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  1. SilverEagle

    It could be worse

    Here is what I'm going to do. Whatever I would have spent on the bowl game, I'm going to add it to my MGC renewal next year. That way, the athletic department gets all of the money.
  2. I read this article back in November when it came out, and thought to myself "well, it's a good thing that they probably won't play in any bowls that we might be in". And a few weeks later (after blowing a 28 point lead to ODU and our best offensive weapon went down in the UTSA game) when our bowl (and opponent) was announced, this was my reaction...…...😲.
  3. Why isn't Pearson #10 out there?
  4. ....and that is why, since the Dodge era, I always make the same Clara Pellar statement whilst looking through our list of signees WHERE'S THE BEEF?
  5. No shit! The coaching staff moved heaven and earth to get #79 another year of eligibility because he was one of the best on the line. #10 is kicking his ass.
  6. And who's fault is that? My candidate is whoever made the decision to NOT give the other QB's game time during the season in blow out games.
  7. Bean and Shanbour's performance is what happens when you don't give other QB's game time. And in the case of Shanbour, when he DOES get in the game he's ordered to RUN ONLY.
  8. An inspiring story about a fellow (and former) Wise County (Steve is an Alvord HS graduate) resident. I heard about Steve's affliction around the time it went into remission, but I didn't know it had returned and was this serious. He's a great guy with a great attitude. I hope watching the bowl game won't be too hard on him. It might be a little late to suggest this, but a special playing of "You'll never walk alone" for Steve by the GB would seem appropriate. Maybe they could upload it on YouTube and someone could send him a link. God Bless you Steve.
  9. SilverEagle

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Unless all the others just really step it up in the spring, it will be Pearson.
  10. SilverEagle

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    You'd change your tune if this young man changed his commitment to Arkansas and came here to play under SL's system I don't like Highland Park anymore than I like SMU. But when he graduates in 2020, I hope we've convinced him to come to NT..
  11. SilverEagle

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Indeed we do.
  12. SilverEagle

    nUTSAck QB tranferring

    Hmmm, that sounds familiar.
  13. SilverEagle

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Early in the season Harry and I had a brief conversation about SR. We both were not impressed with him as a QB. Mr. Robinson is a very good athlete, who can sometimes throw a pretty good pass, but he just isn't a good QB. I agree that SR wouldn't end up at Arkansas because they already have Jerry Jones grandson up there, and soon they will have Coach Morris's son, Chandler Morris, there. And that young man IS a good QB. Here are his highlights from the Tyler John Tyler game.... This young man is Mason Fine, only a little bigger and a better runner.
  14. SilverEagle

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    I hope your scenario is exactly what happened. Otherwise I found this "yes-maybe-no" process very annoying.......and much longer than it should have been. In the words of Queen Victoria "we are not amused".