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  1. I heard whoever we don’t get on that list still is going to come and be assistants
  2. Redoing the super pit would be the best move by far. Cool central building in campus next to parking, dorms, could still be owned by the university for events.
  3. No one who lives in most of the major dorms goes across the highway. It’s just athletes, really.
  4. Before the AAC news broke, sources told the Action Network that officials at North Texas, Rice, UTSA and UTEP had contacted the Mountain West about joining the conference. North Texas and Rice had the most serious discussions, but ultimately, the Mountain West decided to remain at 12 schools, sources said. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/aac-to-add-six-schools-conference-usa-college-football-realignment-charlotte-fau-north-texas-rice-uab-utsa/amp?utm_source=article&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=brettmcmurphy&__twitter_impression=true
  5. How many NCAA March madness bids will AAC get I wonder? It’s a really strong basketball conference
  6. SMU’s trying to join a conference that has a team in ft worth. I really don’t think they’re worried about sharing space in DFW with other conference teams.
  7. It says they will all get accepted.
  8. Seems like UTSA, Rice, CLT, FAU, and UAB will go as well.
  9. I'm not sure PB would want to be a full time HC. He's already supercommuting for only 4 days a week from College Station where he lives. I don't think he'd have any interest.
  10. As long as we stay as a highly desired coaching destination, we could turn over on coaches 3 times before finding one that wants to stay. I have zero worry, as long as we are a place people want to coach w/ a lot of investment, that we could find a coach who’d want to stay, given time.
  11. Aren’t they like one of the only teams that really makes a huge amount of money on their investment? Or is that an aged stat.
  12. Currently on track to have similar numbers as last year, but with our easier 2nd half of the schedule, I'd bet he could put up some good numbers to make himself draft eligible after this season.
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