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  1. SilverEagle

    Southern Miss Game Video Coverage

    In the first set of highlights (top of page), at the 1:24 point (right after the take away/turnover) I call the pass-and-run play to Lawrence (#32) the "shoo-shoo-getaway" play. The play was classic Lawrence catch and run. But his version of stiff-arming was hilarious..........πŸ˜„
  2. Ok, so tell me the answer to that first question? And who on our current roster do you have in mind?
  3. SilverEagle

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    Tonights results for us and La Tech can be easily explained. We both played our most intense game of the season last week, and neither of us had anything (emotionally) left in reserve. We were lucky enough to get UTEP tonite. Imagine what would have happened if we had played UAB.
  4. πŸ˜‰.................πŸ‘
  5. SilverEagle

    Praise for Mason Fine (and how far we've come)

    Well, the Iowa game is proof enough that they would have to carry Fine off the field before the coaching staff would put someone else in.
  6. SilverEagle

    the green brigade

    ....and most of the songs are lame and very much beneath the integrity of the school of music. Totally agree. Only instead of big, I prefer "bloated".
  7. SilverEagle

    Praise for Mason Fine (and how far we've come)

    Forget about Iowa? Coming in cold and taking the team in for a TD with just a few seconds left on the clock.....Mason Fine style? Iowa may have prepared for some of Fine's way of playing, but mainly they prepared for the offensive system.......which Shanbour (in his brief stint) worked to perfection. He didn't run any trick plays, he just took off on a 7 or 8 yard run, then threw (according to the announcer) a "perfect" pass to Lawrence on the sideline. And then, whilst rolling out, he threw a perfect throw to Guyton or Bussy, I can't remember which. Struggling? How has he been doing that? All he's allowed to do when he goes in is run the ball......which he does better than Fine. But you want to know the ironic thing about that? His running ability was not what caught my attention when I first noticed him in practice. It was his throwing ability, which included the quickest release I had ever personally witnessed. He wasn't able to run because he was recovering from turf toe. When he was allowed to go through 11 on 11 drills he would often throw the ball so hard that receivers would often drop it. So (IMHO) he's had to dial it back some. For whatever my opinion is worth, in the fall of Fine's freshman year I assessed Quinn as having a better arm than Fine and Morris, and he was a step faster than either of them. But what I also assessed was that Fine seemed to "ooze confidence from every pore". Which is not to say that QS was lacking just wasn't as obvious. If Fine is not able to go this Saturday, it should be QS starting, with Cade Pearson backing him up. I haven't seen Bean enough to totally assess his readiness, but Martin was too raw in the spring to consider putting him out there at this time.
  8. After watching Mr. Easley walk off the field at the end of the game in crutches and what looked like a temporary cast, I became very concerned. We have some talented running backs still on the roster, but how many of them have what Mr. Easley brought to the running game, which is .....yards after contact. Besides speed, it's the same quality that Mr. Wilson brought to the game and made him a very dangerous weapon. So who do we have left that is a "yards after contact" type RB? Smith? fast and shifty, but not a tackle breaker. He usually goes down with a direct hit. Torrey? a better option as he is not only fast and shifty, it usually takes more than one hit to take him down. He reminds me a little of Singletary. Wyche? he's also quick and shifty, and this spring and fall he's shown flashes of getting yards after contact. Pretty much a slasher. Hosley? pretty fast and a very determined runner. It usually takes more than one guy to bring him down. Not as shifty as Smith or Torrey. So who else is a possibility? Josh Odebyo? (#20) At 6' X 222 and listed as a RB, he sounds intriguing. I've only seen him catch a short TD pass in a scrimmage and I've never seen him run from scrimmage. He's from Lewisville, anyone ever seen him play in HS? Hayden Doggett (#36) at 6'2" X 218 he also sounds intriguing, but I've never seen him carry the ball. Anyone know anything about him? The rest are fullbacks. Does anyone know if any of them are anything more than small guards? The other potential area to look would be DB's and LB's. For instance, Corey Mann (#42). He came to North Texas weighing less than 200lbs, and now after two years he's 205. That tells me that this guy is VERY fast and pretty durable. Two good qualities of a RB. Any other ideas?
  9. SilverEagle

    Great Star Telegram Story

    Thank goodness for the cooks over at the Union. I never ate at the Union. When I attended North Texas they kept the Marquis Hall dining facility open for the general student population to use. I ate there frequently and the food there was very good. I'm a little surprised that they didn't take him over to Zeke's to eat since it was just across the street from the athletic offices (now the music annex). It looks like a student resident hall (#25), with no name, is located where Zeke's used to sit.
  10. SilverEagle

    Section 105

    105 row 9 seats 5 & 6......I think.
  11. Then let it be so.........let it always be so.
  12. Chris, would it be possible for you to bring a copy of the new 1 O'clock album (CD) to the tailgating this Saturday? Naturally I will reimburse you for it.



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      Order placed today. #1176.

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      you can text meΒ  @Β 8173668095

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      Christopher Walker

      Great! You're about to get an order complete email. I'll have it with me tomorrow.

      // Christopher

  13. SilverEagle

    The One O'Clock Lab Band hops aboard the Mean Joe Hype Train

    Would one of those "Airmen of Note" be "Letsgiveacheer"?
  14. SilverEagle

    The One O'Clock Lab Band hops aboard the Mean Joe Hype Train

    The Lab Band once made an appearance at a NT football game. In the opening game of 1974 NT played SMU @ TEXAS stadium. Hayden Fry wanted to makes a big splash and put our best foot forward for the beginning of the season. The 1 O'clock Band performed pre-game on a stage set up in one of the corners of the stadium floor. While they performed their accomplishments were enumerated on the stadium scoreboard, including very complimentary statements that "Doc Severinsen (sp?) made about the band.
  15. SilverEagle

    This Is Something Special Beyond 4 - 0

    I'm very glad you are having am I. But it's going to take a LOT MORE than a 4-0 record to change the culture of our school. And there had better be some serious long term planning on the part of the administration to keep students and alums engaged when the headlines are not so ...frequent.πŸ˜‰