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  1. Texas State has 10 items for sale on Last Stand Hats, SFA 7, UTSA 6,SHSU 3. UNT has one.
  2. I don't know about the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, but not a single word in the DMN about our softball games. I just have a hard time believing that SMU wouldn't get a little ink.
  3. Look at his record at SMU and he wasn't very good there. I think the welcome mat is gone at SMU, can't see a place for him at TCU other than coaching his son, and doubt Littrell wants to hire his successor.
  4. Based upon his on the field results it appears he may recruit well but can't coach ? He recruiting classes have been highly ranked in CUSA the past few years but it certainly has translated to wins.
  5. On another note, I am originally from Paris Arkansas, had relatives in Russellville, and my younger brother attended Arkansas Tech. I must admit that I have seen the Wonderboys play.
  6. UNT has been to three bowl games after having a losing record,[ which in itself must be some kind of dubious record] and to no ones surprise lost all of them. Other than the bowl games against Army and Miami of Ohio [and perhaps Troy], we were underdogs and over matched. The UNT fans voted with their feet in the "Frisco Bowl' by staying away in droves. In my opinion a 6&6 bowl team or one with a losing record is no longer of any interest in the Metroplex.
  7. So all we need is a baseball budget and a $10 million venue.
  8. TCU, SMU, and UNT are only football options in Metroplex and I don't see many DFW kids playing for us. Same for basketball.
  9. Back in the day everyone in the SWC cheated. However having said that only the Stangs had the Governor of Texas as well as the school president and Board of Regents involved. If you can read " A Payroll To Meet" by David Whitford, who was a little used football player at SMU. They dropped him from their payroll so he turned them in. Jim Wacker the TCU coach found out that some of his players were being paid and he turned the Frogs in. One of the humorous stories in the book in when Egypt Allen, a defensive back from Dallas was being recruited by both SMU and TCU. The main money man from the Frogs called his Mustang counterpart complaining that these kids coming out of high school were demanding too much money and that they needed to set up a draft to reduce expenses. SMU would not go after TCU recruits and the Frogs would reciprocate. I don't know what became of that proposal but Allen went to TCU. Also, at that point in time the SEC's unofficial slogan was " If you ain't cheating you ain't trying."
  10. Well, under "baseball wouldn't cost that much " you need to have a venue, which we don't. Just guessing but that's probably about $10 million. Then under "baseball doesn't cost that much" you need to add scholarships , coaches, trainers administrators, , and travel expenses. Perhaps a talking point on what expenses[ excluding a venue] might be are the annual costs for UTA's baseball team , which is public information should anyone interested care to look it up. Since I don't, I won't.
  11. Somehow I don't think top tier universities are rated upon having a baseball program or not. Simple.
  12. Names and how much $? A venue by itself could cost about $10 million. A dream without a plan is still just a dream, and so far I have not seen a plan, just a little smoke and no fire.
  13. Well you just can't maker a $10 million dollar venue investment just because a hundred or so people want one and say they will buy a bag of peanuts and coke when they attend a game. Margaret Thatcher once said something to the effect that " the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money". The problem with establishing a baseball program is all the posters on this site that want one seem to think its a great idea if they don't have to pay for it.
  14. $$$$$$$ for a venue plus lack of meaningful interest by thousands of supporters instead of dozens.
  15. This may not be politically correct but the fact that Lanier is an African American may [ I repeat MAY] have been a consideration. The DFW has a number of African High School basketball players that move on to D1 programs outside the area who might reconsider their choice with Lanier at the helm of SMU. While not the best won lost record I have seen [it pales by comparison to Jank] he has an excellent pedigree with a Texas recruiting background.
  16. Gee, what are their thinking? This is the guy they really were after? Jank's record puts this guy to shame and he was fired. What a pile of mustang crap .
  17. Some of old eagles thought Mill Vanilli was a smoothie.
  18. When The Big 12 lost 2 schools and added 4 there was noise that they were through for now but might revisit expansion in the future. My money is on Memphis and South Florida. The Bulls are building a state of the art indoor practice facility and plan to break ground on a campus football stadium soon. They would be a natural travel partner for USF and the Tampa Bay market, which dwarfs Boise, would be a great area for Big 12 recruiting.
  19. You would expect UNT to say Mac turned the job down, and SMU response to be that he was never offered the job. The truth may be some where in between. SMU could have reached out to him to determine his level of interest and was told there was none. No real offer from SMU, no real rejection by Mac on an offer he never received, and both universities can spin it anyway they want.
  20. Your reasons for staying seem very subjective. It's a mute point since it appears Mac is not in the running, but whats a "nice" raise compared to a $1&3/4 million dollar increase in income. Living in the Park Cities eliminates any commute at all, and the quality of life appears pretty good from the outside looking in. Coaches and their families are used to being uprooted. In fact, if you look at their coaching resumes it looks like they are running from the law. Regarding the green van , it will fit in anywhere. Your mother makes a great point, money can't buy happiness ,but personally I have met more unhappy people without money that those with.
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