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  1. I never saw him break a tackle. He always went down with an arm tackle.
  2. ....and is this the best opportunity for him to resume coaching after doing rehab, or are we the only ones willing to take a chance on him and his health issues?
  3. What was the health issue that caused Bennett to leave ASU?
  4. I don't know how their other RB's did last year, but I'll never forget this guys performance against us. https://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/players/playerpage/3125140/ulysses-bentley-iv Does Mr. Siggers think he can replace Mr. Bentley in the RB rotation? Also. Not that he has to, but he kind of owes NT a little gratitude for moving (or giving him the chance to move) him from his "recruited" position of safety to RB........where he is obviously much more valuable to a team.
  5. No to retiring numbers. I've never liked it. If you want to do something then designate a "legendary" players number for someone of the same position to wear. Kind of like what Syracuse used to do with #44.....which they gave to the outstanding RB.
  6. I'm being sincere in that most coaches who are on staff with a national championship team (or almost national champion) are not going to be interested in an assistant position in what is perceived as a loser program. I have always said (and will always say) that we need to be the stepping stone on the "new guys" journey upwards. QUIT HIRING FROM THE OLD BUDDY SYSTEM. DO YOUR HOMEWORK/RESEARCH AND GET THE NEXT GREAT POSITION COACH ON HIS WAY UP!
  7. So that they can take a step back?
  8. Would the DC position be attractive to this former NT assistant coach?: https://www.kstatesports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/van-malone/1384
  9. That would be a realistic guess on your part. I hope that we have a spring practice/program so that I can go and get a look at all the candidates......and confirm your guess. So much goes into how well a QB plays. Starting with the OL that gives them time to make good decisions. Receivers who MUST run their routes consistently, almost always catch the ball when it hits them in their hands, and make yards after catch. When you have a stable of receivers like Bussy, Lawrence, Darden etc, just about any moderately talented QB can look much better.
  10. In 1968 there is only one player of color on this defense?!?!
  11. Rod Rust might be considered the first coach of our "modern era", but Hayden Fry is a fine place to start. The gap in Corkey Nelsons career (71-73) was when he was the HC at John Tyler HS winning a state championship with the help of someone named Earl Campbell. BTW, it was Corkey Nelson who put him at RB. Campbells position before that was LB/DE. Campbell accepted the move to RB, but thought that it would ruin his chances of playing College FB......and eventually pro football.
  12. Well, life is full of choices. Mr,. Wallace can choose to not finish the game, and if I were the Head Coach, I would choose to not renew his "ship" next year.
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