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  1. QB transfers need to take place during spring ball so that they get ready to really compete in the fall. Yes, I know that Mason Fine was a fall arrival, but we actually have some viable choices this year...….more so than the fall that MF arrived.
  2. Seems like he's been here about three years now. If he hasn't gotten over the "deer in the headlights" thing (or happy feet as I call it) it isn't likely he ever will. When I did my assessment of all the QB's in the fall of Mason Fines freshman year, my main assessment of him was that "he oozes confidence from every pore". Now, good coaching helps that situation, and even improves that situation, but it doesn't give it to you. MF had it when he walked onto the practice field. And no amount of getting banged around by what must have seemed to him like freaks of nature was able to change it...…..and it showed. I wouldn't say that Aune has that level of confidence, but in the limited time that I've seen him in scrimmage situations, and games, he seemed pretty unrattled. Other QB's I've observed that seemed to naturally "have it" (in chronological order).... Ken Washington (but he still had happy feet), Jordan Case, Joe Stevenson, Greg Carter, Rusty Hill, Scott Davis, Mitch Maher, Jason Mills, Scott Hall, Daniel Maeger, Giovanni Vizza and (for the most part) Riley Dodge. I saw Vidal Carlin play twice and Steve Ramsey only in a spring scrimmage. In Vidal Carlin's case I only paid attention to how he got the ball to John Love. The rest of the time, because I was in one of the Bands invited to the homecoming game, I paid much more attention to what the twirlers of the other Bands sitting around me looked like.
  3. Good grief! I knew he was a hard worker, but I didn't realize how intense he was until this twitter thread.
  4. Lots of positive thoughts going his way.
  5. Where is he listed as a coach? https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/coaches
  6. No. Here is an article about the 1918 flu vs the coronavirus https://www.popsci.com/story/health/coronavirus-1918-flu-pandemic/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email Here is one about one of the few communities that avoided any deaths in the 1918 pandemic. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/01/gunnison-colorado-the-town-that-dodged-the-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic
  7. @ntmeangreen11, thanks for the "props". But as a person who was trained to teach history, I feel the need to keep things (as FFR said) in perspective. I yelled "we're getting out-coached" to the whole group of coaches who were making their way down the steps. It was only Mr. "everything is about me" who stopped and decided to get confrontational......very much against the counsel of his fellow coaches. I don't believe that Ramon Flanagan was going to try and get his hands around my neck. As he made his way up through the stands I made sure that my future daughter-in-law (a TCU grad) was on the other side of my son just in case an actual physical conflict happened. Since my balance had been compromised for several years (due do an inner ear infection that got out of hand), I then made sure that I was properly braced in case I was shoved or hit. As it turned out all RM wanted to do was yell and wave his arms and demand that I repeat what I said to his face......which I did. He was then either pulled away by his fellow coaches, or he decided that he had provided enough theater for the crowd, and left on his own. As fellow Mean Green fans quickly gathered around me I remember asking "who the hell was that?" I wasn't surprised when I was told that it was "Mr. spoiled and pampered SMU athlete/graduate". And now for some perspective. Several years before this (during the Corkey Nelson era) my wife (who had been regularly attending games with me) decided that we needed to stop sitting on the student side and go over and sit with the "grown-ups". So we did. Well, guess what? The "grown up" side was populated by the "polite-tennis-applause" crowd. My wife is not a loud obnoxious fan, even though she (like me) grew up in Decatur where the fans were famously loud and obnoxious. But after attending several home games that were hotly contested and observing that the "grown ups" never got any louder than the aforementioned "tennis applause and the occasional "attaboy", she turned to me and said "do these people know that they are attending a football game and not a tennis match?" I seem to have been installed in NT fan history as the only fan that has ever been verbally attacked by a coach....in the stands. And (ironically) for far less obnoxious behavior (yelling at the coaches/referees) than I had ever indulged in before. One other lesson here is that you don't have to curse or be otherwise vulgar in your behavior to get a huge rise out of someone...…..just yell the unvarnished truth at them....😎
  8. .....and not landing on their feet?........😎
  9. Since I was talking about the "summer of 1980" a November birth means my wife was very pregnant during that dreadful (and record breaking) summer. Miserable is an inadequate word to describe her situation.
  10. The heat caused several water mains to break in Fort Worth. And the ones that didn't break that summer probably broke three years later (1983) when we had over two weeks of below freezing weather in December. Back to 1980. It will always live in my family's memory. Our son was born in November of 1980. Do the math.
  11. This is going to be especially hard on us because we need to get another QB(s) ready to go. Maybe the conference would allow a mini-camp during the summer like the NFL does. Now that we have an indoor facility, that wouldn't be such a heat-related hardship. Even if we have another summer like 1980.
  12. How about if her brother transferred?
  13. Wow! I don't remember having those produced. It must have been one of those unofficial orders that I put in with pro-line and only a select few got to buy before it was shut down. It was such a good idea that I don't have any leftovers......or one I kept for myself. Pro-line also did some art work for a proposed cap featuring the Alumni NT-star. The pro-line rep said that the NT star was such a bad ass design that we would sell a ton of them. It got nixed by the athletic department right before I was set to say "go" to pro-line.
  14. Also, can someone tell me why North Texas has not produced Caps similar to the one above, but in the "Battle Flag" color scheme?
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