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  1. I hate to pop everyone's bubble, but just because he no longer likes Arkansas because of their loss to us, doesn't mean he now likes us. Of course, giving him a free t-shirt and increasing his pay might help with that issue.
  2. If Reeder is the mechanic then it's his job to tinker with the fuel delivery system so as to make sure that his high performance vehicle doesn't develop (to use a term from my youth) vapor lock.
  3. A Ferrari that can't get a first down in crucial situations and crucial games.
  4. At the very end of that Friday "scrimmage" Mr. Johnson limped off the field and it looked like the trainers were icing his knee.
  5. official example please...….or a link to one. Thx
  6. Your could get started working on your tailgating vehicle.....
  7. Agree with all of your list with the possible exception of #1. I don't mind the band wearing khaki shorts and polo shirts with caps at a August-early September game, as long as they all match. The Band has to sit in the stadium under direct light and I can't think of a more brutal situation.
  8. FWIW. starting with last year, I've never seen a North Texas football team this deep in QB talent.
  9. Well, well, well. What have I been saying for years...……..😎
  10. It was not GH's idea to go up there to look at Fine, it was Littrells. I suppose that Harrell was impressed with what he observed in Fine's confidence as he talked with him, but again, it was Littrell that initiated the whole process. When I observed Fine during the fall practice of his freshman year, my main comment was that "he oozed confidence from every pore". That didn't come from spending a couple of weeks with Coach Harrell. I also assessed that he and Shanbour were the best pure passers of the group. That was not Harrell's doing either. UNT was only mentioned in the context of being Littrell's and Harrell's employer. There was nothing mentioned about what a great school and/or what a great program we were.
  11. Aune looks like #2 and Martin looks like #3. Bean still tries to make up for his indecision with his legs. He does have good wheels, but then, just about everyone else does too. BV is right, Keune will probably redshirt. He does have some Fine-like qualities however. Addaway looked pretty good. He weaved through the middle of the defense for his first TD. He has very good speed, but I still haven't been able to evaluate his power running. Siggers is getting back into rhythm as a rb after spending a season at DB. White looks pretty good and Shorter made some pretty good catches, but he seemed a bit off after taking an uncomfortable fall in the endzone going for a fade pass. He got mugged most of the day by the DB's...…...as did all of the WR's. It looks like our DB's are being turned loose to go bonzai on the receivers. Hopefully they will then learn to dial it back. #20 and #40 looked good out there at LB. #32 was a monster. All the starting DL's were putting a lot of pressure on the QB's and I saw a lot of #45 and #46 around the ball when they were in there. That's good, because they both look like they are capable of jamming up the middle. just going by todays efforts, #47 seems to have the strongest leg. #49 under kicked a 50+ yrd FG attempt, and #47 had more than enough leg, he just missed. All the receivers had to battle a brutal cold gusty wind today. It never got over 48 degrees and the wind averaged around 15-20 mph. I was sooooo glad to get back into my truck.
  12. The backup QB's looked a lot better than last year. First of all, they all have good-to-great arms. Aune looks much more comfortable than last year when he was basically going through the motions. He has a strong arm and a pretty quick release. Martin looked good as well. He has a good release and he places the ball well. Bean, well, he likes to run. I could be wrong, but I think he is the only QB that took of on a run during the 11 on 11, and he took off twice. Now one time he had a real open field in front of him, so the run was understandable. If I were giving him coach-like comments I would say "we know you can run, what we really need to know is if you can look at all your options before you run" Kuehne looked just as comfortable as any of the top three starters out there. He has a strong arm, and a slightly quicker release than some of the others. It'll be real interesting to see how this works out by April 6th. All the RB's from last year were there and giving it a real go. Siggers looked as quick as ever, and Adaway showed a lot of speed on a long sideline run. I didn't get to see him take it up the middle, so I don't know how much of a power runner he is. Both lines looked pretty good. The OL gave both Smith and the other quick/small backs some room to run off tackle. The DB's were being VERY aggressive on passing drills. But even with them "mugging" the receivers White (#14) came down with a ball with a DB still trying to pull his helmet off. We need that kind of concentration/determination in all our receivers. Mike Linehan came out of nowhere and stretched out and almost came up with a one handed int. off a Fine pass toward the end of the practice. Very impressive.
  13. I never noticed that KS dropped any passes. He looked pretty good yesterday morning at practice. He's now wearing #9 and he looks a little slimmer than last year. Amongst the TE's yesterday Cole McCrary ("86) was "Mr. Hustle". I think he could be Smith's back up this year. Now, if you want to talk about someone having a problem holding on to the ball, that would be Mr. Hair-Griffin. One of the QB's hit him in the old bread basket on a crossing pattern and it bounced right out. At this point, I don't trust him.
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