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  1. if you only knew how things went down. Jace got to Denton in June. No contact with coaches cause they were recruiting. Coaches are on vacation in July. Still no contact with coaches. First contact with coaches fall camp. So you really don’t know shit.
  2. Jace wasn’t even here in spring of 2021. Didn’t even have a practice with the team til August 2021.
  3. LOL. Nope. Sorry to disappoint a lot of you. A lot have already written him off, but has been most consistent this spring so we will see what happens.
  4. This may all be true, but SMU has a lot more money in their program than we do. We could have had a game changer WR transfer here from UNC, but guess where he ended up. $$$$. We have kids on this team on scholarship that are working part time jobs to pay rent.
  5. Why do you guys get on a “fan page” just to bash the team?
  6. Lol. You all lost that privilege!
  7. Didn’t say I was smart, but you are kind of showing your intelligence also. I just happen to be a well informed father.
  8. Actually they made them park down by the softball area because they had to let people park in the hood lots for the game. All football players. I didn’t say it was because of their record, I said that could be some of the reason for the bad game.
  9. I know most of you all are done with this team. But Thursday night 19 of their vehicles got all the glass broke out of them. Many had things stolen. I really feel this had a lot to do with last nights performance. You can say why you want, but when you are 19-28 years old and you find out something like this it will affect you. College says that the families are responsible for all the damage so that puts a bigger burden on these kids. Have a little grace if you would when you are beating these guys up on here this week. Parents do see this shit.
  10. 19 of the players vehicles were broken into last night on campus. Everything stolen, windows all broken out. Austin and Jace both got hit hard. Hope everyone can focus on the game and get through it.
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