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  1. So true and dont disagree about today's vegas... but la sucks!
  2. to each his own man...for me, vegas is infinitely better
  3. you know i'm always there for whatever crazy ass plan you may have to raise some cash for the cheerleaders...just don't forget the beer
  4. sweet...i'm down...never played kickball with a beer...
  5. there is a website that tracks the production of the turbines and stuff....but i forgot it...
  6. that's like saying the regular games are pointless and they don't try, teams only try in games that may matter...all games matter was the atm victory in pool play or semis?
  7. so is beating the #10 team in the nation...it goes both ways
  8. losing to california baptist (2-9) doesn't help...
  9. 1st seed hosts 2/3 and travels to 4/5 2nd hosts 3/4 and travels to 1/5 3rd hosts 4/5 and travels to 1/2 4th hosts 1/5 and travels to 2/3 5th hosts 1/2 and travels to 3/4
  10. their 50 point loss to usm skews the average loss on the road
  11. how sweet fellas..wish ya the best...where do i send the wedding gift???
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