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  1. Is there a way to find the full game online somewhere? Spent 2 years searching and all I can find is this measly video of highlights from when the game was already decided.
  2. 2020 nationally, we were 10th in YPG, 23rd in PPG and 23rd in total passing yards, and of the two QB's who were responsible for those stats, the better one is returning. Shoot I'd put QB as one of our safer positions heading into fall.
  3. This drive alone reduces my interest in Stoops at any capacity to zero.
  4. Oh I have no issue with it at all. Regardless of whether Bean is here or not I want Aune starting between the two.
  5. So our starting QB is going to be 28 years old this season.... I like it
  6. This is a hell of a hire, and one of the few people (at least as far as I know) that escaped the Baylor conundrum without any dirt on him. Good deal.
  7. SMU is a smaller school sharing recruiting space with us. If they can succeed at football, we can too, so it’s frustrating when our rivals are thriving and we aren’t. It’s shameful to lose a player to a rival and have the player call the other team home.
  8. Why on earth would we feel good about one of our players transferring to the school across the metroplex that none of us want to see succeed?
  9. Pain. So much pain. https://twitter.com/tresiggers_/status/1350513714630426624?s=21
  10. He probably shouldn't have been hired here in the first place but this could've been a much worse story. Shanbour deserves that job.
  11. Get this clown off the staff immediately. He already had issues at Baylor, this was his second chance. Give his job to Shanbour or Fine.
  12. If we ran with a home/away combo of these throwbacks and nothing else I would be so content. These are perfect.
  13. The basis is there's a pandemic happening right now. Whether or not you agree with the restrictions is moot. If you want to tailgate fully next year, it may be possible IF people make sacrifices right now. We're lucky we even have the opportunity to attend games. You can still tailgate... you'll just have to make temporary revisions as to how you go about it so that things can "get back to normal". This is also completely false. I graduated in December and the ticket office have been very helpful and compliant when I contact them about attending games. 3,000 students can go to
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