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  1. Down the corridor of years many detractors (knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable) have said the same thing about us.
  2. I attended (partly.....my grandkids were getting bored and overheated ) and I didn't see any bad news....not really. This was the spring game for showing how much the defense had improved. Toward that end, it was "go after the QB as hard as you can.....which they did. The QB's 1 and 1a Aune/Martin. I was impressed with Martin's passing, Aune was good, but at this stage of his career, he shouldn't be overthrowing his receivers....as much. Both were pretty confident, but Aune didn't have to run for his life like Martin did.....or the rest of them for that matter. The rest. I wa
  3. I couldn't read the story without signing in. But was this ever mentioned in the article? https://www.newser.com/story/303750/for-covid-long-haulers-some-unexpected-hope.html
  4. The same thing happened when Hayden Fry arrived. In his quest to change our "losing culture", he changed the shade of green that the sports teams wore, adopted a "stylized" Eagle as the official logo, and emphasized "Mean Green" over Eagles.....which were part of the old "losing mentality" that he was trying to change. He was unfairly and wrongly accused of getting rid of the Eagle as our mascot.......not true. Here it is......
  5. Most of their announcers probably still call us North Texas State.
  6. ALSO, this type of game and player/coach attitude is what our fight song is talking about.
  7. Here's my question. When did the line "for we know our University is forever in the right", get changed to "striving for the right"? Because when I first attended North Texas games in the 60's everyone was singing "forever in the right". Who authorized the change and what was the rationalization?
  8. It was pretty standard procedure for traditional (straight on) kickers. Especially if the guy kicking played another position......like Bernie Barbour who played DB. Soccer style kicking eliminated the need for it. This reminds me, the great WR John Love used to kick the extra points and occasional FG's. To this day, he is the only black player that I ever saw kick extra points/FG's.
  9. Damn! I haven't seen a shoe tied off like that, to kick a field goal/extra point in decades.
  10. On the roster he's listed as a TE. In his HS summary, he's a WR. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/khatib-lyles/5097 Do we have two Shorters on this team?
  11. Is anyone surprised at the outcome/report of the "committee" that was looking into allegations that the Texas ALMA MATER (not fight song, and not anthem of the state of Texas as it's often portrayed) had a racist background? They didn't intend for the words to be racist? Whilst reading about this I thought of our own Alma Mater "Glory to the Green and White", which is coming up on it's 100 anniversary. It was adopted in 1922. In light of previous posts on GMG about the school of music being anti-athletic, I find the collaboration for our Alma Mater rather.....ironic. Enjoy.
  12. ...which was really great as long as no one got a hand on him. I've seen Aune take off on some pretty impressive runs in practice....as well as Martin. Both don't go down easily. Here is Aune's brief HS summary..... High School:• Originally a three-star prospect who signed with TCU• Threw for 3,411 yards and 33 touchdowns and rushed for 538 yards and nine more touchdowns as a senior at Argyle HS Martin.... • Has passed for 3,047 yards and 39 touchdowns with four interceptions and rushed for three touchdowns as a senior in 2017 Kuehne • As a senior, completed 204 of 3
  13. Yep, that's the play that I'm talking about when I say no more "bumpy body" on defense.
  14. Maybe one of these days they will do a highlight film showing the QB threading the needle (multiple times) over the middle on 3rd down to keep a drive going, rather than a long pitch and catch to a receiver that has badly beaten a DB who will never make even make honorable mention all district as a DB. One time I saw a highlight reel for Manzel and my first response to the highlight was "who the hell is #25, that guy makes him look great!"
  15. No more of defensive players doing bumpy body and hoping the player falls down, instead of hitting and wrapping up. That would be a nice Junior High level fundamental to reinstate.
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