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  1. Wearing a mask to games is the only way we eventually get to NOT wear masks at games. So yes.
  2. I did not realize Aune is 26. Would be 27 for the duration of the season. That has to give him some sort of athletic advantage, no?
  3. Saw a couple people ask on here about it. Wren just tweeted it out ICYMI.
  4. Hopefully we can buy some extra touchdowns with all the money we save by living rent free in their heads.
  5. Attendance was 23,057 announced at the game. Which is still incredible for a UNT home opener against an FCS team.
  6. Hah... look, personally, I really do try to avoid partaking in "MFing eagles" and stuff. At this point, it's just kinda corny and nothing more. But we go hard in the paint when it comes to relentlessly heckling the opposition. Come into our house, we're gonna do whatever it takes to get in your head. Last year we made an Incarnate Word lineman rage when we roasted him for getting pancaked.
  7. I'm graduating in December, and in my third year at UNT, I can now safely say that was the most fun and - I'm pretty sure - the most packed student section I've been a part of since coming here. I don't know if we can get a tally of student numbers but I had to push and shove my way through a sea of kids to get to the front row on the 50. Never had to do that before at a game. GMG.
  8. He warmed up and was in uniform but was held out.
  9. At the time I'm typing this the six CUSA teams that are playing/have played have accumulated a point differential of -35, including 3 FCS matchups. And we still have LaTech/Texas and MTSU/Michigan tonight to go. We really need some teams to step up in non-conference. Badly.
  10. What does any of that have to do with our game down there next year? We're miles ahead of Texas State. Also we walked into a 72,000 seater last year (albeit, not full nor fully energized) and did just fine.
  11. The reason for no uniform post is because we've known for a while now it's gonna be a whiteout. UAB, FIU, WKU and Charlotte all wore them tonight so I guess we will too.
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