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  1. The Pit better be packed next game. It's sad seeing these other schools outdraw our fans.
  2. Huge win, the team is really starting to look well oiled and understanding what Coach Mac wants from them.
  3. How the hell was that not a foul when Bell went for the dunk? Looked like a lot of forearm on that replay.
  4. Good win and effort to grind it out. The missed free throws are a huge sore spot, those are game winning and losing points. If the team figures out how to keep a foot on the other team's throat we will be dominant. It's embarrassing how a team with Marshall's record draws better than us, this team deserves better. I'm really wondering why Wright is no where to be seen? I think we all would have figured he would be getting some more minutes by now.
  5. I always wondered if the lack of support from Denton had anything to do with UNT branding itself as DFWs team? I know they want to reach the largest audience/alumni possible, but is not pushing yourself as Denton's team leaving untapped fans? If the university doesn't proudly tout your town, why would you go out of your way to support it?
  6. This is pretty eye opening and screams of needed improvement.
  7. I hate the way UNT Dallas is structured, I wish they were all branches of Denton.
  8. The whole situation seems very aqueous from top to bottom. I'm sure OU and UT are looking at the cost/fees/forfeit of money if they leave the Big12 before 2025. None of the conferences have set formal start dates except for the SBC, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  9. My guess would be the initial investment is one of those roadblocks. Unless one of those teams recently built a baseball program from the ground up, in which case your point would stand.
  10. https://www.diycollegerankings.com/how-much-do-d1-colleges-spend-on-baseball-programs/2505/ And that's once it's set up, I'm sure the initial cost to get things started would be a pretty penny.
  11. A. Scott is developing very nicely. It would be nice to see Wright and Stone eased into the rotation a bit more to help fill out the team.
  12. That's awesome. I know we are all worried about losing him, but maybe he sticks around for a long time.
  13. The reverse lay up was a thing of beauty. I audibly said "wow" when he did it.
  14. It's New Years day so I'm hoping attendance picks up next week.
  15. Coach Mac is really something. This is the best coached UNT BB team I have seen.
  16. Interesting that the CUSA schools are leaving in 2022, I would guess we have no chance of leaving to the AAC unless for some reason Cincy, Houston, and UCF leave to the Big12 early?
  17. Various reasons. On the practical side it's as @97and03 pointed out: Building a separate facility would not be ideal, even if it's close you would want the convenience of having everything as integrated as possible. On the recruiting/perception/program building side: We need a showcase piece to convince recruits. Recruits care about this stuff, and if we want to elevate our recruiting profile it is something we need to invest in. WB said as much when we joined the AAC. And no, I'm not saying expanding the AC will automatically bring in 4 and 5 star recruits, it's would just be another tool at our disposal like the IPF.
  18. Interesting about the lighting at Apogee, how was it supposed to be originally?
  19. Would that be made obsolete if the AC expansion comes soon? Or would they still use it as long as The Pit is in use?
  20. I'd guess that's at the end of the line. It's going to be a big investment and I feel like the AD sees that money spent better elsewhere.
  21. Happy New Year to the entire MG nation! As we wrap up the year and look forward to the future what's the next big project for the athletic department? We don't have much time before we join the AAC, so I think it's important to hit the ground running. I think we are all guessing the Athletic Center expansion will be next, but maybe someone has heard different. I would hope WB has his sights on being the next Cincy/Houston/UCF from day 1, and I hope he has the entire athletic department laser focused on that goal. So we better start spending and building like they did.
  22. Yup ridiculously priced, as in ridiculously low priced. Those prices are for knock offs, $339 for Travis/Fragment Jordan 1s? Try over 3k. https://stockx.com/air-jordan-1-high-og-sp-fragment-design-x-travis-scott
  23. What a great effort by the team. Light the tower baby 😎
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