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  1. Seem like a strange hire. I never heard of him. Is he connected in THSFB world?
  2. I agree. I just feel like they would be getting more out of them if so, especially if they are hs guys . Just seem odd to go out your way to go get a 1 yr transfer pay him good NLI money to sit on the bench
  3. That don’t even make sense. Why would a school take a guy for one year pay him a bunch of money and don’t play him much. Think about it. They’re not getting anything out of that
  4. I wouldn’t say it would be a recruiting (win). Being honest unt don’t have close to what those sec schools can offer. maybe he didn’t find his fit.
  5. That’s what he’s been doing . Always said “guys that fit our system “ 🙄
  6. Something is telling me they are telling them to enter the portal to open up some spots. It’s crazy to think two freshman would leave this early when there is a really good chance the staff won’t even be there next year.
  7. No the position coaches/ area recruiter won those recruiting battles .
  8. How was Bowen and refs defense the same ? Ref defense was multiple just like PB. Bowen was strictly 3 down
  9. I’m sure there is somebody out there better than MB who would take it . Those are all risk that comes with coaching college ball lots of uncertainty
  10. Seth is a joke. I’m sure he had a chance to get a quality qb Coach but here he go with another lazy hire. I don’t even think he interview . He just goes by connections
  11. the qb coach is already on staff. And he did not coach qbs last year.
  12. Maybe talking to him on the phone. I believe walerius is out recruiting for him and the offensive QC is out recruiting for Bennet. Just my guess
  13. I see many Head ball coaches out on the road recruiting . I wonder what Littrell is up to
  14. I agree 1000% . He just managed them and barely did that. When the twins would get a penalty I never seen him dig into them he just stood there with his arms crossed. I think Bennett did a good job of making a DLine that has talent play very hard to make his son in law look good.
  15. We didn’t notice rod brown until late January because poor recruiting and he was literally sitting in our back yard . And Tommy bush haven’t did anything yet
  16. Are we not on the road? I see other programs putting out content about dead period being over . Nothing yet from the Mean green
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