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  1. When Dickey was fired, the DC was Fred Bliel. He had been brought back by Dickey for a second run in the position in 2006. He was the DC in 2006, the year Dickey was fired. I don't know where to look for the stat, but I know that in the one year that he was DC he significantly/noticeably improved the overall ranking of the defense from the 2005 year. NOW, it is my opinion (and some others that I have talked with) that if Coach Dodge had retained (or was allowed to retain) Fred Bliel and his staff, his record would have been (potentially) much different. At the very least, Coach Bliel's defense would/could have been the difference in many of the close games that Dodge lost.....most notably Navy. Just for the record. North Texas has hired three coaches out of HS to be our head coach. 1. Odus Mitchell (Marshall HS) 2. Dennis Parker (Marshall HS) 3. Todd Dodge (Southlake)
  2. Outstanding peripheral vision is a common trait of star RB's, QB's, middle LB's, Centers, and safeties.
  3. That's what Hayden Fry said back in 73 when he took over the program. But he was not only talking about the sports teams, he meant the whole damn school as well.
  4. Hayden Fry, Corkey Nelson, Odus Mitchell, Jerry Moore and probably Rod Rust (pure coaching not recruiting) and Todd Dodge (offensive mind) were all better coaches.
  5. Neither do I, but (potentially) juggling two big parental egos whilst trying to coach/develop/prepare new QB's to be ready for the season is not a skill set that I perceive SL as having.
  6. .....and then he regained it. Just in time for a five game winning run. Not responsible for the run.,...just presiding over it. There has been many on this board that have speculated that it was GH who sold Mason Fine to SL. And it was GH who developed Mason Fine. After talking to some parents (parents who knew what they were talking about) at the scrimmage this spring, I am pretty convinced that that is true. Additionally, it was made pretty clear to me that things have not been the same regarding the coaching and development of QB's since GH left. No one seems to know who is really in charge of that. SO, Gunnell could possibly get out there and be the starter. But don't count on hm being properly coached/developed/prepared prior to going out there. Plus I hear that Gunnell has a father that is somewhat.....shall we say meddlesome regarding his status on any team. AND I have met the father of one of the other QB transfers that was out on the field this last spring. The man is very......assertive. This could get really ugly. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Abner Haynes last game in a NT uniform was the 1959 Sun Bowl game on 12-31-59. He was the first round draft choice of the Dallas Texans in 1960. That means that 59 was his senior year, 58, was his junior year, 57 was his sophomore year, and 56 was his freshman year. Abner Haynes mentioned as promising newcomer in this preseason article in 1957. The North Texan, Volume 8, Number 4, August 1957 - Page: 4 . Magnified. UNT Digital Library
  8. Assuming that all get through fall practice with no issues, then I would tend to go Ragsdale, Adeyi, Johnson/Jackson, Attaway. Attaway would have to work his way back up. Short yardage should be Attaway and Landis. BUT don't anyone be surprised if they start using Gumms on short yardage situations.
  9. If Mr. Attaway makes it back fully recovered this fall, we will be four deep. And if Mr. Landis continues to develop, we will be five deep. Ragsdale has speed and power, but Mr. Adeyi tends to explode off the line of scrimmage when given an opening. I have no opinion about Mr. Farrar or Mr. Bishop since I have not seen either of them carrying a ball against a D-1 defense.
  10. There it is! Love the feedback from the stadium as well.
  11. Hopefully Boomer will need a cannon version of a bump stock installed................ The only time I will ever make a joke about that.
  12. To me, the videos (with sound) of the initial test firing of Boomer in Apogee is fantastic.
  13. In the (most excellent) movie "Seven Days in May", there was a "secret base" just north of El Paso. I wonder if the commanders at Ft. Bliss knew anything about it?
  14. Just curious. What happens to the old Band uni's when new ones are bought. addendum: Not a fan of the "Beefeater" style hats.
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