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  1. I have receipts for sixteen losses by 30 or more points since the 2014 season. Just shy of on average two per year! Take the program that I give money to and support seriously, as you are *LITERALLY* the guy responsible for our roster, or don't tweet at all. We're tired of getting body bagged any time this team has a spotlight. Prime is 28-6 as a head coach and just beat the national championship runner up at their place. And this may be an unpopular opinion or frowned upon or whatever, but I could give a damn about the "social media presence" he brings to the university if we're just gonna continue to get embarrassed like we did on Saturday. Change it, or keep your mouth shut.
  2. The first person to correctly guess wins an expired Whataburger coupon and my UNT Nursing t shirt that has a hole in the back
  3. I like how there’s dudes in here talking about balls and you call ME ridiculous
  4. I have my yearly in-person fantasy draft at 5 pm this Saturday (awful scheduling on the commissioners part) but this thread makes me want to call in sick
  5. Stone is a dawg and you win games with dawgs. Let’s go
  6. shhh that was my twin brother Pondering Beagle.
  7. Every year I do the same old song and dance of optimism and post some BS like 9-3 and we flop. so I hate to say it but we’re going 0-12 this year
  8. excited to do this with Billy. looking forward to a 15-0 season!
  9. Because the old heads have seen us fail at the FCS level so it could always be worse and young fans like myself should know better than to be unrealistically expecting better. /sarcasm
  10. Littrell is 0-7 in the postseason, we all know this, but the average margin of defeat is 21.7 points. Three touchdowns difference. Embarrassing, degrading, humiliating, and nothing will be done about it because we're "competitive" and that's enough apparently. I am so glad I didn't spend a dime on this team in 2022 and I won't be spending a dime on them in 2023. Lousy.
  11. Uhhhh i mean he waited forever to get a chance at UNT, didn't, transferred somewhere he thought he could and gets a major injury before October? Obviously i hope it's a minor setback for him but it would really be disappointing for him I assume.
  12. This game is cruel, stupid, and unfair often. Kason deserves to get his chance.
  13. It's the complacency, and the complete and utter silence from anyone involved with the team after these losses happen. It's week 3 and we've lost two games by 31+ points. Tomorrow the FB account will tweet something about "its game week vs memphis!" and move on like nothing happened, just like we did after losing by 38 to SMU. There's no accountability or respect for the name on the jersey. THAT is what enrages me. Not the occasional loss.
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