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  1. I flew to Kansas State for the pre NIT only to see us lose to a D11 school from Alabama. On my shuttle back to airport I talked about Tony to a Denver Nuggets scout who said he had made a waisted trip and that Mitchell was not NBA material based upon what he saw. Having said that, what I viewed was a UNT team that didn't have a clue what to do on the floor and overall was just pitiful.
  2. I was freshman in 1961 when we were in the Missouri Valley Conference. The original men's gymnasium [aka The Pit ] could barely hold 2,500 to 3,000 fans, but when it was full the venue really rocked. The Super Pit is too big with too few fans to replicate that experience so I certainly see the value in a smaller venue but not the cost.
  3. Texas Tech lost $2 million on baseball. That's a big advertising expense. No way its cost effective to build a new venue and fund a baseball program for a few hundred fans per game.
  4. Just an old man's opinion but it is hard to justify either a new arena or baseball program. The Super Pit may not be new, but we are not the Texas Rangers who tear down a good venue and replace it with a great one. Also, why would we spend millions to add a non revenue sport such as baseball, which would require the addition of a women's non revenue program. There are only a very few college baseball programs who break even, and with a $7 to $10 stadium cost it just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. I may be wrong, but it is my understanding that the Athletic Department schedules time at the Super Pit like any other department. I don't know how much support it could expect from the university to upgrade this existing facility if the other departments who use the Super Pitt are not unhappy.
  6. If you want to give the Super PIT a more intimate feel then tarp the top tier and force spectators down. A new 6 or 7 thousand seat arena would cost a fortune which we don't have.
  7. OU's Crismson Corner says Corner is #1 candidate
  8. Couldn't beat Baylor. Plus I think she had larger than usual number of players transfer out the last year or so. Seems like I read that somewhere.
  9. Texas being Texas wants a bigger name
  10. Looks like its become a "walk off program" like basketball.
  11. Kruger retires at OU, Mccasland on short list.
  12. Why spend any time recruiting high school players? It looks to me like the future in college sports is transfers.
  13. I am guessing its because Ohio,ORU, and ACU beat higher seeds than we did.
  14. If you look at most college coaches resumes they look like they are running from the law. If memory serves [ I am 78 ] Jank interviewed for the SMU head coaching position which went to Larry Brown. SMU was so impressed with Jank that they offered him $500,000 per year [ which was more than he was paid at Illinois State]to be "coach in waiting" anticipating that Brown would not be around long. I think he has done a good job for the Mustangs in a tough basketball conference.
  15. There are about 6 or 8 sites in the Indianapolis area such as Butler, which have no tickets available. On the other hand Lucas Oil Stadium where Colts play have tickets for 1st three rounds because of seating capacity .
  16. Helwig took over a very underfunded athletic department so he paid for the program by overscheduling money games on the road both in football and basketball. Neither coach had a chance. I was Jank's cart partner in UNT Don January golf fund raiser and was very impressed with him. He knew the end was coming, was fired a few weeks later, but never said a negative thing about his situation in my presence. Personally I have a high opinion of him but wish he would schedule us.
  17. How did Creighton lose by 25 points to Georgetown?
  18. OPPS! " Lose", not loose. I went to elementary school in Arkansas and am lucky to read and write, let alone spel.
  19. I don't think there are any "other ones" this year. Win and we are in NCAA, loose and we are done for season.
  20. wardly


    We might have a chance if we reach the championship game and play well. I am more concerned about Rice at this point. Either way, it's a feather in our cap to host the NIT, as it give us national exposure.I am guessing it cost us an arm and a leg but should be worth it.
  21. I just think we need to give credit where is due, and Sonny has done a great job in attracting transfers as well as top 100 high school recruits in the metroplex, as well as turning that talent into wins on the field. Littrell, not so much . I keep hearing about his last two recruiting classes being ranked second in CUSA and hope to see results on the field soon. Not to throw old water on being ranked 2nd in CUSA , but since we are the worst conference in G5 football I don't know if its that big of a deal.
  22. As mentioned before, we fired their head basketball coach, who schedules their non conference opponents.
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