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  1. why do people harp on attendance so much? it was rainy, a bit cold, so of course fair weather folks did not show up for this game. who gives a shit. if you were there, it was an awesome game. i do not understand attendance talk and whining about it. i have a guy in a text thread that bitches about it all the time, yet rarely shows up. who cares. if you want to be there, get there...if not, shut up and do not worry about it.
  2. iĺl be there sporting my ´i know what you did last summer´ raincoat....bring on the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  3. campus was ugly in 95....gotta love those orange seats in the pit...and west hall still had 3 to a room then
  4. are the weeks that north texas was a 1AA team included? if so, kind of janky...they couldnt have been ranked.
  5. or just new in game music. it has been the same since apogee opened.
  6. north texas is 1-5 against pacific in basketball....letś celebrate an ocean victory. they do not happen often
  7. I had the ticket office print out my tickets for the year last week...easier
  8. how does that happen? is the fix as simple as a big pin to pop it? what in the holy hell had to go wrong for that to happen? so many questions
  9. who cares...some people want to work to better themselves, some people want handouts to not have to work, those two types of people are completely different. give me those that want to work to contribute to society.
  10. team split 500k...plus he won over 2 million in his last tourney that he finished second....the dude made the right choice. happy for him
  11. could you be more specific as to how they had to resopnd and present?
  12. finished in 2nd...not a bad pay day at all. earned 2.125 million for second and split 500k with team
  13. ortiz is tied for the lead at -8 going into the final round.
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