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  1. I get the laid back nature of this interview, but it's a little 'chickenshit' that he is just complaining about it all. Grant seemed to have a much better reaction to having guys stolen.
  2. Lol have you kept up with the Miami drama? NIL put its claws in Basketball a long time ago.
  3. put up some great numbers, sure will be a star here.
  4. Posts offers from Costal, ULM, North Dakota state and a bunch of other random schools - really seems like we're the best option for him. Also doesn't seem like he visited anywhere else. Retweeted a Vito article about him visiting us.
  5. People seem to have missed Iowa St winning two games last season, and then making a deep turney run this year.
  6. He’s back on the market, and Perry’s trying to get his number 👀 Vito saying that they played in the same Juco league.
  7. Drez got to be an impact player on a great team in a great season.he deserves to get closer to home and play his last season somewhere else. Grant has proven that he can refill roster spots and have just as much success, so i will always root for him & others who decide to transfer!
  8. SMU getting Rob Lanier outta Georgia State.
  9. Absolutely amazing. Glad they could join the club of double digit seeds who beat Purdue!
  10. He also reminds me of Joel embiid, who missed more time than Zion in the same span but is now is fighting for an MVP win…. Not saying anything bout lofton, more so the Zion hate, who’s ramping up for next season currently.
  11. Dowling is great, and an awesome UNT instagram follow. Would be sad to see him go, but know he would do amazing things for anyone. Great recruiter and seems like a fun guy. Also was curious… with hamlet off the legends team and not doing anything else at the moment, could he be brought back to North Texas in any role? Seems to really love Denton + has been a big part in recruiting abou & others.
  12. Oh my god the world will not burn down if Grant goes to SMU. That’s just businesses. And he is a wonderful guy family guy who loves where he’s at, which is why it would make sense for him to go to SMU. It’s just down the road, his kids can stay in argyle, and he makes more money. Sorry, he is not Jesus, and I would be happy for him if he took a different job to move his career. Everyone’s reaction is so weird here.
  13. Lmao this is just straight up not true. Baylor, Tech, OSU, Iowa, Kansas…. All massive programs that are getting ‘left behind’ - and then the three best G5 conferences moving too. The top is still very heavy in the big 12.
  14. Where are you getting this number from?
  15. Is Grant really that fantastic as a recruiter? Looking back on our impact players in the past couple years, most of them were scouted by others, already wanted to play at NT, or he just brought a whole squad in. Never really thought of that as one of his strengths - feels like he’s really good though at creating a culture and building up the guys already here. Getting the best out of his guys.
  16. For all we know this could just be leverage for Grant to cash a bigger check here too. Absolutely how the game is played.
  17. What a weird place this will put all the players in if Grant leaves and Hodge stays. Who will go with him and who would stay? Who would Hodge fill out his staff with?
  18. huh that is correct, I suppose I really meant roster - but even breaking it down, I'm just wrong, haha. I think they just talked about Jones and Abou a couple times. Freshman Scott Mattu Mckeon Morgan Stone Sophomore Jones Abou Zephir Junior Perry Browne 5th Year Mcbride (Senior, really) Bell Murray Wright Simmons
  19. Great game, and I keep forgetting how many of these rotational guys are sophomores!
  20. don't worry, maniacs will build it back
  21. What a great game. Only caught the end of it, but man did UTEP have a ton of fouls.
  22. Joe Rogan has bad opinions and will intentionally put people on his show that spread false information. Here's a recent example of him getting corrected, and not believing it with the facts right in front of him. He's like your friend's older brother growing up who tells you crazy stuff while you're hanging out, except Spotify gave him 100 million dollars, while paying every other artist like poo.
  23. I think we're underdogs by 2.5 points? Suppose it's a home-court advantage thing.
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