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  1. Of course it's the job of the coordinator to do most of the coaching/development of players. I say "most" because a lot of development falls to GA's these days. BUT this question brings up something that I've noticed for years. And that is that even talented coordinators don't make talented head coaches. As any of you who have owned your own business or held positions of "manager" in companies know, it's your "assistant managers" that do the development and day-to-day "managing", but it's the owners/managers job to pull it all together after looking at the big picture. Ultimately it's the Head Coach who is responsible for the ups and downs of a program. But it's the assistants who do the development, and just as importantly, the assessments/evaluations of players. All of them look at film of the players, but it's the assistants to look the players in the eye, listen to their responses to active "coaching" and therefore give context to the film that the Head coach is looking at. Ultimately, the head coach has to be able to trust the guy he hired who tells him that that player is a game day player with a great upside, or someone that will never be more than a back-up. To me, the best coaches are the ones with great assessment skills. And in developing players they know the difference between motivating and humiliating any given player. One example of this was (go ahead and roll your eyes) a story that I read in Texas Football about Corkey Nelson. He was the Head Coach (after leaving North Texas as the DL coach) at Tyler John Tyler HS. After assessing the talent on the team that he inherited, he decided to make a major move. He drove over to Earl Campbell's home and told him that he had decided to move him from linebacker to RB. Earl agreed to do this for the "team" but he was certain that the move would ruin his chances of ever playing college football. As the old saying goes.....the rest is history. To me, this was one of the most famous examples of "assessing your resources and putting everyone in the ideal position".
  2. Did you see either the TCU-SMU and/or UTSA-Memphis game? In both cases the big difference between the winners and losers was that the winners lined up and ran the ball.....extensively....against the losing team. AND as I watched both games I thought where's the beef? why it's at SMU and UTSA. They both have big play makers on their offense.....but none better than their respective OL's. And their defenses are big and hard hitting. I'm thinking the next Matt Rhule for our next head coach. Or the second coming of Corkey Nelson. I am sick to death of smoke and mirrors,
  3. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=TCU+Game+Today+riff+ram&&view=detail&mid=C1890E65A1835FD2AE1EC1890E65A1835FD2AE1E&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DTCU%20Game%20Today%20riff%20ram%26qs%3Dn%26form%3DQBVR%26sp%3D-1%26pq%3Dtcu%20game%20today%20riff%20ram%26sc%3D0-23%26sk%3D%26cvid%3D186D4BE0FA8548F1AA0D4405EA16443D We can't even coordinate a simple "NORTH - TEXAS" yell. The cheerleaders can't do it, and now they've tried to use the video board to coordinate it.......pitiful. We have no traditions. We don't look, or act, like a big time program.............or many small time programs for that matter. We have the facilities and our Band is finally coming around to being a football band......but that's about it. We don't have a program. Our University contracts to put on a football game. But none of the participants are very connected to the event or to one another. If ESPN came to Denton for a game day, do you think it would remotely look like this?
  4. We need to hire the Texas version of an up-and-coming Matt Rhule.
  5. NWState must have put it all out there for the NT game. OR, it's a good thing we didn't schedule Tennessee-Martin for our cupcake opening game.
  6. 4 or 5 years ago might have been the appropriate time to say this. But 6 YEARS IN?..............
  7. What do the Viet Cong have to do with this discussion?..............😎
  8. The Northwestern State coaching staff didn't get outworked. We just had more talented players and finally prevailed. BUT I was very impressed with Northwestern State's energy and preparation.
  9. If you have three receivers missing, then get the others ready to go! Make sure they and all the QB's are in sync with one another. It's a passing first-smoke-and-mirrors offense forgodsakes! EVERY receiver on your roster must be no more than half a step behind the starters in all their skill sets. There's ALWAYS receivers sitting on the bench just waiting for their chance.....or there should be. Casey Fitzgerald and Michael Lawrence come to mind. This year it is Burns, but he can't be the only one. If Ruder and Aune are not getting it done, then put in #3....and so on. That is a statement you make when you are a FIRST YEAR COACH and you are trying to get the teams attention. You are 6 years into this job and this is not an acceptable statement.
  10. According to the 2005 football guide, the Fouts attendance during the Hayden Fry era was.... 1973...11.990 (6 games) 1974....9,683 (7 games) 1975 11,843 (3 games) 1976 11,172 ( 4 games) 1977 19,599 (4 games) 1978 17,683 (6 games) We also had games at Texas Stadium, and I don't know if those numbers were figured into the total. But, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th highest attendance at Texas stadium (as of 2005) was the 74 (27,183) ,77 (26,097), and 76 SMU (22,750) game.
  11. Go back about 15-20 years and look at all the outstanding players that have been here and profile them. Especially the walk-ons who became either all-conference or were the leaders-team captains etc. Was there a common psychological characteristic about them? Why were they passed up by other schools only to come here and blossom into outstanding players. The Andy Brewsters-Chris Hurds-Casey Fitzgeralds, etc, etc.
  12. Well, then kick it up another level. Dr. S. can meet with Baker and say (if it's possible) "meet with SL and get a more reasonable buy-out or re-assign him to the ticket office answering calls. Otherwise I'm going to find someone who will, and YOU will be sitting right next to him answering those calls." And as to those potential other coaches that might have applied for the job. After hearing what happened, they might have much more respect for the administration at NT. And THEY as well as the casual fan/alumni, might have more respect for how the administration runs things. Besides, being sick to death of this program losing, I'm sick to death of the outside work regarding our administration as either rubes or wussys, when it comes to managing an athletic department.
  13. It would be his choice. If he refuses to go away with a reasonable buy out, then he is choosing to be treated with less respect. But it would still be his choice.
  14. Hmm, which reputation is that? That would be ideal. But if he wanted too much for the buyout, can Baker contractually assign him to any job within the athletic department? If the answer is yes, then the night of the LT game, (assuming that it goes how we all anticipate that it will go) if I were Baker I would meet with SL and tell him that he has been reassigned to the ticket office to answer the phone and do customer service calls. And if he refuses to show up to work, he will then be fired.
  15. Funny you should mention the Portland State game...................well, actually it's not that funny...🙄
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