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  1. 40s during the game...getting colder worries...i'll be there in my shorts and sweatshirt...i don't miss home games!
  2. THOR

    Week to Week National CFB Stats

    so many great things happening with this team
  3. khari needs to be suspended another game...stupid, disrespectful, idiotic, pathetic action...his expulsion cost the team the game
  4. THOR


    no doubt...fine missed him in the endzone for an easy td...guyton, dropping passes like normal...lawrence made many catches tonight and helped...wrs aren't the issue
  5. THOR


    thought they were named after a state...
  6. THOR

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    we don't choose to keep seth...seth chooses to keep us
  7. THOR

    DMN Texas college football rankings

    So you think we would beat ut,atm, tech, and/or baylor? Why do you think that?
  8. THOR

    DMN Texas college football rankings

    so what part is a joke and why?
  9. THOR

    When the Dust Settles

    3 tough ooc games...will be an interesting and exciting year...but our boys aren't done this year...plenty to play for
  10. THOR

    Apogee After Dark

    AWESOME...wasn't trying to call you out, per se, just that if someone wants to be there, they will and will make the appropriate accommodations i'm in 106...i'll raise a beer to ya!
  11. THOR

    Apogee After Dark

    so plan early...i am...taking off work both days, tailgating, kids out of school if they want. if you want to be there, you excuses
  12. North Texas is the only team in the nation with both a wide receiver (Bussey jr.) and a running back (torrey) with double digit touchdowns. They both have 10...kind of cool
  13. THOR

    Record Thus Far

    me neither, thus my question...holy shit we are lucky to have this team for the long time fans...enjoy the ride
  14. THOR

    Record Thus Far

    damnit....have a ray... so true...we've lived through so much shit, shitty records, shitty defense, shitty offense, shitty coaching....we finally have a crew that is great and has far exceeded our expectations...damn folks...north texas is 6-2! last time that happened?? ya, they probably won't win the conference...get over it...we have exciting football and a winning team for a change. hell, we actually expect our team to win every damn game...when is that last time that happened??? enjoy the ride...damn
  15. THOR

    Mason Fine Stat Watch 2018

    and they've lost 2 games since you updated this information....coincidence???