transitioning your gender and flipping your entire life.... to just play the same sport and maybe win more? They'll be on estrogen too which will affect their muscle mass and physique. This is such a non-issue that I can't believe people are talking seriously about it.
  5. That’s fantastic. Wish our Football team could compete at the level of all our other sports. We have a great sports program but it keeps getting overshadowed by our below average football team.
  6. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19175244/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19175244/ https://proceedings.med.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Wells-A200421LW-rko-Wells-Lindsay-M.D.-BLM-formatted.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/23955533_African_Americans_and_their_distrust_of_the_health_care_system_Healthcare_for_diverse_populations https://komentoolkits.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Mistrust-in-the-Health-Care-System-among-Black-and-African-American-Communities-B-AA-Comm.pdf here’s like 5 more that all reference even more
  7. I don't think I made a generalization, or ever said anything about 'ALL'. I actually intentionally did not mention that because I was aware that it's not correct, and there's many Black people who have gone on to be successful despite many of the problems facing their communities and homes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1924632/ Here's a scientific article about African Americans and mistrust of the healthcare system.
  8. Thanks for asking to clarify. It's hard to understand or explain easily. Maybe I'll explain what would be in place instead of proactive policing to illustrate what may happen. Lots of policing policy and theory, especially in poorer zip codes or places with many people of color, revolves around proactive vs reactive policing. The police, in simple, solves crime problems through reacting to calls, or proactively going and seeking out people who may be criminals - as Rudy was talking about with pulling people over for lights to see if they have a warrant, or stop and frisk in NYC (which is
  9. oh I agree! I was more so referencing someone earlier mentioning that more and more certs are useless. I agree that they should continue, but I also think Therapy should be required. Makes too much sense not to. I mean over-policing in poorer zip codes, but 'proactive policing' also is what is causing Black people mainly not to trust the police. In Urban cities, when 'proactive policing' is really only strongly enacted in Black communities, it really is a race problem for what seems like mostly black people getting constantly harassed for just existing. Living in a place surrounded by
  10. Sorry for your wife. I understand that anyone can just file a complaint, however as cited by a police officer in one of the articles below, 19 is higher than what should be expected. And while all those files are closed up, two of them still ended with him getting reprimanded. Also, another officer on the scene had a case that required the police to pay out 25k because of cruel and unusual punishment/negligence. Seems to be something to be concerned about. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/05/9846650/minneapolis-police-derek-chauvin-history-force https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/28/u
  11. ah, yeah I went back and I'm not 100% positive where MGN was coming from. Regardless it's an important thing to recognize!
  12. Black people in america have a large distrust of the systems of government. This isn't a generalization, it's a proven fact. The healthcare system has constantly let them down. The police have constantly let them down. Education and schools have let them down. I think it's easy, and I'm not sure what everyone here's background or race is, as affluent, college educated people who I believe are mostly white to just say to 'be respectful'. I'd honestly take the time to read and listen to black people who live these experiences. There's some good books out there I could recommend. 'Men we Reaped'
  13. Thanks Rudy for talking and taking the time to explain from the inside a bit more. Here are some of the realistic solutions people are asking for, and maybe my two cents in there. No one is asking for more useless certifications. Require cops to go to therapy. That's what therapists do, and they have to handle lots of emotional baggage too. Stop over-policing. It causes more crime. If a doctor makes a mistake in a high stress environment, they get their license revoked. Yes, there is a racism problem in the police, just like all walks of life. But the difference is police have
  14. Definitely 'just existing' in certain areas can put you looking down the barrel of a gun on the regular. Two black guys were biking on the side of the street and cops pulled up and aimed their guns at the guys because they fit the description of a robbery somewhere. They cops made them crawl 20 yards on their stomachs to the cop car, and then harassed them for having their Passport and not a valid ID. One of the dudes was listening to music, and was trying to communicate that he needed to take his earphones out to listen, but there was a miss-communication for a second. Thank god no one got sh
  15. Trying to avoid poking the bear too much, but something definitely needs to change. It's asinine that this even could have occurred.
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