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  1. Seem like a strange hire. I never heard of him. Is he connected in THSFB world?
  2. I agree. I just feel like they would be getting more out of them if so, especially if they are hs guys . Just seem odd to go out your way to go get a 1 yr transfer pay him good NLI money to sit on the bench
  3. That don’t even make sense. Why would a school take a guy for one year pay him a bunch of money and don’t play him much. Think about it. They’re not getting anything out of that
  4. I wouldn’t say it would be a recruiting (win). Being honest unt don’t have close to what those sec schools can offer. maybe he didn’t find his fit.
  5. That’s what he’s been doing . Always said “guys that fit our system “ 🙄
  6. Something is telling me they are telling them to enter the portal to open up some spots. It’s crazy to think two freshman would leave this early when there is a really good chance the staff won’t even be there next year.
  7. No the position coaches/ area recruiter won those recruiting battles .
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