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  1. THOR

    And the rich get richer

    and ou is blocking one of their qbs transfer to wvu...
  2. Chart above says at and 2024 in denton
  3. maybe it was just the best option for him...declare and hope to get drafted, or come back to school to pursue a graduate degree... i have zero desire to ever get my graduate degree (granted, graduated in 2000 so would be a bit weird), but why not take the chance? if he doesn't get drafted, he has his degree and start his life in his field...i view it as a win/win for matter what, he doesn't come out on the short end of the stick.
  4. 2025...only 5 home games???
  5. THOR

    Football and Basketball Turnarounds

    good lord...
  6. THOR

    "Hardship Transfers"?

    the pussification of america's youth...i was called a name...i can't go to school there anymore, words hurt me too much...good lord...i hope he gets the hardship and then the freshman from vegas beats his ass out of the starting job
  7. THOR

    Mean Green Standard

    our coed flag football team just won the national tournament as well
  8. I don't care if it backfires against us....they signed thinking a certain coach and scheme will be, who knows...they may be a terrible fit for the new hire.
  9. Ncaa needs to allow recruits out if they signed with a coach that leaves...right thing to do
  10. THOR

    Wishing My Mean Green Nation A Merry Christmas

    Negative sir.. youchose that shit... beer is mine,untilyou come back ous
  11. THOR

    Wishing My Mean Green Nation A Merry Christmas

    50 plus degrees here...enjoy your damn cold winter day! merry christmas
  12. but can't win a conference coach of the year...crazy
  13. THOR

    Womens Basketball v HBU

    well shit...thanks for the correction
  14. win 100-75....just the 4th time for them to score 100 points...nice