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  1. Sarcasm appears to be lost on this site.
  2. Two wrongs don't make a right
  3. Back in the day when Chuck Curtis was coach at UTA we had the makings of a rival. I remember going to the UTA/UNT football game on their campus the year they open their new stadium. It seated either 9,000 or 12,000, and they dropped football shortly thereafter.
  4. So what do we read into Wren's silence on the fate of Seth? Anything?
  5. A lot more big names moving on without being forced out.
  6. I thought TCU rubbed Patterson's face on the dirt when they flew Sonny into the stadium on a helicopter with fireworks, but hey, that's just me.
  7. I can't say that I blame him. In the PAC 12 he just has to beat Oregon. In the SEC He is looking at A&M ,Arkansas, Mississippi, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, etc. Plus living is L.A. vs Norman has its pluses.Maybe you are right.However coaches usually leave for greener pastures and a lot more money. Any word on the fate of Harrell/
  8. i apologize for my language. Just lost my head. My bad.
  9. Bull shit. He got a great opportunity and took it, like Hayden did when he went to Iowa in the middle of the night.
  10. How about when Tech fires a coach mid season? Think that interferes with recruiting? Coaches owe no allegiance to any university and they owe none to any coach. They both do what is best for them , which everyone does.
  11. Oklahoma,SMU,Troy,Duke,New Mexico State,Florida
  12. I googled 2021 college bowls and it was on someones list. I can't remember who but it doesn't matter as this is all guesswork.
  13. Also one bowl projection has us playing Ohio in Orlando, the other has us sitting at home.
  14. CUSA has ONE team in the top 20 who is undefeated and playing a rivalry game against a 5 & 6 team who has won 4 games in a row. We end up being broadcast on ESPN +, watched by nobody , with no game highlights. ODU and Charlotte, both 5 & 6 teams, make the mainstream television coverage, and the Monarchs win a helmet sticker for turning around their 1 & 6 season to become bowl eligible.Sound familiar? I have not seen any mainstream coverage of our win. Can we leave Judge Judy and CUSA any faster?
  15. These guys also have UTSA vs FAU in Bahamas Bowl. Last time I looked these teams were in the same conference. When it gets to minor bowls the guys doing the projections are just throwing spitballs on the wall.
  16. Well, before the season we were predicted to win 4 to 5 games,so 6 is a plus. Also we are going to another bowl. In addition we just beat the highest ranked team in our history. Then there is the matter of Seth's contract with 2 years remaining and about a $2 million dollar buyout. It might be hard to fire him. The Tulsa coach will have about 4 wins if they beat SMU today and he got a 2 year extension today. Hard to figure Wren's next move but we should know December 1st.
  17. I won't live to see it, but in a few years all athletes will be paid employees of the university they play for with a salary and benefits just like everyone else who works there. Who knows. Maybe the cheer team, dance team,band, mascot , and anyone else associated with athletics may get a paycheck as well. This is when the rubber is really going to hit the road when it comes to defining who can afford to pay and play, and who is going to fold .
  18. My first year [1961] I remember Cotton, Rose, Sugar, Orange , Sun, and I think Tangerine. Maybe a few more, but there were also fewer football teams.
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