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  1. Al did good things for the university, but athletics was not one of then. Our choice was to drop to 1aa or drop football.Also if memory serves we had a very good men's soccer program that was basically dropped on Friday and replaced with women's soccer on Monday. Personally I would like to see us add men's soccer instead of a money pit such as baseball.
  2. Just asking. Does the new D.C. have a voice in the retention or replacement of existing assistants ?
  3. He would be better off at Florida State. Really hard to win at Arkansas. They are in toughest division in toughest conference. Just ask A&M.
  4. Saturday after Thanksgiving, students out for holiday, 4 & 7 record, opponent no one cares about, etc. I was surprised that we had as many fans as we did.
  5. TCU plays best defense in Texas, so perhaps an assistant ready to become coordinator ?
  6. I am concerned about linemen on both sides of the ball.
  7. Well, UAB did beat Rice and La. Tech. , so there's that.
  8. I have not seen our past two recruiting classes rated at the "top" of anything but I may have overlooked something. Regarding Bussey, Fine is gone and he should be also. I would think that missing this season was a big step backward towards his NFL aspirations and that a year with a P-5 program would improve his chances.
  9. UAB is in 1st place in West, so they have a lot to play for. UNT, not so much.
  10. So how would you compare Littrell's recruiting in four years to Dykes in two, and which program is on the rise ? Again, just asking.
  11. As previously posted by others, we rank very low in national rankings. However, Billy See certainly has a better handle on it that I do. I just don't see any depth in our defense which relates to our recruiting. We need bigger, stronger players.
  12. After our next loss to UAB, we will be 27 &24 in Littrell's four season's. During his tenure we have won the WEST DIVISION once, no bowl games, an a single signature win against Arkansas, which looked good at the time.We have made Littrell the highest paid coach in CUSA, and in the middle the most disastrous season I have witnessed since my freshman year of 1961, extended his contract.We continue to be ranked low in recruiting and if not should be based upon this years performance. My question is, after four seasons are we better off on a GO FORWARD BASIS? Just asking, so please don't get your panties in a wad.
  13. Over rated, over paid, out coached. Expect more or you will get less.
  14. So are we in better or worse shape since Seth arrived 4 years ago?
  15. Perhaps Charlotte loss. We would have been 5 & 5 going into Rice.
  16. As a observation, except for Charlotte and possibility California, our other four losses were against teams bigger,faster, and stronger. In the New Mexico Bowl last year it was obvious we were overmatched, and Utah State showed us what a top 25 team looked like. We need to really improve our recruiting of linemen on both sides of the ball. I don't know how many sacks we have YTD or how that compares with the rest of the conference, but when you are only rushing 3 linemen who can't get to the QB then the defensive backs are in for a long day no matter how good they are.
  17. They took a 6&6 So. Miss team over a 9&3 UNT. Must be a reason.
  18. We didn't get in the Independence Bowl with 9&3 records so I wouldn't think a 6&6 team with zero notable wins would be invited, especially with 8&2 La. Tech down the road. Best chance might be Frisco Bowl, but at this point its just a guess and by golly.
  19. I guess we need to ask ourselves , what do we bring to the table when comparing our bowl chances vs. other 6 & 6 teams. Other than Fine, I am at a loss. We would put butts in the seats in local bowls in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Frisco, but that's about it. Also, after watching a number of lower tier bowl games over the years with horrible attendance, I really don't know why they put together some of the matchups that they do. If television rules the day we are back to Mason as our edge and not our record. However, we need to win the next two games, which I don't know that we can.
  20. When was the last time we covered?
  21. This article is B.S. The author complains about our attendance and record, which has nothing to do with the stadium. Parking could be improved, but for those without green of white passes it's no worse than any P 5 venue that I have attended and better than most.
  22. Regardless, all you had to say was that you think I am wrong and here's why, instead of your "bullshit" and "clueless " comments, which were uncalled for.
  23. I was eluding to all forms of media coverage. I grew up in Ft. Worth, graduated from NTSU in 1966, and have lived in Dallas since 1970. We have never received the coverage afforded SMU/TCU with the possible exception of Hayden Fry's tenure, and if we truly belong to the region our media coverage doesn't reflect it. As to "fans in the woodwork ", that's unfortunately where most of them reside until once a decade when we put together a few winning seasons . As to SMU and Dallas, you are correct that fans don't care much about the Mustangs , but that doesn't mean they care about UNT. Finally , you are a jerk.
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