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  1. I feel pretty confident in saying that what happens is "Fessor Cook" tells the clock/event manager how much time he needs for pregame......and that's it. In the current atmosphere (the game being micro-managed by a time keeper) If someone brings their band, I think it's up to them to lobby the time manager for time to play their alma mater during pregame. However, the sportsmanship/civil thing to do would be for the time manager to contact the visiting band director and ask how much time they need to play their alma mater. Since everyone seems to have forgotten the rules of sportsmanship/civility and good manners, I'll remind everyone that traditionally the visiting band always played their alma mater first. And that includes if the Green Brigade wanted to do the honors for our visitors. But heaven forbid that we go against the current trend of tribalism in America and extend a musical handshake to our visitors at the beginning of the game. Geez Louise..........🙄
  2. The last time the North Texas Band played the fight song of the visiting team on a regular basis was during the Maurince McAdow era. We were in the MVC at that time. As I recall they played the visitors fight song. I remember being very impressed with the Civil/sportsmanship-like gesture. But we all know how important sportsmanship and civility is these days.........🙄 Before this gets a bit out of hand, I'm guessing that our Band director is limited to performing "North Texas/USA stuff in pregame. He's not in charge of the clock.
  3. I'm not sure why they are popular at all, other than bands from military schools. I guess it gives more people an opportunity to participate with the band. For those alumni like me who attended NT around the time (Viet Nam) that Scrappy was re-named Eppy because "Scrappy sounded too war-like". can you imagine the amount of s*it the Band would have had to deal with if they had tried to incorporate a rifle group into the half-time performances?
  4. OK, now that the season is over, anyone care to assess the newest version of the Green Brigade? Let me start. Pre-game. We actually have one now. We start with the big announcement of pre-game starting and then the Band opens with a Fanfare. An original North Texas based composition. This is historical. No one has ever done that. Incorporating the spirit/curfew bell outline into the tribute to America routine was fantastic......and also historical. I don't think that has ever been done either. Half time shows If "Fessor Cook" and the GB keep coming up with shows like this....or better then they are really going to be deserving of the brag "Best Band in America".....but they're not there quite yet. In the stands Great energy and great promotion of fan participation. The Band was having fun and it was infectious. 👍 So how does everyone else feel?
  5. This. I'm (as always) hoping for someone on the way up who had to put together a gritty defense with little or no resources. Kind of like Corkey Nelson did here.
  6. He's worked for a lot of big time programs, but he's always had the same job.....DB's. If he was DC material, he would have been hired as one several years ago. Besides, I haven't heard many positive comments about the DB's this year. On the other hand, he didn't arrive until February of this year. So until we see who signs in a few weeks, we don't know how well he is recruiting and he hasn't been in charge of DB development for a full year.
  7. Are there any young coaches out there who used to play and were GA's for Gary Patterson?
  8. Ok folks, get ready to eye roll because here comes the talk about cultural issues here and how it effects what is the most important issue regarding any new coach that we hire......RECRUITMENT. Great coaches are also great, or at least above average, recruiters. But it's not just how well you can sell yourself, it's how well you can sell who you represent. And since Hayden Fry left, many coaches have been hired who, after a couple of years, just shake their heads and go "what the hell is the matter with these people?" Hayden Fry could almost sell ice to Eskimos. And that was a good thing because (especially when he came here) selling North Texas football to outstanding recruits was pretty close to the same thing. Fortunately for us at that time Hayden was selling himself as well as his ability to make significant changes to the OLD NORTH TEXAS. No one has been able to or even motivated to do the same thing since. We are, in fact, not "your parents/grandparents" North Texas. But I haven't seen any evidence that anyone is regularly going out there and delivering that message OVER AND OVER to the general public..........especially the High School coaches in Texas. This is a long harangue to say this. Who ever we hire to replace our OC and DC better be fully aware of what they are going to be selling to recruits, and be ready with a lot of "yeah buts".
  9. The only one I'm pretty certain of is Aune. Bean depends too much on his gazelle-like running ability. The only problem with that is that there are too many Cheetah's out there hungry to bring him down......hard. I'll be real interested in spring practice and how Kuehne does in open competition.
  10. I watched the replay on the broadcast (Chnl 47 on DIRECTV) and he went down after his left foot was pointing inward as he put his weight on it. He started going down immediately....... grasping for his knee. The UAB defender didn't bring him down, and it looked like his hit didn't make the injury any worse.
  11. Only if they were smart......so.....maybe?
  12. If Bussey can stay healthy (seems like he was always dealing with hammy issues) he is at least as good as Cole Beasley.....potentially better.
  13. Mission? Is he LDS? So did Fennegan actually sign back in 2018? If so, then he should be out there in the spring.
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