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  1. hacksaw and the king...damn... awesome!
  2. THOR

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    kicks??? got damn i'm old....thought they were called shoes
  3. THOR

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    beer....cold...tasty...everyone should try it.
  4. But what about the Italian models?
  5. so they suck, but i'm not boycotting print is a dying breed due to instantaneous media of twit/fb/insta/whatever....i enjoy few things more than reading a paper with coffee(beer, depending on when i get around to it) and will continue to do so...i also will also read real book, not online/downloadable to read on a tablet/phone/whatever. dmn missed out on this, but they hit on most everything else
  6. THOR

    E-Brake on the Ticket

    I cant stand the ticket More controversial comment than uniform talk...I know...but damn
  7. THOR

    Found our Thor in Reykjavik

    dude, you know i don't drink fancy beers that need a bottle opener...
  8. THOR

    Found our Thor in Reykjavik

    That's an awesome self portrait!
  9. lawrence to muskogee is under 300 miles...plenty of gas for that trip but no way in hell he'd want that joint...
  10. THOR

    Arkansas game seating's awesome that the man wants to travel to arkansa, full disclosure: i'm not going, but if you are making a trip on the road, you sit with our fans, you buy tickets through our office, you make sure that your hard earned money goes to our school.
  11. THOR

    Arkansas game seating

    so we want to big time, but we don't want to pay for it...makes're a north texas fan...sit with your people.
  12. THOR

    DRC: UNT Friday recruiting reset

    ready for the vito to get a new photo of the 50 yd line eagle
  13. THOR

    FAU offers new concession prices -- $4 beer

    I got your other 5 games covered in the beer drinking department...
  14. THOR

    Change to Redshirt Rules this so they can get some game experience to see what they have and if they need to be redshirted?