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  1. Nope. Miami OH was easily the worst bowl opponent we've played and Littrell shit the bed per usual
  2. Makes me wonder if Wren's appointing of RV was due to his "one foot out the door" mindset. Hardly a quality candidate to lead those efforts. Wonder if the new AD will get someone else
  3. Have the balls to pull the trigger early on firing a struggling coach and not letting BMDS money whip you into submission.
  4. Your point? I give it a 95% chance he's not gonna win. If he does I'll be happy, and I would be more supportive of keeping him here. He won't, and then we're stuck with a lame duck coach and no AD. Really quality situation to be in heading into early signing day
  5. If Seth gets canned I'll be happy. If he takes Grant with him, I'll be devastated.
  6. I certainly want him gone, and I hope the new AD hires someone more capable. If we do extend him I hope it's a short, incentive laden contract. If we're attached to a massive buyout when he goes 6-10 in AAC conference play his first two years we're gonna be so much further behind the eight ball than we already are
  7. He could also mean Smatresk. Littrell is his guy after all. But it could also give merit to the Lovelace's relationship with him and their subsequent money keeping him here
  8. Agreed. Disappointing but definitely not surprising. Luckily we have Jared Mosley waiting in the wings. Should hopefully be a seamless transition
  9. Well I'm not from Frisco. I just live here now I went there a lot when I was in college/freshly graduated. Caught many shows at Trees and The Bomb Factory. Also a big fan of Dot's and Braindead Brewing(RIP). I saw all the hoity toity apartments/condos and brunch places go up first hand. I also like to be alive, so there's that. But you keep on keepin on. Every board needs some quality trolls
  10. Still on the fire Littrell train until he wins a game that matters
  11. Deep Ellum even has this weird combination of gentrification, music, food and getting shot that is quite unique
  12. Fair points. He has gotten better, there's no denying that. But your bolded sentence is the exact reason why he shouldn't be here anymore. We made the conference championship, hell yeah. But history speaks for itself, improvement or not. Hardly anyone who's been a fan of this team for more than 5 seconds has any confidence we can win. It took two insane catches to beat us last time we played UTSA. This time around? I won't be surprised if we lose by two or more scores. It's a trophy game, a game with meaning. His track record is bad to very bad in those instances.
  13. It's almost like body of work matters more than a conference championship appearance that Littrell once again lucked into because we got rid of divisions this year. We are talking about firing him because we expect him to lose. Which is something he has done repeatedly throughout his career here. If he actually wins I'll gladly eat crow.
  14. Several instances of people, including the president, saying as much. If you get the vaccine, you won't get COVID. Point blank, pure and simple https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-if-vaccinated-wont-get-covid/
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Texas_Mean_Green_football_statistical_leaders#Tackles According to this he's already the career leader? It's also wikipedia so who knows
  16. Yes, we should be ever so grateful for a career .500 coach with no bowl wins or conference championships in 7 years. We should give him even more money!
  17. Memphis went 5-31 the three seasons before Fuente got there. Sure he struggled the first two seasons, but once he got his recruits, they flourished and continued to excel under Norvell after. No idea if Seth is setting us up for future success. We have a young team so it's possible. The question becomes do we want to stick with what we know? Or do we take the chance to improve?
  18. From a recruiting standpoint, Deion would be a no brainer. I just don't know about everything else. Maybe the recruiting edge would be enough for us to stay competitive in the AAC. He's had two very good years, and that is probably due to the talent he's bringing in. Coaching wise? No idea Edit: Also forgot to mention, this would be a LOT of eyes to the program. We would get regular national media attention, simply because of him. Hell, the more I think about it, the more I'd be down. His OC runs the air raid, so the offensive shift wouldn't be too dramatic
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