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  1. Well, as you may or may not know from North Texas history "North" was just a clerical error made on the paperwork down in Austin when the bill to change the school's name (and make us a state school) was presented to the legislature. It was approved and the administration never sought to have it changed. I think "Texas State" was discussed during the Hayden Fry era, and it was said at the time that the unofficial understanding was that "Texas State" was the name that was reserved for A$M should they ever want to move on from the A$M name. It's not that we couldn't have tried, but probably, (especially back in the 60's-70's) we would have met with resistance from the Aggie politicians in the legislature if we had filed a bill. Much like the butt whipping we received on the floor of the State Senate back in 1961 from UT graduates that took offense to our bill that was filed to change our name from NTSC to the University of North Texas. We ended up having to compromise with NTSU. It's all there, in all it's ugliness, in the book "The Story of North Texas".
  2. Back in the 60's NT was in the MVC with Wichita State. In all the times my High School band attended NT homecoming games in the 60's NT was either playing Wichita State or Cincinnati. At 324 miles, Wichita State was our second closest conference mate. Tulsa was the closest at 270. AND to add a little trivia for the former North Texas Band members on the board, Wichita State once brought their Band to one of the homecomings.
  3. You know, I really should have had that copywritten.
  4. Hmmm, seems like I've heard that before. Seems like his initials were HF. I know what he tried to do to change NT's "negative connotations/losing image" (one of them is still a popular logo). So tell me what your "re-birth" would look like.
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure that, more than most coaches at his level in the U.S., he has a pretty good handle on North Texas and what the school needs in order to start consistently winning. If he is reluctant to consider being interviewed by Baker for the job (if that even happens) then IMHO that speaks volumes about our program and how it's viewed by the world outside our green bubble.
  6. My attitude/policy ALWAYS. Don't let them discourage you enough to walk away. Because if you do, their job is a little easier., It's YOUR SCHOOL not theirs. Stick around and make their life miserable.
  7. final 45-0. I would suggest that they made SMART HIRES. And yes, it is nice to be smart.
  8. This guy has been successful because he has been the king (grew up in Louisiana, played football in Louisiana, and coached in Lousiana.) of Louisiana. I doubt if Texas would take to him very well.
  9. I agree with this completely. You can try to throw money at them, but money is not the real issue for ambitious and talented coaches. Until we become the next Boise St. we will always be looking for (or should be looking for) the next up-and-comer....even after hiring the newest one.
  10. Not much. Because bringing in potential talent is just half of the job. The rest is assessment, coaching, and then sometimes reassignment. So that the most ideal player is out there making the best contribution to the team that they can. Just off the top of my head, here are a few examples. Cedric Hardeman. He transferred to NT as a Safety/running back. By his junior year he developed into the second best lineman in NT history. Leo Taylor. I'm told (by one of his team mates) that he was an outstanding QB in High School. He came to North Texas and was our first 1K rusher in 1968. Bernard Jackson. Was recruited out of High School as a DB/WR. By his sophomore season he was the starting RB and set the single season rushing record of 1453 yards in 1978. It held up until 2003 when Patrick Cobbs broke it. Rex Johnson, was a Juco recruit who was an all-American Juco LB. He was moved to nose tackle, where he made all-American at that position. Another "assessment-re-assignment" that Corkey Nelson did was to move Earl Campbell from LB to RB when he was the head coach at Tyler.
  11. How about instead of handing out those "Go Mean Green" towels at the gates, we hand out serenity prayer towels.....in green of course., And in addition, maybe KNTU could do public service announcements to all fans encouraging them to come out to the tailgating area and participate in a prayer vigil an hour or so before kick-off. (in his best Arlis Struvey from Greater Tuna, voice) "So get out there to the Apogee parking lot folks and Pray, Pray, Pray."
  12. Wardly, let me ask you a question. From the time you became a full time student at North Texas until you graduated. What did you perceive the expectations of the NT administration were regarding athletics and how the student body should support it? Now, let me ask you another question. When was the first time that you became aware that the North Texas administration wanted your financial support for athletics (or anything for that matter) as an alumnus of North Texas?
  13. 👍........😎 But I would amend your statement to say "competent administrative support"
  14. Maybe Sam Pittman said the same thing to the hiring person/committee at Arkansas as Corkey Nelson said to that reporter.....and to the UNT hiring person/committee.
  15. I remember reading (I think in the NT Daily) a one-on-one interview with Corkey Nelson not long after he was hired. I don't remember the question exactly, but I'm sure it was something in the area of "why should North Texas have hired you as it's next head coach"? I remember Coach Nelson's answer "because I'm a hell of a coach". Now, THAT got my attention. It sounded like something Hayden Fry might have said if the interviewer had caught him not being "Mr. Diplomat or Mr. Salesman.
  16. 😲 OMG! This has to be the shortest PMG post in the history of GMG.com!!!................Sorry Jim..........😎
  17. Rhule had experience on both sides of the ball at Temple. He was also the recruitment coordinator for two years. Nelson not only had head coaching experience, but he was the defensive coordinator at Baylor and the defensive line coach at NT for one year. BUT that one year as DL coach was under Rod Rust ........a very well respected football mind in the pros. Todd Dodge had only one year of college coaching experience QB/WR coach at NT. If he had ever spent any time being an assistant coach on defense some where, his tenure at NT could have been pretty different. OR if he had retained the defensive coaching staff that was already in place when he arrived at NT, things would have been different. There are no absolutes, but I think my profile (imperfect as it might seem to you) of a more ideal coaching type for North Texas is pretty valid.
  18. .....an old North Texas business tradition.
  19. S Assistant coaches who have not ever had any head coaching experience, wouldn't be very high on my list. The coaches that I have mentioned (Franchione, Nelson, Rhule, and Traylor) have all been head coaches on their way up. And at least two had to work with limited resources. When you do that, you have the opportunity to learn how to make the best of what you have to work with. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to work outside your comfort zone, and gain additional knowledge from the guys you hired. Being a position coach at various schools is valuable experience, but being responsible for putting it all together is better.....especially if what you put together was successful.
  20. Coach Smoke and mirrors path to NT. 2002–2004 Kansas (GA) 2005–2008 Texas Tech (RB) 2009 Arizona (RB/TE) 2010 Arizona (Co-OC/RB/TE) 2011 Arizona (OC/RB/TE) 2012–2013 Indiana (OC/FB/TE) 2014–2015 North Carolina (AHC/OC/TE) 2016–present North Texas Coach Franchiones Path to New Mexico......and above 1973–1974 Miller HS (MO) 1975 Mulvane HS (KS) (assistant) 1976–1977 Peabody-Burns HS (KS) 1978–1980 Kansas State (assistant) 1981–1982 Southwestern (KS) 1983–1984 Tennessee Tech (OC) 1985–1989 Pittsburg State 1990–1991 Southwest Texas State Notice the difference? Coach Fran had extensive head coaching experience before getting to the next level. Coach "smoke and mirrors" has not.
  21. I'm going to say this again. Please understand what I am saying this time. We need someone coming in LIKE Francione was. Maybe I should have said "Like Francione was when he was very hungry and took the job @ New Mexico". I never suggested that we go lure him out of retirement. Corkey Nelson is another example. That guy was hungry. He was a meat eater. Too bad the administration that hired him was always on a diet of cucumber sandwiches. Can you imagine the Corkey Nelson of 1982 with the current resources and administrative support? How about the Dennis Francione who was about to take the New Mexico job? How about hiring the next Matt Rhule (when he was coaching various positions @ Western Carolina). How about hiring the next Coach Traylor. For godsakes Law Enforcement has been able to profile serial killers for decides. Why can't we profile the next Coach Francione, Nelson, Rhule, or Traylor on their way up to take over our football program? The University already has......and they spent entirely too much on Mr. Smoke and Mirrors.
  22. And MY POINT is that I want a coach, much like Francione, who comes to North Texas AFTER a couple of stints as head coach of a school like Rolling Hills University from Oatmeal Nebraska who, like Francione did at Pittsburg State, gave it his all as if he were shooting for the National Championship. He led Pittsburg state in five years to a 56-7 record (37-1 in conference). When he came to TCU he was 7-5 in his SECOND YEAR and beat USC in the Sun Bowl, whilst allowing the fewest yards rushing in a bowl game. When Corkey Nelson came to NT he won the Southland Conference in his SECOND YEAR. Not as impressive as what Francione did......but I hope you get my point. AND after 6 years, we are still waiting for our first bowl and conference win under SL......who is the highest paid coach in NT history......AND IMHO the most overpaid.
  23. I've never completely supported him. Especially after Lane Kiffin showed him and the team to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors......twice. And then there was Troy and Utah State doing the same thing. Many on this board don't favor hiring someone without head coaching experience. SL seems to have proven their point. A good example of the type of coach that we need is Dennis Franchione. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Franchione Regardless of how anyone on this board feels about Coach Fran, you have to admit that he didn't mind working hard in humble settings. I have always advocated for that kind of coach. Someone who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and making the most of limited resources. The best example for us was Corkey Nelson and his DC Chuck Mills. They were pretty much a perfect pair. Whatever Corkey lacked, Coach Mills seems to make up for it. Much like coach Fran and Gary Patterson.
  24. According to Wiki, it was 1971. BUT according to this official NT publication it was 1970 Student publications at North Texas In November 1901 the first North Texas student publication, the North Texas State Normal Journal, was published. From 1901 – 1905, the Normal Journal served as North Texas State Normal College’s literary journal and yearbook, as well as the student newspaper. Short stories, poems, and literary criticism were published on a monthly basis alongside coverage of national and international news and updates on campus life. The final issue of the year, in May, featured class pictures and other features commonly associated with a college yearbook. In 1906 students voted to nix the May issue of the Normal Journal and instead publish all annual retrospective content in the University’s first yearbook, The Cottontail. According to James L. Rogers, as the North Texas State Normal College reached “degree-granting status in the fall of 1916, the old Normal Journal seemed too much a relic of the precollege years, with its quaint mixture of news, stories, verse, and homilies.”[1] The Normal Journal was discontinued and its content was divided into two new publications: Avesta, a quarterly literary journal, and The Campus Chat, a weekly newspaper. The first issue of The Campus Chat arrived on October 25, 1916. The paper was initially a monthly publication but later became semi-weekly. In 1970 the campus newspaper was renamed to its current iteration, The North Texas Daily, commonly abbreviated to The NT Daily. The NT Daily is published four times a week, Tuesday through Friday, during the Spring and Fall semesters and once a week, on Thursdays, during the summer. The NT Daily is distributed free on campus with subscriptions available for alumni and other off-campus readers. Additional multimedia content is published on the newspaper’s companion website, http://ntdaily.com .
  25. The end of an era. https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth760275/m1/4/?q=North Texas Daily https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth760351/m1/4/?q=North Texas Daily
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