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  1. This is his last year. I believe he initially was about to declare to enter the draft last year and was talked into coming back .
  2. Torrey kind of don’t have no choice but to carry the load. We have no one else. I like how SMU spread the ball around . Something I wish we could do
  3. Fair enough. It’s been a different football season for sure where teams who should take care of business have not and vice versa
  4. Why do people on this board think Marshall a bad football team? They took app state to the last seconds which they should have won. They have the number 8 offense in the country and lead the country in sacks. I think some of y’all fooling y’all selves
  5. Drummond is not good. He’ll never play at unt. He will get out recruited easily.
  6. I think smu has start doing it
  7. He has the same 4 & short play littrell has. lol
  8. Legit assessment . However I don’t get why Langston get so much hate. I just did some research and In 2016 we were 122 in the country in sacks given up with 43, in 2017 we were 122 with 39, and in 2018 we were 68 with 28.
  9. It’s a unt logo shirt. He’s the signaler for the defense so he has to stand out from the rest with the shirt.
  10. Man we should be the moral victory national champs. A lot of fans are happy cause we didn’t get blown out, we didn’t quitting. The bar is extremely low. And I’m tired of hearing that we have people hurt. Find your best 11 that can play on Saturday’s and put them in position to win games. That’s what you get paid the big bucks for. All the excuses are getting old.
  11. Bush played one game for the mean green. I wouldn’t chalk him as a “big loss”. We don’t even know how good he is or would be yet
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