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  1. Agreed, although I wouldn’t mind it if UNT was putting some feelers out and checking out some of the big names that are apart of the carousel.
  2. Seems like everyone on the staff is really fired up and has amazing chemistry. Bennett talking about zero animosity and everyone gets along really well. We have a ton of momentum, a young team that turned itself around, a strong coaching staff that is heading in the right direction (and has evidence of it working itself out so far)... I'd be ecstatic to have no coaching changes this year and just hit the Transfer portal hard. This interview got me fired up.
  3. Last 5 games we gave up on average 13 points? Number 2 in improved defense this year? This is a great interview, when he's talking about UNT.
  4. great move because he'll get fired in 2 years and retire with a fat paycheck.
  5. The Athletic is saying that we should know pretty quickly what Seth Littrell’s future looks like.
  6. Coach Dowling has an Instagram story video of him talking to a coach while recruiting, telling him that we’re not apart of C-USA and won’t take ‘bench players’ or something anymore. Seemed like coaches are really taking advantage of the move while recruiting. I’ll try to find out how to share that video here too.
  7. Great win against a good team. GMG!
  8. Seems like the talk is that Littrell's end is set in stone.
  9. Visited Tx Tech Nov 19th & holds an offer.
  10. Lotsa C-USA teams that seem to be playing inside a lot… hope we can figure that out before conference play.
  11. Looking ahead at halftime - if we win, we play Bama. If we lose, we play drake it seems. That’s if Bama wins. Both very good teams. Hoping we get another top 25 matchup tomorrow! Bama is still at 24 in kenpom, even though they lost to Iona.
  12. Absolutely loving this game. Up 12 at the half is something to celebrate. This is a good team.
  13. Crazy view for a mean green basketball game! Don’t get to see a lot of televised games, and even less on an airplane.
  14. I have no idea what to expect - here’s what Vegas says and some stats from the ESPN app.
  15. Yeah this is the problem… we shut down the run game and their receivers blow past our secondary. UTSA is balanced on offense, that’s why their good and hard to stop. Zero problem moving the ball down the field and making plays when they need to. Our secondary would need to be locked down on them, which I feel like we’ve really only seen recently against bad teams who can’t field an offense. If we blow one or two defensive plays in the secondary, we put ourselves in a deep hole to dig ourselves out of. I’d wager our offense is what really needs to step up, especially against a potent defense like UTSA’s.
  16. Anyone watch any Miami basketball? I have no idea what to expect. Not too clued into ACC basketball.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWqywfBFSDb/?utm_medium=copy_link Javion Hamlet transferred to France to play for ALM Evereux as a ‘medical player’ through the end of the year. Seems like he’s covering for another player while they’re injured.
  18. Well Notre Dame has a 'quality loss' against cincy 😏
  19. woops, McCartney's squad. Was typing faster than I was thinking!
  20. Seriously? That's the hill your going to die on? Of course they were talking about the athletic department, but that very much so includes football. Pretty sure it ranks football success as number one or two. Pending the Traylor contract, we have the highest paid staff, newest facilities, and have been investing the most in our program, with some of the biggest C-USA plans. Second or third largest budget, biggest growing city, most fertile recruiting grounds....
  21. That's not true of the leadership and coaches in C-USA who were polled this year about the best programs in the league. We've posted the results a lot, but we've invested in a lot and our admin have proven that we're the place to be. American conf didn't pick us for any good reason.
  22. Is it the players? Could none of our active NFL alumni pull it off? I mean he's had multiple different classes. He's tried with Dickey's squad and did alright, and he tried with his squad he recruited and didn't. Is it because our administration has a problem? Or the staff he hired? When has Littrell proven he was the goat? Those two already had 'GOAT' moments before they took on that job. Maybe Seth will have the next Alabama at his next gig, but it doesn't seem like it will happen here.
  23. But it's not 'change for change sake' because it's been 6 seasons with 0 bowl wins, not winning games against teams in the top of our conference... And we're not even really winning with underclassmen - pending next weekend, we're ending this season with a sub .500 record. I'm sure he'll be back again next season or whatever, but he really shouldn't. Again, we're reaching for the bare minimum here. We've frequently been outcoached. Our S&C team does not prepare our players well. With our American conference big britches, we can afford a better coach in a monumental coaching-change year who can lead our budding underclassman team to greater heights that Littrell ever could.
  24. Yeah. He was on the last bowl-winning team we've had. That was before Littrell, who has FIVE bowl appearances. Littrell does not have 'what it takes'.
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