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  1. So you're saying Aune is the godfather of your newborn? The sheer audacity. Sarcasm aside, as someone who also preferred Aune at the beginning of the season, his turnovers are an issue, and I hope Bean can continue to improve throwing the ball. At this point as long as we're winning, nothing else matters.
  2. He still has a better arm than Bean. His turnovers are worrisome though. Like I said previously, when teams bottle up Bean in the run game, I'm not sure he can beat them with his arm alone. It may end up that he's so fast he'll never be truly bottled up, but I'm still skeptical of his ability to win through the air against a better defense. I think we'll have a better measure against LaTech and UAB than MTSU and HBU
  3. I guarantee you a lot of P5's are already doing just that lol
  4. I'm glad we got the dub, and I'm glad Bean played well. If he can win a game with his arm, I'll be a believer. Teams will stack the box with him and try and take away his speed. If he has to throw the ball 40 times, is he gonna look just as good? At this point just figure out a way to win. I don't care. I'm just tired of getting our asses handed to us.
  5. Absolutely deserved. We might be turning into the G5 version of Texas Tech. Good at every sport except football
  6. Got a couple true freshman starting. Maybe Littrell is starting to see these highly recruited young kids can actually play a little bit
  7. He hasn't beaten an FBS team with a winning record in three years. two of the three bowl games he's gotten us to have been blowouts, we were blown out in our only appearance in the CUSA championship. We've been blown out by every FBS team we've played this season. It's one thing to lost by 3,7, hell even 10 points. We aren't doing that. I expect to at least be competitive with teams that are *supposedly* on the same level as us. We aren't. I'm undermining Seth because the results speak for themselves. Has he left us better off than McCarney? Hell Yeah. Does he deserve a pass? Hell N
  8. Looks like Seth might get us to a bowl after all. Wonder if we'll get smoked by 40 like the last three
  9. Maybe a bit of a clickbait title but it seems to me that Darden might be this year's Carlos Harris.... Now obviously he doesn't have the attitude issues of Harris and is clearly a hard worker, but we aren't throwing it to anyone else. Is it trust? Is it lack of ability? We have all these stud WR that we've signed over the last couple years and they're not doing much/dropping passes. I'm afraid that as bad as it is, if teams start to double Darden(which they will), it's gonna get even worse. Harris was the only quality receiver(even if he was a douche in the process) on some really ba
  10. Senior year DT had the benefit of an all time great defense. Aune does not
  11. Honestly if Aune can be our equivalent of Jack Abraham we'll be just fine. Obviously if he was better that would be great, but Abraham is an above average CUSA QB that is good enough to get at least get you to a bowl game every season.
  12. Although makes you wonder about the kid he split time with his Senior year. If he can play, why wasn't he the outright starter? Injuries are one thing, but if I remember correctly he straight up got beat out. I could be wrong though.
  13. Sounds like you have a personal vendetta against Bean /s
  14. Aune needs to be under center barring complete disaster. The idea of Bean and his speed are intriguing but ultimately more gimmicky than a centerpiece of the offense, unless he turns out to be Cam Newton, which I highly doubt. This offense is built on pocket passing and accuracy(which Aune needs to improve for sure). It was that way under Mason, and when done properly can obviously be successful. Let Aune get in game reps, improve, take his licks, and be a polished starter for the next two years. If he gets beat in camp so be it, but at this point Bean is too much of a liability and
  15. +3 at home? So we're basically a touchdown dog here. Absolutely pathetic
  16. Congratulations, you've graduated to a real UNT fan. Now just repeat perpetually and you're golden
  17. Should be this year. I'm willing to bet Wren is too chickenshit to pull the trigger though
  18. Mason Fine and Graham Harrell made Seth Littrell. He caught lightning in a bottle and now he's been exposed as a bad coach that can't make adjustments. Time to make a change.
  19. He didn't sign a LOI. He just verbally committed, which basically means nothing. He could verbally commit to 10 different schools, only one that matters is the one he actually signs with.
  20. Yeah I suppose so. I guess with the additional year of eligibility it's not a huge deal. I just hope it doesn't put kids in positions they're gonna regret down the road.
  21. So we have coaches letting young players volunteer to play on a defense that's been torched twice this season? Wow. I'm pretty much on the fire Littrell train at this point, but this is egregious. How are you just gonna let kids do what they want?
  22. I wonder if this is only because of the LB Covid issue.
  23. Agreed, although Torrey has not looked nearly as good this year. We need consistency the whole game
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