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  1. Well, here is what I used to do. When malls were more popular, many of them had kiosks that sold hats and did custom embroidery jobs. They had automated sewing machines that would embroider standard images on your hat, just punch in the code, load the correct colored thread in the machine, and punch start. One of the "standard" embroideries that they had was.....the Texas flag. All they have to do is load a spool of dark green thread instead of the blue, and light green thread instead of the red. What I have wondered about is why can't you find a cap with the alumni NT-star?
  2. About 10 years ago, my wife and I were coming back from a fall Colorado/New Mexico road trip and decided to stop in at the Panhandle Plains museum on the campus of WTA&M. From the moment we entered the city limits of Canyon, and drove through the downtown area we must have seen a WTSU banner on just about every business we passed. I turned to my wife said "what are the chances we would ever see anything like this in Denton?". Here is an article in Texas Highways about Football in small towns in Texas. WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, CANYON Last season was an auspicious one for West Texas A&M University: Home games finally returned to campus, and the Buffaloes ended the season with an impressive 8-3 record, a turnaround from the team’s 9-13 record during head coach Hunter Hughes’ first two seasons. The opening of the new Buffalo Stadium in 2019 marked the first time since 1959 the West Texas A&M Buffaloes actually played home games on the university’s grounds. Previously, home games were held at Kimbrough Stadium (recently renamed to Happy State Bank Stadium), north of Canyon. The new field brought a fresh wind of excitement back to Canyon and its Division II team. The white buffalo sculpture honors West Texas A&M’s mascot The new stadium introduced new traditions. For every home game, WTAMU now closes down 26th Street—which bisects the campus and runs directly toward the stadium—to host the university-sanctioned Buffalo Block Party. More than 60 businesses and vendors occupy the block, which opens to the public four hours before kickoff. Area banks cook hot dogs on enormous smokers, student organizations hand out noisemakers and T-shirts, and local bands provide live music beneath towering elm trees. The festive atmosphere increases exponentially for homecoming weekend (scheduled for Oct. 16). The Canyon Chamber of Commerce hosts a citywide barbecue called the Canyon Chamber Chow-Down. This year, it will be held in the downtown square. A single admission price includes ribs and brisket. The evening pep rally features student-led chants and music. During games, the university’s mascot, a bison named Thunder XIV, hangs out on the field in a designated area. In the past, trained students would run the animal across the field after each touchdown, but that custom has ceased due to safety concerns. The live mascot tradition dates to bison purchased in 1922 from Col. Charles Goodnight’s historic herd. Another monument to the school’s mascot is the white buffalo sculpture, located in the middle of Citizens Bank Plaza near the southern entrance to Buffalo Stadium. The late Jack Hill, a local sculptor, designed and originally installed the 9-foot-tall, 1,800-pound landmark in 1967 at the old off-campus stadium.
  3. I watched about half of the game before turning it off to go run errands. I knew that it wasn't going to be very competitive and/or exciting because at the time that I turned it off the NDSU fullback (a real throwback to the 60-70's running backs of the B-10) was running almost untouched for a 20+ touchdown. But as I watched the first three touchdowns being scored, it reminded me of why, on national signing day for the last 10+ years yours truely always asked the Clara Pellar question "WHERE'S THE BEEF?". North Dakota, unlike North Texas, knows how to build a winning team........from the line up.
  4. It's not their overall winning record that I am envious of, it's their devotion to their history......goofy as that history might sound. It's THEIR unique (albiet goofy) saying. Ours (as much as it might pleasingly roll off the tongue for some of you) is basically.....well.... the clip art of shout outs.
  5. Just goes to show/prove what I've observed. Great receivers make average QB's look great.
  6. My daughter-in-law is a TCU graduate, and a very loyal fan of the Frogs. So, whenever they have done anything noteworthy in sports, I simply send her a text that says, "Riff Ram". It's part of their very unique school yell that has survived the 1920's....... or whenever it was first uttered. And I have to confess that I feel a little bit of envy after the exchange with her. Theirs is very unique, even though by today's standards it's an archaic and dumb yell. But at least ours is very generic..............😎.
  7. It's not just the season numbers that get you hired away, but (IMHO) the # of meaningful games that a coach wins or loses. SL (or maybe it was PB) won two (for the most part) meaningful games in the five-game run. But true to his Head Coaching pattern, he blew the bowl game. IMHO, SL could go undefeated this year, and when he blows the conference championship and/or bowl game, no one is going to hire him away from us.
  8. I enjoyed listening to his summaries and opinions during games. I don't ever remember anyone in the industry taking great exception to any of his opinions. I've never heard anything negative about his family life. I assume that his wife and sons loved him. And if that is so, then he certainly meets my criterion for a great man.
  9. As a famous graduate of the UNT psychology department is fond of saying "SO, how's that working out for you?"
  10. Well, winning as many games as you can on your schedule, and the weekly preparation required to do that is, in and of itself, pretty much the definition of overcoming adversity. Maybe they are talking about the uncertainty of their health situation because of covid, or some unknown conflict amongst coaching staff......who knows.
  11. It's not unusual for College Bands (including the GB) to work up a base show that they may add to as the season goes on. The GB that I first saw in my youth (60's) had a new show every week. But back in those days, they were a svelte 120- member ensemble.......all of them music majors. Now they are 400+ and mostly non-music majors. So, completely changing your show and music from one appearance to another would be (IMHO) daunting at best.
  12. What is the main tune that the GB is working with in this performance? I've heard it before, but I'm not sure if it's a pop tune or a movie theme.
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