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  1. Well, this story pores cold water on the theory that you must have great facilities to recruit. My son lives close to FAU and we have been to several games there. The stadium is a metal erector set, and I doubt their training room and dorm is much better. It is basically a large commuter school[ sound familiar ] that draws fans in the 8,000 to 12,000 range.However, it is South Florida.
  2. It was a different world back in the day. I dropped out the Fall of 1965 to get married. I enrolled in spring of 1966 to finish but could only go to night school as I was working. The secretary to the Dean of the Business School changed my degree plan to allow me to substitute a required course that wasn't offered in the evening to an elective that was.About a month before the term ended I was activated by the Army Reserve. All three professors let me take finals early so that I could graduate. Best grades I ever made.
  3. Sorry, but I did go to a state university. However grades 1 thru 4 I attended school in Arkansas, which I blame for both my poor spelling and writing. In my freshman year of 1961 you were required to pass something called a "Student Use of English Test". While my essays in English 101 always got "A's" for content, I seemed to always misspell a word and get "F" for grammar with an overall "D". My English teacher took pity on me, sent me home over Christmas to memorize 25 words which would be give to me on a spelling test upon my return. Bless her. Now, I know this is information that no one cares about, but I am going nuts staying home during the virus and just needed an outlet. Best to all of you and yours. Ward White
  4. Thanks for the information. I appreciate your input, and look forward to upcoming season in either 2020 or 2021.
  5. Last year we were picked to win CUSA West and ended with a 4&8 season with one of the best QB's in our history. Just asking, but what makes you think we will have a better team this year and compete for a conference championship?
  6. Well, a loosing season is when you have more L's than W's.At this point I think SL is 27&25.I doubt the season will be played because of the Virus, but we probably would lose to A&M,SMU, and Houston before entering conference play.So. Miss,La. Tech, and UAB are ranked higher than us, so we may find it difficult to beat those teams. Assuming we beat Houston Baptist,Charlotte, MTSU,Rice,UTEP, UTSA, we should come in about 6&6. My only bone to pick with SL is that he is being paid a lot of money for basically 500 ball. Expect more or you will get less.
  7. Tulsa is not going anywhere soon. They are not going to drop football or drop down to 1aa. While the university as a whole is having too tighten its belt, the monies from AAC T.V. contract help sooth the pain. If UNT is going to move up its will be on its own merits, not the misfortune of others. If there is a football season chances are we will have another loosing one and be looking at what to do with an overpaid football coach 5 years on the job and an overall W/L record in the negative.
  8. Somehow your "new SWC" looks strangely like a regional merger of CUSA and SBC members, which most members of this Board oppose. However,throw in UAB to get to 10 teams, 7 CUSA and 3 SBC, and you have a respectable regional conference.[ Tx. ST. is weak link]
  9. I don't think we will have either football or basketball in 2020. If we do, attendance could be limited to season ticket holders only.
  10. Corky Nelson inducted into UNT Hall of Fame 2013, Judy in 2014,Bill Blakeley 2002, and Bill Brasher 2000. Tina Slinker in to be inducted this year.
  11. I think both Corky and Judy Nelson are in Hall of Fame as well as Jimmy Gales, all of whom were terminated. My question was is it normal for coaches who have been terminated to be in their school's Hall of Fame or does this just occur at UNT ?
  12. At first blush it appears that a number of coaches in our Hall of Fame had been fired from North Texas. Is this normal?
  13. Agreed. If there is no football or basketball this fall things might change.
  14. I realize that. However, I don't think we are in a position to turn up our noses at anyone. The CUSA WEST Division was considered to be worst in D1 last year. In fact, the SBC is ranked by many over CUSA. I think if we could cherry pick a few programs like Ark. St. , Louisiana, and Troy to merge with existing CUSA WEST we could have a workable 10 team conference which would allow three OOC games .Necessity is the mother of invention. lets see what our financial situation is at end of year if no football or basketball.
  15. Realigning with the SBC will bring short term benefits such as reduced travel time and cost reduction. It should bring long term rivalry benefits which will increase interest and attendance. It will not happen unless college football and basketball are cancelled this year and CUSA/SBC members are forced to take measures to insure the survival of their individual athletic programs. Just an old man's opinion.
  16. Treason is defined by our Constitution as "levying War against the United States, or in adhering to their Enemies, and giving them Aid and Comfort. " Also, a case can be made that both the Germans and Japanese acted bravely [minus a great number of atrocities ] even if the governments which they fought were unjust.
  17. Well, regardless of his ranking, with his record he has to be at least in top 25 of overpaid coaches.
  18. I got these within a week of ordering. Took about a month to receive from NTM . Both are good masks, but the Houston order was cheaper with faster service.
  19. As I have posted before, I am male,white,77, and grew up in segregation . Separate public schools, bathrooms, drinking fountains, and Blacks and Mexicans to the back of the bus. I was from a lower middle class family in Ft. Worth, and never went to school with a person of color until 1961,my freshman year at NTSU. There was only one men's dorm, West Hall, where I lived one semester. I don't recall anyone of color residing there. I majored in business, and again don't remember anyone of color in my classes. I took a "Coaching in Football" class, and sat next to A.D. Whitfield, an African American running back who I think went on to play a few years for the Redskins. One day the coach on staff starting talking about making sling shots as a kid, but that's not what he called them. For the first time in my life I felt shame. Denton was segregated. Movie theaters, dinning , you name it. J.C. Mathews was our school president at the time, and he was not going to rock the boat. During the summer of 1963[ either 63' or 64'] Mathews and the Mayor of Denton got together and removed all racial barriers , at least on paper. What surprised me is that it has taken so long to remove the downtown Confederate Memorial . These men and their generals were traitors to our nation who fought for one reason, and that was to keep the institution of slavery. Call me old fashion, but I don't see any statues of Benedict Arnold in city parks. In summary, I will never know what it is like to be a person of color in America, nor will any whites. What I would ask my pale skinned friends is to try to envision what it would be like to be black or brown, to go to a school or live on a street named for someone who fought to keep you enslaved. What would it be like to be a soldier of color at Ft. Hood, to play with your kids at Robert E. Lee Park. I know we can't rewrite history, but we can eliminate the glorification of "The Lost Cause", which is an embarrassment to our nation. Just an old man's opinion.
  20. Actually I had a pledge take the Music Appreciation course for me. Scored an "A".
  21. As a freshman in 1961 ,the One O'clock Lab Band was well known on campus, and all students were required to take a one hour Music Appreciation Course.
  22. Well, they are getting resources that would normally go to the main campus , similar to the U.T. and T.A.&M. systems. In addition, our Dallas law school is a branch of UNT Dallas, while our Health Science in Ft. Worth is part of UNT Denton, as will be the new Frisco campus. Our new medical school in Ft. Worth, Texas Christian University School of Medicine at University of North Texas Health Science Center is as well. Try getting that on a bumper sticker.
  23. So while I am not a fan of rap music, I grew up in the 50's when Rock and Roll was considered the devil's music and was "poisoning our youth." To me the only change has been the lyrics. If you don't like it, don't listen to it .
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