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  1. eh....i teach and haven't used a textbook in years...most teachers at my school do not use textbooks anymore to teach. question....are you pissed that someone called it a flu or used chinese/china in the name?
  2. no doubt on what the spanish flu is called....funny thing though, i searched for books on rubella...no best sellers on amazon and a general search on google pulled up research documents...so, i searched spanish flu on amazon...HOLY SHIT the number of books/best sellers that have that name in the title, but no one ever bitched about it being called the spanish flu..but heaven forbid someone calls this the chinese flu. i wonder why that is?
  3. probably because you called it the chinese flu....people think that's racist...people are dumb and looking to get offended...spanish flu, acceptable. lou gehrigs disease, acceptable, but that would suck to have a disease named after you. in todays society, it is frowned upon to use any type of specific regional/country/racial/sexual tag on something that's bad. again, some people love to get offended and to let others know aobut it.
  4. and espn is an 78% chance of winning....so weird...so uneasy...gonna need a lot of beer tomorrow at the game to get through this!
  5. munoz and ortiz tied for 15th at -4 after 3 rounds...ortiz went -5 today, munoz +1...11 shots off the lead
  6. literally...dude is a world traveler!
  7. https://www.collegecalc.org/colleges/texas/four-year/?view=all 2018/2019 costs: north texas - 24,712 angelo state - 21, 046 lamar - 22,641 midwestern state - 21,069 sam houston state - 22, 478 sfa - 22, 156 just a few
  8. Why did you go to north texas? Plenty of other schools would have been cheaper., especially since you say that degrees are the norm. Dont blame the school for you having big monthly payments.
  9. i can't....white...black...pink....no...mean green
  10. not an athlete, but my kid is staying around town and attending twu next year...really bummed...wanted her to go far away and experience life more than being 20 mins from home to where she can get anything she needs from us and not have to rely on herself.
  11. kenpm has la tech in as a 12 seed today i know it's not lunardi, but it's a change
  12. you aren't supposed to answer your own question...but ya needed to this time since no one else would. hope mac changes course this year
  13. hell ya! i'm in on saturday!
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