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  1. Just curious. What happens to the old Band uni's when new ones are bought. addendum: Not a fan of the "Beefeater" style hats.
  2. Two SE conference coaches calling one another names! And one accusing the other of cheating regarding recruitment......😲 Damn, the only thing more absurd would-be Adolph Hitler indignantly calling Joseph Stalin a cold-blooded killer......and mass murderer.
  3. IF Mr. Neville can contribute like Mr. Maclin, then our WR situation will have improved significantly. My observation of Maclin in two scrimmages is that he's pretty much the real deal. Mr. Neville, welcome to the program. Let's start with just running good routes and catching the damn ball when it hits you in the hands. Looking forward to seeing you in fall practice. addendum: When you arrive on campus, be sure to check out any highlight videos of the following former NT wide receivers. Rico Bussey, Jr. - Football - University of North Texas Athletics (meangreensports.com) Michael Lawrence - Football - University of North Texas Athletics (meangreensports.com) Jaelon Darden - Football - University of North Texas Athletics (meangreensports.com)
  4. You might try searching thru the Portal to Texas History. The Portal to Texas History (unt.edu)
  5. Couldn't agree more. If we want to recognize the defense after having a good defensive stand then the cheer should be MEAN...... GREEN. It would be a historically correct cheer.........read the Randy Galloway article from 1967.
  6. Reads are more about preparedness and your peripheral vision. Too be a good-to-outstanding QB you must have good-to-great peripheral vision. As much as I was unimpressed with Johnny Manziel in the one clip that I saw of him (I was however incredibly impressed with his WR corps) I was very impressed with his peripheral vision. On one play it appeared that he had eyes in the back of his head when he escaped being sacked. Timing is all about repetition.....eventually good repetition.........then, lots of it. In saying that, I am reminded of a marching band practice that I was part of whilst in HS. The practice seemed to be particularly grueling that evening, when our director called a temporary halt to it all. "How many of you believe the old saying "practice makes perfect" he asked. Well, we all thought that that was a safe thing to agree with, so we all raised our hands. "Well, you're all wrong" he yelled. :"Good practice makes perfect" he said, and then he declared that our practice was one of the worse he ever witnessed. We did better after that.
  7. DBU started out as a Junior College in Decatur (DBC). Their old administration building is now the Wise County Heritage Museum. When they were in Decatur, they always had a pretty good BB team. I never heard that they played baseball.
  8. I've noticed him in both scrimmages leading up to the spring game. This guy needs to be on the field this fall. He kind of reminds me of that WR for SF #19 Deebo Samuels, who runs from scrimmage on occasion. Gumms didn't run from scrimmage, but based on what I've seen, he could.
  9. Yeah, well it isn't necessary curse at a coach to get them angry. All you have to do is speak the truth "HEY! WE'RE GETTIN' OUT COACHED". For the coaches with inflated egos, they tend to take great exception to that loud observation.,,,,😎
  10. He's the only former North Texas football player that had a TV career long enough to get 5 Emmys.
  11. OK Deepgreen.......you're up.
  12. I'm going to call shenanigans on this one. Your clue.."Started and ended his career in the same town" Fits Brian Waters to a T. He signed his first and last pro contract with Dallas. Other wise I would have guessed J.T. Smith (#44 on your program) long ago.
  13. There are two in that category....... but this clue is the kicker. Brian Waters. Started and finished his career with the Cowboys. I am ashamed to say this, but I don't remember the number that he wore at NT. I want to say #40.....or maybe 48. He played from 95 to 98 (Matt Simon and D.D. years). I seldom went to games during that era. Mainly because Helwig was the AD. I almost kicked NT to the curb because of Helwig. Mr. Waters played three different positions at NT. TE (most of his career here) plus FB and DE. Like the other player that I am alluding to, North Texas athletics did not appear to try and reach out to these former players to be active with the program. How in hell can you not reach out to former NT players that were All-Pro?
  14. KIm Phillips (#44 on your program) was also a very dangerous kick returner. I seem to recall him taking a long one against TCU in 86.
  15. I can't add too much from what I've already observed. He's athletic. He has a strong arm and a pretty quick release. He's pretty confident (not Mason Fine confident, but not too far away). He's decisive. He doesn't do the happy feet dance before he runs, he just takes off. When he misfires on a pass it's usually an overthrow, or the receiver drops it. I met his parents this last Saturday. His dad (John) is a former NFL player who does prison ministry. Here is his wiki page.....John Earle (American football) Wiki (everipedia.org) His personality seems to match his size. Both parents said that the main reason for their son leaving ACU for NT was the coaching staff at ACU getting fired.
  16. Rex Johnson? I remember that we were about 21 points down just before half and one of the plays in our comeback was Rex Johnson (a nose tackle) intercepting a pass from Billy Joe Tolliver.
  17. Pete Harvey, #16 on your program. A great receiver and punt returner. He played in the 78 season and was the leading receiver in the 79-81 seasons. Which means he played for three different coaches.
  18. Preston Landis was wearing #35 today instead of #40. According to his mother, it was at the suggestion of one of the coaches. #35 was SL's college #. Landis also took a short pass and took it down an additional 20 yards. In addition to the long catch for a TD by Maclin, Dorian Morris #18 took a pass over the middle whilst being sandwiched by two DB's. He then broke away from them and broke two other tackles on the way to a TD run. That's either a great catch and run, or lousy tackling by the DB's. Var'Kee Gumms was having a great day taking short passes and getting great YAK. He was looking very much like a RB on one of them. Compared to last week, the defense was downright subdued. Maybe the coaching staff told them to take it easy today. Ruder was injured this week and did not suit up. Rocquemore (#81) continues to do well.
  19. Are you talking about James Mitchell?
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