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  1. well shit....on it sirs! remember to put your kid to bed at the tail end of their first round game...
  2. soul asylum > alice in chains...layne staley's music is depressing as douchebag....i need some happiness every once in a while and soul asylum gave me that...especially with claire danes in the "just like anyone" video...
  3. who says i passed it to anyone? no one knows if i did or did not. it's all speculation, but the hardcore maskers assume that if you don't wear one, you are killing others. no one knows for a fact. i wore one when required. i wear it every day at school. don't give me the "i'm killing people and spreading the virus" when you don't know...i don't know...no one knows.
  4. my life has not changed since the covid shit last march...went to bars every day they were open, went out ever day, went to all 7 games this year, wore a mask if asked, 2 kids and wife got covid, nothing changed for us...i truly don't know what to make of this....is it that deadly and abnormal to something else? i dont know..people die, life sucks, but my personaly experience has shown nothing out of the ordinary. tomorrow, mask mandate goes away...if i don't have to wear it to go somewhere, i won't
  5. it should be 100%...so ready for a rocking apogee and the north texas chant...plus, my seats this year sucked and i want to be back "home"
  6. if the goal is to vaccinate people, who cares who gets it first...they just want people to get it.
  7. Good name win, but ou sucks at volleyball. North texas was clearly superior
  8. tailgating was no different for me last season..didn't miss a game, never had issues. we did exactly what we always did in previous seasons of tailgating
  9. i think the playing of the anthem before every sporting even is old and antiquated, just like saying the pledge to the usa and texas is every day at school. the kids just stand there, people in the stadium just stand there, still walking/talking and doing whatever. it will never be a 100% thing, so i don't see the point in doing it anymore....maybe championship games/bowl games....make it special, not something that is just done because it's always been done.
  10. I kind of love ya...not a shiner fan, but beer is what i look forward to
  11. hope he made the right choice...i teach with his girlfriends mom.
  12. heading to the football powerhouse of jackson state...
  13. for a backwards sounding band from north carolina (greeneville), check out AETHER REALM -Redneck vikings from hell...who doesn't love a banjo with some melodic death metal... if they brought this band...would be badass...
  14. THOR

    IF ?

    and smu v utsa in frisco
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