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  1. I can't blame them, the system in place allows them to profit and to move freely. We may not like it, but it's the system. I'm hoping schools taking over the collectives, it's already happening for reasons I stated above, will usher in contracts and buy outs for players. We've opened Pandora's box so we aren't going back to amateur sports, the best we can get out of it is payment on our investments.
  2. Agree, there was some semblance of programs doing the right thing and following the rules even though they were always getting busted for violations, and everyone knew cheating was going on. It's why I was saying the veil is off now, and making everyone play by those rules has supercharged the whole thing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the schools aren't supposed to work with NIL collectives to get players right? But everyone including UNT is 100% working with these collectives to send out deals to players. Same kind of fake rule following like we used to have, just more of it now.
  3. Let's be honest here, the "student" and "amateur" part have been dead at the highest levels for a long time, but now the veil is completely off and the rest have to play by the same rules.
  4. To add to that Virginia passes law to allow schools to pay players directly. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/39967961/virginia-law-allows-schools-pay-athletes-nil
  5. Isn't that what Littrell did? We see that worked out well...
  6. I do believe that is by design and not a mistake. There are too many teams in FBS, and the resources were getting too spread around. This whole thing is a way for big teams to consolidate those resources and dilute the rest of the teams that don't have money. I wouldn't be surprised of there is a push to make new FBS requirements, the question is how many teams do they want?
  7. I better not see you celebrate a single bucket he makes.
  8. You didn't hear? Transferring is the biggest sleight in all of history. Won't someone think of the loyalty!?!
  9. I'd guess that they aren't as scouted/watched/desired out west. The gems get picked up by the big programs, but the rest are overlooked.
  10. I saw that Scott was also visiting St. Johns, I guess they liked what they saw when we played them.
  11. You can kind of read in between the lines and see teams like CLT and UAB that only lost a couple of players while having really strong years. Memphis is losing bench players and is picking up some really nice commits, and USF lost a good amount but already picked up a 4 star from Alabama. CLT got Rosado from FAU. UAB picked up a 4 star from Iona. https://247sports.com/season/2024-basketball/transferportal/?institutionkey=24053 https://247sports.com/season/2024-basketball/transferportal/?institutionkey=24036 It's also the timing, you can guess that the early movers have been offered a good chunk of money, meaning the collectives have a good amount of money to spend. We haven't had much news until this part of the cycle, while other teams have already made moves on highly rated recruits.
  12. From my understanding you aren't tied down until you enroll in the school. We've seen some commitments back out and re-open their recruitment, meaning they got a last minute offer and hadn't enrolled yet.
  13. I'm surprised the MWC is able to keep its players better than some power leagues. NIL money or is the west just not heavily recruited? It's clear our league has a lot of standout talent, but not enough $$$ to keep them at home.
  14. He doesn't take over until June, he can't start flipping tables before he's even officially in. The main message I see is he wants to sell this conference and get revenue up, that's the only way to compete, and he's willing to explore any avenue to do that. That's a pretty astute and positive thing IMO. https://frontofficesports.com/tim-pernetti-aac-contraversy-private-equity/
  15. I see teams like Memphis and others are already making portal moves, I'd wager we are a week or so away from stuff trickling down to us.
  16. No way of knowing until we see who Hodge can get to transfer in.
  17. Ah thanks. I thought it was some old transfer since he weirdly entered the portal since January. Seems like a strange thing to do.
  18. Memphis has 4 Pierre Young Cherenfant A. Hardaway 3-4 players seems normal, I don't see a single team up at 7 or more outside of ECU which I mentioned.
  19. ECU is the other team sticks out in our conference. 7 in the portal, and it seems like they are cleaning house because that's a lot to lose for a team that didn't do well. We are losing 7 plus 1 commit, and more importantly 5 of those were our heaviest minute players. Looking around the conference: Charlotte-3 ECU-7 FAU-6 lost coach Memphis-4 Rice-6 fired coach Temple-2 Tulane-4 Tulsa-3 UAB-2 USF-4 UTSA-3 WSU-4 We and ECU are definitely the outliers, and what I've read from them it sounds like they asked their players to leave so they could start fresh.
  20. Players leaving due to coach leaving makes sense to me. You like that coach and he recruited you there, maybe you don't want to play in an unknown system. I understand those reasons. We are not in that situation, our coach is still here.
  21. True. I guess we'll see if the gif is accurate or if I should have posted someone writhing on the ground instead.
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