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  1. north texas has a history of beating arkansas...basketball may do it tomorrow as well
  2. i am a cd person...not a fan of streaming/downloading the music...something about the jewel case, liner notes, beauty of the cd. got a new car a few months ago and it didn't have a got damn cd player! now, the cds are just played at home and not driving while the windows are down...totally sucks!
  3. charlotte is averaging 43 points per home game
  4. in the immortal words of dragonforce and one of their albums...IT'S GONNA BE AN ULTRA BEATDOWN!!!
  5. now that is the solid analysis i come to this board for...BRILLIANT!!!
  6. time for some lemonheads...
  7. clutch birdie putt on 18 (15 ft or so) to force the playoff...then a nice 4 footer to win
  8. i didn't miss them either...i liked how the drumline actually moved away from the 50 and still had their fun times on the field...the scat chic...nah, i'm out on that, but i understand why she did it based upon the music.
  9. guess i'm a likeable motherf$#kin eagle!!!
  10. defense allowed only 6 points in last 7 quarters...not bad
  11. i've only been wrong 17, 413 times....according to my wife...hopefully, this won't be one more to add
  12. if she is going to medical school, this will make ya smile and drink a tasty, refreshing, thirst quenching beer... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/17/us/cornell-scholarship-financial-aid-trnd/index.html edit: i'm stupid...engineering....well, if she changes her mind...
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