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  1. And before him, there was this very versatile guy who wore #28 that still appears in the record books of the Kansas City Chiefs. 😲..........Please don't tease me like that. Seriously, all I want this young man to be, is the second coming of Darrin Collins. Is that asking too much?.........😏
  2. SilverEagle

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    Wow!, April 26th is the deadline? It used to be early June. Instead of assuming that this is a "motivational technique", I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that this represents an upswing in interest. I have to admit.......I never really thought I'd see the day.
  3. SilverEagle

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    Is JQ coaching anywhere?
  4. This reminds me of when Angie Dickenson confessed to having a "quickie" with Jack Kennedy..."It was the most exciting 20 seconds of my life". Jack was obviously a busy man................😎
  5. First of all, Fine does the things that he does because he gets the vast majority of reps in practice......and {as I said in my initial assessment in the fall of his freshman year} he oozes confidence from every pore. That being said, no one knew how well he would eventually do here despite all his accomplishments in HS. Does Harrell's coaching figure into how Fine has developed, or is it all Fine? And no, if the backups don't get the same number of reps in practice, or real time reps in games, they won't ever be able to do the "things Fine can do". We'll never know if his lack of game reps (and basically handing off when he did get in the game} the last two years, adversely affected QS's play in the New Mexico bowl. But, Texan, if all you had been doing, sexually, for the last two years is hand holding and some light petting, how well do you think you would perform with Sofia Vergara if someone suddenly dropped you into her bedroom and you were told ...….ok Texan it's show time, rock her world.
  6. "why 2019 production could be worse: If there is anything the New Mexico Bowl showed, it's how much UNT depends on Fine as a team. The Mean Green were locked in a 7-7 game with the Aggies when Fine pulled a hamstring. Utah State capitalized when Fine went down and pulled away for a 52-13 win. UNT just isn't the same without Fine who has was knocked out for the season late in his freshman year. The players backing up Fine have little to no experience. If Fine is lost for any length of time, UNT's chances to be as good as it was last year are gone." All of this can be avoided if he gets the backups out there asap to get some actual game time experience. And I don't mean just handing it off, or running with the ball themselves. He should send the backups out there and pretend he's Lane Kiffin or Steve Spurrier and tell the QB to "light em up", hell with being a good sport.
  7. SilverEagle

    Shane Buechele transfers to SMU

    Oh I'm sure he already has their play book. But nothing substitutes for actual "reps" in a scrimmage, to get a QB completely comfortable with a new system.
  8. SilverEagle

    Area team's biggest unaddressed needs

    Yeah, those freaks of nature AKA the Selmon brothers got OU fans kind of spoiled.
  9. SilverEagle

    Shane Buechele transfers to SMU

    Two things. 1. I'm glad that he won't arrive until the fall. So that by the second game of the season (us) he'll still be learning their system. 2. We really need to be working hard this spring on the development of our DL, especially our pass rush.
  10. If you are talking about my comment, I didn't call him a sociopath. I said that cruelty to animals was a red flag associated with sociopaths. The comment was not necessarily about him (unless he thought that it was great entertainment). It was my reaction to all the dismissive comments by others on the board that seemed to think that the treatment of that animal was insignificant and nothing to be concerned about.
  11. "Jennings played defensive back for the Mean Green’s 1994 Southland Conference Championship run and served as a graduate assistant for North Texas in 1997. Since his departure from Denton, Jennings has made stops at several Power 5 schools, including Baylor, Arkansas, Texas and most recently Texas Tech, where he served as the defensive backs coach under Kliff Kingsbury. Jennings will replace Nate Brown, who left the team after last season." He played in the DL...……...THE DL!...………...
  12. SilverEagle

    New Coaches

    As I said in another thread, Jennings played in the DL when he was at North Texas. * From the UT Football website "A four-year letterwinner (1992-95) as a defensive lineman and special teams standout at North Texas, Jennings was a member of the Mean Green’s 1994 Southland Conference championship team and the school’s first NCAA FBS squad in 1995. He began his coaching career as a student assistant (1996) and then graduate assistant (1997) at North Texas before moving on to Morehouse. A native of Waco, Texas, Jennings is a 1997 North Texas graduate with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. He and his wife, Belinda, have a son, Kirby, and daughter, Kenzie."
  13. SilverEagle

    DRC breaking news: Cobbs, Jennings to join staff

    Interesting about Jennings. He was a "compact" defensive lineman ( about 5'9" X 235-240) at North Texas, and he's spent his whole coaching career coaching DB's.
  14. SilverEagle

    Thoughts from the 1969 Media Guide

    Yeah, "whilst" is not your usual fan board word. But then, I prefer regular English, with all it's wonderful descriptive words, to the usual dumbed down sports code-speak. It's similar to my preference for the original (Maurice McAdow led) North Texas marching Band, rather than the current (by comparison) dumbed down version. So, no credit for "perusing?"
  15. SilverEagle

    Thoughts from the 1969 Media Guide

    No kidding. I came across an article that I found whilst perusing the "Portal to Texas history" about Rust's last recruitment class. It was almost all juco's.