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  1. I got this e-mail as well. Looks like it's geared towards businesses/small business owners. A former employer of mine had a sponsorship with the Stars, and they'd send out free tickets every so often during the season. Typically nosebleeds, but free is free
  2. Y'all hate on CK, but he's right here. Wren has made some impressive hires in Softball and Basketball. Now it's time to prove he can do the same for football.
  3. At the end of the day, I'm definitely choosing McCasland. He just does a better job in all three phases. He makes the routine plays, and that's what makes him successful.
  4. He's 37-38 overall. He's only had two winning seasons out of six, and the last three have been under .500. He's never been competitive in championship games. Losses in bowl games are 13 points, 28 points, 39 points,20 points, and 7 points. His lone conference championship game was lost by 24 points. His conference recruiting rankings from 247 are as follows: 2016 - 8th out of 14 teams 2017 - 11th out of 14 2018 - 8th out of 14 2019 - 4th out of 14 2020 - 2nd out of 14 2021 - 1st out of 14 2022 - 10th out of 14 Which averages out to 6.2 out of 14, basically middle of the road. Out of teams most on here consider Rivals he is 1-5 Against SMU 1-5 Against LaTech 4-2 Against UTSA Anecdotal evidence is nice, but the numbers don't lie. At best he is a mediocre coach who lucked out in getting the greatest QB and WR in school history for 4 years. We can continue to accept mediocrity (something we've done as a university for way too damn long), or we can hold our coach to a higher standard, especially as we venture into a much stronger conference. The writing is on the wall. Seth might be here when we go to the AAC, but I can guarantee it won't be for long.
  5. I don't care who's dad is more of an asshole. I just hope we have a QB that can win us games with his arm, and not just hand the ball off 40 times a game (because we saw how well that worked against Miami, OH)
  6. I'd take Graham Harrell back. Especially after a year with Neal Brown's offensive philosophy. He and Mason were the two biggest reasons for our success under Littrell. He'd be close to home and family and you better believe our QB development will be top notch.
  7. I know we've had an abysmal past. I'm just stating my personal experience
  8. I've been a fan since 2013, and this is by far my lowest point. 2015 sucked, but McCarney was fired so there was hope for a change. I feel like we're gonna be 5-7 or 6-6 every year as long as we have Littrell with no end in sight. That's the most disheartening part.
  9. And some people around here still think Seth is gonna be here long term
  10. I don't agree here. Lashlee largely helped create the offense SMU runs today. Mordecai is still the QB and they've gotten some really nice transfers. Competitive for the first half maybe, but once they get their in game groove, I'm expecting another 3-4 score deficit by the end.
  11. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/austin-aune-1.html He still only completed 55% of his passes. Efficiency =/= Accuracy. Mason Fine averaged 62.8% completion. Aune is a full 10 points below that. He needs to improve period. If he or whoever the starter is, doesn't, we're in for a similar season as the last two.
  12. Just because you're good at run blocking, doesn't mean you're good at pass blocking. That being said I think our line is solid. Aune is inaccurate and our top receiver was a walk-on. I think even if Shorter and Bush don't make a full recovery to start the season, having Maclin will be a huge help to whoever the QB is. I hope Gunnell or Ruder figure it out, because Aune is exactly who he is. I can't imagine there's gonna be a huge improvement over last year
  13. In my early 20's I hiked Guadalupe Peak in July/August give or take. I drank a gallon up and a gallon down and didn't have to pee once. Anecdotally, it'll be different for everyone as I'm prone to sweat a lot, but it's definitely a lot more than you'd think.
  14. Agreed. Grew up in Midland and the difference is staggering. I'd take 100 with zero humidity in West Texas over 85 and 60% humidity any day of the week
  15. Wait so you're telling me going 5-7 and sneaking into a bowl on a technicality and then getting blown out in said bowl by some no name opponent isn't good enough? How dare you have expectations beyond the bare minimum
  16. Agreed on both fronts. It's been the most glaring weakness of his tenure here so far.
  17. As good as Wren has been at times, he inherited an abysmally run athletic department. It seems he's still working out the kinks. While he's been a great fundraiser and hired quality coaches, the administrative staff is still laughably bad in comparison to real D1 programs. Not only is Littrell going to nosedive in the AAC (if he's around next season), but this AD has a lot of work to do if we're gonna try to keep up with our peers going forward.
  18. Criminally underrated. He was a huge part of that Dykes SMU offense. He'll have them humming again.
  19. And yet he seems to be doing little to actually solve this problem other than signing D4 kids. Once again being reactive and not proactive
  20. Stacked if we stay healthy. Losing Johnson could be big considering how high profile of a recruit he was
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