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  1. Incorporating the official UNT tartan into the uniform was a great idea. In fact I've sent that suggestion to the College of Music "powers that be" on at least one occasion. My suggestion was to incorporate it into the cap. Kind of like a common police cap. With the tartan being in place of the checkerboard design....
  2. ..and Coach Martinez is from Granbury.
  3. Yep, here is another photo of the area. There is the curve in the track at the northwest corner of the old stadium. This curved portion of the old track is still there. It's a service road behind the NW corner of the Library.
  4. From the GB website. Anyone want to guess where these band members are standing?
  5. I really haven't been keeping up with this. But I just wonder, what the hell does this mean? Is the student in question underage? If so, then where I come from, if it was a sexual relationship, then we used to call it statutory rape.
  6. https://www.popsci.com/science/sunrise-eclipse-june-2021/?utm_source=Popular+Science+Newsletter&utm_campaign=6e94134626-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_36efe7a635-6e94134626-506215274#affinity=Space
  7. If this is 1963, then I'm somewhere in this group.....carrying a base drum. The majorettes (wearing light blue with white fake fur trim) standing closest to the directors podium look like the ones from the Decatur Band . The band wore dark blue unis. We never called it "Band Day". We just called it the North Texas homecoming game. I don't know if this was the year, but one year our Drum Major fainted when she got to the end of the parade up on the square. In all fairness, it was a bit warm that day. The HS Band that came from the furthest location that I remember was the Waco Carver Band
  8. Has anyone noticed this yet? https://greenbrigade.music.unt.edu/band-day/welcome
  9. I think it might have been during McCarney's tenure that the athletic department started reaching out to lettermen in a consistent manner. It has definitely continued and grown since then. I haven't had a conversation about the issue with any letterman, but I have always felt that, for most of them, they felt that they were cut loose and forgotten after they played out their eligibility with UNT. This feeling I had was reinforced by a conversation that I had with a letterman during a game over at Fouts toward the end of the Fouts era. I've told this story several times, so for those who have
  10. Am I to assume that Mr. Jackson will be showing up to play for us this fall?
  11. .....which is why (for many recruiting years) I was forced to ask the Clara Peller question....."where's the beef?". And unfortunately (as they frequently ran for their lives) our starting QB's were asking the same question.
  12. Hmm, that fat pic looks more like Anna Pacquin than Cathy Ireland.
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