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  1. When I was working as a foster/adoptive parent trainer for the state, the "powers that be" decided that all trainers needed to attend "de-escalation" so that it could be taught to foster/adoptive parents. Management choose MHMR to train us, and after we successfully completed the training, we then set about training our colleagues first. BUT, in setting up this training we also included "MANAGEMENT" in the training. We got a commitment that two levels of management would "actively attend". They had to earn their certificate just like the front line staff. I think this should be the case with all police training. If all police are required to attend "de-escalation training" then so should management. If a city wants to create an oversite board, then attending training with police should be mandatory for board membership. And they should earn their certificate. "Cultural sensitivity" training should be called "Multi-Cultural competency" training. And the training should reflect the updated name.
  2. I certainly hope that the title of your training will be something like "More Mayberry and less Fallujah"
  3. Has anyone bought a facemask from these people? https://sockfancy.com/pages/cloth-face-masks
  4. They visited such misery on the Hispanic community along the border that the Hispanic community has come to hate the word "Ranger" as much as people in the middle east hate the word/term "Crusader". They were essentially the storm troopers/brown shirts on horseback. As to the Swastikas', it was popular with the Navajos.....and other Indian tribes. From 1906 The Unit symbol for the 45th Infantry division in WWI. It was discontinued in the 30's and the patch was switched to a Thunderbird.
  5. Well no, but I always thought that it represented an arrogant and overbearing group of people. BUT since this has all come up, AND after re-reading the words to "The Eyes of Texas". It does sound like a song that was originally written for people who were the overseers of slaves and then later (slightly) adapted by UT as it's Alma Mater.
  6. I keep getting a "Can't reach this page" message when I try to pull this up"
  7. Which brings me to a question that I've had since it first became evident that he wasn't coming back. To use that line from a Blues Bros. song....."well, what did I say to piss you off this time Baaaaaby"
  8. I always thought that it was LA Monroe that La Tech refused to play. I didn't know that they felt the same way about La La. And BTW, I've attended games at both schools. LaLa's facilities are just as good, if not better, than La Tech. Cringing about Texas State? I would trade UTSA in a second for them.
  9. A down vote for this idea? Well, how about this. We could paraphrase the great Kenneth Copeland on the mask "COVID-19! I STARE/GLARE YOU AWAY"
  10. There should be someone at each entry either selling or handing out a face mask with this image on it.
  11. Both guys probably died a couple of days after that. The masks they were using back then were even less effective than the ones that are being worn today. It was not uncommon for a perfectly healthy young man to wake up in the morning, show symptoms, and then be dead by evening. Most experts acknowledge that the basic cloth masks are only effective in preventing you from sneezing/coughing/talking loud and spreading "droplets" to someone close by. I started out with a bandana that was folded into a triangle (western/bandit style), And then I inserted a coffee filter/Kleenex sandwich (coffee filter-Kleenex-coffee filter on top) between the folds and then folded the bottom of the triangle up. I then had a "cloth/coffee filter/Kleenex sandwich & two layers of cloth" ….mask.
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