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  1. I don't ever fault players for looking for better opportunities. They are kids, after all. But the great athletes that choose to stay here and make their mark are just special. I hope guys like Darden know what they mean to this community.
  2. Deal! I also am now an official MGSF donor and OWNER OF A BLUE LOT (effective in july i guess) but wheeeeee!
  3. Sweet! I'll take you up on that. Goes both ways, I love to cook so my tailgate will be an open door.
  4. Heh. Appreciate it. Still in Denton but none of my UNT friends are football fans. Need to find some.
  5. I'm planning on it here in May. Gonna snag that package that gets me a blue lot and go nuts tailgating this year. You guys have been so helpful today, I really appreciate it.
  6. Thank you guys so much for your help. Questions answered. See you on the tailgate lots in September. GMG!
  7. I REALLY appreciate the help! Do I have to contact someone to pay for a lot or is it like a first come first serve type of deal?
  8. Sorry if this is an irrelevant post. I graduated in '19 and didnt attend any games last year due to COVID. I've been looking at grabbing a tailgate spot this year to go along with my season tickets. Basically just curious what the best way to go about it is. Where should I get a lot, and do I need to grab one of the packages the school offers or is there a way to just secure a lot without all the tents/equipment included?
  9. Did anyone record it/is it available on YouTube?
  10. Absolutely awful news. Praying for his family first and foremost, and praying the team can rally around each other. No kids should have to go through this.
  11. Is there a way to find the full game online somewhere? Spent 2 years searching and all I can find is this measly video of highlights from when the game was already decided.
  12. 2020 nationally, we were 10th in YPG, 23rd in PPG and 23rd in total passing yards, and of the two QB's who were responsible for those stats, the better one is returning. Shoot I'd put QB as one of our safer positions heading into fall.
  13. This drive alone reduces my interest in Stoops at any capacity to zero.
  14. Oh I have no issue with it at all. Regardless of whether Bean is here or not I want Aune starting between the two.
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