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  1. Hate to admit this, but this video is pretty 🔥🔥
  2. I feel ya. Me too. Also trying to get info from a 20yr old is beyond challenging. Lol
  3. Yeah, hype videos are just that to get recruits and fans that wanna see some action “hyped” up. For the die hard fans and us parents of players, we of course want more. I do know for a fact that they don’t want videos or pictures of formations or plays before first games.
  4. Can only post 2min 20 sec videos on Twitter. They have to keep it short. Also, they don’t want to show the whole play, just snippets so other teams can scout us.
  5. The video doesn’t do it justice. GoMeangreenphotos.com had pics by frame. Here it is. IMG_3403.MOV
  6. Great video. Proud Papa here!!! Love seeing CLee on it making a catch that I still can’t believe he caught. #GMG. Move those chains #⛓ Gang!!!🟢🦅
  7. Can we adopt our own or we gotta let one of y’all adopt him? If I can, I’ll take this dude. IMG_3365.MOV
  8. I personally would like to see them throw to TE’s more, but hell…. I’m biased 😝 . CLee is a gamer though. He excels in a game so much more than practice. Looking forward to y’all seeing what I know he can do. We have a great TE room. A lot of weapons. Asher and Jake are your typical TEs where Gumms and CLee excel is flanked out like a Travis Kelce type. They both are receiver fast (Gumms 4.5 40, CLee 4.6 40) but Too big for the safety to tackle one on one. Not saying they are Kelce, for y’all haters. 😂. Gotta get the chain gang moving those chains. They should be your go to on 3rd and long. CLee is 6’4 225 now also.
  9. Treib is a freak of nature. Excited to see him play.
  10. Thanks. He is gonna send me his catches. He said he had a good day.
  11. Anyone at the scrimmage today? Wasn’t able to make it. Give us some updates!!!!
  12. Anyone got any news about today. Where are all our local guys? I’d try to make them all if I lived close.
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