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  1. does that give him a spot in the masters next year?
  2. But the political cagefight thread is locked...
  3. Message me your address and I'll gladly send ya one And if anyone else wants one, do the same. I dont need them
  4. i'll throw them away like i do every other ticket they send. they look cool, but no reason to keep them
  5. end of third round munoz is -16, tied for 4th ortiz is -11, tied for 25 boys are doing good
  6. when i looked earlier(according to golfstats.com), at the time of the post, scores were final for the second round...stupid internet
  7. results after 2 rounds baylor +10 north texas +16 oklahoma state +17 pepperdine +18 texas +19 kansas +27
  8. football team is tough to watch right now. defense is atrocious, offense is goodish. probably gonna be a 2-3 win season...oh well. we have football. i think some people put too much emotion/life into a game. i love the school, love watching the games, but it isn't a big deal. i buy season tickets/donate so i can tailgate and hangout with friends. i hate most people, so hanging out with folks i like 6 times times a year is worth the cash. the team is trying. it's not like they are choosing to suck balls and the coaches are just wasting time with their lives. everyone wants to improve a
  9. finishes with a +12 in the final round...t59th at+24
  10. i will have one extra if you need it...you just have to admit that you suck at basketball and emmitzone never existed....it was just a figment of your imagination back in the day on the outdoor courts. it wasn't the double rim that caused you to miss shots
  11. total honesty here...year 21 of teaching for me, 43 year old male, only have high blood pressure i'm not concerned one bit. i understand covid can be deadly or debilatating, but not a concern. plenty of diseases/sicknesses are and i don't react to those. kids are wearing masks, so are teachers. for the record, i'm not a mask guy, never have been, never will be, but i will wear one if i'm told or required too do so. i have said in the past that i get it now that we should wear a mask, but it's been months of requirements and denton and it's still not gone with covid, so i d
  12. we have been doing half and half on days at the middle school level in denton to start the year, with about 40 kids in my grade doing all online. starting monday, we will have all kids back in school, except for those that are doing the first 9 weeks online...so great to have them all back! few kids in school (about 50 a day for my grade level) is weird and not good for them. stoked to have them all back on monday!
  13. posting on this board isn't our job/career....we are a bunch of wankers with dumbass opinions that think they matter and we bitch to anyone that doesn't agree with us just a little bit different amigo
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