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  1. i requested a top row ticket....we think alike....of course, i haven received mine yet. called, lady said they are having issues and have to hand assign/send all tickets...no idea....dont care...iĺl be there
  2. looks like no more 25 dollar tickets....guess thatś good? although might be nice to have cheaper tickets for walkup folks or late deciding
  3. iĺl be there...if 19,999 of my most non friends are there, awesome...if no, awesome....gonna be a great day no matter what
  4. and to happen organically...not with the stupid announcements and recording
  5. this is what matters to me...forget us alums and shit...we need the students to buy in and get involved. stoked that they sold our their seats and will probably sell more
  6. damn...lost out to a school with a barber chair....and the guy that probably doesn't go to the barber
  7. utsa isnt a household name, unless you are in san antone we do not have the best band in texas (former green brigade member) sound is great...lines/marching/showmanship no...not even close youŕe a new guy, but slam on those brakes buddy
  8. grabbed my ticket last night and only sideline option was available through the school
  9. and a badass place for boardgames
  10. miami or miamuh? florida or oklahoma pronunciation
  11. this would be the most douchebaggingist thing a douche bag could ever do...i so hope it happens!
  12. totally agree with you, but stupid, made up labels are just that, stupid
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