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  1. I think it’s hard to really see how much the defense actually improved . They went against a really bad 2 offensive and oline the whole scrimmage.
  2. No way. Jaelon is quick , Rico is fast . There’s a big difference
  3. I may be wrong but I think the Baylor offense that we run is a half field / one man read . That may be a big reason our QBs lock in on one target.
  4. Deion had a nagging shoulder injury. That may be why he didn’t .
  5. He was the best tackler on the team 🤔
  6. Is he better than anything we have on the roster to waste a spot on him?
  7. I will get downvoted. No disrespect to kameron, but I don’t think these are the type of the players we should be going after to fix our D.
  8. No sir. No chances he’s coming back.
  9. I’m not saying that. I’m saying just because he played/ worked with the oline doesn’t mean he can coach d line. It’s much more than knowing what pass rush moves d lineman use. D/O line coaches are usually in a family of their own.
  10. 😂 coaching doesn’t work like that but ok.
  11. Passwater last job was offensive quality control . You can’t compare the two . Filani was a QC coach that coached the position he played in the system he played in then became a full time coach in that system.
  12. Seth definitely shit the bed on these hires. And I wonder did Derek Thompson get consideration for the QB job since we going after hs coaches
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