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  1. I do think Stanford would add $ to their contract, but I think the Big10 wants a home run and that is ND. They want ND and 1 other, and out of those 3 I would think Stanford would be picked over the other 2. Being the #3 school in the country to a conference that cares about academics is a big plus.
  2. And Stanford. They have been successful in the past, and would academically be welcomed with open arms.
  3. Winner! Especially point B. They will say, "To lessen travel and impact on the environment Cal, Stanford, Oregon, and Washington should come along too. You know, to save the environment. "
  4. I'm not sure honestly. Maybe they didn't want the students/donors/alums to know how much they were spending to get out of CUSA early. Maybe @Arkstfan can shed some light on it.
  5. Not her or CUSA, the departing schools are the ones that didn't want the amount disclosed.
  6. Leaving member forfeit their conference payouts, so no we don't get anything from the 3 that left. That will be split by the remaining teams. And no, I don't think UNT is paying anything outside of forfeiting their payouts, since we followed the bylaw and gave CUSA the appropriate amount of time.
  7. My mistake, I thought it had been in effect already. I still think them winning and being in the AAC is a huge leg up in recruiting. The previous 2 years SMU went 10-3 and 7-3, meanwhile we were going 4-8 and 4-6 in that same time. Plus I wouldn't put it past SMU to get started on NIL a little early if you know what I mean.
  8. Hmmm...or what else could it be? Maybe it's the crazy amount of $$$ for NIL?
  9. From the BB social pages the guys are looking good and fit. I'm very excited to what the additions can bring. Imo Sissoko will be a huge key to this season. If he can make an impact and give Ousmane some rest it's going to be huge having 2 viable big men.
  10. 🤣🤣 True, maybe we need a whole set of 7 deadly sins.
  11. Someone should frame this post. This board has an obsession with the phrase "Texas ties." Is it a bonus? Yes, but it's not the be-all end-all for hiring a coach. Texas is a place like any other and good recruiters will build relationships and be successful.
  12. I don't think it's enough this time. 3 more losses I think will seal his fate.
  13. A big question for the next coach is do we start him at what SL makes to get a better hire or do we start low and make them work their way up? Also it would allow us to let them go sooner if necessary.
  14. In a week we will have our answer since we are going up against an AAC team in Memphis. SMU already showed us a intro to what the AAC will be like, now it's Memphis' turn. If we lose again by blow it it will show that we are far behind being ready for the AAC. A guy that can recruit the portal will be essential for future success, and that's not unique to us or the situation we are in. The transfer portal will be a huge part of programs going forward, we just have to accept it and be ready to take advantage.
  15. I was going to bring up Nebraska as well. They had every single question that we have, yet their admin made a choice when enough was enough.
  16. A lot of that is very subjective, I remember even end zone celebrations used to be enforced much harsher. I can't remember when they started to be more lenient, maybe 7-8 years or so, but before even making a pose in the end zone would get you a flag. I think for the sideline stuff as long as it's not happening on the field and in the opponent's face the kind of just let it slide. It would be interesting to see what the officials' are told about these things.
  17. Yeah me neither, I see it as very unlikely. But in the event it did happen I still think for most of us it wouldn't be enough. 8-4 is probably the baseline for all of us to even start THINKING of it being enough.
  18. Our collective anger/disappointment is crashing this site. Or is it just problems on my end? 😅
  19. Don't those rules apply to play on the field only? Meaning as long as it's on the sideline and doesn't affect the flow of the game the don't apply?
  20. At this point even a 7-5 wouldn't be enough to make me want to keep Litrell.
  21. The PAC made the mistake of not killing the Big12 when they had the chance.
  22. The defense is worrying and having huge holes against TSU is a big red flag. Our quarterbacks are still not accurate enough to get us in games. I want and hope to be proven wrong, but I am a realist. 35-10 UNLV. I will still be 100% supporting the Mean Green all 4 quarters.
  23. All I know is we better have our asses ready by the time the expanded playoff starts. If you can stream a couple of appearances back to back you can really start to build a brand up.
  24. We can't even afford decent field cameras, what makes you think we could afford (assuming it's not rental only) a complex system like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0K3XUqZI9w&ab_channel=VirginiaTechAthletics
  25. I would have liked to have seen Ruder or Head get some minutes. This staff just refuses to use opportunities to try something different with almost no risk. It's maddening.
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