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  1. THOR

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    and people have said the same about north texas
  2. THOR

    Anyone attending the LIberty game?

    except liberty is in the highest classification of football, unlike the schools you listed
  3. they don't have a dedicated special teams coach
  4. THOR

    One and done

    Hold my beer
  5. THOR

    The Punt Return on Around the Horn

    guy that got the facetime called it foul...they mentioned player safety.....which i get, but if they would have touched brewer, hugged him...anything, nothing would have happened...the players were there and waiting on him...they chose what they chose
  6. THOR

    Arkansas fans call for intentional targeting

    unless you are drinking a shit ton and alternating pedialyte....why are you drinking pedialyte???
  7. THOR

    Opening Line VS Liberty

    they suck at run defense...easly goes nuts...north texas wins!
  8. THOR

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    your wife isn't going, is she???
  9. THOR

    Is this our last Pre-Season Game?

    brakes...tap them...
  10. THOR

    9/15 Other Games Megathread

    temple beat maryland
  11. THOR

    9/15 Other Games Megathread

    i've got it showing on directv big ten channel 610 17-0 now
  12. THOR

    9/15 Other Games Megathread

    troy up 10-0 at nebraska and driving for more
  13. THOR

    My rent house in Fayetteville

    damn sexy....but where is the beer????
  14. THOR

    My rent house in Fayetteville

    in arkansas??? you better not have left a battle flag in a rental house in denton!