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  1. Hope you remember the super secret handshake so you can get in
  2. Remember going to an astronomy lab and it was up in flames. That was the time that it was the delta lodge...fire was either fall of 95 or spring of 96
  3. First 2 years in west hall La colina Woodhill
  4. Excellent sir...be safe and have fun!
  5. Shouldn't you be in the backwoods of Kyrgyzstan by now???
  6. not a mean green thing, but i have never worn pants to a football game featuring north texas (other than during my band years when i had too)...haven't missed a home game since 06...it's just my thing.
  7. i assume those games were already chosen before the conference made a deal with the nfl network. next year's slate for the nfl network will probably be better (depending on what order they choose in)
  8. 1. no, the green brigade is the marching band for the school. there are no backups or substitutes, with the drum line, there were multiple lines. (95-97) 2. maybe in his years as the head, that's what he did, but in my time, the A line did not march every game. williams was in the band with me and my drum major. edit: if the A line always marches, how do the other lines get their marching band credit/requirement if they never march? or has the squad shrunk in his years to just having 1 line? when i say LINE, i just mean the bass/snares/quints...the pit are all the regular performers and perform every game 3. the green brigade always marches and enjoys what they do...again...there are no backups for the markching band, but there are for the drumline, thus, the A never marched all games. other lines had the opportunity to march and perform.
  9. the drumline is so bad ass that they can wear whatever they want. far and away the showcase of the band. when i played in the green brigade, the A line only marched a game or two...wasn't worth their time and i agreed. wish they would do their PASIC show at one game...would be awesome for the fans
  10. who's jake fromm? serious...i don't know what school he is at off the top of my head.
  11. looks like 6 have been signed, would be 7 if murray did well in seattle
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