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  1. Dang freaking awesome. He killed it!
  2. VERY good. That’s why Baylor loves him so much. That team, in terms of numbers, wasn’t crazy amazing, however they still had one of the best defenses in the country. Phil Bennett is amazing at developing players.
  3. I think Ruder is going for an MBA too. We need to find a work for that.
  4. nice get! - dude de-comit from army and 5 minutes later posts that he is going to UNT, mad respect for him on that haha. I think williams at least waited an hour or so to post that he was coming here.
  5. damn this is a real trade up from what we got rid of. Looking at the Tar Heels forums, they seemed to really like him, they just had two other all-star qb's, and Ruder had some injuries. Let's hope he can stay healthy for us.
  6. based on his interview he did, it seems like the plan is just to hand the defensive keys over to Bennett. He has a lot of trust in him. I'm going to remain optimistic about these hires, although am skeptical.
  7. I mean we were supposed to have A&M last year, that’s the only time in memory.
  8. This will be a tough season. Could easily go 1-4 by week 5. Spring training I think will be when we find out how we stack up.
  9. We should be much much higher than this ranking if we even have a competent defense. At this point, just smile and wave, and wait to prove them all wrong.
  10. That one is freaking great. Maybe we should also do a Jason Lee one or a snarky puppy one
  11. I hope this means we're moving away from our "two-qb" scheme... lmao. Also curious who wants him/where he would want to go
  12. This is a great hire... are people expecting Tom Herman to come in as our DC? I’m stoked for Bennett. Has been a DC on top 10 team in the last couple years, and has years and years of great experience. We have a well drafted class he can develop, and we can expect him to bring in an even better one. He can run a different scheme, and is someone who has provided results time and time again. I think this is a slam dunk hire for where we are now, and where we can be in the future.
  13. Not sure how confirmed it is, but apparently he is bringing Jim Gush with him. Also Bennett also coached Littrell at Oklahoma, so maybe that’s where the connection came from. And he’ll be on their podcast on Monday I think, which we should all check out.
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