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  1. You got me man...I hate my kids and other kids so much that I am not concerned with sending them to school. Good on you dude...you figured me out. I'll buy ya a beer at the next home game as a congratulatory gesture.
  2. Not that yall care, but I'm enjoying the beaches in florida right now. I'll respond with what I can, when i can about the education stuff, money, safety shit when i can. As a parent, I want my kids in school. As a teacher, our students need to be in school.
  3. It's not run by liberals, but they seem to be the majority that voices their complaints. Look at twitter (social media)..small % of population, but totally leans that way so it makes ya think the whole country believes that way
  4. So the majority of blacks didnt vote for desegregation? I have no idea, but it should have been their choice. Dont know why you immediately went racial once I said what I did that never mentioned race
  5. Im not talking about everyone as a whole, I'm talking about each group. If most arent offended by it in the group, dont change it.
  6. i'm a firm believer in majority rules. i don't really care if some people find it offenseive. why should we change things because some don't like it? if most don't like it, change it...bowing down to a small percentage of folks is pathetic in my eyes and does nothing to help. sucks your feelings were hurt or you were offended...if most want it gone, get rid of it. if most don't want it gone, then don't get rid of it
  7. i only wear it because it's a new rule in the city of denton, i don't wear one any other place i go and thanks for the well wishes
  8. i'm perfectly fine...nothing has changed in my life except now i have to wear a mask while in denton. i just quit posting on these threads because it became a big ole circle of saying the same things and the responses being the same, so i found it pointless
  9. i think your question is the right one. many out there are claiming for changes and to do something about it, but what more could be done in the hiring process? now i do think they should take complaints/bad choices officers make while on the job much more seriously, but i have no idea how much better departments can do when hiring someone (assuming everything you wrote is true of most departments) and there is no way in hell i would want to be a police officer...thank ya'll for doing the job that i wouldn't do
  10. i went back and used all my energy to parse though all you wrote...couple things...we don't know what's going to happen in september, just because you believe we won't have people, doesn't mean we wont. nascar had some fans last week and plan to have fans at talledega sunday. they also have plans to have up to 30 k at bristol on july 15. lone star park now has fans at the horses as other tracks across the nation. no fans this weekend at belmont for the derby, but don't say there are no fans at horseracing when there are fans. i have no idea what a quote of something i said is supposed to mean if you don't say anything...you're gonna have to take the time to explain it to me like i'm 5
  11. tldr...too much nonsense and i don't want to talk to someone that thinks differently from me.... the above is what i got from your comment...i'll still buy ya a beer and chat with ya anytime...i enjoy conversations with those that are different from me...it's a hell of a lot more fun than chatting with someone that thinks just like me
  12. that's some great german engineering if that shit is still in good us after 70 years...impressive the jains (jainism) use a swastika for a symbol of their religion...just another example of the swastika in use. not many here in the usa, but would they have to change that? i hope it
  13. call me selfish and arrogant....cool so what part of my "diatribe" is wrong? or do you just disagree and need to call me names? and that's cool...no big deal
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