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  1. Yeah, most people don't know about the old Memphis curse. We never could beat them until Hayden Fry came along. AND that includes the times that Joe Greene, Steve Ramsey, Ronnie Shanklin, Cedric Hardman, Barry Moore, Leo Taylor (our first 1K rusher), and Glenn Holloway were on the same teams.
  2. Am I missing something? I thought he was #3 in the QB lineup.
  3. ,,,receivers btw who managed to catch just about anything that was within reach. Even when they were double covered (rare) and when NT DB's were draped all over them. I really miss Michael Lawrence.
  4. ....and yet they keep lining up to apply for the job. At what point did we become a career-ender for coaches? Hayden Fry was hired away from us by Iowa His replacement, Jerry Moore, was hired away after an unimpressive 11-11 record. So when did we go from being a "stepping-stone-to-a-better-job" to walking/wandering off the pier with concrete shoes on?
  5. And THIS is why I was never that impressed with all the gaudy numbers that Fine put up. They never translated into significant wins and therefore championships.....or bowl wins. And what is the constant in this?
  6. When we were hiring McCarney and subsequently SL, some of us were saying try a young up-and-comers like this guy..... https://sfajacks.com/staff-directory/colby-carthel/326.......actually we were advocating for his dad Don, but he would have come along with the deal. Or this guy.... https://seminoles.com/staff/chris-thomsen/ who might have had pretty good success here since both of them have the majority of their experience in Texas and both of them are known to be good recruiters. Thompson worked for this guy, who we thought well enough to hire as assistant AD.
  7. I was thinking exactly the same thing!....👍
  8. The point I was trying to make (and always try to make regarding changing our culture) is that there are still Hayden Fry-(ish) coaches out there. I have always advocated that we hire the second coming of Hayden Fry and/or Corky Nelson. Both personalities worked well within our system/culture. One of them almost changed it. We can profile serial killers forgodsakes, why not study the profile of Hayden Fry and find the next up-and-comer out there. Unless you think that our overall culture, as well as our sports culture, is doing just fine.
  9. Hmmm, who does that sound like? To me it sounds like a former coach who was honored this season with throwback uni's complete with his signature logo. BTW, can you imagine what Hayden Fry would do with those post game press conferences? Damn!
  10. Well, I see them (the defense) striking out from frustration, but that draws them a 15 yrd penalty. If they are so angry and frustrated they need to use that anger to stuff the run, wrap up their tackles (stop playing bumper body), and take the QB down more than once a game. The last time we had a coach that could get the community really excited and change the "culture" was Hayden Fry. BUT he was not only the coach, he was also the AD.........and he NEVER mumbled or looked sullen.
  11. 49-0 vs UTEP. I think you are mixing up the UT schools. He gained 207 vs UTA later that year. He actually had more than that, but UTA starting catching up in the 4th quarter and when he was put back in the game, he lost some yards on a couple of carries. We held on the win 28-23.
  12. Well, if it was up to me I would engage Joe Greene and any of his former teammates from that 1966 defense to sit down and make a video for all future North Texas defensive players to view as part of their orientation into the program. It could also be a regular video for all new general population students to view in their orientation. How long ago did A$M nail down their consistent story about the 12th man? Why the hell can't we CONSISTENTLY tell our story about the MEAN GREEN? A$M is all about tradition, tradition and TRADITION! WE however are all about........well.....
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