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  1. And there it is. The best sentence to describe the North Texas clueless attempts to move up the College football ladder and be relevant. Both with the general public and the student/alumni base. Starting with our total ignorance (accidental and willful) about how we came to be known as the Mean Green.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/22/terry-jones-monty-python-founder-and-life-of-brian-director-dies-aged-77 In the article it was reported that he was diagnosed with dementia in 2015. Well, he was one of the founding members of the Monty Python troop and director of "Life of Brian", so how could they tell? πŸ˜‰ RIP TJ!
  3. Really? I stopped worrying that his foot/ankle would properly heal two years ago......and wished him well in his next endeavor. Because, even though I'm not a person with any type of medical expertise, it seems obvious to me that his foot/ankle is never going to heal enough to play football........at any level. I hope I'm totally wrong.
  4. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there (in and out of the SEC) that have an opinion about that. I've never personally experienced the LSU fan, but I have experienced the OU fan,,,,,,,, several times. And my answer would then be "I hope so......some day".
  5. OR "let's not slide down the same devolution path these idiots have taken."
  6. No perhaps to it. I've clearly stated my opinion/assessment of SL's bottom line regarding his record........pretty much smoke and mirrors. Lots of yardage gained passing in a gimmicky system (but only when all the star receivers are healthy), and getting curb stomped in championship games and bowl games.
  7. If you truly believe all the stuff that you just posted, then why do you want us to be stuck with him?
  8. Well, he had a pretty impressive career in Oklahoma playing in a much bigger program than Fine. He's had at least one year of being around one of the most driven and confident players to ever play at NT. I'm guessing he's very anxious for spring practice to start and show everyone what he's got.
  9. I was pretty impressed with him last spring and was a bit surprised when Bean was put in when Fine went down. Here is who I'm most curious about this spring. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/will-kuehne/4108
  10. You are much more generous than me. "Down the corridor of years" I've observed that if a coach is going to "turn things around", they will do so in the first two or three years. For example(s) Lane Kiffin Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Coaches# APΒ° Tennessee Volunteers (Southeastern Conference) (2009) 2009 Tennessee 7–6 4–4 T–2nd (Eastern) L Chick-Fil-A Tennessee: 7–6 4–4 USC Trojans (Pac-10/Pac-12 Conference) (2010–2013) 2010 USC 8–5 5–4 T–3rd ‑ ‑ 2011 USC 10–2 7–2 1st (South) ‑ ‑ ‑ 6 2012 USC 7–6 5–4 T–2nd (South) L Sun 2013 USC 3–2* 0–2 USC: 28–15 17–12 Florida Atlantic Owls (Conference USA) (2017–2019) 2017 Florida Atlantic 11–3 8–0 1st (East) W Boca Raton 2018 Florida Atlantic 5–7 3–5 5th (East) 2019 Florida Atlantic 10–3 7–1 1st (East) Boca Raton** Florida Atlantic: 26–13 18–6 ** Departed Florida Atlantic for Ole Miss before bowl game Ole Miss Rebels (Southeastern Conference) (2020–present) 2020 Ole Miss 0–0 0–0 Matt Rhule Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Temple Owls (American Athletic Conference) (2013–2016) 2013 Temple 2–10 1–7 T–9th 2014 Temple 6–6 4–4 6th 2015 Temple 10–4 7–1 1st (East) L Boca Raton 2016 Temple 10–3 7–1 1st (East) Military* Temple: 28–23 19–13 * Departed Temple for Baylor before bowl game Baylor Bears (Big 12 Conference) (2017–2019) 2017 Baylor 1–11 1–8 9th 2018 Baylor 7–6 4–5 T–5th W Texas 2019 Baylor 11–3 8–1 2nd L Sugar† Baylor: 19–20 13–14 Total: 47–43 And our own example.....Hayden Fry North Texas State Mean Green (Missouri Valley Conference) (1973–1974) 1973 North Texas State 5–5–1 5–1 T–1st 1974 North Texas State 2–7–2 1–3–2 6th North Texas State Mean Green (NCAA Division I/I-A independent) (1975–1978) 1975 North Texas State 7–4 1976 North Texas State 7–4 1977 North Texas State 10–1 16 1978 North Texas State 9–2 North Texas State: 40–23–3 6–4–2 Iowa Hawkeyes (Big Ten Conference) (1979–1998) 1979 Iowa 5–6 4–4 5th 1980 Iowa 4–7 4–4 4th 1981 Iowa 8–4 6–2 T–1st L Rose 15 18 1982 Iowa 8–4 6–2 3rd W Peach 1983 Iowa 9–3 7–2 3rd L Gator 14 14 1984 Iowa 8–4–1 5–3–1 T–4th W Freedom 15 16 1985 Iowa 10–2 7–1 1st L Rose 9 10 1986 Iowa 9–3 5–3 T–3rd W Holiday 15 16 1987 Iowa 10–3 6–2 T–2nd W Holiday 16 16 1988 Iowa 6–4–3 4–1–3 4th L Peach 1989 Iowa 5–6 3–5 T–6th 1990 Iowa 8–4 6–2 T–1st L Rose 16 18 1991 Iowa 10–1–1 7–1 2nd T Holiday 10 10 1992 Iowa 5–7 4–4 5th 1993 Iowa 6–6 3–5 8th L Alamo 1994 Iowa 5–5–1 3–4–1 7th 1995 Iowa 8–4 4–4 6th W Sun 22 25 1996 Iowa 9–3 6–2 T–3rd W Alamo 18 18 1997 Iowa 7–5 4–4 T–6th L Sun 1998 Iowa 3–8 2–6 T–7th Iowa: 143–89–6 96–61–5 Total: 232–178–10 Hayden had Iowa in the Rose Bowl within three years of taking over as Head Coach. Iowa's last appearance before that was 1959. Even Corkey Nelson had us winning a SLC conference championship in his second year 1983. As I said above, I am very skeptical of SL turning things around.
  11. Count me skeptical, make that very skeptical, that that will happen. SL's teams here have run up some pretty impressive passing statistics, but his teams have yet to win one conference championship, and they have yet to win a bowl game. In fact, his best bowl performance (vs Army) was an overtime loss at the end of one of his worst years. Since then we have been curb-stomped in conference championship and bowl games, And obviously none of those teams were impressed with our smoke-and-mirrors statistics.
  12. Just reaching, but could the lack of replacements for the OC and OL/DL at this point in time have anything to do with this?
  13. No trips to Wichita St. or West Texas State?
  14. So what was the deal with Simon. Was he that bad of a coach at NT, or did he loudly complain too much about the no-win schedule he was presented with every year?
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