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  1. For sure. A conference win is a conference win, but until we start getting serious about football(IE Hiring a competent coach), especially in the AAC, we'll just be another Temple/USF/Tulane
  2. And people still want to think SMU (who doesn't give a damn about us) is our biggest rival. Every game against UTSA has been chippy. There have been blowouts on both sides, close last minute wins, and general disdain between fans and players on both sides. Hell our BANDS were arguing this last game. When does that ever happen with SMU? At least in recent memory? I dare say never. I say embrace the hate, who cares if UTSA is a glorified community college with almost no athletic history. They're the best rival we've had since joining CUSA
  3. Langston was garbage, Reeder was garbage, Bowen was garbage, Wallis and Joseph were non-existent/garbage. And Bloesch/Littrell as OC have been wildly inconsistent Point being is he's had more misses than hits
  4. Yet another failure on Littrell's part. His coaching replacements has been so uninspiring and inconsistent
  5. He won in the postseason in Year 1. CBI is equivalent to a low level bowl game I'd say, although with the amount of basketball teams that can qualify, making a postseason tournament is probably a bigger accomplishment than making a random bowl game on a Tuesday in December. Something Seth has yet to accomplish in 6 years. If you look at the totality of their careers here it's even more embarrassing Seth is mediocre. Grant is on the rise and will most likely be poached in the next couple of years while we're buying Seth out to go away.
  6. This. We can bring in 20 QB's, but it won't mean a damn thing if we don't have a position coach developing these guys into better players. Reps only do so much if you're not being taught the right reads
  7. Seems to be pretty accurate for football
  8. I don't blame her at all. She was an incredible player for us, now she gets to go to a perennial top 25 team and play for a national championship. Kinda hard to pass up that opportunity
  9. I know you've mentioned him multiple times, but David Yost would be a tremendous pickup here. I have no idea why he's not on a staff somewhere
  10. If she can bring a more dynamic offense to the board I'm game. Having Rhett come back would be a huge plus but we need to have a more varied attack. Yeah you should set your outsides a lot, but running quicks/slides with your middles and having a strong opposite are important too. Always felt like Palileo's offenses were so one dimensional Not sure how our defense stacks up, but if Nebraska showed us anything this year, a quality defense can win you a lot of games.
  11. While I do believe we have the money for a buyout and hope and pray we have a new coach next season (while expecting to see Littrell , because we are still UNT). One has to think his friendship with both Wren and the Lovelaces has a lot to do with him still being here I mean come on, they did a beyond the green segment about how him and Dillon grew up together and how they've been tight for 30+ years. You're really expecting our biggest donor to pony up the cash to fire their best friend? Looking back on it, makes me wonder if RV/Smatresk were strongarmed into hiring Littrell because of his relationship with the Lovelaces and their promise to throw a lot of money at the program. These may be entirely unbased conspiracy theories but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some truth to it
  12. Nah it's gonna be some random former Briles player like Seth Russell
  13. This is one of the most frustrating things Littrell does. Are the upperclassmen that much better than all of these "highly rated" underclassmen? He took a chance on Mason and it worked, but now he's too scared to ruffle some feathers? I already know what a 6th year senior can do. Next year he won't have a choice since the majority of the roster are freshman and sophomores.
  14. If that’s truly the case then there should be no doubt. If Wren doesn’t fire him I’m not entirely sure I want him as our AD anymore
  15. I wanted him gone after last season. I’m so tired of this. Tired of mediocrity. Tired of a fanbase thinking this okay. It’s not enjoyable anymore. With Mason I at least felt like we were able to win any game, now I just hold my breath every time the offense is on the field. This is an offensive guru? Give me a break. Andrew McNulty was a better QB than Aune. How do you not find a competent replacement in 3 years? No discipline yet again with too many costly penalties, and a head coach that looks like he couldn’t give a shit on the sidelines. It’s pathetic. Truly pathetic. Fire him now. Every other coach Wren has hired is better than this clown. Pull the plug and get someone who gives a damn about winning.
  16. Which is precisely why I don't buy from them. My season tickets/contributions aren't consistent enough so I'd rather be able to pick my own seats than wait for them to give me a nosebleed on the 15 yard line. No thanks
  17. https://www.laststandhats.com/collections/north-texas If you want to buy it. As I understand there are more options in the works
  18. Not to mention other QB's coming in and being servicable. Quinn Shanbour led some scoring drives against Iowa and FAU. Alec Morris almost won the bowl game. Kason Martin(albeit in garbage time) playing well in the New Mexico bowl. Every QB Harrell coached looked way more competent than what we have now. It's a direct result of the playcalling and QB coaching, both of which have taken a nosedive since he left.
  19. Because we won 5 games in a row duh. I'll one up you and ask, why did we even need to win 5 games in a row to reach bowl eligibility in the first place? We could've won against SMU, Liberty, and LaTech. Instead Seth lost, like he usually does. Everybody wants to talk about his shift to a run based offense, but nobody wants to talk about his abysmal QB Coach/OC hires of the last 3 years that basically forced his hand. Everybody wants to talk about young players stepping up and making plays, but nobody wants to talk about the string of injuries that forced his hand yet again because he's retained the same S&C staff since the start and we continually have injuries at key positions any given year. Everybody wants to talk about Phil Bennett, but nobody wants to talk about his questionable assistant hires and their lack or experience/qualifications. Everybody wants to talk about the possibility of a bowl win (AFTER SIX YEARS), but nobody wants to talk about his woeful bowl/championship record. None of that matters, because we won 5 games
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