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  1. I can think of 2 head football coaches in the UNT Football Hall of Fame with far less than a 40-41 record. And you can't make arguments that he would be 22 and 32 without Fine. If you began playing that game then Fry would have a loosing record.
  2. From what I have read the Big 12 walked away from a complete merger of the remaining 10 programs because there was no financial benefit to them. I also read the the Big 10 was told that the addition of Stanford, Cal, Oregon, and Washington would not significantly increase the conference's value to warrant their addition. However, the author suggested that these 4 programs would probably join for less than a full share which would be more that the PAC 12 can pay. If they do, look for Utah,Colorado, Arizona and ASU to apply for Big 12 membership leaving WSU and OSU joining the MWC.
  3. Well I am 80 and gave up my Club seats and white parking during the initial pandemic three years ago. Last year I bought a three pack but parking across I35 proved to be a longer walk than I was willing to make. I still support the Mean Green Club and would purchase tickets again if parking was improved. In a perfect world I would like UNT to move its Women's soft ball field south of Bonnie Brae with all ort other athletic facilities and turn the present location into a parking lot. In my opinion[ I know it sounds self serving, and it is] improved parking should be a higher priority than it appears to be.
  4. Darrell was demoted to tight ends coach before spring training this year.
  5. Coach Nelson told me that someone donated the paint for a Fouts Field makeover and in return he got to design the helmet logo. This is what he came up with.
  6. Guys, at the end of the day it's just football. Nobody died, so I think "hate" is really over the top. On another note, I have been against making a coaching change during the season. However I have heard media praise for Georgia Tech and Nebraska for pulling the plug early in the season because it gives them more time to evaluate candidates . The the hardest words I learned in business were "maybe your right". Maybe they are.
  7. It's just time for a change.Littrell needs a change of scenery and we need a new coach going into the AAC .
  8. Listening to ESPN Sports Radio today and they were making a big deal about new Tech head coach bring 7 assistants that had a Texas High School background and how mush that will help in recruiting to Lubbock.
  9. Football is a funny game. James Madison kicked MTSU's ass early this season and the Blue Raiders beat Miami on the road Saturday. At any rate, regardless of what Seth does in conference play we both need a change of scenery .
  10. Agreed. I am an alcoholic who has not had a drink since Christmas of 1988. Drinking just became a bad habit so I quit. The vast majority of alcoholics can't. However, from what I have read I think Sarkisian has a good chance, but it depends on how he reacts to pressure. I wish him well.
  11. My Longhorn friends say Herman is an asshole who has a problem with the bottle.Buyer beware.
  12. Their shabby treatment of ULL and La.Monroe came back to bite them.
  13. Some AD's are more confortable hiring a coach that they have worked with in the past, hence I would expect to see a candidate from Mizzo. Regardless, we can huff and puff but its Wren's decision. Let's just hope we get a better hire than Auburn did when they employed the Boise State coach last year. Talk about putting a square stake in a round hole. That's why I prefer a coach with a Texas background but what do I know.
  14. I respectfully disagree using UTSA and Texas Tech as examples. The last time I looked at Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine both of their coaches graced the cover and much was made about their Texas high school roots. While the Tech coach is just getting started, UTSA has recruited well. I realize the new transfer rules and NIL has changed the playing field but high school players are still important.
  15. Well we have been to 3 bowl games with 5 wins.
  16. Who, Me?My point is that IF Seth has had highly ranked recruiting classes the past 3 years it has not translated into wins so it's a coaching problem.
  17. Texas Tech and UTSA might disagree with you.
  18. Do you realize that North Texas is the OOC cupcake?
  19. Top recruiting classes according to..........? If he did then he really can't coach .
  20. Dodge probably could have been successful if he had hired a D1 staff. I just think we need a coach who worked his way up the Texas high school ranks. Coach Mac and Seth did not have that background and it showed in their high school recruiting results.
  21. Neither Patterson, Briles,nor Harold are desperate enough to take a G5 job. Both Tech and UTSA hired what I would like to see, which is an experienced college coach with strong ties to Texas high school football.
  22. So a bullfrog wanted to cross a pond but was tired . A cottonmouth slithered up beside him and said " I am going that way, hop on my back". The bullfrog replied, " you are a poisonous shake and will bite me". The cottonmouth assured the bullfrog that he wouldn't so the bullfrog hopped on his back.Sure enough midway across the pond the cottonmouth bit the bullfrog. As he floated on his back dying the bullfrog said. "but you promised." The cottonmouth replied," yes, but you new I was a snake when you got on my back."
  23. I don't know what, if anything, is to be gained by firing Littrell now. It's not like we have someone presently on staff that we want to take a look at like Nebraska does. By the way, how is that working out? Point is that while you can let him go anytime I just don't see any upside doing it before season's end.
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