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  1. Well, unfortunately the Green Brigade has joined them in doing (with apologies to Little Eva) the "suck-a-motion" when it comes to being a top notch College Band...….like they used to be before Dr. Winslow (and his ilk) took over. Here is something that I dream of hearing the North Texas fans doing at the end of every game..... Our Alma Mater is much better......and has an original melody.....unlike the "I've Been working on the railroad" crowd.
  2. Historically speaking, if a Band wasn't important to an event or to an organization/institution, then why does "The President's own" exist? And as to the question of other Bands wearing "casual" clothing for their official appearance. I've seen it, but I can't find any images of it on the internet. And once again, as long as everyone is wearing the same hat/polo shirt and khaki shorts, I'm fine with it. Good God, when was the last time anyone on this board had to endure watching a whole football game in late August/early September with no shade?
  3. 👍 ….and just because it ends up being non-lethal doesn't mean it wouldn't be life changing......like losing the use of that leg.
  4. Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong, but this would also be the first time that any North Texas football player has ever had a nomination campaign. Integrity?......Johnny Manziel?...….🙄
  5. I agree with Sig381. Gumption has always been something that has been historically missing in our Athletic Department decision makers. As my dear department mother used to tell us "you'll never get what you really want, unless you ask for it" We now have a group in the Athletic department who are not afraid to ask......make that boldly ask...….. Way to go guys!...👍 Now, as to Rick's concern. If they would have asked me, I would have suggested (because of Mason Fine's heritage) that his Heisman publicity launch take place on the anniversary of Custer's last stand...….June 26th. ...not his men mind you...……..just Custer.
  6. To me this is the most impressive part of the article. Because before now, the two bolded words above have never historically applied to any sort of committee at North Texas having to do with athletics.
  7. Totally agree about St. Clair. People talk about "Iron man" this-and-that sport, but St. Clair did "Iron Man Coaching". It's about time that Camper (I believe he was #4 on your program) was recognized as well. Fun to watch is absolutely right.....especially when he was returning a punt. He had a career receiving total of 1939 yards, but he also had a career return total of 1574 yards. And who can forget his 224 receiving yards against Texas in the 1988 game. It was his senior year and Texas had to know what a threat he was...….yet he got 224 yards on them. Zac Orr was (IMHO) our version of Mike Singletary.
  8. I totally agree. Especially when it's applied to our school in any manner.
  9. So he anticipates catching a lot of twitter crap from his friends for making a commitment to North Texas?
  10. Please respect my decision? What an odd thing to say.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he felt that way. And those feelings would extend to the fans as well......which is a long standing issue with the program. I'll never forget the look of surprise on Tom Middaugh's face after he had told me his name while we were chatting in the stands at Fouts about 10 years ago and I said "well, there he is, #87 on your program". This is a guy that was all-conference at DE and lettered four years, and yet he had NO expectation that he would ever be remembered.
  12. I would love to have that hat. If someone can get an extra one, I would pay a good price for it.
  13. Please don't tease me like that. I'm keeping happy thoughts in my head......that are not being accompanied by the "National Emblem" march.
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