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  1. I"m glad you asked. Mr. Sanbour threw a beautiful corner fade to White (#14 on your program) to give Mr. White two TD passes caught in the corner. AND, while I was discussing with another NT fan whom I had just met, that when I first noticed QS in practice, I didn't know that in addition to his throwing skills,, he was also fast. Almost on cue, Mr. Shanbour proceeded to take off on a 50yrd + touchdown run......with no one within 10 yards of him when he crossed the goal. The aforementioned fan turned around and said "you know, in the 30+ years that I've been a fan of NT, I've never seen us so deep at the QB position". I had to agree.
  2. SilverEagle

    8.11.18 -- 1st Scrimmage Update Podcast

    The most encouraging thing for me in seeing English out there was that he was not taped up in his foot/ankle area any more than any other player.
  3. SilverEagle

    History of North Texas Players

    Bobby Smith, #25 on your program. I think he was eventually replaced or beaten out by former Arkansas star Bobby Burnett. Since you know what his hundred time was, what HS did he play for?
  4. SilverEagle

    History of North Texas Players

    * from Wiki
  5. SilverEagle

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    I'll go ahead and state the obvious. Defense is not where we had the luxury of losing promising and/or experienced players.
  6. SilverEagle

    Redshirt QB

    Absolutely. Shanbour and Pearson should get some game time in case the worst-case scenario happens. From what I observed in the spring, Pearson looked good and Martin looked......raw.
  7. SilverEagle

    UNT Swag Question

    I've always thought that they should offer shirts with classic Scrappy's on them. For the pre-Hayden Fry era.... For the post Hayden Fry era...... And for the Hayden Fry era.... or
  8. SilverEagle

    DRC: Shanbour named to Wuerffel watch list

    His professional goal is to be a coach. He's already been doing that (helping with the new QB's) since shortly after coming to the program. I happen to sit next to Coach Pearson (father of Cade) during one of the early spring scrimmages this year. When we discussed the overall QB situation I mentioned Shanbour. I was pretty shocked at his reaction. He couldn't say enough good things about Shanbour. He said that he and his son thought that Shanbour was the finest example of a team player that they have ever met. He also thought that there wasn't a smarter player on the team. Now that we have established that Quinn Shanbour is a person of exceptional character and intelligence, I would like to remind everyone that my assessment of his QB skills has not changed. The guy can play QB!
  9. SilverEagle

    Impressive Recievers

    I've mentioned many times before that while watching the clips of the "Johnny Football-type" college QB's, I've often been more impressed with their receivers than their throwing abilities. I'm glad that besides bringing these tall talented receivers in, our staff is working on "enhancing" their natural abilities.
  10. SilverEagle

    Question about 1988 UNT vs UT?

    You have a good eye for QB's. As drex said that was Scott Davis, running the flying wishbone. Why he didn't get a chance in the pros is beyond me. He could throw the ball as well as any QB that ever played at NT, including Ramsey, Case(one of my favorites) , Maher, Hall, Thompson......and even our current QB.
  11. SilverEagle

    Dickey to A & M

    I mainly blame our dysfunctional and incompetent administration for the athletic department mess that we've been in for so long. Only an incompetent administration would have allowed the dysfunctional "DD vs RV" situation to go on for as long as it did. Early on in the relationship one of them needed to be fired and the other one needed an immediate "come to Jesus" meeting. But no one took any action until the situation was intolerable. Having said all that. How many of those four bowl games did we win? Which is why our "record" winning streak only made us king of the dipshits, in the eyes of the casual fan and fence setting students/alumni. Corkey Nelson beat New Mexico, TCU, RICE, and Texas Tech, with fewer ships and much less money, Corkey never once said (like DD did) "at the end of the Texas game tomorrow I hope that when our president looks up at the scoreboard, he remembers how much we are getting paid to play the game", Instead of "victory's in store what ere' the score our team will ever fight, fight, fight, fight". Dickey seemed to believe (when it came to Texas) "our team will ever quit!, quit,! Quit,! Quit!.
  12. SilverEagle

    Dickey to A & M

    Hmmm, interesting idea..........🙄
  13. SilverEagle

    New Tailgating Items for 2018
  14. SilverEagle

    New Tailgating Items for 2018

    They also don't provide a faucet to hook up a hose to feed water into that industrial level swamp cooler. Hopefully anyone renting this would have lots of friends with buckets to haul water to the cooler.
  15. SilverEagle

    New Tailgating Items for 2018

    This weeks weather reminds me that one of the universal problems of early tailgating in Denton is staying cool.......or at least not getting a heat stroke. So products like this look promising. OR you can try to make your own. There are tons of videos out there on making your own portable unit. Here's one.... I wonder if dry ice as the bottom layer with frozen bottles on top of it would work better than just ice by itself.