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  1. Here is another chant that might work, but it would take a bit of coordination. Both Notre Dame and Southern California used to chant "We are clap, clap, ND...or in the case of Southern Cal SC. The chant would get faster and faster and louder and then their band would help end it. We could do our North Texas chant but use "We are NT on one side, and the other side chants/answers "We are MEAN GREEN".
  2. The Band needs to be a part of this.
  3. If they want to utter such obscenities at the game (God help us) then let them make up a chant and then use it in the chant. That way it'll be their own. It's not just having class,....and it is. But what ever happened to the belief that college was an institution of higher learning. Inserting MF in your school's fight song is an example of "higher learning?". One of the old traditions here at good ol' NT was it's very challenging core English requirements. Many a student had to transfer to another school because they could not master the rigors of those NT English professors and their very high standards. Many kids coming out of HS used to go to Jr. College long enough to satisfy the English requirements and then transfer to NT because they knew they couldn't cut it in the English classes at NT. Those professors would be beyond shocked at this current behavior. I know that (as Bob Dylan once said) "The times they are a changing". But in this instance......not for the better.
  4. I'm anticipating that Mr. Cook draws inspiration from the FSU pregame, but I'm sure what he develops will be uniquely ours. However, here is a sample of his stated favorite.... I've posted this before, but this is how Texas does it. Still my favorite........
  5. I attempted to attend the scrimmage last Saturday but was initially turned away (later on I found a way in), so I noticed that the Band was practicing near by and decided to go watch. Well it seems that I got in on Mr. Cooks very first practice......which was really a exercise session to get band members used to the type of marching that will be expected of them I had a very nice visit, first with Mr. Cooks grad assistant, and then later during a break Mr. Cook came over to see who the hell I was. Believe it or not, we had a very nice visit. I could already tell that he was going to expect energy, school spirit, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE from the Band. So I seriously doubt that the MF will ever surface from any of the band members. A few things.... The Band is going to have somewhere around 450 members (ugh) He plans to have a REAL pre-game including a fanfare that he has written for North Texas. We discussed a few very large Bands and how they did pregame. He mentioned several Bands from the Southeast Conference, but he said that his favorite pregame was the one Florida State does. He was a bit concerned about the gate leading into the stadium. He had concerns about it limiting the band in their pregame entrance. SO, for this to really work and be BIG TIME the crowd needs to be in there long before the pregame starts AND PARTICIPATE.
  6. So he played QB in HS? I wonder if, in his desire to have Mr. McCrary be more "dynamic" in his play, the coach puts in a RB pass play......mainly in the red zone.
  7. This is the most likely outcome, so I'll go along with this. HOWEVER, if we beat Cal, SMU and Houston, then it's most likely a 14-0 season. I kind of made the same prediction last year when I was talking to KingDL1 at the first game's tailgating event. I remember saying that if we beat SMU and Arkansas, then we'll go 12-0. He looked at me like I'd had just taken the Lords name in vain in the middle of a revival meeting. I believe he thought that I had jinxed them.........and I probably did. HOWEVER (2) They SHOULD HAVE gone 12-0..........................😠
  8. If KM struggles and it's determined that it's because of his height, then it will hurt Mason. My perception of KM is that he was drafted because of his total package of passing and running. Mason will be drafted for his passing ability and his ability to avoid big hits by the pass rush. MF is not nearly as mobile as KM. To me, durability is the big issue.
  9. There's also an E in Eagles,...........if the person spelling it out on the facility is dyslexic.
  10. What's this? The Talons are not calling FFR at the last possible to moment (usually one week before the opening game) to get up there and train a cannon crew from students that they recruited just the day before?!?!...............😲............😎
  11. The first time I ever saw Ramsey and Shanklin was in the spring game of 67. Back then, the spring game was the Varsity against the alums. It was always a pretty interesting game to attend. I was there because I thought I might see Abner Haynes or John Love in action. Ramsey was flinging the ball all all over the place that afternoon, but for some reason it was a play that I stopped and watched as I was leaving the stadium that I always remember. I was standing on the track around the 20 yard line and Ramsey (and the offense) was somewhere around the 30 on the opposite end of the field. Ramsey went back for a long throw and Shanklin was going down the sideline on my side of the field. My view of Ramsey was lost because the rush was just about to get to him when suddenly I saw just the ball being launched high in the air like someone had put it in one of those punting machines. I didn't think that either Shanklin or the guy covering had a chance at the ball, when suddenly Shanklin leaped up in the air and brought it down. I remember thinking at that time that the whole play was just mostly luck. Boy was I wrong about that. The second thing I remember about Ramsey was in 68 when North Texas was playing someone (probably Tulsa) on a regional broadcast. In those days I always had to work on Saturday, so I didn't get the watch the game. But someone who did was most impressed. It was my step-father, and the next day he made a point of telling me about the portion of the game that he watched while he was home for lunch. Now, my step-father NEVER talked to me about sporting events, except possibly Dallas. And I'll never know why he watched a portion of the North Texas game, but Steve Ramsey made a huge impression on him and he made a point of telling me about it on Sunday. He said that he had never seen anyone throw the football with such a quick release in all his life. He said that when Ramsey threw the ball he got the ball up to the level of his helmet ear hole and then suddenly it disappeared. He couldn't see the rest of his throwing motion. I thought, Wow, this must have been really something to hold my step-fathers attention and motivate him to tell me about it the next day. Years later I heard another person comment that Ramsey had the quickest release he had ever seen. It was the legendary (and very controversial) Howard Cosell.............https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Cosell
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