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  1. Don't think I'm going to be watching/taking anything away from this game. Brutal that we haven't even practiced since our last game.
  2. the lack of tech literacy in this thread is baffling & the ESPN+ news is huge. Our in-house video product sucks, and replacing with the ESPN+ trucks will be monumental to our brand and product. We're complaining about a product that services maybe a couple thousand people in the Denton area vs the much needed upgrades for tens of thousands of people that watch these games. Also the social team has been doing a great job, and excited to see how they grow. These kinds of investments are useful and great for us moving into a modern era trying to appeal to people that are the age of people who go to the school. I don't think any of the people we are trying to draw in have ever even used a radio before.
  3. S&C needs to dramatically improve and it really seems like the new AAC teams are not showing out as much as fun belt teams are….
  4. Fairly certain he already has a two way deal with the Grizzlies
  5. Leading to lots of people recognizing C-USA as a legit basketball conference… absolutely loving this all.
  6. Amazing game tonight. 19 points and 6 boards and shut down Chet. He’s making some noise for sure in this tourney.
  7. He had a pretty good showing in summer league. Always will root for for our C-USA brethren in the professional league as it makes us look better.
  8. My donations are my still unpaid student loans, if that counts for anything
  9. This was a great interview and I’m so ready to support this team going into the Tourney. Glad we have guys in our system excited to grow our brand.
  10. Seeing this lineup makes me miss last years tourney so much… we played some legit teams. Vermont is good and of course none of these teams should be taken for granted, but I loved our Miami game.
  11. I’m pretty sure G League you get paid less, however it is the easier route to get into the NBA through the two-way contracts and summer league and stuff, and I believe has better players than many international leagues. Lots more selfish hero-ball in G League too, because everyone is trying to show off. was a real shame Hamlet didn’t work out for the G League, think he just was making too many mistakes in games.
  12. Well I guess I’m glad there was some drama this off-season
  13. About an hour and a half. Was not used to this small state luxury in Texas.
  14. I am living in Boston and will be trying my best to make the trip to the far side of mass. Rare to have any Mean Green this far north!
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